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Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure

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Hidden Cat Litter Box


Multiple Cats In A Household

The standard rule with litter boxes is one box for each cat and an extra. For households with multiple cats, its very important to provide multiple litter boxes.

Depending on the personality of your cats, some cats do not like sharing a litter box at all. Some dont mind, but its still best to provide extra boxes, in case they needed to go all at the same time. As a guide, below is a quick list of why multiple cats need multiple litter boxes.

  • Cats need their own space. Even with their siblings, cats would still need their personal space. Unlike dogs who are pack animals and prefer to do things together, cats pretty much prefer keeping to their own. This includes their toilet space and time.
  • Cats are very territorial. Some cats might even totally refuse to use the litter box if it has been used by another cat. There are even instances that cats would guard their litter box and not let another feline use it. Multiple litter boxes, one for each and an extra, solve this.
  • Its cleaner with multiple litter boxes. Even if your cats dont mind sharing their litter box, imagine three adult cats using the same litter box. It will get crowded in there probably every few hours.

Creating Your Own Litter Box Enclosure

Cat parents know that litter boxes come with the territory, but did you know that they don’t have to be an eyesore? A hidden litter box spot is just the thing to make you and your furry friend happy!

It all comes down to location. If your kitty’s litter box is in a less-than-ideal location, as VetStreet notes, she may resort to “going outside the box,” which isn’t good for anyone.

Ideally, the box should be tucked away in a private, quiet corner, and nowhere near her food and water for a more convenient toilet spot.

Create one of these fun, funky DIY litter box enclosures so your cat gets the privacy she needs, and you get nice new décor for your home.

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How Do You Keep The Area Around The Litter Box Clean

Using a litter-catching Litter Trap Mat is the best way to keep the area around the litter box tidy. With these mats, you can simply lift the top mesh layer and shake off the litter granules underneath when youre ready to clean.

Keeping the exterior of your Litter-Robot is an easy task. All you need to do is remove the globe and drawer. Then, use Litter-Robot cleaner wipes or spray to clean the interior and exterior of the product. You can also mix a mild soap with water and give the litter box a sponge bath! Just be sure that you do not submerge any electronic components in water.

Built Into A Bigger Structure

Hidden Kitty Litter Box Bench Enclosure Hall End Table Cat ...

If you have an armoire or sizable entertainment center with a hollow interior, you can make it into a cat litter box. You just have to cut out a hole large enough for your cat to fit. Your efforts might even earn you an adorable, Instagrammable moment like this one. You never know!

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Clever Ways To Hide The Litter Box

Lauren Thomann is a DIY, home renovation, and antiques expert for The Spruce Pets. Her current project is renovating a 1916 bungalow and working on many home DIYs. She has two antiques-related businesses, Ageless Heirlooms and Heirlooms at Home.

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The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

Even if you are the biggest cat person, one thing you might not like is the litter box that comes along with indoor carts. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to hide this unsightly pet accessory. By making a hidden litter box enclosure, you can prevent unwanted litter, odor, and mess around the house and give your cats a private place to do their business.

We love our cats, and we know you do too, so it came as no surprise when we discovered several original DIY litter box furniture ideas. We’re showcasing our favorite projects along with several tips to make the most of this cat space. Only the best for our feline friends, right?

  • 01 of 17 Domestically Creative

    This upcycled furniture project is modern, chic, clean, and perfectly suitable for a litter box. By using chalk paint and some strategic trim placement, Amanda from Domestically Creative was able to transform a dated laminate hutch into something much more suited for her home and cat. For all the details and a cute picture of her cat, William, check out her blog post.

    Continue to 2 of 17 below.

  • Bottle Lights Spice Things Up: Bekvm Luminaire

    Note: we found the NeverWet scrapes off the BESTÅ if you pick at it due to the material of the cabinet . You might want to sand inside the cabinet and see if that helps. Just a suggestion.

    We left the center partition in the cabinet for integrity, and kitty privacy.

    Two hidden cat litter boxes in one bench

    There is a litter box on each side, and an entrance on each side. The entrance holes line up with the litter box entrances. The holes are 11W x 6H.

    On casters, the entrances are 11 off the ground, which is about 2 higher than the entrance to the largest, enclosed litter box with a hood we have. The cats didnt even flinch going in and out of the cabinet.

    I can attest that we have cat usage, too! Thats the real test!

