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Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts

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Why Do Cats Go Crazy When You Scratch Above The Base Of Their Tail

¿WHY Do CATS Lift Their BUTTS?

Finding that your cat goes crazy about certain things is great and its a clear sign that youre doing something right, but even in good things, moderation is important. For example, if your cat goes crazy about tuna or cheese you still cant indulge them all too often.

You might wonder why do cats like the base of their tail scratched, and failing to see how petting and scratching your cat can turn into something negative and there are a couple of reasons for this to happen.

Are You My Mommy

There is a theory that cats raise their butts in response to petting as a holdover from when they were young kittens . Kittens arent able to do much for themselves at first. That includes grooming, which they rely on their mothers for until they get the hang of it. Young kittens stick their posteriors in the air so their mothers can clean them .

Our pet cats have a complex relationship with us in which they view us partly as surrogate parents . When they feel their person stroking their back the way their mothers tongue once ran down their fur, they may react the same way they did as kittens.

Why Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably seen your wild fur ball take some pretty fantastic spills while walking across a narrow or shaky surface. Every time, the confidant beast nails the landing.

Here’s why: For one, they’re built for leaping, as they have an exceptional sense of balance and extra-flexible backbones because they have more vertebrae than humans. The extra vertebrae let them twist their bodies in midair and right themselves while falling. This aerial righting reflex has been described not only in cats but also in various other mammals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and primates, researchers wrote in 2011 in the journal Integrative and Comparative Biology. By 3 weeks old, kittens have mastered this righting reflex, according to a study published in 1984 in the journal Experimental Neurology.

This ability, however, doesn’t give cats superhero status, and falls from heights can lead to injuries. In fact, high-rise syndrome when cats fall from a height of more than two stories can lead to fractured limbs and chest and other injuries, according to a study published in 2004 in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

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When Your Cat Sticks Its Bum In The Air

You know when youre stroking your cat and it sticks its bum in the air? Well, although it might look a little gross, the good news is that this is actually your cats friendly way of saying Hello, its me!Cats identify each other primarily by smell and when he lifts up his tail and shows you his bum, hes actually inviting you to give it a sniff to confirm that its him! I wouldnt recommend taking him up on it though!

Sticking Her Butt In Your Face

Why Do Cats Like Their Butt Scratched?

Yes, its gross when your cat presents you with her back end, especially if shes not as good at washing up after she does her business as she used to be. But what shes doing is really the same thing youre doing when you hug your best friend: Shes putting herself in a vulnerable position because she trusts you. Cats communicate by scent, so by presenting you with her rear end, shes also trying to tell you what shes been doing all day. If you dont want your cats butt in your face, gently reposition her to a more favorable orientation or blow on her bottom to make her move away.

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Whatare Other Positive Cat Signs

Abutt in the air is not the only way that a cat shows their appreciation forhumans. Contrary to popular belief, cats are naturally content and calmanimals, and they can be quite effective at expressing this if you know what tolook for.

Letsstart with the most obvious clue: purring. Purring is the most commonly-heard cat noise even moreso than meowing! Cats can also use a purr to express fear or sadness, but it ismost commonly used to express contentment.

Otherclues that your cat is happy include an active appetite, a tendency for play, and aninterest in your owner.

Yes,this means that your cat isnt just sitting on your keyboard constantly to cutyou off from your work and frustrate you they are also doing it becausethey are happy and would like your attention .

Why Do Cats Stick Their Bum In Your Face

Why Do Cats Stick Their Bum In Your Face? The presentation of their bum is a sign of trust. When your cat turns around, she is putting herself in a vulnerable position, possibly opening herself up for an attack. So when your cat shoves her but in your face, shes asking you for affection but also for a bit of reaffirmation of your social bond.

Have you ever wondered why cats lift their butts when scratched? Cat owners will be very familiar with this phenomenon, known informally as Elevator butt. According to vets, this position chest lowered and booty in the air is a sign that your feline is giving your pats an A-plus. Having a cat tushie in your face doesnt sound like a proper thank you for those back scratches, but your cats actually trying to tell you that youve hit a good spot. While each cat may have its own preferred Petting spot, many enjoy being scratched right at the base of their tails. The proper name for this stance is lordosis, and cats adopt it when theyre in heat. Apparently, the instinct to adopt Elevator butt is ingrained in a cat from birth. As icky as that sounds, its apparently one of the highest honors a cat can bestow on its doting owner. So the next time you have a tuchus in the face, just know that your cat loves you very much!

