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Dr Elseys Ultra Precious Cat Litter

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Dr Elseys Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter Rocks!

Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter is among the top three product options available from the company due to its hypoallergenic nature. It might produce a slight scent, although it is barely noticeable to most users. It is made to produce even less dust than usual to keep it as gentle on your lungs as possible.

The price of this cat litter is one of the driving reasons that we appreciate this product. Not only is it extra sensitive and made to accommodate multiple cats using it at once, but it also does so at a budget-friendly price. It is affordable and safer than many other options.

Although the focus on respiratory health can help those of us with sensitivities to dust, it also reduces the stress on your cats lungs. This litter can play an essential part in controlling feline respiratory disease.

  • Some reports of stickiness when wet in that it sticks to the sides of the box

A Good Litter For Multiple

If you have just one cat and one litterbox, you may be able to splurge on a better, more natural, more expensive litter.

But if you have multiple cats, with two, three or four litterboxes, using a high-priced litter can really add up in expense.

This product can be an excellent choice if you are filling up several boxes every few weeks.

Dr Elsey Precious Cat Litter


Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Litter helps control respiratory disease in cats because it is low in dust and hypo-allergenic with no plant proteins, perfumes or deodorants. The natural essences in the litter along with the low dust help to reduce stress which can be an important factor in controlling Feline Respiratory Disease.

  • Hypo-allergenic, no perfumes, deodorants or plant proteins
  • 99.9% dust free formula along with natural essenses reduces stress
  • Hard clumping
  • Works with sifting/mechanical litter boxes

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter, as cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondiia parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as children and anyone with a weakened immune system, should avoid handling used cat litter. Always handle litter in a ventilated area to avoid inhalation. Keep contents and packaging out of reach of children and pets. Seek medical help in case of accidental ingestion.

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What Do Customers Think Of Dr Elseys Cat Litter

Generally speaking, cat owners are very pleased with Dr. Elseys cat litter. All three recipes reviewed above carry at least a 4-star rating with hundreds of individual reviews. Customers love the hard-clumping action and the affordable price of this litter, though there are some comments that it can become sticky when exposed to a large volume of liquid. In terms of dust, however, it is generally fairly low, and odor control is not an issue.

With nearly a dozen products to choose from, Dr. Elseys has something for everyone. Keep reading to see a positive and negative customer review for each of the three cat litter formulas featured above:

Review Of Dr Elseys Ultra Cat Key Points:

Dr. Elsey
  • Dr Elseys Ultra Cat Litter is a medium-grain granule clay litter product.
  • Its hard clumping which makes it easier to scoop out urine waste.
  • When the litter is applied deep enough, it will prevent urine from reaching the bottom of the box.
  • Its unscented. No added perfumes or cover-up scents. Hypo-allergenic.
  • It claims to be 99.9% dust-free.
  • Its designed to work fine in mechanical litter boxes.
  • Its mid-priced.

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Do You Have A Kitty That Is Urinating Outside The Box

If you have a cat who is not using the box consistently and is urinating in areas around your home, you may be interested in using Dr. Elseys Cat Attract Litter.

The Cat Attract Litter worked wonders for my cat who had this issue, but Cat Attract is expensive.

So once my cat started to use the litter box again, I began to mix the less-expensive Ultra in with the more-expensive Cat Attract. Eventually, I could stop using the Cat Attract all together.

Smart Solutions For The Life Of You

Dr. Elsey’s litter and cat food are veterinarian-formulated by Dr. Elsey himself to help cats live happier, healthier lives and to give cat owners the best options for their pets. Precious Cat Litter is made to be soft on paws and tough on odors, with a range of options that encourage proper litter box use. And Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein kibble and wet food deliver the high protein levels cats instinctively crave for optimal health.

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Which Types Of Cats Might Do Better With A Different Brand

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra vs. Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks Cat Litter

There are no reasons we can think of that your cat might need to use a different brand. The purpose of these litter formulas is to solve problems. More often than not, you will need to switch to Dr. Elseys instead of switching off of it. Just keep in mind that it does have a variety of product options. Try to test a couple of them to find the one that best solves your cat litter issues.

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Cost Effective Solution For Non

When a cat is behaving badly, it can get very expensive. I highly doubt that I need to remind you of that if youre here reading this

Trying to find a solution to your catkin using the bathroom in your home can get even more expensive. There are endless products on the market for this issue. Some work and some simply dont.

It can also take some time investment to figure out the reasonyour cat isnt going where he/she is supposed to.

