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Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Litter

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Who Makes Dr Elseys Cat Litter And Where Is It Produced

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra vs. Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks Cat Litter

Dr. Elseys Cat Litter started being produced outside of Dr. Elseys All-Cat Veterinary Clinic in 1978 in the Denver Metro area. For years, Dr. Elsey and his wife, Kathy, kept their cat litter production close to home. They have outsourced some of the production to Wyoming facilities, but otherwise, they mostly stayed in the Midwest region and shipped all their products out from there.

From the litter to the food, every product in this brand was first created, produced, and tested by Dr. Elsey to improve the lives of cats in homes. All the litters are meant to help eliminate specific issues. There are litters that address cats and humans with respiratory issues, that help attract cats and kittens to the litter box to stop them from getting rehomed, and that are suitable for cats with sensitive paws.

Not only does Dr. Elseys work hard to better cats lives in the home, but it also states that it stands for pets, not profit. That is why it is so good at giving back to charities all over the country. Each year, over 1.4 million cats in the U.S. dont find homes. To help support shelters that are overwhelmed with cats, Dr. Elseys provides shelter kits that include food and other toys and trinkets.

It also provides them with thousands of pallets of free litter. Due to Kathy Elseys diagnosis of multiple myeloma, the couple has also started a fund for cancer called Dr. Elseys Fund to Cure Cancer to support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

How Did We Choose

While many of the products we review on All About Cats are made, sold, and tested in the United States, we do our best to give our Canadian cat lovers some love.

The products weve chosen have all been tested and thoroughly reviewed by yours truly. We normally like to include picks from both Chewy and Amazon, but because Chew doesnt currently ship to Canada, weve limited our selections to those available on Amazon.

In creating this list, we included the tried-and-true products that make it into our top 10 lists year after year. Weve also aimed to include a variety of types of litter from lightweight and silica litters to all-natural, biodegradable litters.

Dr Elseys Precious Ultra Cat Litter: Complete Review

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  • To keep your house clean and smell-free, cat litter can be an amazing choice for pet parents. However, it is easy for you to be confused when choosing the brand or type of cat litter that is perfect for your feline friend. How would you choose something that gets you the best of your investment? To make things easy for you, here is a complete review of a popular choice for cat litter among pet parents.

    So, without further ado, let us look into Dr. Elseys Cat Litter!

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    Dr Elseys Cat Litter Brand Overview

    Dr. Bruce Elsey is a feline-only veterinarian and has been for more than 35 years. Through his work and through his products, his goal is to provide products that help cats live longer, happier, and healthier lives while also making things a little easier on cat owners.

    Dr. Elseys brand offers a selection of high-protein cat foods for all life stages as well as a variety of cat litters and litter box supplies.

    What sets Dr. Elseys brand apart from other cat litter brands is the fact that his formulas are uniquely designed to address specific issues. The brand offers cat litters to relieve respiratory problems, to resolve litter box odors, and to address the unique needs of kittens and senior cats. Youll also find additional products such as a urine removal product and cat litter attractant.

    Dr. Elseys cat litter is made from premium clay materials to ensure superior clumping action. In addition to forming hard clumps on contact with urine and feces, this cat litter locks in odors.

    This cat litter has the ideal texture and particle size to suit your cats preferences while also preventing clumps from breaking down and tracking throughout the house. These litters are not flushable, but the hard clumps are generally easy to scoop and discard.

    Price: $20 For 40 Pounds

    Dr. Elsey

    It pays to buy in bulk. At $20 for 40 pounds, Dr. Elseys cat litter is extremely well priced. While you could purchase the smaller bag of litter, youll save in the long run by going big . Depending on how much you fill your cat box, we think this size bag could handle a single cat household for up to two months.

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    Best Hypoallergenic Kitty Litters

    Our 2022 Picks: Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litters
    • Made from natural minerals
    • Traps odors and eliminates moisture

    Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter: PrettyLitter is unlike any litter you have used before. Not only is it hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, but its most amazing benefit is that it changes color to alert you to your cats health issues. PrettyLitter can detect health issues such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones, inflammation, kidney issues, and more. Many times cat owners dont know their cat is suffering from a medical issue, so PrettyLitter takes out the guess work and tells you what your cat cant! With a once-a-month convenient delivery service, PrettyLitter costs less than some other typical cat litters and the amount is tailored based on the number of cats in your home. The super absorbent silica gel is made from natural minerals, and it traps odors and eliminates moisture, which means less dust and allergens and less litter in the landfill.


    • Great for mechanical litter boxes
    • Veterinarian formulated

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    Fresh Steps Fresh Scented Non

    Fresh Steps Fresh Scented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter is low on dust and very lightweight, so cleaning it is a piece of cake. Whats more, the unused crystals that sift through the scooper when you remove the poop can remain in the litter box for up to a month.

