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Why Does My Cat Smell Like Fish

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Why your vagina smells like a dead fish

If you ever took a whiff of your dogs paws and smelled a fishy, Freetos corn chip type odor, it could be yeast. Yeast tends to build up in between paw pads, in skin folds, a dogs ears, and other hot, moist areas of his body. After consulting with your vet to confirm yeasty paws, stop future outbreaks by keeping paw pads dry and clean. Keep paw pads clean year-round with Great Clean cleansing wipes specifically designed for dogs.


  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices of dog paws
  • Rich in conditioning ingredients like aloe and oatmeal
  • The handy 60-wipe container is ideal for travel
  • Multipurpose wipes remove mud, dirt, and debris anywhere, anytime
  • Time-saving dander and excess hair remover in between baths
  • Take them camping, hiking, and on walks for any unexpected messes or accidents
  • Made in the USA with a light piña colada scent

Things to Consider

Food Caught In The Teeth

Who has not been annoyed by the adamant piece of food stuck between the teeth? Not only is it annoying, but it can also lead to bad breath.

The same goes for dogs. Food stuck between teeth can then lead to inflamed gums in your dog and if left untreated, he can even lose teeth. The bacteria that results from the food stuck between the dogs teeth can end up causing serious dental diseases, which in turn can cause smell like fish in your dogs mouth.

According to expert advice from Dr. Pendegrass, to avoid the occurrence of such a disease, it is important to practice proper dental care such as brushing your dogs teeth as regularly as a few days a week.

Best Overall Product For Dogs Who Smell Like Fish

A dogs digestive process is a lot faster than a humans: three times less! It takes a dog anywhere from 8-12 hours for food to move from his mouth until it exits at the other end. Dogs suffering from gas, bloating, diarrhea, loose stool, constipation, and stinky odors can benefit from bulky, firmer stools. Fortunately, Great Poop is an all-in-one formula that covers every gastrointestinal base for dogs.


  • Super simple to administer and dogs think the soft, chewy morsel is a treat
  • Contains a probiotic to keep your dogs digestive tract functioning at its best
  • Promotes firmer stools making clean up easier for pet parents
  • May reduce smelly fish breath if the gut is the source of the problem
  • Made in America with premium ingredients.
  • Digestive enzymes may reduce diarrhea.
  • Aids production of canine natural antibodies to boost the immune system

Things to Consider

  • Only available in chicken flavor
  • Dogs over 76 pounds need 4 to 5 chews per day
  • Consult a veterinarian before adding any supplements to your dogs diet.

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My Cat Smells Like Death

See files for Cats

When you say to yourself my cat’s breath smells like death, you will need to make an important distinction. This distinction is whether you are asking if your cat smells very bad or if they smell like they are dying. While neither are positive signs for your cat’s health, one is more worrying than the other. Another factor involves working out from where the smell is emanating. If your cat has bad breath, the smell coming from their mouth could have various causes. If the bad smell is coming from the other end, we will need to consider different possibilities.

If your cat smells bad, AnimalWised brings you some of the possible reasons for their foul odor. Once you work out why your cat stinks, only then can you know what to do about it.

  • What you should do if your cat smells like death
  • How To Prevent Stinky Cat Breath

    Why Does My Cats Breath Smell Like Fish?

    If you notice your cats breath has started to smell, you can prevent this problem from worsening. Whether youre trying to reverse bad breath in cats or you want to prevent this problem in your pet, follow these tips:

    • Schedule routine vet visits: Your vet can check for health problems that may be causing bad breath and perform professional teeth cleanings to remove tartar and plaque buildup. If you have specific concerns about your cats breath, you can bring them up to your vet.
    • Brush your cats teeth: You can promote fresh breath and a healthy mouth between professional cleanings by brushing your cats teeth every day.
    • Adjust your cats diet: Talk to your vet about how you can prevent stinky cat breath by changing your pets food while still ensuring the proper nutrition.

    Dental health is often overlooked in cats, so by paying close attention to their breath and properly cleaning their teeth, you can help prevent further tooth decay.

    Ready to take the next step in improving your cats bad breath? Schedule a professional dental cleaning at Village Vet of Urbana today!

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    What Is The Smell Of Your Cat

    As you must know, cats are self-groomers. They thoroughly clean themselves by devoting on an average of one hour every day. It is one of the priority tasks for them. However, the smell in the cat is different. Usually, they smell like fresh mud or grass. If you want to check this fact, you must smell a kitten. Because as they grow old, there come various reasons that contribute to their body odor. It is because they are prone to roll over everywhere, and it is part of their regular activities. And many owners do bath them with different soaps and shampoos hence their natural smell is lost.

    Check For Anal Gland Disease

    One of the major reasons why your dog smells like fish could be anal gland diseases. If you notice symptoms that might indicate anal gland disease, consult a vet as soon as possible to diagnose such diseases.

    Such conditions should be treated as soon as possible so that it does not aggravate into a much serious problem.

