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Where To Get Kitten Formula

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Thomas Labs Goatalac Goat Milk Powder Kitten Supplement

Kitten Formula

Designed for both kittens and puppies, Goatalac contains goat milk as well as cow milk. It can be mixed in advance, stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, and warmed to room temperature prior to feeding. Available in a 12-ounce jar or a 4-pound bottle. Note that it does not include taurine, a nutrient recommended for kittens.

Goatalac Goat Milk Powder Kitten Supplement

Goatalac is a milk replacer for kittens and pupplies, with goat milk included to aid digestion.

This milk replacer for kittens, pregnant cats, and nursing cats contains essential milk proteins along with vitamins, minerals, taurine, and colostrum. Mix the powder with warm water and then gently warm to room temperature.

21st Century Essential Pet Milk Replacer for Kittens

This powdered milk replacer for newborn kittens includes essential milk proteins along with vitamins, minerals, taurine, and colostrum.

Blue Wilderness High Protein

BLUE Wilderness has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality pet foods, and this kitten dry food is no exception. There is absolutely nothing artificial in this kibble. What you will find instead is de-boned chicken and sweet potatoes. The real chicken provides protein, and sweet potatoes serve as a source of complex carbohydrates. Though carbohydrates arent essential in your cats diet, they are required to help create kibble and are a source of energy.

Youll find taurine on the ingredients list too, an essential amino acid that is critical for heart and eye development. We love the patented LifeSource bits that BLUE includes in all of its dry foods. They are dark kibble bits that are cold-formed and enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. All of that adds up to a happy, healthy kitten!

Things you will not find in this kitten dry food include poultry by-product meals, wheat, soy, or corn. With a chicken flavor that seems to be extremely popular with kittens, this dry food will make sure they get all the nutrients they need.

Provide A Litter Pan When Theyre Four Weeks Old

Cats have a strong instinct to use material that they can scratch around in when they have to empty their bladders and move their bowels. By the time the kittens are four weeks old, they will already be thinking in this direction and providing them with a litter pan will help them get the idea. You might still have to assist them with a washcloth for a while, but it wont be long before they are using the litter pan.

Kitty litter in an aluminum pie plate works well to start out. As the kittens grow bigger, use a bigger container for a litter box.

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How To Feed And Care For Orphaned Kittens

Over the last 15 years, I have raised nine orphaned kittens. Four of them were two weeks old when their mother was killed three others were only hours old when their mother died two more kittens fell out of the nest in our barn when they were only a day old.

Raising motherless kittens is not a difficult process, but it does require patience, time and plenty of TLC.

Here are some tips to help you raise your orphaned kittens:

Cleaning And Flea Control

Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer Powdered Formula, 11

After each feeding session, you should also give them a full-body, once-over wipe with a barely damp washcloth, using short strokes like a mom-cat would use. This keeps their fur clean, teaches them how to groom, and gives them the attention and mothering they crave. Kittens will often get very dirty and mucked-up in between cleanings. Its okay to wash a kitten with warm water under a sink faucet, but try to focus only on the areas where they need it. A simple butt-bath will usually do the trick, but if you must get a kitten wet over more than half of its body, its safe to dry kittens over one week old with a hair dryer set on low and used very carefully, avoiding their faces.

You should also check their ears regularly for dirt and especially after initial rescue ear mites. Dirt can be cleaned gently with a cotton ball or swab. Consult your vet if you find the tell-tale ear mite coffee-ground type dirt.

If you dont have a safe flea spray, you can wash the kitten with a gentle dishwashing soap like Dawn or Palmolive , or a citrus-based shampoo, and comb all the fleas out afterwards. Make sure water temperature is lukewarm so as not to chill the kitten. Dry the kitten, if old enough, with a blow dryer or you can towel-dry it, then put it in a carrier and aim the blow dryer into it the carrier to gently dry the kitten with warm, circulating air.

