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Flea Treatment For Pregnant Cats

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Is Revolution Safe For Pregnant Cats

Cat Flea Treatment (10 Natural Ways!)

Yes, revolution is safe for pregnant cats, but it is advisable to check its composition before buying it. Revolution is known to contain some ingredients that could harm your cat or cause side effects. If you have the choice you should go with a safer and tested product.

Fleas are not predictable, you may want to protect your cat but fleas generally come from the outside and you can prohibit your cat from going out because they also need exercise.

Revolution also like Frontline provides a range of treatments, but that does not mean each one of them is safe to use on your cats.

The product, Revolution Plus is not tested and it is probably not safe to use so before buying any flea treatment product from Revolution you should verify that it is tested and verified by your vet and deemed safe to use.

Using any treatment on your cat could add additional health problems to the cat adding to the already sensitive situation of its pregnancy.

So make sure you double-check the suitable products used and see if it suits your cat or not. This should also be your practice when you use any flea treatment on your cat at any point in its life.

Pregnant or not, this is a common procedure you should follow for the safety of the cat.

Tips For Using Topical Flea And Tick Products

There are many different types of flea and tick products that can be applied to your pet, and different chemicals work in different ways. Thats why its always important to:

Choose the right product

  • Work with your veterinarian to select the right product for your pet and your needs.
  • Make sure the product matches your pets species, life stage and weight class. If the product is for use on dogs, dont use it on cats. If using the product on a puppy or kitten, make sure it is labeled for that life stage and that your pet is at least the minimum weight specified on the label.
  • Dont apply a product to kittens or puppies unless the label specifically allows this treatment. Use flea combs to remove fleas and flea eggs, and a tick remover to take off ticks from puppies and kittens that are too young for flea and tick products.
  • Talk to your veterinarian before using a product on weak, old, medicated, sick, pregnant, or nursing pets, even if they have been fine with previous uses of the product. The same goes for pets that have previously shown signs of sensitivity to flea or tick products. Tell your veterinarian about any other products you might be using or giving to your pet, because it could make a difference in their recommendations.

Use the product properly.

Pay attention after using the product.

What Do Fleas Look Like On Cats

Cats that are allergic to fleas will show signs that include:

  • Itchiness and scratching

  • Scabs all over the topside of the body

If your cat isnt allergic to flea salvia, they wont show any visible symptoms. So, unless you are actively checking for fleas, you wont know you have a flea infestation until they are found during a comb check.

Even a single flea can make the allergic cat miserable for days or weeks on end. For all the misery they cause, a flea is a 2mm flattened insect, small enough to run between the fur on the cat. They are dark brown or black, great jumpers, and typically very fast. Their eggs may look like large grains of salt, while the feces look like grains of pepper, hence many people refer to the salt and pepper look of flea dirt.

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Can Pregnant Cats Wear Flea Collars

Yes, it is absolutely safe for pregnant cats to wear flea collars. There is a wide range of such collars available in the market so before buying one ask your vet for a suitable option. You should buy collars that do not need to be replaced for at least 12 wells after the birth of the kittens.

Flea collars may be the safest way to control the flea manifestation in the cat family. But at times they are proven to be not safe. They are effective for shorter periods of time and if your cat is pregnant you may need something that has long-term effects and is also safe.

Flea collars may be a safer option but they are not as effective as flea treatments.

If you are wondering how are they the safer option is because they do not cause the kittens any harm and the chances of any sort of harm due to physical contact are pretty low.

Can Cheristin For Cats Be Used On Dogs

3 Doses/Months Flea Tick Lice Treatment Drops Topical Medicine for Cats ...

Cheristin is not intended for use in dogs, and dogs, in fact, appear to have a sensitivity to spinetoram.

Limited data is available for Cheristins use in pregnant animals and it was not tested in lactating animals, so it should be used very cautiously in pregnant or lactating queens.

If you have any concerns for potential toxicity, even if you think your kitty might have just licked some Cheristin off her fur and is having a bitter taste reaction, it is always best to contact your veterinarian, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, or Pet Poison Helpline for further advice.

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats Faqs

Can cats get rid of fleas on their own?

Unless the infestation is extremely minimal, cats will not get rid of fleas on their own. The population may vary depending on the weather/season, but they will always be present at some level in the house, until it is properly treated.

How does Dawn get rid of fleas on cats?

Dawn dish detergent changes the surface of the outside of the flea, making it unable to shed water or float when in wateressentially causing it to drown in the bath water.

Can humans get fleas from cats?

Absolutely! Humans can not only get fleas from cats, but they can give fleas to cats.

How did my indoor cat get fleas?

Fleas can hitchhike in on the clothing of their human family and give fleas to you cat. Fleas are also remarkable jumpers and may come in through screened doors and windows. Other pets, such as dogs, may also bring them into the house.

