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How Do You Say Cat In Italian

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How to Say CAT in French? | How to Pronounce Chat?

Along with some accompanying hand gestures, youâre likely to really make someone angry when using this expression. It might be the one you are most likely to hear outside of Italy, and itâs also one of the dirtiest and the nastiest. However, there is a time and place for this wordâjust make sure you are choosing to use it at the right moment.

We hope that these Italian swear words have made you laugh and can help you navigate some frustrating Italian moments.

Now check out this video sharing some more Italian swear words for you to know 🙂

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Italian Swear Words That Will Have You Hysterically Laughing

The Italian people are well-known for sharing their passion through hand gestures, amazing food, and music. However, they are also known for having a few Italian swear words that are not only useful in many situations, but they are also pretty funny.

Part of learning a new language is being able to communicate what you are feeling in your new tongueâincluding the times you are frustrated. And we’re going to help you with that today.

You can also feel free to check out our other articles recommending German swear words, Spanish swear words, and French swear words.

âBut for now, here are some Italian swear words that will not only help you when youâre angry but will also often elicit a chuckle.

Like this cat…

Common Compound Words Related To Cats

We cant forget the German penchant for compound words. Lets look into some of them that contain the word Katze.

  • Wildkatze wild cat Kleine Wildkazten sind genauso verspielt wie kleine Hauskatzen. Young wild cats are as playful as young house cats. In this sentence, you can see another compound word Hauskatze.
  • Katzenkratzer this one looks like a tongue-twister. It is pronounced and it means a cat scratch.
  • Katzenallergie you suffer from this if you are allergic to cats. Ich hoffe, du hast keine Katzenallergie. I hope you arent allergic to cats.
  • Katzengold fools gold. You can use this word when talking about something its owner thinks to be valuable, but it is really not.
  • Katzenvogel birds and cats usually hate each other, but Katzenvogel is a name for a beautiful bird species.
  • Dont forget to take a look at our revolutionary German Frequency Dictionaries. We have carefully selected 10,000 most common German words. Each entry also has a phonetic transcription to help you pronounce it correctly. 10,000 German-English example sentences show you word usage in context, which makes learning a new language fast and effective.

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    How To Translate Kitten Into German

    We have learned how to distinguish between female and male cats. How would you say kitten in German? There are several possible translations.

    • Kätzchen -chen is a typical ending for diminutives
    • Kätzlein Like -chen, you can often use the ending -lein to form diminutives in German .

    If a word ends in -chen or -lein, it is always neuter regardless of the gender of the basic word. Also, if it is possible, add an umlaut to the root, such as Kätzchen or Kätzlein.

    You can also use das Jungeor when you talk about young animals. Wenn der Elefant stirbt, dann stirbt das Junge sowieso. If the elephant dies, the baby elephant dies anyway.

    His And Hers: Common Mistakes

    Have you noticed that cats in Italy seem to be everywhere?

    Selecting the correct possessive pronoun for his and hers in Italian can be a bit confusing, especially for native English speakers.

    We select the third person possessive pronoun based on the gender of the owner in English.

    In Italian, we select the third person possessive pronoun based on the gender of the object thats owned.

    For example, if youre referring to a car owned by a man and you want to say its his in Italian, youd say:

    È la sua.

    You use the singular feminine possessive pronoun, suabecause the gender for the word macchina , is feminine.

    On the other hand, if youre referring to a book owned by a woman and you want to say its hers, in Italian youd say:

    È il suo.

    You use the singular masculine pronoun, suo because the gender for the word;libro is masculine.

    Just remember, the gender for the possessive pronoun in Italian doesnt reflect the gender of the possessor but rather the possession.

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    German Cats And Genders

    Determining gender in the German language can be tricky. Die Katze is a perfect example of that. It is feminine no matter if you refer to male or female cats. The word der Kater is a specialized term you can use when you need to specify the actual gender of the cat.