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Start Feeding Solid Food When The Kittens Are About Six Weeks Old

Kittens that are raised by their mothers will probably start eating sooner than six weeks because a mother cat wont have as much milk as you are able to provide for the youngsters.

When your kittens have gotten their teeth, you can begin feeding them solid food. If you want to feed dry food, a good quality kitten chow will work fine. Kitten chow has all of the nutrients and protein that they need to keep growing. Kitten chow also is made in tiny kitten-bite-sized pieces. To tempt their appetites and to give them a treat, you can also try a little canned kitty food. Be sure to provide fresh water for your kittens to drink, as well. And until the kittens are eating solid food regularly, supplement their caloric intake with kitten formula. By this time, you wont have to feed them with a syringe. You can put the formula into a small saucer, and once they discover where it is and what it is, they will drink by themselves.

Stimulation And Litter Box Training

Kittens should and almost always will urinate during each stimulation. They should defecate at least once a day. One trick is to slowly count to 60 while youre stimulating a kitten. At that point, youll know if theyre done or if somethings on its way out!

When kittens get to be about four weeks old, they are usually ready to experience the wonderful world of litterboxes and youll be liberated from stimulation duty! Youll want to make sure you initially use good old-fashioned clay litter , as small kittens can end up ingesting the clumping kind of litter and it can cause problems internally. After each meal, put the kitten in the box and see what transpires. If they dont get it right away, try taking its paw and showing it how to scratch in the litter. Theyll catch on before you know it!

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Formula #4 Emergency Formula

  • 2 tablespoons of Karo syrup
  • 1 drop of pediatric multivitamin


  • Pour 1 can evaporated milk into a jar
  • Add 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of Karo syrup into the jar
  • Mix well
  • If available add 1 drop of pediatric multivitamin and mix well
  • Pour into a tightly sealed jar and refrigerate
  • To feed the kittens, mix equal volume of the formula with boiling water. Test the temperature using your wrist then feed the kitties.

    When feeding kittens on any of the above kitten formulas, they may develop constipation. Add 1 drop of vegetable oil to the formula when feeding the kitten once daily until the problem resolves.

    What Should The Content Of Your Kitten Formula Recipes Include

    How to Safely Bottle Feed a Kitten

    Your chosen pet stored based kitten milk replacer should contain meat-based protein, taurine, vitamins, and minerals. ‘What if I don’t have access to these milk replacers?’ Not a big problem, really!

    You can try these household items:

    • Condensed milk
    • Sulphur acid or taurine can be replaced with full-fat plain yogurt or fish oil
    • Salad oil
    • Egg yolk that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein

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    Natures Variety Instinct Original

    Protein: 42.5% | Fat: 22.5% | Fiber: 3.0% | Moisture: 9.0%

    This brilliant kitten food formula is clearly tailor-made for the needs of a growing kitten. It contains plenty of good protein from animal-sources to make sure they have all the energy required to play and grow. We love the natural DHA they added to assist with brain and eye development.

    The absence of grain in this food can only be a good thing for your kitten. As well as ruling out any risk of grain allergy flare-up, it also indicates that ingredients such as animal protein have taken precedence over filler this is something especially important to cats during this rapid development stage.

    81% of what your kitten will be eating with this dry food is high-quality animal products and oils. The remaining 19% comes from fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome ingredients. We love that they use cage-free chickens as their number one ingredient. Decisions like these show that they care about the well-being of all animals, not just cats.

    Newborn Kitten Age: 0

    During this stage, most kittens rely on their mothers milk as their only source of nutrition. If their mother is present, you wont need to feed kittens at alltheyll know how to feed themselves! That said, if youve rescued an orphaned kitten, youll need to bottle feed him. Kittens require a kitten milk replacer, which replicates the nutrition found in mother cats milk. Do not feed a kitten cows milkit doesnt have the right nutritional balance to nourish a newborn kitten.

