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Why Does My Cat Pee On The Bed

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There May Be Problems With The Litter Box

Why Does My Cat Pee on the Bed?

Another reason that a cat may be urinating outside of the litter box is a problem with the box itself.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Have you recently changed litter? Is it too strongly scented for your cat? Have you tried changing the litter to see if the problem resolves itself? If you have a kitten, can it climb into the box or is it too high? Is the litter box in a place that is quiet and feels safe for your cat?

Cats prefer their litter box to stay in the same place all the time, and for the same litter to be used . They must feel safe using the litter box, away from loud noises, footsteps, and other animals that may bother them. If you imagine your own need for time alone and privacy when using the restroom, it makes sense! Cats are at their most vulnerable when using the litter box and if they do not feel comfortable there, they may look for the next safest place, which could very well be your bed!

Your Cat Doesnt Like The Litter Box Or Litter

Another thing to consider is that your cat simply doesnt like the type of litter box that you have. Maybe its covered and too small for them to use comfortably. Some older cats can struggle to get into high-sided boxes, meaning theyll look for somewhere else to go.

The type of litter you use is another consideration. Some cats find highly scented litters too overpowering, while others might not like the texture of the litter on their paws.

Try placing two litter boxes filled with different litters next to each other, and see which your cat prefers.

Remember when changing litter types, you must do so slowly over the course of a few days. Start mixing 75% old litter with 25% new, and gradually add more and more of the new litter until the change is complete.

If you have multiple cats, you may need to provide a range of different types of boxes, filled with different litters. It might sound like a ton of work, but compared to having to change stinky sheets on your bed, its preferable!

Discouraging Urination On The Bed

  • 1Block access to the bed. Encouraging your cat to use the litter box is an indirect way to stop your cat from peeing on the bed. To be more direct, make the bed either inaccessible or undesirable. For example, block access to the bed by closing the bedroom door.XResearch source
  • Be aware that, if your cat doesnt want to use its litter box, your cat may just find another inappropriate place to urinate.
  • If youre going to close the bedroom door, use one of the strategies to encourage litter box use at the same time.
  • 2Spray the bed with an odor neutralizer. If closing the bedroom door seems like too harsh of a strategy, make the bed itself undesirable. A pet-specific odor neutralizer will remove your cats scent from the bed. Since your cat will urinate where it leaves its scent, removing its scent from the bed will make the bed an undesirable place to urinate.XResearch source
  • Clean your sheets and comforter before using an odor neutralizer.
  • Do not use an ammonia-based spray. Because urine contains ammonia, using an ammonia-based spray on your bed could actually attract your cat to your bed even more.XTrustworthy SourceThe Humane Society of the United StatesNational organization devoted to the promotion of animal welfareGo to source
  • If you have multiple cats, one cat could be urinating on the bed to mark its territory. Neutralize the scent of all of the cats to lessen the need to mark the bed as territory.XResearch source
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    Cats Will At Times Pee On Their Humans When They Have Utis

    UTIs are fairly common in cats especially male cats who dont drink enough water on a day-to-day basis. Considering how common they are, and how likely they are to be the culprit in this particular case, its really important you take your cat to the vet and let him or her know what your cats behaviour has been like.

    A few other indicators your cat most likely has a UTI include:

  • Visiting the restroom and crying as though in pain while trying to pee.
  • Peeing in odd places like on tile floors, bathrooms, or in blankets.
  • Trying to use the litter many more times per day than usual.
  • Going into the restroom and leaving without having urinated.
  • There are special diets cats often prescribe cats who have regular UTIs, so please ask about those as well as any preventative measures your vet may recommend if your cat struggles with them often.

    Cats Will Also Pee On Humans At Times If Their Litter Box Is Unclean

    Why Does My Cat Pee On My Bed?

    Sometimes cats do something that may resemble punishing their pet parents with urination in weird places, but this isnt about punishment at the end of the day.

    Its about letting you know theres something wrong about their environment, and the first and most obvious place this is likely to be if theres a cat who peed in a place he or she shouldnt is their litter box.

    Cats dont like to use the litter box when it smells or is dirty.

    There are many who will go so far as to avoid using it until its clean, but this could easily mean having an accident on a human lap or while sleeping in bed with a human if theyve delayed using the loo for too long.

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    Use A Pheromone Diffuser

    As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why your cat may have started peeing on your bed is because of anxiety. To help ease her anxiety and fears, you can use a pheromone diffuser in your bedroom.

    Cat pheromones are released by mother cats to quiet their kitties. There are pheromones available that can be used with a diffuser, and this compound mimics the calming effects emitted by mother cats.