Fleas And Flea Control In Cats

24th July 2018

The most common flea found on cats and dogs is the cat flea . Occasionally, rabbit, hedgehog and other fleas may be found on cats but these are much less common.While many cats live with fleas and show minimal signs of infestation, control is advisable for several reasons including:

  • The cat flea can carry the larval stage of the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum and cats become infected by eating fleas during grooming
  • Fleas have the potential to transmit other infectious agents between cats
  • Adult fleas feed on cat blood in young kittens, this can cause weakness, anaemia and death
  • Fleas are important in the transmission of cat scratch disease between cats and to humans. This is an infection with the bacterium Bartonella hensellae and is spread when fleas feed on blood.
  • Some dogs and cats develop an allergy to flea bites, which causes them to scratch excessively or develop skin disease
  • Cat fleas can cause itchy bites on sensitive humans, typically around the ankles.
  • Using modern treatments it is now possible to control cat fleas very effectively, but where the fleas are very common this may require considerable effort.

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Best Shampoo: Dawn Dish Soap

  • Does not kill all flea life stages

  • Difficult to bathe most cats

While you may be thinking that this isnt a flea shampoo, the truth is that shampoos designed to kill fleas can be very dangerous to cats. Even shampoos labeled as all-natural often contain oils that can be toxic or harmful to cats and the traditional flea shampoos contain pyrethrins which can be extremely dangerous. Dawn Ultra dish detergent is safe for animals, as many people may already know from advertisements that show wildlife being bathed with the soap. It’s effective in killing fleas, and also in getting your cat clean. As a bonus, many homes already have a bottle of it under the kitchen sink.

The Best Flea Treatments For Cats

How to administer a Spot-On Flea Treatment to your cat

When your cat is plagued by a flea infestation it takes a lot of work to fully rid your feline from the fleas. Because you have to not only treat the existing infestation, but also have to protect you cat from a reoccurring problem by preventing a re-infestation once the main flea problem has been dealt with. This is where cat flea treatments come in since these treatments combine these two elements. They will provide your kitty both treatment and protection. And in this article find out which are the best flea treatments for cats. As well as other crucial information on feline flea treatments.

When your cat is plagued by a flea infestation it takes a lot of work to fully rid your feline from the fleas. Because you have to not only treat the existing infestation, but also have to protect you cat from a reoccurring problem by preventing a re-infestation once the main flea problem has been dealt with. This is where cat flea treatments come in since these treatments combine these two elements. They will provide your kitty both treatment and protection. And in this article find out which are the best flea treatments for cats. As well as other crucial information on feline flea treatments.

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How To Tell If Your Cat Has Fleas

The first thing to do is check for a strange behavior of your cat. If your cat scratches uncontrollably and is visibly upset, then chances are high that something bothers it. Good indicators that there are fleas on your cat is seeing your cat constantly chew some areas of its body. Ears scratching and strong shaking of their head also point to a flea infestation. Cats also start to lick their fur excessively when there is something in it.

After checking visible signs and noticing changes in behavior, the next step is taking a closer inspection of your cat. Check their skin and fur. Sometimes you may be able to see the fleas jumping very fast and high. They are small, round, and dark insects. Take your cat gently in your lap and make a good inspection of their groin and armpit area, where usually fleas hide. Also, look behind their ears and inspect for signs of blood, redness, or scratches.

Use a special flea comb to go through your cats fur. Such combs are designed to trap and pull fleas out from a cats hair. Go deep and close to the skin of your cat, but be careful and gentle. Put those annoying fleas you catch in soapy water to get rid of them.

There is a good chance your cat may have caught fleas if the environment is infested. So, this is another important thing to check. Closely inspect areas where your cat eats, sleeps, and urinates. Also, make sure you check areas close to the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and windows, as these are top places where fleas nest.

Best Area Spray: Virbac Knockout Area Treatment Spray


  • Kills more than just adult fleas

  • Continues killing multiple flea life stages for several months after application

  • Gets into hard-to-clean places in the home where fleas hide

  • Must remove all pets and people from the home before using

  • May need more than one bottle for multiple living spaces

If your cat has fleas, odds are your home also has them so youll need an effective area spray to treat your cats inside environment. The Virbac Knockout spray contains an insect growth regulator to kill not only the adult fleas but the eggs and larvae, too. It lasts in the home for up to four months to prevent future infestations, but is not meant to be applied to a cat or any other pet. Your pets should be removed from the house before spraying this aerosolized treatment spray. Once it dries, your pets can return to their space.

