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Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Paper

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Paper Is A Great Insulator


Did you know that cats feel cold at most times? They have a higher thermoneutral zone than humans. What does this mean?

A thermoneutral zone is the temperature range where your cat does not need to expend additional energy as they try to stay warm or cool off.

A cats normal temperature range is 86 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, while a human is 64 to 72. This explains why your cat is always looking for warmer surfaces.

But what is the connection between paper and heat?

Well, paper comes from trees, which means it has some insulating properties. Papers, especially newspapers, are warm for cats, help regulate their temperature, and reflect their body heat. Therefore, your cat will prefer sleeping on paper instead of a concrete, hardwood, or tile floor.

However, this theory is questionable for pet owners with fluffy carpets. Even then, their cats leave the warm carpet and prefer to sleep on paper.

Because Its A Source Of Comfort

Kneading is one of the first behaviors cats learn, even before they can get around on their own well. Kittens must knead on the mother to get milk to flow down when feeding.

This behavior has a habit of sticking around as a source of comfort and relaxation, and it may even be a sign of affection and bonding with you.

A cat may exhibit this behavior because it sees you as their mother or authority figure, or its the cats way of saying, I trust you.

This exercise is perfectly normal. Cats may settle down for a nap after kneading just as they would with a full tummy after feeding. Cats might also use kneading as a way to fluff their bedding or move it to be more comfortable.

Why Do Cats Sit On You Your Clothes Matter

I discovered the difference texture can make when a feral cat I helped take care of for about a year finally came and sat on my lap when I was wearing a soft fleece jacket. The first time I tried to pet her, she scratched me. But eventually, she let me pet her. Then she started sitting next to me on a picnic table bench and gradually started letting me pet her while sitting next to me. Then on a cold day, she rubbed up against my fleece jacket and, to my astonishment, climbed onto my lap.

Cats want to be comfortable and warm, Marilyn said when I told her this story, and she trusted you.

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Cats Are Naturally Curious And Are Drawn To New Things

Cats love checking out new objects in the room: whether the new stimuli is seen, felt, heard, or sometimes even tasted.

Since paper on the floor is often something thats new and doesnt particularly belong, its no wonder it attracts cats in the first place.

What feline could resist taking a peek at something so quiet, still, and non-threatening? Cats may be drawn to paper lying on the floor in large simply because its a new object for them to inspect and discover.

Of course this doesnt explain why they stick around, but it would explain why newer pieces of paper on the floor have more of a pull on a cat than a piece of paper thats been in the same spot for a week.

What might explain a cat sticking around after first being interested in a new piece of paper?

Why Do Cats Sit On Paper Heres 3 Reasons Why

Why Do Cats Like to Sit &  Lay on Paper? 8 Theories

Why do cats sit on paper? Cat owners are often puzzled by the common phenomenon that leaves their feline friend seeking out that newspaper or a blank sheet of copy paper.

No matter what else happens to be in the room, your beast may be far more inclined to sit on the one sheet of paper than any of the expensive bedding you bought.

In this article:

  • Cats are hardwired to mark territory
  • Your cat is comfortable

This weird quirk is common among all cats, but the reason why tends to vary. If youve ever wondered about this interesting feline behavior, take a look at some of the common reasons below!

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Cats Evolved To Like Small Well Defined Spaces Because Outdoors These Would Typically Be Warm

As mentioned briefly in theory #5, and as we all know to be true, cats love to be in cardboard boxes. The explanation behind why they evolved this liking comes down to two facts:

  • Sitting in them help make cats feel safe and more secure, and
  • Small, tight spaces like cardboard boxes help keep cats warm.
  • Cats have essentially evolved to love small tight spots like cardboard boxes because, in the wild, if a cat was more likely to sit and stay in spots like this, he or she would have a better chance of surviving since these spaces provide a lot of security , and a lot of heat .

    Think about the kind of space that would normally be small and well defined maybe a small space behind a bush, a hidden hole next a pile of leaves.

    These places would typically mean the best type of security and insulated warmth for any cat outdoors.

    Maybe cats love paper for exactly the same evolutionary reason they love cardboard boxes?

    Maybe to them, the small, visually defined space of the paper, creates an optical illusion of sorts that makes paper and boxes mentally nearly the same a place to cats thats likely to be both secure and warm.

    I Just Love The Feeling

    Sometimes we forget the fact that cats like particular textures as we do.

    For example, as squishy as leather chairs are, I absolutely hate them. Theres something about the texture and the way I slide around the place that I absolutely hate. Its the same thing for pillowed couches that are way too fluffy! I need to be sitting on something more firm, but still has a bit of give to it.