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    Five Weeks Old Kitten

    Showing their independence, Darling, Denby, Corduroy, Tweed, and Wembley are beginning to demonstrate their individual personalities: Darling is a talker Denby is always up for adventure and a good wrestle Corduroy is brave and confident Tweed is sweet and loves belly rubs and Wembley is a cuddle bug and full of silly mischief.

    Corduroy, brave and confident!

    Can You Feed A Kitten Cow Milk In An Emergency

    KMR Natural Milk Kitten Formula Replacer Powder Cat ...

    The simple answer is that kittens should only consume their mothers milk, or they should use a kitten milk replacer, commonly known as KMR or kitten milk formula.

    Kittens lack the enzymes needed to digest the lactose in cow milk, therefore giving cow milk to kittens can induce diarrhea and dehydration in very young kittens. This is why it is critical not to offer cow milk to kittens.

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    What Do You Feed Baby Kittens In Emergency

    If you find yourself needing to feed newborn kittens late at night or on a day when you cant go to the store, or if the scenario is classified as an emergency, a handy kitten milk recipe is necessary. There are recipes for homemade kitten formulas that are meant to be used as a last-minute kitten formula replacement.

    Theyre made using items you probably already have in your kitchen and will tide you over until you can obtain kitten formula. A basic formula may be applied in a variety of ways.

    • For the first method, combine one can of evaporated milk, one egg yolk, and two tablespoons of Karo syrup.
    • For the second method, mix 8 ounces of homogenized whole milk, two egg yolks, and one teaspoon of salad oil.
    • The third alternative is much more straightforward. Simply combine one cup of boiling water with five cups of evaporated milk. After that, for every 16 ounces of liquid you mix, add half a teaspoon of bone meal.

    Each of these three handmade recipes should be properly combined. Put them in a sealed container and keep them in the refrigerator.

    Combine half of the mixture with an equal quantity of boiling water when its time to feed. When feeding the mixture, make sure it is just above room temperature. Before feeding the kittens, make sure to test the mixture on your fingers.

    Michelles Kitten Rescue Always In Need Of Newmarket Foster Families

    With the arrival of winter, there are more than a few furry felines aching for a warm place to stay.

    Michelle Leigh, founder and owner of Michelles Kitten Rescue, offers a safe haven for these abandoned, abused, and feral cats. Alongside her team of dedicated volunteers, Leigh locates and captures wild and abandoned cats, provides them with medical check-ups and surgeries, and places them with loving foster owners until forever homes can be found.

    Based in Richmond Hill, Michelles Kitten Rescue relies on foster homes throughout Newmarket, its most prolific area. At the present moment, Leigh has more than 40 cats in foster care across the area, with a high of 90 this past summer.

    The majority of my fosters and my vet Dr. Dhillon of Bayview Pet Services are from Newmarket, said Leigh. Jennifer Patchell, who helps me out a lot, lives right next door in Bradford. Its a crucial area for us.

    Three years on from the rescues founding in 2017, Leigh has seen it all. Shes responded to hundreds of concerned citizen reports, fundraised the costs of countless check-ups and surgeries, and has built the rescues social following to an impressive 6,000. Though the majority of her cats are rescued from the GTA, shes travelled as far as Cornwall, Ontario to recover a cat and has recently taken in seven expats from Egypt. For someone like Leigh, it really is all in a days work.

    Those interested in adopting a cat or kitten can fill out an adoption application online .

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    Some Alternatives To Nursing Bottle

    Finding a kitten nursing bottle in a pinch isn’t easy. More especially if the kitten you happen to rescue from the streets is already starving.

    If the starving kitten cannot wait any longer, theres no need to risk your time by going to the grocery store.

    There are other household items that you can use as alternatives to nursing bottles.

    An eye dropper would do the trick. A syringe without the needle can also do a great job.

    Feed the kitten with homemade kitten formula using any of these alternatives. Drop the milk into the kittys mouth one drop at a time.

