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Why Do Cats Sleep Next To You

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The Truth About Why Do Cats Like To Sleep Next To You On Bed

It is possible to reclaim your bed and even your bedroom if you dont want your cats interrupting your sleep. It just takes some retraining.

Koski says to set up a nice, warm spot and reward your cat for using it. She suggests a heated cat bed with a blanket that smells like you or that has your cats own scent on it. Praise and pet them when they snuggle down into it, she says. That way, youre reinforcing the behavior.

You can also help your cat calm down for bedtime by recognizing that cats are naturally active at dawn and dusk. Koski explains that if you give your cat a good workout for 15-20 minutes prior to bed followed by a small snack, theyll be more inclined to wind down for the night.

If youre having difficulty with your kitty sleeping on your head, chest, or otherwise disturbing your rest, try talking with your veterinarian or a cat behaviorist for guidance. Every cat is different, but with the right training techniques you can both get back to a restful nights sleep in no time.

They Want To Feel Secure

Because cats are natural hunters in the wild, they look for secure places when they can rest and recharge in between hunting. In the domestic setting, you are that safe haven for them. Cats are vulnerable when sleeping, so this behavior suggests that they trust you and feel secure when youre there.

This behavior can also be traced back to kittenhood when litters would pillow on each other and on their mothers as they sleep. They are raised this way during their peak development weeks as they learn about social skills and other skills that they bring with them into adulthood.

To Show Trust And Appreciation

If you have a guest in your home for the first time, it is highly unlikely for your cat to walk up to the guests bed to sleep.

Cats are known to only snuggle uptight with people they fully trust and appreciate. So the next time your feline comes up to your bedside, reciprocate her display of trust and affection by allowing her to sleep at your bedside.

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Parasites And Fungal Infections

Fleas, mites, roundworms, and hookworms are just some of the nasty parasites that you could be exposing yourself to by sleeping with your pet. That being said, we suggest taking diligent care of your cat and taking him in for regular visits to the vets office. That way, you wont have to deal with these parasites.

Why Cats Like To Relax And Sleep Up High

11 Fascinating Reasons Why Cats Like to Sleep With Their ...

Cats are known for being notoriously fussy creatures. They demand attention when it suits them, but reject snuggling with their owner when it doesnt. They are picky eaters, can appear aloof and indifferent to their owners and seem pretty happy to go it alone most of the time.

This fussy attitude often even extends to their sleeping habits, and many owners have gone out and spent a considerable amount of their hard-earned cash to provide a large, plush and expensive cat bed, only to find that their pampered pussy refuses to sleep in it. But is she just being fussy, or is there an ulterior motive for this behaviour?

According to animal behaviour experts, most cats prefer to sleep and hang out in places with good vantage points. It comes from their instinct to protect their themselves, and a high position for sleeping or resting gives them an aerial advantage for spotting any potential dangers around them. Much of this instinct comes from their ancestry. Early cats were hunters that lived in the wild, and their climbing ability meant that they had somewhere to retreat to away from larger predators, plus the capability of attacking smaller prey high up in the branches. Therefore, climbing and being up high was natural, and this has been passed down to the cats that we keep as pets today.

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Why Does My Cat Get So Close To My Face

Cats get close to our faces as a way to show us that they trust us and are making sure we know it. See, cats mark their favorite people with their own scent. This is a comfort to the cat and tells any other animals that you are part of this cats family. ;In territorial creatures, this is pretty important and a sign that your cat loves you.

Aloof as cats are often portrayed as they actually feel a great deal of affection and enjoy spending time with their family. Sleeping close to their owners allows cats to enjoy together time.

Cons Of Letting Your Cat Sleep With You

  • May disturb your sleep. Typically, cats are more active in the evening .
  • Hygiene concerns. Indoor cats may track kitty litter into your bed, and outdoor cats can be potential carriers of disease.
  • Discomfort. if your cat prefers to sleep on your chest or head, this could become bothersome, particularly if hes overweight. Plus, you run the risk of inhaling a load of cat fur with each breath.
  • One thing to note: Cats shouldnt be allowed to sleep with children under the age of five, and NEVER with a baby because of the risk of suffocation. A jumpy or easily frightened cat may even lash out and scratch a child if startled during sleep.

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    Why Does My Cat Sleep There

    Unlike us, cats dont just go to bed at a set time in the evening and sleep for the duration of the night. They are a crepuscular species, which means they nap intermittently throughout a 24-hour period, but are mostly awake at night . They may change where they sleep and with whom often, so its unlikely that one specific place or person will be the one.

    They do have some considerations about where and with whom they snooze, though.