    The litters fragrance-free formula works to eliminate and control odors naturally. It combines activated carbon and plant extracts. The carbon traps any tough odors, and the plant-based extracts neutralize them. All of this occurs without the help and presence of any additional dyes or perfumes that may be extremely strong, overpowering, or irritating to sensitive noses.

    Fresh Steps Fresh Scented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter is also extremely efficient. Thirty-five pounds of this litter equal to about 50 pounds of non-clumping clay litters that may be similar to this one. Because of this, you are guaranteed to get significantly more out of each bag and love the fresh-step crystals.

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    Symptoms Of Litter Allergies In Cats

    While some cats may have general allergies, other cats could just be sensitive to certain types of kitty litter. Since cats are exposed to their litter and associated allergens several times a day, its important that you use a litter that wont cause irritation. Below are some symptoms of litter allergies:

    • Runny nose
    • Improper elimination
    • Coughing

    Cats can develop allergies just as humans can. Kitties who have been previously diagnosed with allergies could be more prone to developing allergies to their litter. Chemicals and certain materials in litter will potentially cause allergies or flare-ups. These include silica dust, sodium bentonite, dyes, perfumes, fragrances and more. When picking out a hypoallergenic cat litter, its important to choose a litter that is free of those types of ingredients.

    Whats The Price Of Dr Elseys Ultra Cat Litter

    dr. elsey’s ultra premium clumping cat litter

    The general retail price at most big pet retailers is about $19 for the 40-pound bag.

    The 18-pound bag and the 20-pound box are often between $10 and $12 respectfully. The box being a little more expensive than the bag.

    I dont like using litter from a box because when the box is empty and its time to recycle the box, you need to take the box outside before you open it up and flatten it, because pieces of clay get between all of the folds of the cardboard, and when you open those folds, pieces of clay fall out everywhere.

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    What We Didnt Like:

    • Fairly expensive compared to traditional clay
    • Lightweight granules tend to track

    Now that youve seen our top picks for the best cat litter in Canada, lets take a closer look at the factors we considered when making our selections. Lets start with a quick overview of the different types of cat litter then delve deeper into the features of a quality litter.

    How Much Does Dr Elseys Cat Litter Cost

    Clay cat litter is usually much more affordable than cat litters made with other natural materials like corn or wheat. Even so, Dr. Elseys cat litter is highly affordable, costing well under $1.00 per pound for most formula. The three formulas reviewed above cost between $0.46 and $0.80 per pound which is highly affordable. Plus, since the litter forms hard clumps, there is less waste which means that each bag or box of litter goes further.

    Get 30% OFF + Free Shipping on Cat Litter

    How to Claim This Offer

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    Whats The Best Cat Litter According To Your Cat

    If your cat could describe to you the ideal litter box situation, it would probably be clean and comfortable. The litter box may be a place to do the necessary, but that doesnt mean the experience should be unpleasant.

    Think about how a cat litter will feel under your cats paws. If its dusty, think about how it might make conditions uncomfortable, especially in a hooded litter box. Consider whether artificial fragrance might be overwhelming.

    Respect your cats natural instincts and consider his perspective when choosing cat care essentials like litter.

    Cost Effective Solution For Non

    Dr. Elsey

    When a cat is behaving badly, it can get very expensive. I highly doubt that I need to remind you of that if youre here reading this

    Trying to find a solution to your catkin using the bathroom in your home can get even more expensive. There are endless products on the market for this issue. Some work and some simply dont.

    It can also take some time investment to figure out the reasonyour cat isnt going where he/she is supposed to.

    If a litter attractant is all you need, Dr. Elseys is cost-effective. One container in a single cat home should last around 2 or 3 months.

    For maximum effectiveness, add 1/4 container to each litter box fill or refill.Mix this additive with your cat litter thoroughly to be sure the scent is activated.

    Being sure to scoop your cats box at least once per day is critical. If your cat catches a whiff of anything offensive, they just might walk right back out of the box!

    Think about it if we visit a toilet thats nasty, whats our reaction? Cats deserve clean toilets too!

    If you need other helpful litter box tips, take a look at this video from Jackson Galaxy below:

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    Which Types Of Cats Might Do Better With A Different Brand

    There are no reasons we can think of that your cat might need to use a different brand. The purpose of these litter formulas is to solve problems. More often than not, you will need to switch to Dr. Elseys instead of switching off of it. Just keep in mind that it does have a variety of product options. Try to test a couple of them to find the one that best solves your cat litter issues.

    Dr Elseys Precious Ultra Cat Litter Review

    SUMMARY: Precious Cats Dr. Elseys Ultra Cat Litter is a solid-performing, medium-priced litter that can work well in many single and multiple-cat households.

    This product may not be the top-performing litter on the market, but it can be the right choice for a lot of households. Especially homes with multiple cats.