If a litter attractant is all you need, Dr. Elseys is cost-effective. One container in a single cat home should last around 2 or 3 months.

For maximum effectiveness, add 1/4 container to each litter box fill or refill. Mix this additive with your cat litter thoroughly to be sure the scent is activated.

Being sure to scoop your cats box at least once per day is critical. If your cat catches a whiff of anything offensive, they just might walk right back out of the box!

Think about it if we visit a toilet thats nasty, whats our reaction? Cats deserve clean toilets too!

If you need other helpful litter box tips, take a look at this video from Jackson Galaxy below:

Who Makes Dr Elseys Cat Litter And Where Is It Produced

Dr. Elseys Cat Litter started being produced outside of Dr. Elseys All-Cat Veterinary Clinic in 1978 in the Denver Metro area. For years, Dr. Elsey and his wife, Kathy, kept their cat litter production close to home. They have outsourced some of the production to Wyoming facilities, but otherwise, they mostly stayed in the Midwest region and shipped all their products out from there.

From the litter to the food, every product in this brand was first created, produced, and tested by Dr. Elsey to improve the lives of cats in homes. All the litters are meant to help eliminate specific issues. There are litters that address cats and humans with respiratory issues, that help attract cats and kittens to the litter box to stop them from getting rehomed, and that are suitable for cats with sensitive paws.

Not only does Dr. Elseys work hard to better cats lives in the home, but it also states that it stands for pets, not profit. That is why it is so good at giving back to charities all over the country. Each year, over 1.4 million cats in the U.S. dont find homes. To help support shelters that are overwhelmed with cats, Dr. Elseys provides shelter kits that include food and other toys and trinkets.

It also provides them with thousands of pallets of free litter. Due to Kathy Elseys diagnosis of multiple myeloma, the couple has also started a fund for cancer called Dr. Elseys Fund to Cure Cancer to support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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Clay Vs Pellets And Crystal Variants

There are all kinds of litter varieties out there. The main kinds are produced with clay , pellets, silica, or crystal varieties.

Clay is by far the most common because cats tend to prefer the texture of clay on their feet more than anything else. Crystals and pellets dont clump as well, are often made with more chemicals, and tend to get caught in a cats paws and tracked around the house more easily. That is why Dr. Elseys chose sodium bentonite for its litter.

A Dr Elseys Precious Cat Litter Faq

Dr. Elsey
  • Are Dr. Elseys cat litters biodegradable? Some are, and some arent. Most of Dr. Elseys cat litters are clay clumping litters, which use sodium bentonite clays as the main-acting ingredient. Sodium bentonite clays in cat litter are not biodegradable. So, any litter you do throw away will sit in a landfill for a time. However, Dr. Elseys does offer a couple of cat litters that are made out of silica gel, which is biodegradable.
  • Do Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Litters come in resealable bags? A few of Dr. Elseys litters come in resealable bags, some in easy-to-open, pour, and store containers and some are in boxes.
  • Do Dr. Elseys cat litters contain silica? Some of Dr. Elseys cat litters use silica gels as their main ingredients. Silica gel is a crystallizes material, so instead of clumping, it will trap odors and liquids into a silica crystal. The Respiratory Relief cat litter in this product review uses a silica gel.
  • Is Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Litter product line safe for kittens? Dr. Elseys makes several litters that are specially designed and formulated for kittens. If you have a kitten, you have to get a litter that is for kittens specifically. This is important for training purposes and health purposes. Adult cat litters use materials that arent safe for kittens sensitive paws and digestive system.

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Precious Cat Unscented Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

Price: $19.99

Dr. Elseys Ultra Clumping Cat Litter is a unique formulation that combines the heavy non-tracking granules of Dr. Elseys Classic with a medium-grain clay. The result is an excellent clumping litter that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray while providing a clump that will not break down. This cat litter is perfect for multi-cat households and those cat parents with sifting or mechanical litter boxes. With its superior odor control, you can be sure your home will always smell fresh and clean. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No Product Dimensions : 20 x 14 x 4 inches 40 Pounds Item model number : 460U Date First Available : November 1, 2005 Manufacturer : Precious Cat ASIN : B0009X29WK Country of Origin : China

99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic natural litter to keep your surfaces clean and perfect for families who suffer from allergiesHard clumping, medium-grain clay makes it the perfect clumping litter that helps prevent moistureMulti-cat formula and superior odor control keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day outIdeal for sifting and mechanical litter boxes so its easier for you to dispose of your kittys wasteForms hard clumps that dont break down making easier to scoop up and clean the box twice daily

Where Is Dr Elseys Cat Litter Sold

Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Litter is sold online and in pet stores. You can find it in big box stores like Target and Walmart as well as both local and national chain pet stores like Petco and PetSmart. If youre looking for the lowest price, your best bet is to check with online retailers like Chewy and .