  • The one who feeds them. Lets face it, most pets are motivated by food, and they tend to pal up with the one who brings home the bacon, so to speak. So, if you take care of your cat, theyll feel closer to you. Plus, they want to be there when you open your eyes in the morning, because guess what did someone say breakfast?
  • The warmest spot. Cats love to be warm, and thats why youll see them sacked out in the sunshine. They crave warm and cozy spots, so if your bed is something they find comfortable, theyll likely choose you to snuggle with.
  • The one who makes them feel safe. Cats are particular about where they sleep, ensuring its safe and secure. They will choose a spot where they can make a quick getaway, even if they feel secure when sleeping with one of their human family members.
  • Understanding Cat Body Language

    Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners? | Is It Bad To Let Cats Sleep With You?

    Looking at your cats body language can give you extra insight into whats motivating him to join you to sleep. A cat who is relaxed, content, and happy to be snuggling up with you may exhibit various signs. He may stretch out on his back, exposing his belly a vulnerable part of his body and truly relaxing. He may sleep with his legs extended out from his body instead of curled up tight. He may purr and look at you with squinted eyes, blinking slowly. Your cat might even rub his head against you, marking you with his scents and claiming you as his own. In all these movements, hes demonstrating that hes happy and relaxed.

    A cat who assumes a different posture might be seeking you out for security or warmth. In these cases, your cat is likely to be curled up tightly, protecting his belly. He may only half-close one or both eyes as he dozes, leaving himself alert enough to easily be fully awake in just seconds. Some cats may assume the bread loaf position, where they tuck their front legs under their bodies. In this pose, your cat can lightly doze yet easily jump to his feet if he feels threatened.

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    Show Your Cat You Love Her Back

    You can show off your own cat devotion, with the;Imagine This Company I Love My Cat paw shape magnet;and;PetRageous Designs I Love My Cat coffee mug;to assure that your cat knows how much you love her back. Your cats love may manifest itself in unique and special ways, but her love for you runs just as deep as your love for her.

    Now that you know the signs, youll be able to understand her cat love language and deepen the bond with your cat even more.

    Want to know more about your cat and her feelings? Check out:

    What Does It Mean When A Cat Sleeps Next To You

    A reason why your cat may be sleeping next to you may be that he finds your bed super comfortable. Cats are the kind of pet that sleeps a lot. The comfort your bed provides may be the reason your feline keeps coming back.

    Apart from the comfort your bed provides, cats have a deep affection for their owners and those they live with. They express this affection by sleeping next to their owners.

    Since cats are vulnerable when they fall asleep, they feel safer with those they have affection for. Your cat feels more protected when he sleeps next to you.

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    More Room To Stretch:

    Cats arent known for an innate tolerance of being disrupted as they snooze, so settling down for the night at your feet might be their best option that will cause them the least amount of disturbance. Why is this???

    As you toss and turn and flip and snore at night, your upper body tends to take up a lot more space and make a lot more noise than your extremities , especially your feet.

    Moving your arms, snoring and drooling, and rearranging blankets and pillows happens mostly around the top half of the bed for most individuals.

    I cant blame them for moving down to the bottom of the bed where they know that there is more room to stretch out than the other option at the top!

    Your Lap Is A Cat Bed

    Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Pillow?

    Do you watch television with a cat snoozing on your lap? Do you usually have a purry companion in bed with you at night? If your cat likes to sleep on or next to you, then you are a most beloved cat owner.

    My tiny 3-pound foster kitten, Smoochie, runs to sleep on my chest or in my lap the moment I sit down. And my big 16-pound cat, Lovey, isnt happy unless hes snoozing on my hip. I always have a few furry companions in bed with me all night. In fact, the first face I see in the morning is usually that of my BooBoo kitty.

    The look of love.;Via;Giphy

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    What Do My Cats Sleeping Positions Mean

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    We know that cats sleep a lot, possibly even up to 20 hours a day, but what do their various sleeping positions mean? Some positions can look pretty awkward and uncomfortable to us, but to cats, they may carry a specific purpose. In this article, we explore the different positions your cat might adopt while snoozing and whether there is anything you need to be worried about.


    Cats Look For Security

    In the wild, a cat will seek the safest place to rest in between hunts. In the home, that place is with you.

    Cats are typically at the top of the food chain, but even still, they have to keep a watchful eye out for danger, explains Dr. Zay Satchu, the Chief Veterinary Officer at Bond Vet in NYC. Being around their humans, they can rest easier knowing there is some safety there.

    Sleep is a vulnerable time, so your cat is indicating that he trusts you and feels content and secure with you. This behavior begins in kittenhood.