    Its, for this reason, a number of folks believe cats love sitting or lying down on paper. Maybe its just how smooth the paper is?

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    Cats Are Full Of Many Bizarre Quirks And Habits

    Cats are prone to many strange behaviors, and one of them is their fascination with squares. Most cat parents know that if you draw a square on the floor, your cat is going to come running and sit in it. While this behavior is endearing, it is also a little strange. Really, what is it with simple squares that make cats love them so much? Make sure you are aware of the reasons behind these 17 other mysterious cat behaviors.

    Guidelines For Laser Pointer Playtime

    Why Do Cats Lay On The Paper While Your Reading?
    • Dont let the laser pointer become your cats only toy. You need a range of toys, such as wand toys, that your cat can paw at and capture.
    • During laser-pointer play, pull out stuffed cat toys that your cat can easily grab or paw. You might even put a little food in some of the toys for your cat to retrieve as a reward.
    • Once in a while, let the red dot of the laser land on one of these other toys and watch your kitty capture it. Be sure your cat has a firm hold on the toy before you take the light away.
    • Never, ever shine the light directly into your cats eyes. You can cause serious damage to your pets eyes by doing that.

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    Why Is My Cat So Aggressive With Paper

    The next time you find your companion ripping up paper, keep in mind he may simply be bored or restless. Some cats show their frustration in tangible ways such as shredding or chewing the paper off a wall. When their need for play or attention go unnoticed, your pet may choose a more tenacious approach to receiving what he desires. Curbing this behavior is best done when understanding the reasons behind their actions.

    If you find that Garfield is bored and becoming destructive, it is always helpful to invest in toys and regular play time for your feline friend. Cats need attention, not to mention both mental and physical stimulation just like we do. A set amount of time each day for play and affection can go a long way in curbing this unwanted behavior.

    Why Do Cats Like To Lay On Paper It Smells Like You

    Did you know that cats have an even stronger sense of smell than many dog breeds do? Research shows that cats have between 80 and 200 million scent receptors. With these numbers, its safe to say that cats are guided by their noses.

    So, one of your cats favorite things about you is your identifying odor. If youve been handling the newspaper, your favorite paperback, or that clutter of printouts you keep meaning to recycle, chances are your cat will smell you on them.

    You feed your cat, you cuddle your cat, you clean your cats poop you make your cat happy. Therefore, anything that smells like you also makes your cat happy.

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    Your Cat Is Comfortable

    When you find something that feels good, dont you often want to do it again? Cat owners spend a lot of time puzzling over this common behavioral trait among their beloved cats. However, the answer is far simpler than what many people may imagine.

    Why do cats lay on paper? Because it feels good!

    They love to play with it because of its crinkling sounds. The smoothness of the paper may feel better than scratchy carpet, or it could make for a warm spot to bask in the sunlight. No matter what that particular piece of paper promises, chances are it feels good or your cat would move!

    Watch A Cat Sitting On Paper

    Why Do Cats Like to Sit &  Lay on Paper? 8 Theories

    This short, adorable YouTube video features Butters the cat doing one of his favorite things lying in the center of a pile of newspapers.

    This highlights behavior that seems to be in alignment with some of the theories you just read. The cat is burrowing into the paper, perhaps using it as a hiding place or a way to insulate from drafts.

    The cat also seems intrigued by the texture and sounds the paper makes as he moves around on and in it.

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    Provide A Heated Rest Area

    Since cats are naturally drawn to things that provide them with warmth, like laptops, Koski recommends supplying them with an alternative heated rest area near your desk. “If your cat is looking for something warm, try placing a heated cat bed nearby so that your cat can stay warm while still being within your reach for petting opportunities,” she says.

    They Are Leaving Their Scent

    Cats are always marking items with their scent, we just dont notice most of the time. They do this to mark objects as theirs, and let other cats know they have been there.

    Something new like a piece of paper or newspaper turning up that they havent marked yet is perfect, and they might as well stay put on it while there are there!

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    Are Laser Pointers Bad For Cats

    Behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger says shes concerned that laser pointers dont give cats the satisfaction that comes with the capture, because cats will never be able to catch that moving red dot. Krieger says this can be maddening for cats.

    Her concerns are valid, but laser-pointer playtime can be entertaining and rewarding for your cat as long as you follow a few important guidelines.

    First, check out this quick video:

    They Like The Sound And Feel Of Paper

    Why do cats lay on our books? #Shorts

    Almost all cats will investigate something new, thats just their curious nature. Some will like the feel and noise paper makes and this will be reason enough for them to sit or lay on it.

    I had a cat that was attracted to scrunched up paper, he liked the noise it made as he walked on it. He would always jump straight into a box with that brown paper packing you get with some parcels.