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Meaning Of The Body Language

  • Sniffing face and neck

This is kind of equivalent to how humans will give one another a curt nod as a greeting. Cats use this as an initial greeting, and as a way to gauge sociability. They produce pheromones from the cheek areas to indicate friendship.

  • Sniffing Flanks

After meeting and sniffing each others face areas, and then both deciding that the other is friendly, cats will begin to smell one anothers flanks . You could loosely compare this to a humans handshake its the next level beyond the greeting, and allows them to learn much more.

  • Presenting Butt

Finally, cats will present and smell each others butt region, hiding just under the tail. This is where the most informative scents are, and where cats can learn the most about each other. One cat attempting to sniff anothers butt while the tail is lowered can indicate that this cat is shy, or untrusting of the other, and the tail raised means that theyre comfortable and unthreatened.

Breaking Down Cat Elevator Butt

Why Do Cats Put Their Butts In Your Face? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

There are a couple of different kinds of butt-showing in cats: the presentation and the elevator butt.

Presentation is when youre just sitting there minding your own business and a cat gets in your face and turns around to presentwell, you know. Because cats will allow a little sniff from those they trust, the presentation of a butt in your face likely means, Hello! I trust you. It probably also means, You need to pay me some attention. Stat.

Elevator butt is what happens when youre petting your kitty and they assume a chest lowered, hiney-raised position. This means you are pretty much a straight-up amazing kitty petter. Many cats like being petted in specific areas and for those who like scratches, brushing, and pets at the base of their back/tail this is just a sign that it feels great. If you have a kitty who does not like being petted on their rear-end, give up. Just like you dont like it when someone sticks a finger in your mouth when you are yawning, some cats just abhor hind-end pets. Reasons why can range from it hurts to its annoying sosteer clear if thats the direction you are getting.

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Why Do Cats Like Their Butt Scratched

Until we can talk with cats in a common shared language and ask specific questions, we are left to compare notes with fellow cat owners and come up with our own theories and conclusions about why cats like their butts scratched.

The current reigning theory is that cats like their butt scratched because it is an erogenous zone for felines. In other words, it feels good!

How Do You Pleasure A Cat

As a general guide, most friendly cats will enjoy being touched around the regions where their facial glands are located, including the base of their ears, under their chin, and around their cheeks. These places are usually preferred over areas such as their tummy, back and base of their tail.

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How To Tell If A Cat Likes You

Some cats dont enjoy being petted. Thats perfectly fine for them, but it may leave you wondering if you have a close bond with your cat.

Fortunately, there are some other behaviors your cat may use to show their affection:

1. Your cat follows you from room to room2. Your cat likes to curl up next to you on the couch3. Your cat sleeps on the bed with you if you let them in the bedroom4. Your cat responds to their name, even if only by looking up5. Your cat shows interest when youre doing your chores, and especially when youre doing something new.

All of these are signs that your cat loves you and wants to spend time in your company, even if they are a little more independent than other cats.

This isnt a complete list by any means. Every cat is different, and every relationship with a cat is different.

Your cat probably has its way of displaying affection, even if you cant see it yet.

Why Are Cats Such Picky Eaters

Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When Scratched?

When your cat turns her nose up at the food you place in front of her, don’t feel bad. First of all, you’re not alone cats around the world are picky eaters. In fact, the seemingly snobby behavior may be hardwired into a feline’s brain.

And rather than judging food on its smell, taste and feel, cats may be doing some math, albeit instinctually, in their heads. That’s because they need foods with a 1 to 0.4 ratio of protein to fat, according to a study published in June 2016 in the journal Royal Society Open Science. “Given that the foods contained negligible energy from carbohydrate, this would equate to approximately 50 percent of total daily energy intake from protein and 50 percent from fat,” the researchers wrote in the paper. How your cat can detect this nutrient ratio remains a mystery for now.

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Why Do Cats Raise Their Reer When You Scratch Their Lower Back

As mentioned, seeing your cat raise their hindquarters into the air is the most common weird response you may see. This behavior is due to several reasons. It could be reminiscent of mating or kittenhood, they could be trying to mark their territory or mark you as family, or it could be an indication that it simply feels good! In all cases, this is considered a good response.

Heres a look at these four possible explanations in a little more detail.