    Dont forget that Kater also means a hangover as we have discussed above. As a matter of fact, the sentence Mein Kater ist aggressiv. can mean both My cat is aggressive and my hangover is aggressive. However, the context will guide you.

    You can even encounter Kätzin which means a female cat as opposed to Kater. As in Sie müssen eine Kätzin mit einem gültigen Stammbaum haben. You must have a female with a valid pedigree.

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    How To Say Cat In Many Languages

    Here is a list of how to say “Cat” in many languages

    Afrikaans Kat ; Katjie  Algonquin Sinta Arabic Qit or Besseh Bahasa Melayu  Kuching British English Moggy Bulgarian Kotka Cantonese Maow Chinese Mao Czech Kocour ; Kocka  Danish Kat Dutch Kat; Poes ; Kater  Egyptian M? Eskimo Pussi Esperanto Kato Ethiopian Domadh Farsi Gorbeh ; Bache Gorbeh  Finnish kissa French Chat ; Minou  Gaelic Pisc? German Kater miau Greek Gati; Gata ; Gatos ; Gataki  Gypsy Muca Hawaiian Popoki or kike  Hebrew Chatul ; Chatula  Hungarian Macska or Cica Icelandic K?tur Indonesian Kutjing Irish Cat Italian Gatto ; Gattina  Japanese Neko Kmer Chma Korean Koyangi Latin Feles, Felix Loglan Katma Maltese Qattus ; Qattusa  Mayan Miz Mexican Felino ; Felina  Norwegian Katt Pakistani Shimii Philipino  Pusa Plains Cree Indians Minoos ; Minoosis  Polish Kot ; Kotka  Portuguese Gata ; Gato  Romanian Pisica Romansch Giat Russian Kot ; Koshka ; Kotyonok  Serbo-Croatian Macka Slovak Mizhu or Kotsur ; Machka  Spanish Gato ; Gata  Swahili Paka Swedish Katt Swiss-German B?i or Chatz Tamil Poonai Thai Maa-oh Tsalagi  We'sa Turkish Kedi Vietnamese Con M? Welsh Cath Yiddish Kats 

    How To Use Italian Possessive Pronouns Like Theyre Yours

    How to Pronounce Neko? | How to Say ‘CAT’ in Japanese?

    Instead of repeating the owned item over and over again, you can replace it with a possessive pronoun.

    For example:

    The purse isnt my purse, its her purse. The purse isnt mine, its hers.

    There are only seven possessive pronouns in English: mine, yours, ours, theirs, his, hers and its.

    In Italian, there are 24 possessive pronouns.

    This is because Italian possessive pronouns must agree in gender and quantity with the noun theyre replacing.

    Italian nouns, as in other romance languages, have genders. Therefore, in order to use the correct possessive pronoun, you need to know the gender and quantity of the noun its replacing.


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    What Do Pets Say In Italian

    For some reason, possibly because I am easily entertained, I think its hilarious to hear dog commands in Italian.


    Im not sure why it never occurred to me that if you speak another language, you speak that language to your pet as well. ;But its strange not to hear: Come!Sit!Good dog!

    Another thing that doesnt quite translate? The way each culture spells animal sounds.

    In America, dogs say woof. Cats say meow. Fish say blub blub.

    In Italy, dogs say bau. Cats say miao. Fish say splash.

    And pet store signs like this make me say

    Or Only Practice Italian Essentials

    On our sister site you can learn and practice Italian essentials, especially the 11+ polite phrases and greetings, every traveler should know!

    Listen also to this conversation from our program as our “hero” Marco buys a train ticket to Florence:

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    Mortacci Tua Your Feeble Ancestors

    In a culture where so much is based on history, it would make sense that ancestry plays a big part in how you insult someone. Youâll often hear this from one region of Italy making fun of another. Anyway, itâs enough to make your ancestors roll over in their graves when they hear you speak it.â

    Italian Cat Names 55+ Beautiful Names For Your Cat

    How To Talk Like Animals In Other Languages

    Beautiful landscapes, amazing food, great wine, breathtaking artwork, fascinating history and warm, welcoming people. Italy is known as one of the most fabulous places in the world, drawing visitors from around the globe who admire the culture and lifestyle. Even if they havent been there, many people are fans of the country and all it has to offer. If you are welcoming a new kitten into your home, how lovely to explore Italian cat names!