    They should consume 1 ml of milk every 2 hours, and it’s highly recommended not to exceed this amount.

    That would give you enough time to run to the nearest pet store to buy milk replacement formula and appropriate nursing bottles.

    Sterilize newly-bought bottles and nipples by washing them thoroughly with water before using.

    After using, rewash them with water using a soft-brush to rinse away the residue. Soak the bottle and the nipple in warm water for further sanitation.

    Birth Mother Or Surrogate

    ð?¼ Homemade kitten formula

    If the kittens are stray, yet being cared for by the mother cat, she will do the work. Just schedule a quick veterinary checkup to make sure everyone’s healthy. Then, provide the mother cat with fresh water and food and monitor her nursing and attention to the kittens’ cleanings. The rest is up to her.

    If your kittens came without a mother, however, things are more complicated. Now you are the mother and must provide the kittens’ basic needs to ensure their survival. This requires round-the-clock care, at first, as if you just brought home a newborn baby.

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    What Not To Add Into Homemade Formula For Kittens

    Many pet owners cant help but raised an eyebrow at the idea of using egg yolks in homemade kitten formula. However, is it safe?

    There are certain conditions in choosing the type of eggs to use. As much as possible, make sure that youre using free-range eggs and not the factory-farmed ones.

    Factory-farmed eggs came from chickens that are kept in cages and fed with pesticide-contaminated grains.

    Moreover, worse, these chickens may also receive antibiotics and hormones. Naturally, these elements can adversely affect the eggs.

    On the other hand, free-range eggs came from pasture-raised chickens that are fed with organically-grown grains without antibiotics or hormones.

    To ensure the safety of your kitty, only choose free-range eggs. More importantly, avoid giving egg whites as these contain a protein called avidin that interferes with the absorption of vitamins.

    As a flavor enhancer, Karo syrup is the best fit for homemade kitten formula as it also helps with constipation.

    Avoid using honey as a natural sweetener because it contains botulism pores that release a toxin that can poison cats.

    Now you can quickly prepare homemade kitten formula to be used on emergencies where you can’t obtain commercial ones.

    However, let us remind you again that these should only serve as temporary remedies in the absence of milk replacement powder.

    You can just use these alternatives until you can purchase the real deal from a pet store.

    Bottle Feed The Kitten

    Sit in the chair with a towel folded in your lap. Place the kitten face down on your lap. You can wrap it in the towel to make sure the kitten stays warm while it eats.

    Without raising the kitten’s head, place the nipple in its mouth. The kitten should instinctively start sucking right away. Continue to feed the kitten until it pulls away.

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    Get A Bottle And Nipple

    You can purchase a bottle at any pet supply store or feed store, or online. Be aware that the nipple that comes on the bottle is not cut you will need to cut a hole in it yourself. The hole should be big enough that if you hold it upside down, formula can slowly drop out of it — but not so big that it flows out freely. Pictured here are Kitten Lady’s preferred nipples for kittens, available by PetAg, Pet Nurser, and Miracle Nipple.

    Iams Proactive Health Kitten

    TOMLYN Laxatone Soft Chews Hairball Formula Cat Treat 60 ...

    This budget-friendly dry kitten food has a lot to love. Designed with kitten development in mind, this formula is protein-rich and is packed with Omega-3 and DHA to help your kittens brain development.

    The first ingredient in this product is chicken, and there are no added fillers at all. That yummy chicken that creates the taste your kitten loves is also helping them build strong muscles. The inclusion of Vitamin E is wonderful for boosting your kittens immune system. Its also full of the essential amino acids all meat-eating animals need.

    IAMS is a well-respected cat food manufacturer that has been around for a long time. They have spent years researching foods that are great for your pet without breaking the bank. They are so confident that your kitten will thrive on this excellent formula that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. The quality control checks they use far exceed the standards of both the FDA and the USDA. If youre on a budget, this is a fantastic dry kitten food to try.

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