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Cat Food Urinary Tract Health

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Homemade Dog Food for Urinary Tract Health Recipe

Alike their wild ancestors, the modern housecats need a moisture-rich diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and magnesium. A nutritionally balanced moisture-rich diet ensures proper hydration and lends a hand to dilute the urine that allows the urinary tract to operate at full tilt and keep the UTI issues at bay.

The low-magnesium diet lowers the pH of the urine to make the urine slightly acidic thus ensuring that the struvite stones and crystals in the urine get dissolved easily and flushed out with the urine. This in turn reduces the chances of urinary tract infections and further development of crystals or stones in the bladder.

On the flip side when you feed your cat dry cat foods, you should encourage your cat to consume more water simply by placing multiple water bowls or installing a water fountain in your kittys favorite places.

Since carbohydrates arent necessary for cats, its a good idea to pick a grain-free cat food that is low in carbohydrates. When your cat has pre-existing urinary tract issues, then pick a cat food that is low in phosphorus. An added bonus, offer your cat nutritionally balanced cat food that promotes the chicken in the first place, not any chicken by-products, and is free from artificial color, additives, or preservatives.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So Dry Food

This brings us on to the dry cat foods, and theres no better place to start than with the Royal Canin dry equivalent of the wet food weve just looked at.

Though using a dry food to combat urinary health issues means youll have to ensure your cat also drinks plenty of water, there are some upsides.

One of the biggest upsides to buying any dry food is that you get a lot more for your money. This is especially true when the food addresses health concerns. You can also leave the food out without spoiling, or make use of a cat feeder to schedule meals for you.

You get the same nutritional value as you would with the wet food, but with significantly less moisture and usually a few more calories in the same volume.

Providing you keep your cat hydrated, then this is the best dry food available for cats suffering with urinary tract problems. Since you get a bit more for your money here than with the wet foods, we think its a better all round option than the other two brands.

Best Cat Food For Cats With Urinary Tract Infections

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Are you hunting high and low for the best cat food for cats with urinary tract infections? But find whats the best cat food to prevent urinary tract infections all greek. The surprising truth is you are not alone. The world is full of millions of pet parents who are at sixes and sevens when its time to decide what to feed cats with urinary tract infections. Most aged/senior cats suffer from urinary tract issues, because a lions share of cats is prone to urinary tract disease.

Before jumping into the best cat foods for urinary health take a look at:

  • What is urinary tract disease?
  • What are the signs of urinary tract infection in cats?
  • How to diagnose urinary tract infection in cats?
  • How do cats get urinary tract infections?
  • How to treat UTI in cats?
  • How to prevent UTI in cats?
  • What to feed a cat with urinary problems?

Lets dive in.

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Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food

Being one of the leading veterinary recommended cat foods, Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food gives robust vitality. It is made of fresh and whole ingredients of dried and frozen meat with 42% protein and 15% fat. The improved formulation is designed to embrace modern processing to preserve natural ingredients and nutrients. The cat food is naturally preserved and is free from artificial flavors and byproducts

This dry cat food contains prebiotics, probiotics, omega 3s, antioxidants, and enzymes giving your pet comprehensive nutrients for healthy living. The excess minerals have been eliminated and methionine has been added to help in preventing and fighting urinary tract infections. The food has been supplemented with some fruits and vegetables adding vitamins and other nutrients in your pets meal. Besides, it contains rosemary that helps in fighting allergies as well as taurine which is good for the cats vision and heart function.


This is a veterinary exclusive cat food that is specifically made to address urinary tract issues in cats. It helps in diluting excess minerals that may end up forming crystals in your cats urinary tract by increasing the amount of urine produced. It also uses the Relative Super Saturation methodology to help in reducing the risk of crystal formation by lowering ion concentration in urine.


Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet W+u Weight Management + Urinary Care Canned Food

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food

When it comes to treating urinary issues, many veterinarians recommend prescription cat food. Urinary problems are frequently linked to pH, and sometimes prescription diets are the best way to modify your cats pH to reduce the risk for urinary crystals that can aggregate into bladder stones. This Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet W+U is the only prescription cat food we can heartily recommend because it doesnt contain grains, fillers, by-products, or artificial additives. Fresh chicken is the main ingredient in this diet and it is supplemented by chicken liver and whitefish. This formula also contains cranberries for urinary health, higher levels of moisture, and supplemental DL-methionine.

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Other Ways To Keep Your Cats Urinary Tract Healthy

In addition to diet, water intake and environmental factors play a large role in keeping your cats urinary tract healthy.