    Material list and Cost:

    We used the following materials and spent a total of $172 without pillows, $223 with:

    • IKEA BESTÅ storage combination with doors and 4 casters
    • 3 pieces of ¼ x 2 x 4 poplar trim
    • Paint for trim
    • 2 IKEA Stockholm cushions
    • 2 IKEA Malin Fransar pillows
  • Hi, i just came across you Besta cat litter box hack, and I think its amazing! I have a question, how did you get the molding to adhere to the cat door cut out? Did you use glue since theres nothing to hammer a nail into?Thank you,

  • Hi there, is there an easy way NOT to cut into the furniture? Is there no way I could leave out a side panel in the building of the furniture to just have one big opening and avoid the cutting? thanks!

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    What Is The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

    Sometimes, out of sight is out of mind. So if youre going to conceal a litter box inside an enclosure, youll need to make it a point to open those doors and clean it out every single day!

    For the most part, cats are great at sniffing out their litter box and knowing where to find it, even if you move it to a new location. If your cat adapts easily to new things, litter box furniture is a great way to improve the look of your home. And you can finally get that gross litter box out of your line of sight!

    If your kitty is fussy, old or doesnt take well to change, theres always the chance they wont want to use it. And if thats the case, at least youll have a new piece of furniture that you can find another use for!

    Hidden Litter Boxes You Should Check Out

    How to Make a DIY Hidden Litter Box from an IKEA Cabinet
    • Post comments:

    You know your cat has to go to the bathroom somewhere, but sometimes you really wish you could keep kittys litter box more hidden. We shared an article about litter box benches recently, and those appeal to you. Still, theres got to be more options out there, right?

    Read more: 9 Litter Box Benches You Should Check Out

    Yes, but you have to get a little creative if you want your cats litter box out of sight. Across social media, cat owners just like you have come up with ingenious methods of hiding their kittys litter boxes. We combed through Instagram to bring you the cream of the crop. These 30 hidden litter boxes will hopefully inspire you to create or buy such a setup for your own feisty feline.

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    Make Your Own Cat Litter Box Furniture From An Old Cabinet Easy Tutorial

    Are you looking for a way to hide a litter box? I did a TOTAL MAKEOVER with this DIY and you can too! See how this project went from an old cabinet to a beautiful cat litter box furniture centerpiece!

    If you found your way to this post, Im betting that you have a furry feline friend of your own. Stick around while I tell you about mine and why we built this DIY litter box enclosure!

    This post may contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission from your purchase. See full disclosure for details.

    When we decided to adopt a new cat just a few days after Christmas in 2015, I never knew wed be driving away with TWO!

    As far as I knew, they were all spoken for and we were heading to adopt only one of them. When we arrived, however, one of the little ones ended up not having a forever home.

    So, we brought both home and now couldnt imagine having just one of them!

    Frosty and Bella made themselves right at home from that very first day and still do as you can see.

    Frosty ALWAYS wants to be in the middle of everything, including DIY home projects and be the first to play with toys we make them like this DIY Cat Kick Stick.

    Its safe to say he likes to get ALL the attention.

    While Ive been a cat Mom many times, being a Mom to two cats definitely comes with a few extra responsibilities.

    First, just because the cats may be siblings they can be VERY different. Bella and Frosty have two completely different personalities just like my daughters.

    Ready To Build Your Own Diy Litter Box Enclosure

    A quick search of cat litter box furniture will give you tons of options on how to hide a litter box and various cat litter box covers, but they can be quite expensive.

    If you have that kind of money to spend on a litter box, skip the cabinet and go straight for the Robot Litter Box! We ended up putting one of these downstairs and its AWESOME! But if a Litter Robot isnt in your budget, keep scrolling to learn how to make your own litter box furniture!

    But we still need a litter box upstairs and we already had an old cabinet, the bottom piece of a 1980s entertainment center, that I was using to hide the litter box out of sight, by strategically placing it beside the cabinet in our upstairs hallway.

    Then I had an epiphany! Could I fit their extra large cat litter box INSIDE the cabinet?!

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    Sikoon Ms Cat Litter Box

    The Sikoon MS Cat Litter Box features a chic oval shape with tapered legs on the bottom and an easy-to-clean design. The design is more of a traditional litter box than a piece of furniture, but the shape and style make it a super cool mid-century modern addition to any room.

    Its detailed with a small round entranceway for your kitty, includes a pull-out drawer that makes it easy to empty, and comes with a litter scooper. Plus, it comes in all sorts of cool colors to coordinate with your existing décor.

    Performance Factors Of The Litter

    Cat House Extra Large Litter Box Enclosure Furniture

    Still on the fence about whether or not a Litter-Robot 3 Connect is the best litter box enclosure for you? Consider these key performance factors when making your decision.