Revolution Plus offers the most complete parasite prevention in a single application. It lasts for one month, contains no pyrethrins, permethrins, or pyrethroids, and contains a small amount of quick-drying, alcohol-based liquid. Your cat will be protected from fleas, ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and intestinal parasites by simply applying Revolution Plus once a month.

If you have live fleas that you need to kill quickly, Comfortis is your best option since it works within 30 minutes, and this chewable tablet will then continue working for up to one month, just like Revolution Plus.

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Choosing An Outdoor Flea Treatment

Choosing an outdoor flea treatment for your pregnant cat is a delicate process. You need to ensure that the flea treatment you select is safe for both your pregnant cat and her kittens. In addition, youll want to make sure that its safe for the environment and your family members as well.

Here are some examples:

Is It Safe To Use A Flea Treatment On A Pregnant Cat

Buy TevraPet FirstAct Plus Cat Flea and Tick Treatment, Flea Medicine ...

Salem needs a flea treatment badly, but I’m hesitant on giving her one b/c I don’t know if it will hurt the babies.But I think she should definitely have one, before she has them, so she doesn’t pass the fleas onto the babies b/c I know you can’t apply the stuff to kittens.Is it safe to give her a flea treatment??~KK~

SW Minnesota
southern California

Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45Talk to your vet and see what you can/cannot use. In addition, I’d be flea combing her like crazy. And you may need to treat the house.

Fleas on newborn kittens can spell death if they are very bad infestation – the fleas suck the kittens blood and cause anemia in a very short time!

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Ways To Getting Rid Of Fleas

There are many good solutions on the market for getting rid of fleas. Powders, sprays, and other solutions are there to help you eradicate them.

It is always better to use some natural solutions that efficiently get rid of fleas and that will not harm your cat. Avoid using strong chemicals and harsh materials on your cat, and make some homemade solutions that are proven to work.

A good idea is to consult your veterinarian for the best solutions against flea problems. The following are some at-home remedies that may help you in the elimination of fleas from your cat.

These were a few efficient ways of how to get rid of fleas on cats. Hopefully, you will find this information useful if you are having problems with fleas. Fleas are very unpleasant insects, but quite common in homes with pets.

The good thing is that they can be removed very efficiently by taking just a few steps. There are plenty of options and solutions for getting rid of fleas. Every pet shop sells something against fleas, so you may ask around and see what is available. Consult a veterinarian and find out which solution is best to use for your cat.

What Is The Fastest Way To Eliminate Fleas

Look for products with fast-acting results. Still, as already emphasized, you shouldnt have unrealistic expectations. For example, a single flea can lay 40 to 50 eggs a day! In other words, you need to be persistent and apply the treatment for a few months despite its seemingly quick effectiveness.

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Spot On Flea Treatment For Cats

Spot on products involve you applying a liquid to the skin at the back of your pets neck so that your pet can’t lick it. They are a very popular and effective method of flea control. Some products contain substances that kill adult fleas, while others work by interrupting the development of fleas and some do both.

How to apply spot on treatments

  • Make sure your cat is calm. You might want to give them a treat to keep them occupied and still.
  • Find a spot on the back of your cat’s neck or between their shoulder blades that they will not be able to reach or lick
  • Part your cat’s fur with one hand and place the open applicator as close to their skin as possible with the other
  • Squeeze the applicator until the full dose has been given
  • Always wash your hands afterwards
  • Avoid stroking the area for at least 24 hours or until visibly dry so that you do not get any of the treatment on your hands
  • Tip

    Some spot on treatments have a strong smell and some cats hate it! Always praise your cat with treats after each application.

    Best Natural Cat Dewormer: Homeopet Feline Wrm Clear Cat Supplement

    Top 8 Best Flea Treatments for Cats (We Reviewed Them All)
    • Active Ingredients: Arsenicum Album, Chenopodium Anthelminticum, Cucurbito Pepo, Filix Mas, Kamala, Natrum Phosphoricum
    • Parasites Targeted: hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms
    • Typical Price Per Dose: $0.22
    • Doses Per Container: 45
    • Ideal For: People who want a natural remedy

    This natural dewormer is made with a homeopathic recipe featuring all-natural, chemical-free ingredients. These fast-acting drops are registered with the FDA and made in the USA and widely considered as one of the best cat dewormer on the market today.

    Claiming to be effective against hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms, this formulation aims to treat worm infestations and reduce the chance of reinfestation by suppressing egg production.

    HomeoPet WRM Clear is a liquid deworming product. Each bottle contains about 450 drops and comes with a dropper that makes it easy to administer the product by mouth or in food or liquid.

    Remember this product doesnt contain any pharmaceutical active ingredients. While this makes it tempting to use, it doesnt have the safety record or history of efficacy youll find in traditional dewormers. Use natural dewormers with caution and talk to your veterinarian before you do.

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