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Ultra Litter Attractant Money Back Guarantee

To me, this point was so important that I wanted to give it a dedicated space!

How many products now still offer a true, money-back guarantee if it simply doesnt work for you?

Dr. Elseys Ultra Litter Attractant does. They want you to be completely satisfied. I enjoy supporting companies that have no intention of ripping us off. Integrity means a whole lot.

Solving The Problem Of Odor

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter

Litter boxes will always have problems with odor. It is akin to having an open and un-flushable toilet bowl in some cases. Fortunately, scientists have done a great deal of work to mitigate the amount of odor that comes out of a litter box.

The downside to most of these formulas is that they reduce the terrible odors by masking them with perfumes and deodorants. There can be chemicals in the litter mix that can mess with a cats breathing and is often one of the reasons that they dont like using their litter box.

Instead, Dr. Elseys uses an ultra-clumping method with the sodium bentonite in the clay. It locks in odors without having to use irritating perfumes.

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Dr Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Dr. Elseys Precious Ultra Unscented formula is easily the brands most popular litter product. It offers a good mix of all the characteristics that it wants to associate with the brand. It has excellent odor control, and its clumping action is superior to almost any other cat litter brand. It is worth noting that this litter is one of those reportedly included in the formula change recently, although we are unsure as to the extent of the change.

The litter is 99.9% dust-free, making it an excellent choice for people who need a hypoallergenic solution to their cat litter woes. The granules are heavy, with a medium-grain clay material. This makes it non-tracking. The only issue is that when the granules get wet, they do clump together hard. If your cat steps in the wet granules, it sticks like glue to their feet and can be like concrete to get off.

  • Sticks like concrete to sides of box and paws

Which Types Of Cats Is Dr Elseys Cat Litter Best Suited For

This companys products are best suited for all kinds of cats. It specifically tailors its litters to help solve various problems that cats and humans might have with the litter box. To do this, Dr. Elseys uses premium clay materials. The clay ensures that the litter will form hard clumps around any urine or feces, locking in odors that deter humans and felines from the box.

The clay particles texture and size also feel more natural on your cats paws. They dont get stuck in your cats toes either, which would then get tracked around the home. This makes the litter box easier to clean and keeps it from stinking, without using chemical perfumes and deodorants to mask the smell.

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Price: $20 For 40 Pounds

It pays to buy in bulk. At $20 for 40 pounds, Dr. Elseys cat litter is extremely well priced. While you could purchase the smaller bag of litter, youll save in the long run by going big . Depending on how much you fill your cat box, we think this size bag could handle a single cat household for up to two months.

Formula Change In Late 2020

Dr. Elsey

There was an apparent change to the formula that created quite a stir in the cat community. Unfortunately, it was not a change for the better and has created more issues with dust production and tracking, and the litter no longer clumps as well as it did.

The formula change doesnt seem to have happened throughout all the litters. Although not reported by the company itself, there is evidence of a change in most of their popular varieties.

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Whats The Price Of Dr Elseys Ultra Cat Litter

The general retail price at most big pet retailers is about $19 for the 40-pound bag.

The 18-pound bag and the 20-pound box are often between $10 and $12 respectfully. The box being a little more expensive than the bag.

I dont like using litter from a box because when the box is empty and its time to recycle the box, you need to take the box outside before you open it up and flatten it, because pieces of clay get between all of the folds of the cardboard, and when you open those folds, pieces of clay fall out everywhere.

What Kinds Of Litter Does Dr Elseys Cat Litter Offer

Dr. Elseys brand offers a dozen different formulas for cat litter and several litter box products.

This brand offers several different formulas in both scented and unscented varieties. Precious Cat Clean Tracks offers superior clumping action for less litter box mess while Precious Cat Ultra offers multi-cat odor control. Cat Attract and Kitten Attract litters feature a cat attractant herb to help resolve non-use of the litter box, and there is a simple Classic recipe as well. Youll also find litters designed for senior cats, health monitoring, respiratory relief, and more.

The three formulas reviewed below are unscented, clumping clay litters.

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