    Italian cat names are beautiful, romantic and exotic. What better for your beloved kitten!

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    To Further Improve Your Italian Pronunciation We Suggest You Do The Following:

    • Learn the five basic vowel sounds: Italian pronunciation is based on syllables where vowel sounds are predominant:A is pronounced like the a in Taco.E has two sounds: e like e in pen or similar to ai in fair.O has two sounds: o like o in cozy or similar to o in cost.U is pronounced like the oo in shampoo.More explanation here.
    • Learn ‘gl’ and ‘ci’ sounds:’gl’ pronunciation is close to english ‘L’:maglia , meglio ,aglio .’ci’ sounds like the ‘ch’ in church:dolci , cucina
    • Double Consonants:Double consonants are indicators that you should pronounce the letter in a more prolonged manner or with more force:fatto / fato,cassa / casa
    • Roll your R:Rolling ‘r’ sounds like the “r” in “rat” or “rocket”, stronger and vibrating:tre,parco,radio.;More explanation here andhere
    • Subscribe to 1 or more Italian teaching channels on Youtube:it’s free and it covers the core topics of the Italian language. Check outManu andLucrezia channelsto name just a few.

    YouGlish for:

    Figlio Di Puttana Son Of A Bitch

    You might want to think twice before you choose to insult someoneâs mother in Italian. However, if youâve really met someone you dislike, then this can make that person ready for the fight of a lifetime. Also, you might want to consider a few other alternatives like, âFiglio di troia!â or âFiglio un cane!ââ

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    Possessive Pronouns Versus Possessive Adjectives

    Its also important to note the difference between possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives.

    A possessive pronoun replaces a noun. A possessive adjective modifies a noun.

    For example:

    È la mia borsa.

    Here, mia is a possessive adjective because its modifying the noun purse.

    However, in the phrase, its mine, you remove the noun entirely and replace it with a pronoun.

    È la mia.;

    Here mia is a possessive pronoun because it replaces the noun borsa .

    In Italian, the word may be the same for the possessive pronoun and the possessive adjective, but the contextual use is different.

    What Sounds Do Italian Animals Make

    How to Say “Cat” in Italian – Italian Word of the Day

    Italians describe the sound dogs make with the verb abbaiare and the sound itself as bau bau.

    Below is a vocabulary list for other verbs associated with particular animal sounds, plus some of the phonetic spellings:

    • le api ronzano – the bees buzz; sound: zzzzzz
    • gli asini ragliano – the donkeys hee-haw; sound: i-oo, i-oo
    • i cani abbaiano – the dogs bark; sound: bau bau
    • le galline chiocciano – the hens cluck; sound: co-co-dè, co-co-dè
    • le cicale friniscono – the cicadas chirrup; sound: cri-cri-cri or fri-fri-fri
    • i corvi gracchiano – the crows caw; sound: cra cra
    • ;i cavalli nitriscono – the horses neigh; sound: hiiiii
    • ;i cuculi cantano – the cuckoos sing; sound: cucú, cucú, cucú
    • i galli cantano – the roosters sing; sound: chicchirichí
    • i gatti miagolano – the cats meow; sound: miao
    • i leoni ruggiscono – the lions roar; sound: ;grrrrrr
    • i lupi ;ululano – the wolves howl; sound: auuuuhh
    • i maiali grugniscono – the pigs snort; sound: oink

    FUN FACT: Oink is derived from English influence. In the oldest topolino – Mickey Mouse the pigs go gruf-gruf.

