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Why Is My Cat’s Eye Cloudy

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What Should I Do If My Cat Gets Dizzy

My cat is suffering fr eye problem which is his one eye is cloudy and blur can anyone suggest??

Treatment depends on the presence of underlying medical conditions or underlying causes. If the cause has not been determined, your vet will suggest supportive care that you can give your dizzy cat while it recovers. The good news is that most cases clear up quickly and cats recover without medication.

How To Know Your Cat Has Cataracts

A bluish, white or in some cases, grey spot covering the eye lens, as well as sudden slow movements or bumping into objects that could have been avoided are just a few pointers your cat might be suffering from cataract. The presence of a cataract is often spotted when the eye appears cloudy but you cant tell how advanced the disease is just by looking at it. If ignored for long, cataracts in cats, just like in humans, can impair the pets vision. So, the next time you notice slow movements from your cat, especially when the lighting in the room is poor, you might want to get their eyes checked.

Nevertheless, cats have natural mechanisms to deal with cloudy eyes. A cat foggy eye will hardly restrict the pets movement around the house as it relies on its sharp ears and whiskers to help with indicating obstacles while on the move. It is also necessary, however, to take advantage of your grooming sessions and while bonding with your cat to check for any anomaly on the body.

How Much Does Vision Loss Bother My Pet

You already know my feelings on that. Although pets that are blind or nearly so may bump into objects, almost all soon learn to use their remaining senses to get around that problem quite well. Those pets only appear disoriented and hesitant in unfamiliar settings. As I mentioned before, thats because your pets sense of smell and proprioception is so much better than yours or mine. Dogs and cats lives in a world quite different from the world than we experience one of comforting sounds, aromas, scents and interactions with its owners. So I believe that its world and sense of well being does not change that much because it has lost its vision not nearly as much as our world would change if we lost ours. When an old pets ability to do well declines with age, consider canine cognitive dysfunction or arthritis as more likely causes than the presence of cataracts or nuclear sclerosis.

My chief concern in cats and dogs with vision problems is when pain, increased inter-ocular pressure or eye inflammation accompany it. Cataracts are not in themselves painful. If your pet is squinting, lacrimating or if the shape of its eye has changed, there are probably other more serious problems going on in its eye that need tending to. Those pets need your veterinarians immediate attention.

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Can I Prevent Eye Problems In Cats

Its not always possible to prevent a cat from developing eye problems. Sometimes these concerns are genetic, or they develop issues associated with age and lifestyle.

Keeping a cat indoors may reduce exposure to eye hazards. Your cat will not encounter other pets and will avoid conflict. A lack of fighting clearly reduces the risk of infection or eye trauma.

Your cat should undergo an annual eye examination to identify any issues at an early stage.

Why Does My Cat Have Dilated Pupils And Vision

Why Is My Cats Eye Red And Cloudy

Cats dilate their pupils to improve their vision. Large eyes allow cats to absorb more light, which is beneficial in low light conditions. Students also expand when cats are agitated, scared, or injured. It should not take more than a few hours. Constant widening of a cat’s eyes can be a sign of pain, overstimulation, or age-related atrophy.

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Why Are The Eyes Of My Cat Blue

Hazy Shade of Blue. We often see cat owners who are concerned that their cats may be developing cataracts because the cats eyes look cloudy. More often than not, that blueish haze is lenticular sclerosis, also known as nuclear sclerosis. This condition is a result of the normal aging of the lens of the eye.

How Will I Know If My Cat Is Having Eye Problems

A healthy cats eyes are clear, bright, the pupils are both the same size, and theres no excessive discharge or puffiness. When you look at your feline friends eyes, there should be no cloudiness and you should not see the third eyelid. If your kittys eyes dont look as healthy as they should, they could be suffering from an eye infection.

Lets look at some common types of eye infections in cats, and their causes.

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Causes Of Cloudy Eye In Cats

There are several causes of cloudy eye in cats. Primary causes include disease, which may also involve secondary, noninfectious causes such as trauma and exposure to chemicals. Each cause is described in-depth below.

Corneal Ulceration

Corneal ulcers can occur for a number of reasons, such as blunt trauma to the eye, exposure to chemicals, or infection. Ulcers in the cornea form when the epithelium, a thin layer of protective cells, is fully penetrated. Inflammatory cells enter the stroma, underneath the epithelium, which is responsible for the cloudy appearance of the eyes.


This condition is characterized by corneal inflammation and swelling. Keratitis may be attributed to a number of secondary causes, such as infection and injury. Keratitis is often caused by the feline herpesvirus.


Cats typically develop cataracts due to inflammation, systemic disease, or trauma to the lens rather than old age. Old age causes a thickening of the lens called nuclear sclerosis, but cataracts are a different problem. Cataracts are characterized by cloudy eye and partial to full vision loss.


This irreversible disease occurs when the aqueous fluid within the eye stops draining properly. This buildup of fluid causes pressure on the optic nerve, causing nerve damage. This nerve damage will seriously impair your cats vision. Unfortunately, by the time signs manifest, partial vision loss has already occurred.