When A Cat Rear

The technical term for feline butt-up behavior is lordosis and when you see it in an unspayed female, it likely means shes in heat. Often in this state lady cats will get super sweet and pop into this position with any attention at allin this case, it may signify she loves you but its more likely to mean shes ready for some loving from another cat. If your cat is unspayed and displaying such behavior, your best bet is to keep her inside and get her spayed as soon as you are able.

Another thing that can cause cats to assume the butt-raise is that, well, theres something in/on there. This can range from a little stray nugget easily dislodged with a warm cloth to something more serious such as intestinal trouble. If you sense something might be off about the type of butt-raising your cat is doing, check with your Vet. It might be nothing but your kitty may have ingested something thats making pooping uncomfortable, difficult, or impossible.

Leave it to cats to find a way to talk with their butts. Geniuses.

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Why Do Cats Like Having Their Bum Patted

Not all cats like this particular kind of petting, and well discuss why in just a moment.

For some cats, bum pets are the best possible pets. Theyll immediately elevator butt when youre paying attention. Weve even seen some cats get upset with people who werent willing to scratch their hips.

Weve already talked about some of the common reasons for this behavior. These cats may see their people are more of a mother figure or might have a harder time grooming in those areas and are asking for help.

More often, though, your cat is enjoying the sensation because there are many nerve endings at the base of their tails and around their hips.

Since those areas are also a lot harder for your cat to reach, they rely on you and possibly your other cats to help them scratch those itches and stimulate those nerves.

The other theory is that your cat may be using that position to help spread their scent. Cats have anal scent glands as well as some scent glands at the base of their tails. Some cats seem to dislike using those scent glands on people, while others seem to think its an essential part of marking their territory and their favorite people.

Dont worry. You wont be able to smell the scent from those glands. The smell is all about communicating with other cats. While your cat thinks its essential to make you smell like them, you wont need to hop in the shower after this kind of petting.

Do All Cats Like To Have Their Backs Petted

Why Do Cat Butts Raise When You Pet Them? | Dolan Life Mysteries

Not all cats like having their backs petted or touched, and some can be more sensitive than others, some cats can even have ticklish backs!

There is a lot of variety when it comes to what cats feel comfortable with you doing or not.

Some might like to be petted on their foreheads, while others might prefer to be petted on their cheeks or around their ears.

If your cat doesnt like to be touched on his or her back, there might not necessarily be something wrong with your pet.

Granted, some cats that have urinary pathologies, especially kidney conditions, are going to want you to avoid their lower backs when grooming or petting them.

Another reason for this avoidance is hyperesthesia, which we are going to tackle in the section below.

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Why Do Cats Put Their Face In Your Face

Most owners see this as a sign of affection and welcome this behaviour. When cats rub against objects, they are transferring their scent. It is almost as if they are claiming ownership and we are one of their belongings. Your cat head-butting or nuzzling your face deposits scent from glands in their cheek area.

They Will Also Do It For Other Reasons

Another reason cats raise their butts is because its a holdover from when they were kittens. This is how kittens let their mothers know that their butts are ready for cleaning, and its possible that cats see us as surrogate mothers .

Basically, cats raise their butts because theyre trying to tell us theyre happy and like what were doing. Its a compliment, and a request for more.

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They Have A Skin Condition

It is also possible that your cat could be acting so strangely due to a skin condition. If the area around the base of their tail is infected or has another dermatological condition, the skin can become itchy and inflamed. When you scratch the base of the tail, this can irritate the skin further and cause pain, discomfort, and annoyance.

When it comes to having an overly sensitive tail, there are three main conditions they could be suffering from:

  • Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome: This is a rare condition that can occur at any age and causes the nerve endings found at the base of the tail to become hypersensitive. Aside from their tails being sensitive to touch, your cat running around like a maniac, tail chasing, and excessive vocalization are all other common symptoms.
  • Supracausal Glad Hyperplasia: More commonly known as stud tail, this condition is caused by an overproduction of sebum from the glands found at the base of a cats tail. This patch of fur will become oily and itchy, with the potential to become infected if not treated. It is again common to see cats chase their tails if they suffer from this condition, and it is more common in males than females.
  • Parasitic Infections: Your cat could also have a parasitic infection, with the most common being fleas. These will cause your cat to become itchy and irritated. As a result, they may act weird when you pet them, especially at the base of their tails one of the favorite places for fleas to bite.


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