Encouraging water consumption can be helpful for nearly all urinary tract health issues. Increased moisture in the body allows the urine to be more dilute, which reduces the concentration of the molecules and irritants that contribute to urinary health issues. One way to increase hydration is to feed wet cat food. Studies have shown that the overall moisture intake of cats who eat wet food is higher than in cats who only eat dry kibble.

Another way to encourage water consumption is by offering your cat a water fountain with flowing water. Many cats prefer flowing water to regular cat bowls and will drink more when the water is flowing and fresh.

Some urinary issues, particularly FIC, are thought to be related to stress in a cats environment. New people or pets in the home, not having enough litter boxes, litter boxes or food bowls that are in high-traffic or noisy locations, or just plain boredom can all stress your cat out.

When there are stress or behavioral issues between cats in the same household, your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist may have recommendations to help cut the tension. They might suggest using stress-reducing diffusers, particularly in mild situations. In more severe cases, medications or behavior modification to address anxiety and stress interactions may be needed.

Royal Canin Feline Urinary So Loaf In Sauce Canned Cat Food

Its as clear as the sky is blue that when your feline is suffering from the lower urinary tract disease, the chances are higher that it often refuses the diet whatever nutritionally balanced diet you offer. Heres the role of Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO Loaf in Sauce Canned Cat Food that comes into play. This cat food is designed for senior cats. It will lessen your cats pain by far and large during bladder movement.

If the crystal formation in the bladder is the prime concern, then this cat food is a lifesaver. This cat food creates an environment unfavorable in the bladder that ensures theres no struvite and calcium oxalate crystals formation. Because of its lower percentage of magnesium, this cat food gives a helping hand to the dissolving of pure struvite stones that have already been produced in the cats urine and prevent the formation of struvite stones to a degree, as magnesium is a natural component of struvite stones.

Since Relative Super Saturation Methodology predicts the crystalization potential of urine, this cat food is quite successful in lowering the ion concentration in urine that gives assistance to struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis. Plus, this cat food steps up the amount of urine that your cat produces, making the urine diluted, which ensures that the excess minerals flush out during urination since the minerals can potentially stir up the formation of crystals and stones.

  • Obtain the Cat Food from:Chewy,

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Nomnomnow Fresh Cat Food Delivery

Overall Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health: If your cat suffers from severe urinary health problems and you feel like you cant find the right commercial diet, you may be considering a switch to homemade cat food for urinary problems. Before you do, consider NomNomNow. This is fresh pet food customized to your cats nutritional needs and delivered right to your door. NomNomNow is made from fresh, wholesome ingredients and prepared in small batches to ensure nutritional quality then packaged in pre-portioned bags according to your cats calorie requirements. As a fresh food, it is higher in moisture than traditional cat foods and it is complete and nutritionally balanced.

  • Pros: Fresh food prepared from natural ingredients, high in moisture, rich in animal protein, complete and balanced nutrition, highly digestible, customized to cats calorie needs
  • Cons: Significantly more expensive than average food, only two recipes to choose from

Why Should You Trust I Love Veterinary

Royal Canin Urinary SO Cat Food | Chewy

I Love Veterinary is a website that veterinary enthusiasts formed. So, it is a passion-driven organization that puts the life and health of animals first.

One of the overarching goals of the website is to bring veterinary enthusiasts from all over the world together. The enthusiasts share information relating to the veterinary field to impact veterinary medicine positively. Also, the team contributes to the growth and development of the veterinary field.

From the website, you can get information that addresses various veterinary topics. The topics range from vet surgery procedures to animal care. Besides the reading material, you can access videos and other info-graphics that offer a more comprehensive understanding of the vet topics.

Even though the website does not belong to an official veterinary medicine organization, it sources the available information from credible sources. Also, the website gives you access to reference materials to confirm its information.

I Love Veterinary upholds honesty, transparency, and integrity. For this reason, we insist that you should check with your veterinarian for confirmation regarding the information posted on the website. However, you will never find information that does not have backing evidence.

Overall, the credibility of the website comes from its management team. The team has a veterinary background, and it carries an audit of any information posted on the website as a quality assurance measure.

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  • Can Dry Foods Promote Urinary Health

    Well, yes and no. Dry foods cant provide everything thats needed, at least not on their own. There are without a doubt certain premium dry cat foods that specialize in providing the nutrients and minerals that are commonly used to combat infections and diseases, but by nature they lack a crucial ingredient. Moisture.

    Moisture is incredibly important in promoting good urinary tract health in felines. For this reason, you cant promote it using just dry cat food, you need make sure they are also consuming enough water.

    If adequate water is provided and consumed, then theres no reason why a dry cat food designed for urinary health would be less effective than a wet food for urinary tract health.