How To Tell If Your Cat Has Cataracts

7 Common Eye Problems in Cats

The first sign of cataracts that cat owners typically notice is the eyes cloudy, white or blue appearance. However, your cat may begin displaying behavioral symptoms, as well.

Your cat may have difficulty navigating to the litter box or food, may bump into walls or furniture or may be more cautious when leaping from surfaces or moving around because of a lack of certain version. When this starts to occur, your cat may also display signs of distress, vocalizing, hiding more or becoming aggressive due to the emotional trauma and fear of losing its vision.

If you notice these signs, you should take your cat to the vet right away for an examination. The vet will conduct an eye exam to diagnose cataracts and may also do additional exams to try and identify the underlying cause of the condition. These exams are also important for identifying secondary problems within the eye, such as infections, wounds or inflammation.

The earlier you identify cataracts, the easier it is to stall their development and preserve your cats eyesight and comfort.

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Causes Of Blind Quiet Eye In Cats

The onset of blind quiet eye differs depending on the feline. Some cats are at a higher risk than others. They are older ones or those that suffer from diabetes or genetic disorders. These factors set the stage for common triggers.

  • SARDS:

    Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome or SARDS is the gradual deterioration of the retina. As the retina atrophies, it detaches. In cats, this often occurs due to a lack of the amino acid Taurine.

  • Cataracts:

    A cataract develops when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or ‘opaque’. As a consequence, light cannot travel through to the retina. Subsequently, there is a loss of visual clarity.

  • Optic Nerve Impairments:

    The optic nerve transmits impulses from the retina to the brain. When defective, it affects vision. This occurs in three different ways: trauma, genetics, and disease. Trauma happens during surgery, or if excessive weight or traction moves the optic nerve. Underdevelopment of the optic nerve sets the stage for malfunction the medical term is hypoplasia. Cancer leads to inflammation of the tissue surrounding the optic nerve.

What Kind Of Pupils Does A Cat Have

So, in general, cats’ pupils have three different shapes: 1. Vertical pupil: Constricts to prevent excessive exposure to light, which can be harmful to the eyes. 2 Elliptical pupil: partially dilated. Round pupil: This happens when a cat’s pupil is fully dilated, especially in rooms or during low light periods.

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Growth/lump On A Cats Eyelid

Unlike in dogs, lumps and bumps on the eyelids are not common in cats. These are most commonly benign and slow growing.

However, you should still take your cat to the vet within a few daysparticularly if the bump grows/changes, causes inflammation in the eye, has any pigment to it, or seems to bother your cat.

Symptoms Of Eye Discharge In Cats

Why Is My Cats Eye Red And Cloudy

Eye discharge in cats can show itself in a few different common ways. First, there can be the presence of a watery discharge coming from your cats eyes.

Secondly, you might notice a thicker, more mucus-like gunk around your cats eyes. Your cat could also be suffering from a crustier build up near the eyes.

In some cases, the condition is also accompanied by redness of the eyes.

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Reasons For A Cloudy Eye In Cats

Firstly, it is important to know if your cat has either one or both eyes which is cloudy. In most cases, you will see one eye start to cloud over. Within the same eye the cloudiness might be all over or localized to one part. Either way, cloudiness in the eye will likely spread until it covers first the whole eye and then the second one, but not always.

The main causes of a cat with a cloudy eye are:

  • Glaucoma
  • Feline chlamydiosis
  • Feline eosinophilic keratoconjunctivitis
  • Below we look at these individual causes in more detail. Before we do, you should it is vital you take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as you see cloudiness in their eye. Whatever the cause of the cloudy eye, delaying diagnosis delays treatment which can seriously harm the prognosis. The result may be blindness in the cat.

    Keep Your Cats Eyes Clear

    Tear production and some occasional discharge can occasionally be normal, but they can also be indicative of a health problem. If your cat has leaking or gunky eyes, monitor them closely for other symptoms and note any changes. You can wipe away your cats eye boogers using a damp washcloth or towelbut be sure to wash these in between uses and wash your hands! Consistently wiping away eye gunk can make it easier for your cat to see and stay comfortable.

    If their eye discharge doesnt clear up within a day or two, you should probably contact your vet for an examination and treatment. Depending on the underlying problem, your vet may recommend an antibacterial or anti-fungal treatment, eye drops or saline washes or more invasive treatments like surgery to correct injuries or corneal issues.

    It isnt always possible to prevent eye conditions from causing your cat grief, but you can do simple things like bolstering your cats immune system and preventing cat fights to help minimize their risk of infections and injuries, keeping their eyes healthy and clear!

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    Blepharitis: Theres A Reason For Those Puffy Eyes

    Blepharitis is an inflammation and infection of the eyelids. It can also involve the muscles, connective tissues, and glands of the eye. Its more common in flat-faced cats like Persians and Himalayans, but other breeds of cat can get it, too. It can be caused by allergic reactions tumors, trauma to the eyelid, and other conditions like diabetes. Your cats own hair can also cause Blepharitis if it irritates their eyes!