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    Evaluate And Change Your Dogs Diet

    Many times, a dogs specific odor can be attributed to what it eats. If your dog has a poor coat, dull, smelly, and with dandruff and stinky fishy odor, then you need to evaluate its diet.

    Low-quality, commercial dog food and treats can all contribute to this poor coat condition. Many dogs are allergic to wheat, soy, corn, grains, and fillers found in commercial dog food. These can result in poor coat conditions and can also be responsible for loose watery stools which can cause anal gland impact and subsequent fishy smell.

    Speak to your veterinarian and switch to a high-quality, grain-free, natural food.

    Clean Up Messes With Enzyme Cleaners

    Does scent REALLY MATTER while fishing?! (Catfish Catch and Cook)

    As much as we try to prevent them, cats have accidents. When urine gets into carpeting and upholstery, it leaves behind powerfully strong odors. The good news is there are lots of great products with enzyme cleaners that can make things just like new. Talk to your local, independent pet retailer, who can recommend great products that work. Lay plastic sheeting on top of the treated area, and allow to rest overnight, so the enzymes can work their odor-slaying magic without the solution drying out.

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    Why Does My Cat Stink

    Jenna Stregowski, RVT has worked in veterinary medicine for more than two decades. Her veterinary experience ranges from routine wellness care and preventive medicine to emergency and specialty care, where she has performed duties ranging from specialized nursing to clinical administration. Jenna has been writing about pet care for over 10 years, including for publications like DVM 360 and DogTime.

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    Do you have a stinky cat? Cats are generally known for their cleanliness. Most are fastidious self-groomers, which keeps them free of dirt and odors. However, you may sometimes find that your cat smells bad. Although some cat odors are harmless or easy to fix, others can mean there is a health problem.

    How To Avoid Problems In Dog Anal Glands

    Now we know why our dog’s anus smells like fish, we will discuss ways to reduce this unpleasant odor. The preventive measure we can take include the following:

    • Treat the dog at the appearance of the first symptom. Do not wait for the clinical picture to get complicated before seeking veterinary help.
    • If our dog is prone to anal fluid accumulation, we should add regular dog anal gland expression to their care routine. This can be done at home by the dog’s guardian, but it is also possible the veterinarian or dog groomer can do it for you.
    • The characteristics of the dog’s stools are known to influence the health of the anal glands. Chronic diarrhea, small or too soft stools do not press well on the glands when excreted. This makes it easier for them to accumulate the lubricating fluid. A correct diet helps with this elimination.
    • It is also known there are breeds with a propensity to suffer problems in the glands. If we live with a German Shepherd, Chihuahua or Poodle, for example, we must pay special attention to this aspect.

    When a dog has a serious problem with their anus, it can bleed. This is not usually due to anal gland problems, but the problem could be related. Our article on why a dog is bleeding from their anus may help to understand more.

    If you want to read similar articles to My Dog’s Anus Smells Fishy, we recommend you visit our Other health problems category.

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    Does My Dog’s Urine Smell Like Fish

    A fishy smell is uncommon in urine.

    Many of the causes are not serious, but it can sometimes indicate a severe condition, such as damage to the kidneys or liver.

    In many cases, the culprit responsible for the smell of fish is a chemical called trimethylamine oxide.

    A fishy smell is uncommon in urine.

    Many of the causes are not serious, but it can sometimes indicate a severe condition, such as damage to the kidneys or liver.

    In many cases, the culprit responsible for the smell of fish is a chemical called trimethylamine oxide.

    What Causes Fishy Smell In Dogs

    Why Does My Cat

    Dogs can sometimes give off fishy aromas. If you are feeding your dog a fish-based diet or supplementing your dogs diet with fish oil a fishy odor is likely not a cause for concern.

    Otherwise, if your dog smells like fish she may have an abnormal medical condition that needs to be addressed. Dental issues, gastrointestinal disorders, certain infections, and anal gland disorders can all lead to a fishy odor in dogs. Most often this is caused by an overgrowth of certain foul smelling bacteria.

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    Oral Causes Of Bad Breath

    A staggering number of adult cats suffer from oral and dental diseases that can potentially cause bad breath. Between 50 and 90% of cats aged four years and older have experienced at least one disease of the mouth and/or teeth.

    • Periodontal disease:Gum disease is the most common cause of bad breath in cats and, untreated, can lead to additional complications like tartar buildup, pain, and tooth loss. The most well-known periodontal disease is gingivitis. Look out for bleeding, redness, or swelling of the gums. Untreated, gingivitis can evolve into periodontitis, the effects of which are irreversible.
    • Stomatitis: A catch-all term for inflammation of the mouth, stomatitis can refer to a range of conditions. Certain breeds of cats experience higher rates of stomatitis than others.
    • Oral cancer: When tumors in a catâs mouth grow, they can become infected and cause bad breath. Generally, the prognosis for cats with oral cancer is not good.
    • Tooth resorption: Veterinarians donât know what causes tooth resorption. The most common cause of tooth loss in cats involves the gradual breakdown of the tooth. Though the toothâs structure begins to fall apart internally, visible signs of resorption begin around the gumline. Resorption is painful for cats and may lead to drooling and food avoidance.