    • le mucche muggiscono – the cows moo; sound: muuuuuu
    • le oche starnazzano – the geese quack; sound: qua qua
    • le pecore belano – the sheep bleat; sound: beeee
    • i pulcini pigolano – the chicks squeak; sound: pio pio
    • le rane gracidano – the frogs croak; sound: cra cra
    • i serpenti sibilano – the snakes hiss; sound: zssssssss
    • i topi squittiscono – the mice squeak; sound: squitt squitt
    • gli uccelli cinguettano – the birds chirp; sound: cip cip

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    What Is Howdoyousaynet

    If you were wondering how to say a word or a phrase in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Russian, this site will help you to get the answer. HowDoYouSay.Net provides translations, pronunciation and other vocabulary help for words and phrases in some of the most popular languages of the world.

    Male Italian Cat Names

    • Zitto Quiet and silent. This may fit some cats but not others!
    • Esatto Exact in Italian.
    • Tenero Tender. Perfect for a snuggly cat.
    • Aldo Old. A funny choice for a grumpy cat with an old man attitude.
    • Cosmo The universe. Harmony, in order.
    • Pelo Hair or fur. A great option for a cat with a large mane!
    • Sonno Meaning sleep in Italian, this is great for a lazy, sleep cat.
    • Great, venerable.
    • Badare Meaningful, to look after.
    • Dante Everlasting, enduring.
    • Draco Another word for Dragon.
    • Mattone Brick, solid a cool cat name.
    • Leonardo or Leo Like a lion. Fitting for a cat.
    • Alessandro Defender of mankind.
    • Lupo Wolf. Might be fitting for cats with attitude!
    • Volpe The fox. What a suave, cool cat name.
    • Pazzo Translated as crazy, this is perfect for kooky, energetic cats.
    • Adolfo Noble, majestic wolf.
    • Anatolio Sunrise, dawn. How pretty!
    • Horace Time keeper.
    • Dominico Belonging to the lord.
    • Rocco Rest.

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    Cat In Different Languages From All Around The World

    Cats are popular pets in many different countries and we must learn more about cat in different languages.

    Where a black cat is considered unlucky in the United States and many other countries, it’s considered good luck in the United Kingdom.

    In Japan, it’s the three colored calico that’s considered lucky. In Russia, it is good luck to let a cat be the first one to walk into a new house. In Chinese mythology, the cat was deceived by the Rat and has hated him ever since.

    In Nigeria, its said that cats hate rats because she got blamed for a theft carried out by the rat. In Italian folklore, cats are portrayed as tricksters who may be good or bad. Mongolians mistrust cats due to the destructiveness of snow leopards.

    Tales of the;Wampus;cat are known throughout Native tribes of the;Appalacians, but the Cherokee believe;Wampus;is the spirit of a woman who fought a demon to avenge her husband.

    In Celtic legend, the Fair Folk sometimes took the form of cats and could do great mischief or bestow great blessings depending on how they were treated.

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    Do You Hear What I Hear

    My Talking Cat Says âI Donât Knowâ?

    Languages aren’t only about pronunciation, they’re about what you hear, and Italian, like other languages, represents animal sounds differently than what an English, Japanese, or French speaker might expect.

    It’s not a case of teaching Fido to speak Italian, but its simply because Italians, as a result of being immersed in that language, have different ways of describing animal sounds.

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    The Three Forms Of Yours

    Dont forget that there are three ways to say you in Italian.

    You usetu;for speaking to friends and close family.

    You use;Leiwhen speaking to superiors.

    You use;voi;when speaking to more than one person.

    If you need to say, this is my book, that is yours in Italian, you need to first consider your audience.

    Questo è il mio libro, quello è il tuo.

    You use;tuo because the audience is one friend and the book is masculine and singular.

    However, if the audience is your boss, you should say:

    Questo è il mio libro, quello è il Suo.

    Suo is the possessive pronoun for Lei, and is used in formal situations.

    Lastly, if youre speaking to a group of people about their collective book, youd say:

    Questo è il mio libro, quello è il vostro.

    You use the plural possessive pronoun;vostro because youre speaking to more than one person.

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