    This is especially ideal for cats that display anxiety-induced behaviors.

    Your Cat Is Not Cross With You

    Sometimes it can be easy for us to anthropomorphize our cats, and you might be tempted to think that your kitty is peeing on your bed because you stayed late at work or went away for the weekend.

    In reality, cats just dont think like that. Peeing on your bed is a sign that your cat is trying their best to cope with something, whether thats a new feline housemate or a medical condition.

    When cleaning up your cats pee, make sure to use an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of urine. Your bedspread may smell clean to you after a wash with regular detergent, but your cat will still be able to smell their scent. They may be tempted to pee again in the same place.

    You might decide to keep your bedroom door closed when youre away from home and only allow your cat to hang out on your bed when youre there too.

    Feeding treats and spending time playing on your bed with your cat may remove their association of using it as a place to pee. Cats dont like to pee near their food, so switching their perspective of your bed from a place to pee to a place to eat can help.

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    Cats Can Pee On Humans Because They Dont Like The Litter Being Used

    Cats are notoriously fickle about the litter being used in the box.

    If they cant stand it for absolutely any reason, they may put off using the litter box, then again, accidentally go right at the point where theyre snuggling on your lap because they just couldnt hold it anymore.

    If youve recently changed litters, this may be the culprit. Try changing back.

    If you arent sure which litters to try, but think this may be the problem, note that unscented litters are a lot better liked than scented litters.

    Struggling with stinky litter and tried a scented litter to mask that smell? Use these tips to keep litter smells away.

    My favourite tip is to try to grab a clumping cat litter, even if you dont need your litter to clump because you dont put your cats litter down the toilet.]

    Clumping litters greatly reduce smells in my experience because they allow you to get rid of all the urine in the litter much more easily.

    The only cat litter Ive used in years? Worlds Best Cat Litter. Its made of whole-kernel corn and is very good at reducing especially urine smells. Check out my review of it here if youre interested.

    Your Cat Isnt Fond Of The Litter Box

    How To Stop Cat From Peeing On Bed – Tips and Tricks!

    Another possibility is that your cat just does not like the poor litter box conditions you have. Maybe it traps odors or is too tiny for your cat to utilize comfortably. Some elderly cats have trouble getting into high-sided boxes, so theyll search for another place.

    Another factor to consider is the sort of litter you use. Some cats may refuse to use a box with a liner. Some cats find strongly scented litters to be too overwhelming, while others dislike the feel of trash on their paws.

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    How To Stop A Cat Peeing On Bed Covers And Soft Furnishings

    If your cat keeps peeing on your bed, his bed, or the dogs bed its worth remembering that each cat is different. There is no one-size fits all solution to the problem, and you have to try a few things.

    For the best results, youll need to deny your cat access to your bed or other areas where he has been peeing inappropriately

    At the same time, make his litter box area attractive to him.

    With time and patience, you should be able to restore your cats proper house manners. If you continue to have problems, dont hesitate to consult a qualified cat behaviorist. Theyll be able to give you some great advice on how to stop your cat peeing on pillows.

    Anyway, good luck. Why dont you let us know how you get on in the comments section.

    Encouraging Your Kitty To Head To The Box

    Via Pixabay/FREE PHOTO

    All of the sources we came across did agree on one important thingthat you should re-think your litter box situation if your cat doesnt want to eliminate there. In fact, unhappiness with their current litter box is one of the major reasons that kitties have issues peeing in the proper place.

    According to VetStreet you should first look at the box itself. Make sure its not too tall , but that its large enough for them to fit inside comfortably. Many cats prefer uncovered boxes, even though their humans like the covered ones where everything is all tucked away.

    The kind of litter you use is also important and cats can get picky about this. Finely ground clumping clay litter is a popular choice for kitties, although you should avoid the ones with a strong scent since thats mostly for the sake of humans, not for the cat.

    Location, location, location is also essential. You dont want to keep the litter box in an area that people are constantly walking through, as that can be super distracting to a cat trying to do their business. Its also a good idea to put a couple of boxes around the house, with the rule of thumb being one box per cat, plus an extra.

    Vet Street also emphasizes the importance of cleaning the litter box DAILY. Yes, that can be a painbut its essential for making your kitty feel safe and happy. Plus, your house will smell a heck of a lot better if you do that!

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    Unhappy With The Litter Box

    If your cat urinated on your bed and not in her litter box, this might be a sign that your feline friend is unhappy with her litter box.