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    Pet Life Compostable 100% Recyclable And Biodegradable Eco


    The 100% Compostable and Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags are composed from Thermoplastic Starch , Biodegradable Polyesters and Natural Plasticizers and generated from Certified Facilities that are approved by the U.S. Composition Council and D6400 Certified. Compostable means these Dog Waste Bags actually derive from Waste generatâ¦

    Odor Elimination: Works As Promised

    Dr Elsey’s Cat Litter Ultra – Best Litter for Litter-Robot 3?

    Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter has no scent, which we prefer over heavily perfumed cat litter. In our experience, scented cat litters dont mask bad smells as much as they become the offending odor. Plus, we were interested to see whether the scent-free litter would be able to keep litter box smells contained.

    Thankfully, this litter absolutely does. Dr. Elseys litter seemed to suck up bad scents as soon as they appeared, as our home was left odor free. Even after a week, a sniff of the room our litter box is in smelled like nothingno fragrance, no cat urine, nothingwhich is exactly how we like it.

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    Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litters With Our 2022 Budget

    Cats can suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory issues the same way humans can.

    30% Off at

    As you know, allergies can be extremely irritating and difficult to manage. Cats who suffer from allergies need extra care from pet parents, and its crucial to choose a cat litter that wont intensify their sensitivities.

    Hypoallergenic cat litter can play a tremendous role in keeping your cat healthy. Since your kitty uses the litter box several times a day, they need to use a litter that wont flare up their allergies. If visiting the litter box is causing your cat to sneeze or itch, they may become more likely to start eliminating outside their box. Avoid this unfortunate behavior by choosing a good hypoallergenic cat litter. In this article we bring you a list of our favorite hypoallergenic cat litters along with the benefits of using one.

    Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter Vs Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

    If youre looking into other litters,Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal is a major contender. Like Dr. Elseys formula, Arm & Hammers litter disguises bad odors as promised. That said, we found that Dr. Elseys litter clumped much better than Arm & Hammers, resulting in solid chunks that were easier to scoop. Arm & Hammer is our favorite when it comes to tracking, but Dr. Elsey wins the competition hands down when you factor in price. Arm & Hammers 27.5-pound box goes for $30, while Dr. Elseys 40-pound bag goes for just $20.

    Worth it.

    Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter kept our home smelling fresh and it made cleaning the litter box an easy chore. And the fact that a 40-pound bag will run you just $20? Well that makes it even better.

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    Smart Solutions For The Life Of You

    Dr. Elsey’s litter and cat food are veterinarian-formulated by Dr. Elsey himself to help cats live happier, healthier lives and to give cat owners the best options for their pets. Precious Cat Litter is made to be soft on paws and tough on odors, with a range of options that encourage proper litter box use. And Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein kibble and wet food deliver the high protein levels cats instinctively crave for optimal health.

    Pet Life ‘compostable’ 100% Recyclable And Biodegradable Eco

    Dr. Elsey


    The 100% Compostable and Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags are composed from Thermoplastic Starch , Biodegradable Polyesters and Natural Plasticizers and generated from Certified Facilities that are approved by the U.S. Composition Council and D6400 Certified. Compostable means these Dog Waste Bags actually derive from Waste generat…

    Pet Life ® ‘Bio-Hybrid’ 100% Recyclable Thermoplastic and Polyethylene Carbon Reduced Eco-Friendly Pet Cat Dog Waste Bags from Renewable Thermoplastic Starch – Dispenser and 2 Pack of Rolls

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    Clay Vs Pellets And Crystal Variants

    There are all kinds of litter varieties out there. The main kinds are produced with clay , pellets, silica, or crystal varieties.

    Clay is by far the most common because cats tend to prefer the texture of clay on their feet more than anything else. Crystals and pellets dont clump as well, are often made with more chemicals, and tend to get caught in a cats paws and tracked around the house more easily. That is why Dr. Elseys chose sodium bentonite for its litter.

    A Dr Elseys Precious Cat Litter Faq

    • Are Dr. Elseys cat litters biodegradable? Some are, and some arent. Most of Dr. Elseys cat litters are clay clumping litters, which use sodium bentonite clays as the main-acting ingredient. Sodium bentonite clays in cat litter are not biodegradable. So, any litter you do throw away will sit in a landfill for a time. However, Dr. Elseys does offer a couple of cat litters that are made out of silica gel, which is biodegradable.
    • Do Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Litters come in resealable bags? A few of Dr. Elseys litters come in resealable bags, some in easy-to-open, pour, and store containers and some are in boxes.
    • Do Dr. Elseys cat litters contain silica? Some of Dr. Elseys cat litters use silica gels as their main ingredients. Silica gel is a crystallizes material, so instead of clumping, it will trap odors and liquids into a silica crystal. The Respiratory Relief cat litter in this product review uses a silica gel.
    • Is Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Litter product line safe for kittens? Dr. Elseys makes several litters that are specially designed and formulated for kittens. If you have a kitten, you have to get a litter that is for kittens specifically. This is important for training purposes and health purposes. Adult cat litters use materials that arent safe for kittens sensitive paws and digestive system.

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