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    Cats Are Fascinated By The Noise Produced

    Crinkly paper fascinates cats because it is noisy. Therefore, your cat will spend several happy hours batting and pawing a piece around.

    In addition, the crinkling noise triggers a felines hunting instincts. It is like the crushing of leaves, or the noise produced by rodents as they scamper, which reminds your cat of the outdoor territory.

    You need to be alert in case your pet starts to swallow paper. If your cat ingests large pieces of paper, it may suffer digestive blockage. In addition, some prints are toxic to cats.

    They Sit On Paper To Mark Their Territory

    Cats are inherently curious so anything new which is brought into your home, be that a piece of furniture or a single piece of paper, must be investigated, sniffed andsat upon before it can be accepted into your home.

    Sitting on your newspaper will cover it in their scent and ensure that your warm comfortable newspaper is clearly marked as theirs!

    As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small fee from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. This helps us run the site, so thanks for your support!

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    The Nature Of The Beast

    Cats are naturally both very active and curious, with a hungry appetite for playing, hunting and a need for affection. Paper tends to satisfy some of these natural instincts. Sometimes their love of paper is due to the crunch it makes when they step on it. This can be a satisfying sensation for such inquisitive animals. It piques their interest and ignites their playful side, especially when a wad of paper becomes a toy.

    Cardboard can also provide stimulation as it meets the insatiable need to crunch, shred and tear with their claws or teeth. Cardboard is also said to help regulate their body heat, yet another reason for them to love paper.

    Cats Sit On Paper Because It Is Warm & Comfortable

    Why Do Cats Love Sitting On Paper So Much?

    The answer is fairly simple paper, especially newspaper, is a great insulator so it makes a great bed!

    Newspaper feels warm and reflects their body heat back to them.

    This is the reason why you are advised to stuff newspaper into your clothes if you ever get stuck outside in the cold unprepared.

    The reason cats like to sit on something that is a bit warmer was revealed in a 2006 study by the National Research Council which found that cats enjoy temperatures between 30°C and 36°C.

    This is because at these temperatures cats do not have to generate any additional heat to keep themselves comfortable nor do they need to cool themselves down.

    Sitting on paper provides an extra barrier of insulation from the cold floor, tabletop or work surface which makes it fractionally easier for their body to regulate their temperature.

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    Right Down To A Cellular Level

    Touch also plays a significant role in cats lives.

    Their bodies are blanketed by pain and pressure sensory cells that are highly sensitive to even the slightest touch. Pressure on any hair is relayed to sensory cells down in the hair follicle, then sent directly to the brain.

    When caressed, the sensual cat feels pleasure from the touch, making this sense an important key to the relationship between cats and their people.

    Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Our Things

    Last Updated on October 12, 2021 by

    Every cat owner has experienced their cat sitting on our laptop, book, newspaper or clothes. There are a few scenarios when it comes to cats sitting on our things. While cats have retained some of their former wild-behaviours, thousands of years of domestication has also created a loving and sentient creature who wants to be a part of their human family.

    Why do cats sit on things were using, when were using them?

    Laptops, books, newspapers are popular objects for a cat to sit on which is a distraction to us, but that is the point. We are focused on reading or working and ignoring the cat. By getting between us and the object, our attention is now focused on the cat.

    Cats will often engage in head rubbing with either their forehead or lips on the object or you. The ears, face and lips contain scent glands that are transferred to the object or you when the cat rubs against it as a way to mark the target as theirs. Head bunting can also be attention-seeking behaviour, which goes back to our focus being elsewhere when we are reading or using our computer, and not firmly on the cat. Getting between the object and head rubbing is their way of saying hey, Im here, give me head scritches.

    Why do cats steal our spot on the sofa when we get up?

    It also stands to reason that the spot we have just vacated is warm.

    Why do cats sit on our clothes?

    Why do cats sit on our chest, neck and face?

    Why do cats sit on clean laundry?

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    What Can We Do To Stop It

    Cats will be cats, and most of these behaviours are because our cats love us and want to be close to us or close to something that smells like us. Obviously, its not ideal to go to work in fur-covered clothing, in which case, it is better to keep the clothing in a wardrobe, or prevent access to the bedroom by closing the door or buy a lint roller.

    If you are working and not able to spend time with the cat, pick it up and put him or her on the floor. Dont punish the cat which never works and dont make a big deal out of it as this can reward the behaviour. Putting a perch or a bed close to your home computer is a compromise which means the cat can be close to you, but not on you. After all, isnt that one of the perks of working from homemore time with the cat!

    One smart Reddit member found the perfect solution, a decoy keyboard on the desk and the real keyboard underneath.

    Image credit u/X_kansas_xReddit.

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