    Check the litter box location and see if you placed it in a high-traffic location. Check the type of litter , too, as your cat may not like her litter. Or it could also be a lack of enough boxes for a multi-cat household. Or it could also be a dirty litter box that you havent cleaned for days.

    Issues with their litter box can make them pee in places outside their box, such as on your bed.

    How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing On The Bed

    Why Did My Cat Pee On My Bed? Itâs Time To Get Serious ...

    The first thing youll need to stop your cat from peeing on your bed or other areas outside of their litter box? Patience. This will take time, but as long as you follow these steps, your cat will be using his litter box like a pro.

    1) Make sure you have the right litter box and litter. Youll want your cat to see his litter box as the most beautiful place in your home. Make sure its filled with litter he likes and is located in a quiet area.

    2) Thoroughly clean your bedding. Unsurprisingly, your cat will pee where he smells pee.

    3) Make the places hes having accidents unattractive. Until he gets accustomed to using his litter box, make the bed an uncomfortable place to urinate. You can put something non-absorbent on it when you arent sleeping, like a shower curtain.

    4) Change the meaning of your bed. If your cat is confusing your bed with his bathroom, start to make him see your bed differently. You can begin by playing with him on it and giving him treats there so that he begins to associate it with food.

    5) Be patient. Some cats take up to a month to consistently use their litter box.

    While your cat peeing on your bed is definitely a nuisance, with just a little patience and the above steps, youll soon have a dry bed and happy cat once again!

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    Time For Your Cat To Visit The Veterinarian

    No matter where your cat has begun eliminating, if the location is not in the litter box itself, then the first step is have him checked by the veterinarian. A physical exam, including a urinalysis and any other appropriate diagnostic tests need to be performed to make sure there isnt an underlying cause for the behavior. Even if youre convinced its behavioral, dont skip the important first step of ruling out medical issues because you certainly wouldnt want your cat suffering. Additionally, its very common for a cat with a medical issue such as lower urinary tract disease, to avoid the box.

    Anxiety Stress Or Tension: Common Reason Behind Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

    Technically, the litter box can also fall under the anxiety-related issue.

    But there are more prominent anxiety-related factors that could cause your cat to pee on your bed. Do any of the following circumstances apply to your home?

    • You recently introduced a new pet.

    If your cat was the lone-wolf of the house for several years and then all of a sudden you introduced a new adorable companion, your cat may be going through anxiety. A new pet can cause your cat to eliminate outside of the designated potty area.

    • You have a new bed companion or housemate.

    If youve recently just moved in with someone, or if your companion has just started frequently sleeping over at nights, your cat may be peeing on your bed because there is social tension.

    S/he may not approve just yet of your new partner, who is prompting them to show their discontent by peeing on your bed. It can even be specific peeing on the side of the bed where that person sleeps .

    • You work long hours or travel often.

    Sometimes your cat will urinate on your bed to display his discontent and unhappiness due to your prolonged absence.

    Paradoxically, in this case, it might just be a good idea to adopt another companion to keep your cat company while you are gone.

    However, if you cannot take care of more pets, then think about asking a neighbor or friend to visit your cat once or twice throughout the day to prevent them from being too isolated and alone.

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    Look For Issues With The Litter

    Your cat might pee on your bed because he’s really uncomfortable with his litter box. You need at least one litter box per household cat, plus one additional box.1 Put them in different locations throughout the house, including at least one spot in a private area away from noise and traffic.

    Now is the time to experiment with all different types of boxes. Try covered and uncovered, as well as large and small boxes. You also want to try boxes with an open side that doesn’t require stepping over to get into.

    Test different kinds of litter to discover if your cat has a preference. Cats that were once outdoors a lot might prefer a box with outdoor soil mixed with litter. Some cats with long fur might not like clay litter because it sticks to their fur, but they’ll love crystal litter. Other cats may prefer pine, while some need litter that doesn’t have a fragrance. Some cats like clumping litter and others won’t touch it. Other cats may not use a box if it has a liner. You also want to experiment with the litter’s depth, and remember to clean it frequently.

    Feline Good Until You Find Cat Pee On Your Bed

    Why cats wet on the bed, clothes, and towels

    Cats can be sweet, curious, and independent furry companions. Everything is easy-going until kitty pees where she shouldnt. As a cat parent, you know that the potent smell is the destroyer of all things bedding, clothes, and the hairs in your nose. Double, UGH! When this happens, your cat is sending you a message something is wrong! Sometimes there is an easy fix and sometimes it can be a more serious medical issue. Lets break it down before you find another catastrophe because I guarantee you wont be able to ignore this behavior!

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