    Symptoms Of Anal Gland Problems

    The reason why my dog’s anus smells fishy is usually due to a problem or malfunction of the anal glands, rather than the anus itself. When the dog has a problem with their anal glands, they will display more symptoms than a fishy odor. They will also show some combination of the following:

    • Dragging their anus on the floor
    • Difficulty sitting upright on their rear due to discomfort
    • Inflammation/pain in the perianal area
    • Fever and discomfort

    When the anal fluid builds up, it can cause many problems. Some are due to the primary cause, others are due to secondary developments.

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    Does Wet Cat Food Cause Bad Breath

    As you know, diet is one of the main problems behind bad cat breath. So if youre looking for the cause behind your cats bad breath, look at what shes eating. By taking your cat to the vet, you can rule out the diet problem behind bad breath.

    Occasionally, wet food can be the cause of bad breath in cats because wet food can stick to your cats teeth these things cannot happen in the dry food. You can try changing your cats food to get rid of bad breath.

    Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish


    While there are lots of funky odors that can come from our pups, the fishy smell is one of the most off-putting. Unfortunately, its also a fairly common stench for your pup to omit. Sometimes bad smells such as a fishy scent from our pup are part of their natural flora.

    There are a variety of different culprits for the fishy smell. Its important you identify the source to make sure the stench isnt a sign of a bigger issue.

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    If Your Dogs Breath Smells Like Fish

    Most of our dogs breath doesnt smell great becauselets be honest heremost of us pet parents do not brush our dogs teeth on a regular basis. However, fishy smelling breath may signal a problem due to one of the following reasons:

    Dental Issues

    Fish-scented breath may indicate a dental problem in your dog. Periodontal disease is caused by infection and inflammation of the structures that surround and support the teeth. Periodontal disease is the most common disease seen in dogs and is present in up to 84 percent of dogs over the age of three . If you lift your dogs lips and see a large amount of tartar, which looks like yellow or brown material stuck to your dogs teeth, or red or puffy gums, your dog may have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease should be treated by your veterinarian as soon as possible to stop it from progressing.This disease is best treated with regular professional dental cleanings under anesthesia and daily home dental care.

    Broken or abscessed teeth may also lead to fishy-smelling breath in dogs, so make sure to have your dogs mouth and teeth examined by a veterinarian to rule out any specific tooth problems.

    Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Dogs with food allergies or food intolerances may burp excessively and have trouble digesting food which can lead to fishy breath. If your veterinarian suspects that your dog has a food allergy, she may recommend feeding your dog a prescription hypoallergenic diet.

    Why Does My Cat Have A Bad Odor

    A cat can also manually express its anal glands, much like a skunk does, if it is scared or frightened. This is often seen when a stressed cat needs to visit the veterinarian or groomer. The anal gland liquid may spray or just drip out resulting in a very bad odor. Your cat may be showing signs that it is having issues with its anal glands.

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    Why Does My Dogs Balls Smell Like Fish

    Why does my dog s balls smell like fish. Choline is the b complex vitamin found in large quantities in most fish especially larger fish like tuna. If neither of the first two fit and the p. So if your dog smells like fish all the time something is wrong. How to prevent a fishy penis odor.

    How Long Does It Take For A Cat Uti To Go Away With Antibiotics

    Solved: Why Does My Cat Smell Like Poop?(+How To Change That)

    The ideal duration of antibiotic therapy for uncomplicated and complicated UTI is unknown. Many textbooks recommend 10 to 14 days for uncomplicated UTI and 4 to 8 weeks for complicated UTI however, these guidelines are not evidence-based, and much shorter durations are the standard of care in human medicine.

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    Mouth Skin And Ear Odors In Cats

    Again, you must first check for the source of the odor and then look out for other symptoms.


  • Mouth Odors Dental disease can cause bad breath. Plaque, tartar, inflamed gums, food particles lodged in gum pockets, bacterial infections, and oral tumors all produce foul odors. As well, bad breath can be a symptom of various diseases such as kidney disease, which produces an odor similar to ammonia diabetes, which sometimes makes the breath smell fruity or liver disease which may make the breath smell like feces.
  • Skin Odors A yeast infection produces a musty smell a wound that becomes infected or an abscess with pus draining from it usually smells putrid. Allergies, parasites, or any serious skin problem can also cause a bad odor.
  • Ear Odors Ear odors usually stem from bacterial ear infections, yeast infections, or an ear mite infestation.
  • Other Symptoms Biting and licking an area can help point you in the direction of the problem. Remember that your cat will try to conceal their pain and discomfort from you. If your kitty stops eating or hides from you, it means the problem is very serious.
  • Solutions: All of these problems require a visit to your cats veterinarian for treatment or for further testing to discover the underlying cause. Ear problems in particular can cause excruciating pain, and other problems can be very painful or itchy and must not be ignored.

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