    Cats are raised in litters, and when theyre very young until theyre about 12 weeks of age, sleeping usually means piling onto one another near mom, says Dr. Satchu. Its how they are raised during their peak socialization weeks and similar to other things they learn during this time, this translates into lifelong habits.

    Your cat sleeps with you for comfort and security. After their mother, youre the next best thing.

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    They Want To Get Warm

    Another reason that your cat might like to sleep with you at night is to stay warm. Sure, they can get cozy in their bed. But they do not have a heater in their bed. You emit warmth while you are sleeping, just like a heated blanket might. The extra warmth can give your cat the comfort that they need to get through cold nights during the winter months.

    What Does A Pet Cat’s Sleep Preparation Ritual Look Like

    5 Reasons Your Cat Sleeps With You

    Even though our domestic cats usually live indoors and no longer have to worry about predators or inclement weather, they still perform the sleeping ritual of their ancestors. Cat lovers may consider this bedtime routine highly amusing.

    House cats will often begin the nesting procedure by slowly walking around in a tight circle. Some cats knead the rug, bed, or sofa as they march around. Kneading is an activity performed by kittens while nursing to communicate with their mother and to increase milk flow. Kneading is sign of security and soothes adult cats as well kittens, so it is often included in the bedtime ritual.

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    Sleeping With Legs Stretched Out Forwards

    This position is sometimes referred to as the superman position! Your cat will be on their tummy with their front legs stretched out in front of them, and their hind legs stretched out to the back. Your cat will be very relaxed if hes in this position, which means hes feeling very secure in his environment.

    Cats Lay On You For Love And Bonding

    Cats can be very affectionate. Sometimes they’ll figure out what time you come home from work and be waiting at the door for you, wanting pets and scritches. They may bump you with their heads, rub against your legs, or meow for a snuggle. Some cats follow their owners from room to room like a little duckling. And they may lay on you out of love too.

    There’s also a social bonding element at play. Some cats yearn for snuggles and cuddles, which is why you might see two cats sleeping together or lying on each other. That same bonding translates to humans too.

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    Pros Of Cat Sleeping With You

    Bond with your Cat ;This is a great way of you bonding with your Cat. The more time you spend with your Cat the closer the bond will become. Cats are loyal animals and they will become your best friend. My Cat will recognize me from a distant and will come running to me which is cute. People are under the impression that Cats are independent and dont need our love and affection which is wrong. Cats are sensitive and they love spending time with their owners

    Stress Relief ;Cats are a great stress relief. Did you know just by petting and stroking them can release your stress? So imagine a long day at work and snuggling with your Cat in bed will be a great stress relief for you. Sleeping with your Cat will make you feel relaxed too

    Warm And Cosy ;Sleeping with your Cat on a cold winter night is the best feeling because of how warm your Cat gets and the heat he gives out. Both you and your Cat will benefit from this warmth. My Cat loves sleeping by my leg and with my younger brother he sleeps on his chest! Talk about trust!

    When Your Cat Turns Its Back To You Whats He Saying

    Hereâs why your cat crawls into bed with you at night

    Cats are often described as aloof loners; creatures that would rather be left alone than cuddled, pet, or otherwise attended to. They love turning their backs to us, which, in human-speak, is rudely and coldly dismissive. We tend to ascribe human emotions and behaviors to what cats do, when there are often very different reasons for similar behaviors. When a cat turns its back to you, its actually a sign of trust, and a huge compliment.

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    Hunting And Playing Take Their Toll

    Cats have bursts of energy at night because theyre nocturnal, but theyre also predators that rely on brief and intense expenditures of energy rather than long sessions of continuous hunting.

    Because of their natural hunting patterns, cats may hunt as many as 20 small prey animals throughout the day, says;Ohio State Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine; a cats metabolism is on 24/7.

    Since cats only really eat protein, their livers are very busy synthesizing glucose out of it.

    That means that when your cat can relax their metabolism a bit by finding external sources of warmth, they will.

    This is why youll find your cat in all sorts of odd places to cozy up for a nap, like the top of the fridge, on top of a power adapter, or moving with a beam of sunlight as it travels across the floor.

    The seasons may play a role in this, as well. In the winter, theres a lot less going on outside for your cat to observe from their window sill perch; their humans, as well, tend to be less active.

    When spring hits, however, chipmunks and squirrels and increased human activity will give your cat many other things to interact with and observe.

    All of that excitement means increased energy usage for your cat. The more energy they use, the more likely they are to take a break and cozy up on a warm spot like your stomach when evening rolls around and sleep through the night.

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