    Most owners have concerns that their cats dont consume enough water, and its certainly true that cats dont have much of a natural drive to drink water. If you want to feed a dry food, you should consider making use of a small cheap fountain to entice cats into keeping themselves hydrated around the clock, and make sure there are water bowls in every room. You can also soak their biscuits in water to force them to take in more moisture, but many cats will get fussy about this and refuse the food.

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    Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food Adult Urinary & Hairball Control

    Our choice is the Hill’s Science Diet Urinary & Hairball Control, the best Overall Urinary Cat Food Option.

    Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is often the main culprit and the root cause can be anything from bladder stones to cancer. Whether your cat is suffering from urinary health issues or she is at a greater risk of developing it due to her age, specially formulated urinary cat foods can reduce the risk, promote faster healing, and provide relief from the discomfort.

    Here we review the best cat food for urinary crystals to help you choose the right one for your kitty. Well also discuss the major causes behind FLUTD, its symptoms, and what to look for in ideal urinary cat food.

    Keep Your Cat’s Urinary Issues At Bay

    Iams Proactive Health Adult Urinary Tract Health with Chicken Dry Cat ...

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

    The Spruce Pets / Peter Ardito

    Many house cats struggle with a variety of conditions that affect their bladder and/or urethra, broadly known as urinary tract health. This can present as difficulty and pain when urinating, increased frequency of urination and/or blood in the urine. Cats may urinate outside the litter box, in corners, a sink, or a bathtub. While these issues can occur at any age, it is often seen in middle-aged, overweight cats that dont get enough exercise.

    A cats diet can contribute to urinary pH imbalance or help improve it. Diets can vary in how they support urinary tract health, but its important to look for restricted amounts of minerals, such as magnesium and phosphorus, which can contribute to the development of urinary crystal and stone formation, explains Dr. Danielle Bernal, Global Veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food. The crystals cause painful urination and the stones are painful to pass. They may cause urinary tract infections, blockages, or kidney problems.

    Below are a few of the best urinary tract health cat foods available today.

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    Wysong Uretic Feline Diet Dry Cat Food

    This dry diet contains: chicken, fish and turkey, in that order. Wysong was created by a veterinarian and grew in popularity by word of mouth and through the veterinary community. Their new formulation contains: higher levels of fresh/frozen and dried meats and organs, protein, and fat, and a comprehensive spectrum and higher levels of micronutrients/nutraceuticals including prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, omega-3s, antioxidants and more. Additionally, excess minerals have been eliminated and natural sourced, urinary-important amino acids added.

    Buyers Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Food For Urinary Health

    As you can see, you have many options when it comes to cat foods for urinary tract health. For example, there are both wet foods and dry foods made for urinary tract health as well as all-natural foods, and grain-free choices, just to mention a few. A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing the right food for your cat is to think about his habits. Does your cat only like crunchy cat food thats dry or does he prefer soft and wet food?

    The flavor is another big consideration. Some cats love fish and others hate it. Think about your cats favorite flavors and the type of food he eats so you can narrow down your choices. Cost is another factor to consider, and especially if youre on a tight budget. Some of the cat foods in our reviews are on the pricey side while others are more affordable.

    If youd rather not pay a high vet fee just to get a veterinarian authorization to buy food, skip over any special cat foods that require it. There are plenty of choices that dont require veterinarian authorization. In a nutshell, the most important factors to consider when buying cat food for urinary tract health include:

    • Your cats food type preference
    • The flavor of the food
    • The ingredients in the food
    • The cost of the food

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    A Convenient Litter Box Position

    Place the litter box of your cat at a quiet and convenient place. Your cat should feel comfortable when relieving itself. So, if you have a high traffic of people and pets in your house, provide a safe refuge for your cat to enjoy its private time.

    You should never change the brand of the litter box. Cats are sometimes picky on litter boxes. So, any change of brand of a litter box can make your cat relieve itself on the floor.

    Lotus Turkey & Vegetable Pate Grain

    Purina Cat Chow Special Care Urinary Tract Health ad, 1990s

    Though it isnt formulated specifically for urinary issues, this Lotus Turkey & Vegetable Pate Grain-Free Canned Food could be a good option for your cat because it is made with high-quality animal proteins and plenty of moisture. Turkey broth and fresh turkey are the top two ingredients, supplemented by additional proteins including turkey liver, ocean fish, and chicken liver. This recipe contains fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients, including cranberries for urinary tract health. Another feature that makes this recipe a good option is the fact that the calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium content is listed on the can. If your veterinarian has prescribed specific levels for your cat, youll find it easy to determine whether this food is an option.

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