    • Rubbing or scratching at the eyes
    • Dry or crusty areas around the eyes and discharge
    • Hair may come out leaving leathery or bare areas around the eyes

    Diagnosis & Treatment:

    • Examination of the eyelids and surrounding areas to determine the presence and extent of inflammation, plus the cause of the infection
    • Blood or urine tests and possibly cultures or biopsies to detect if an infection is present
    • Clean aroundtheeyes while theyre healing with cotton balls wet with warm water
    • Apply warm compresses to the area to help soothe the eyes
    • Get an Elizabethan collar to protect the eyes during the healing process
    • Topical ointments and eye drops may be prescribed to treat inflammation or infection
    • Oral antibiotics if needed, but the underlying cause should be addressed for a longer-term solution

    Proper Diagnosis Is Crucial

    Cloudy Eye in a German Shepherd:Pannus

    Without a definite diagnosis, your kitty cannot be treated properly. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by an experienced veterinarian. Your veterinarian will begin by performing a comprehensive evaluation of the cats eyes to check for key signs and symptoms of infection or any indication of trauma.

    A sample of discharge or infected skin cells may be taken in order to further investigate the root cause of the problem. Blood tests and other assessments may be necessary depending on each unique case.

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    What Are The Colors Of My Cats Eyes

    Since we first got him, I thought that cats eyes look odd. Then last night I noticed his eyes were slightly different colors, one more light gold and the other light green. The difference in colors is so subtle that I never even realized they werent the same.

    Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea or clear part of the front of the cats eye. There is a loss of transparency of the cornea. At first the cornea appears dull, later hazy, then cloudy, and finally it will be covered by a whitish-blue film. In late stages there is a deposit of black pigment on the cornea, which blocks out light.

    Recent Posts

    Treatment Of Glaucoma In Cats

    As with all diseases, treatment will depend on the cause and should always be initiated by the veterinarian. There are a wide variety of medical treatments that facilitate the drainage of aqueous humor, such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, beta-blockers, cholinergics, etc.. In some cases these treatments can be combined with each other. If this does not achieve clinical improvement, surgical treatment is usually an option.

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    Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca: This Is Also Known As Dry Eyes Or Keratitis

    Keratoconjunctivitis Siccaa really intimidating word that simply means dry eyes. It can be a secondary bacterial infection of FVH-1, but can also crop up with Conjunctivitis, allergies, or for genetic reasons.

    Tears have antibacterial properties in them and protect the eyes by flushing irritants and providing lubrication. Having a dry eye condition is very uncomfortable and can cause severe issues if not treated. Luckily, its relatively easy to provide comfort to your kitty if this is the problem, but dry eyes are usually not curable. You will need to manage the symptoms to keep your feline buddy comfortable.


    • Your cat may be reluctant to open their eyes
    • Inflammation of the eyelids
    • A dull coating or dry look to the cornea or outside of the eye


    • Eye examination to determine if dry eye may be the problem
    • A Schirmer tear testto measure the percentage of moisture in the eye
    • A fluorescein stain test to check for any ulcers or erosion of the cornea
    • Eye drops may be prescribed to stimulate the production of tears, or antibiotics if an infection is present

    I Have Used These Eye Drops For Many Of My Rescues Who Were Squinting Or Pawing At Their Eyes It Has Helped Significantly

    My Cat Has a Cloudy Eye

    Luna on June 05, 2020:

    My cat eye is blurry. You cannot see her eye ball

    Victoria from Iowa on July 04, 2018:

    If you can’t afford to take your cat to the vet. Apply for Carecredit at It is a credit card for Animals that you can use at your Veterinarian Clinic.

    unknown on October 08, 2017:

    What if i cannot afford to take my cat to the ER?

    Dartanyan 13 years old on July 23, 2017:

    My cat is an 1 year old and she has a hazy eye and it hurts her

    Lisa on June 15, 2017:

    Hi I have about a 5-6 week old kitten that was found in middle of road eyes and nose was matted shut and can feel every bone in her body I got nose cleared right away and now it is snort running and sneezes a lot her eyes are still kinda nasty but I wash them few times a day but now that you can see eyes they are very cloudy Hazey looking I have had her for only 4 days now and she has been on clavomox and terramycin for 4 days still won’t eat on her own but I am feeding her a dropper with kmr and baby cereal in it about 8-10 dropper full about 10 times a day she is peeing and pooping but very little , any other ideals to help her get better

    Jakob Frisk on May 19, 2017:

    Good stuff mate! I always the cloudy eyes was because me and the lads having a puff puff pass. But now i know it’s because little man is hungry. Well well, shit happens when you party naked.

    Teina Heavy Runner on May 18, 2017:

    FlourishAnyway from USA on April 26, 2013:

    optometrists Indianapolis In on January 10, 2011:

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