    • Security: The self-cleaning litter box provides your cat with a private place to use the bathroom. If they happen to wander inside of the litter box during a cleaning cycle, the globe will immediately stop spinning. Your cats safety is Litter-Robots number one priority.
    • Efficiency: After the Litter-Robot is used, the globe will begin its patented sifting process and remove litter waste and clumps! Only clean litter will be left behind, helping you reduce your litter consumption by up to 50%.
    • Odor: Litter boxes are notoriously stinky, but with the Litter-Robot, those pungent odors creeping out of the shadows are significantly reducedif not absent altogether. The self-cleaning litter box goes to work to remove your cat’s waste and places it in an easy-to-empty waste drawer. The carbon filter allows the litter box to be utilized anywhere in the house without telltale smells!

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    If You Like The Litter

    If pet robots are up your alley, the Feeder-Robot is another great product to consider because it can help automate the feeding process for your pets.

    The Feeder-Robot is a WiFi-enabled product that automatically dispenses your cat or dogs food so that your pet can eat on schedule every time. Plus, you can control the device directly from your phone! This makes it possible for you to monitor and control your pets food intake from anywhere, even when youre not home.

    Frosted Lucite Acrylic Modern Cat Litter Box Cover/table

    This frosted acrylic cat litter box cover is a stylish and modern way to hide your kitty litter box. Perfect for any space, this study, thick, frosted Lucite cover is modern and discreet. The back panel features a u-shaped opening that allow you cat to in and out while providing privacy and ample air flow. This elegant litter box cover and use as a modern side table or cat perch.

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    When Space Is Tight

    Apartments, condos, and sometimes even houses are too small for a big cabinet enclosure. But you can still create something that looks great on the outside, to hide whats not so great on the inside.

    The litter box challenge:

    You dont have much floor space to work with.

    The solution!

    Go vertical. You dont necessarily need a large footprint to DIY your way to a better litter box experience. As long as your cats dont have mobility limitations, you can go with a tall and narrow cabinet with multiple levels. The cabinet just needs to be wide and deep enough to fit your litter box on the bottom level and tall enough to accommodate a second level so the cat can enter above the litter box.

    Here’s an example using a Besta storage unit and Samla box. Just make sure tall units like this are attached to the wall so they don’t tip, as you may have a cat climbing all the levels, not just theirs.

    The litter box challenge:

    I cant fit another piece of furniture in my place just to hide a litter box.

    The solution!

    Multi-tasking! You need furniture that can do double duty useful for both you and kitty. Look around your home. You may already have a piece you can tweak to suit your needs.

    Do you have a deep bookcase? Clear out the bottom shelf to house your litter box. Cover the front with a simple hinged or magnet door or even a nice fabric curtain. Dont forget to cut a small hole in the side of the bookcase or door so kitty can get in and out easily.

    Cat Litter Curtain Nook Under The Sink

    Cat Litter Box Enclosure – How To DIY (Do It Yourself)

    Another quick tip is to use some strings to create a curtained nook for your kitty and place its litter box there. This makes it easily available for your cat while also hiding the litter box from plain view.

    If you are not using the space beneath the sink, its a great place to hide the cat litter box like this DIY idea from Hannah of Letters from the Kennel.

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    Trixie Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover

    A cut out reminiscent of a dog house makes the Trixie Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover a fun addition to any hallway or bath. Available in two colors, this litter box cover is made from solid wood and features a slotted cabinet with a veneer finish for easy cleaning.

    Just place your litter tray inside, close the door, and your cat will have a concealed spot so that you dont have to look at a dirty litter box all day.

    Modern Cat Litter Boxes That Hide In Plain Sight

    For Kitty’s needs and your sense of home style, these beautifully designed structures are every bit as attractive as they are functional.

    As much as we adore our feline family members, their litter boxes can be major eyesores in your home. “We live in a small apartment,” explains Tuft + Paw founder Jackson Cunningham. “When we rescued our own cat, we realized it was pretty much impossible to find cat furniture that met the standard of things we wanted in our space.”

    Fortunately, with a little digging, you’ll uncover an assortment of modern litter boxes on the market that were designed to fit seamlessly into your décor scheme. “Most cat owners have gotten used to the idea that an ugly litter box is a necessary evil and have accepted that it’s something that needs to be tucked away in a corner or closet,” Cunningham says. “We felt like any object in your home, regardless of its purpose, deserves to be designed with intention. Most people are interacting with their litter box every day, so having a thoughtful design can make a huge difference.”

    Of course, a thoughtfully designed litter box should be more than attractive it should make the otherwise tough job of kitty cleanup a breeze. “The most important factor of a well-designed litter box is that it’s easy to clean,” Cunningham says. “Look for ones with simple, clean linesthat don’t stray unnecessary bits of litter.”

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