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How To Get A Kitten To Like A Dog

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Prepare For A Good First Impression

How to introduce cats to dogs

To make sure first impressions go well, review;basic obedience commands;with your dog before you introduce them. Make sure your dog still responds well to commands like sit, stay, come, and leave it.2;You’ll also want to make sure both are feeling calm whenever they meet face-to-face. Play with both pets separately to expend a little of that extra energy before they meet.

How Can I Help My Cat Accept The Carrier

You probably got off to a good start with the pet carrier by following the recommendations for bringing your new kitty home. Continued crate training will come in handy over the kittys lifetime. There will be trips to the veterinarian or vacation travel or times of home confinement that require short stays inside the pet carrier.

To foster positive feelings about the pet carrier, start by leaving the carrier in the cats feeding quarters with the door open. Place toys or his food bowl inside the carrier to entice him inside. A pleasant experience and the freedom to come and go as he pleases will give your cat a better view of the carrier.

“A pleasant experience and the freedom to come and go as he pleases will give your cat a better view of the carrier.”

After he becomes comfortable entering and leaving the carrier of his own accord, close the door briefly while he is inside. ;Each time, try to leave the kitten in a bit longer before allowing him to exit. Contrary to your instincts, never allow the kitten out when he cries or scratches at the crate or he will associate those behaviors with escape. Instead, wait until the kitten is calm and quiet, praise him and allow him to exit.

Is Two Really Company

Any time you have more than one dog or cat, you run the risk of a conflict. That goes double if there are differences in age, size, activity levels or species.

Old dogs or cats might just want to kick back and take it easy, but puppies and kittens have more energy than they know what to do with and they often use it to bounce off the senior member’s head. And weve all seen the big galoot of a puppy who pesters a tiny old dog or cat to the point where the smaller animal prefers to stay in hiding rather than get pounced on again by the youngster.

Choose a new dog or cat who will mesh well with your current pet. For instance, it can be helpful if your new puppy when fully grown is the same size as or smaller than your senior dog, so the former doesnt beat up on the latter too much. Its also a good idea to get a pet of the opposite sex. Even when pets are spayed or neutered, opposite-sex animals tend to get along better than those of the same sex.

You might be surprised to learn that it could be less difficult for your cat to accept a dog than a new cat. Once they reach adulthood, cats are not always big fans of other felines. In my opinion, they get along best if they are introduced to other cats before they are each 2 years old. If thats not possible, try to choose a mellow mouser who wont ruffle your cats fur.

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Training Questions And Answers

Today I got a kitten . When I got home I wanted to keep her and Mochi separate so I could introduce them correctly. So I took Kimchi upstairs to my room so she could eat and drink. As she settled in I took Mochi with me to my bedroom . First she was barking and Then when I took her a little closer to Kimchi she licked her and then tried to bite her a few times. The kitten ofc is terrified. Mochi always has not been so social. We have Another dog which is 9 years old and they get along fine. But as soon as we open a door, or when she goes outside to do her business she barks and doesn’t stop. . She also does this towards every dog or human she passed by on walks, first I thought she was afraid of them because she is so small and she mostly jumped behind me when she does this, but after seeing what happened today I’m not sure anymore. She’s very hard to train as she is stubborn.My dad wants me to buy a muzzle So they can be introduced without te risk of biting, but I don’t know if that will work. Also, the kitten stays in my room because we don’t have any other available . Mochi normally sleeps in my bedroom so I don’t know what to do because this is her territorium and I understand that she would bark and growl but I just didn’t expect the biting as she has never done such thing.

What A Happy Dog And Cat Home Looks Like

How to get a dog and cat to like each other

Christina Montilla

The integration of smells, toys, and time together, helps to generalize the presence of your kitten with your dog. Our dogs love her small toys and walk away with them whenever they get a chance. We do keep her food bowl and litter box behind a baby gate. You never know what weird things your dog wants to eat. We try to save them from that embarrassment.

When we leave our house for any length of time, we continue to keep our dogs and growing kitten separated.

If your dog doesnt respond to your growing kitten positively, then keeping them separate will aid their stress levels. I recommend consulting specialists in your vet and a dog trainer for advice and additional resources if needed. A happy dog and cat home is possible.

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Izzy is a rescue that weve had for 4 months and we just recently rescued a male kitten that cant be more than 2 months. Izzy will calm down around the kitten and watch intently…. until the kitten attacks her wanting to play. But they play too rough together and because of the size difference Im scared shes going to hurt him

Part 3 Of 3: Preventing Conflicts

  • 1Give your cat its own space. Even if your dog and cat get along, most cats enjoy being alone from time to time. To ensure that your cat remains happy, it should be given an area of your home that is dog free.XResearch source
  • If you live in a house, this could be a floor of the house. If you live in an apartment, this could be a room that the dog is not allowed in.
  • Put up a baby gate permanently to help give the cat its own safe space. The baby gate will allow the cat to move freely over it but will keep most dogs out of specific rooms.XResearch source
  • 2Keep feeding areas separate. Many conflicts that occur between cats and dogs begin with food. This usually entails the dog wanting the cats food and the cat not liking that. To avoid conflict over food, feed the pets in different areas.XResearch source
  • If your cat has an area all its own, feed it there. It is important that the dog does not have any access to the cat’s food.
  • If your cat and dog get used to each other, and you want to feed them in the same room, then you can simply feed your cat on an elevated area that the dog cannot get to, such as your kitchen counter. Height gives a cat a sense of security.
  • 3Don’t force interaction. You cannot force your cat and dog to love each other. Instead, they need to acclimate to each other naturally. Once you are sure that they will not harm each other, you need to let them work out their relationship on their own.
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    Hello, I agree that Kronos may feel resentment that he gets crated and the cat gets freedom when he was in the home first. However, safety is the main concern. Make sure that the cat always has a safe haven to get to, like a climbing tower or a gated off room. Instead of always crating your dog, try putting the cat in the cat carrier and having Kronos sit quietly beside the crate . Start the introductions from day 1. Take a look here for more pointers: Make sure that you are taking Kronos out for extra walks – lengthy ones – for a break from the cat as well as for mental stimulation. When home, give him treat toys that distracts him for a while when the cat is around. Keep watch all of the time so the cat is always safe. Good luck!

    How To Acclimate A Dog To A Cat

    How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat – In 5 Easy Steps!

    This article was co-authored by Ty Brown. Ty Brown is a Dog Behaviorist and Trainer and the Owner of Ty the Dog Guy, a business that provides dog training through digital resources along with in-person dog training. Ty has over 17 years of experience in dog training and specializes in both mitigating unruly pet behavior and service dog training. Ty has been awarded the “Best of State Award” for dog training in Utah ten times and his work has been featured in ABC, NBC, CBS, Spike TV, and Entrepreneur Magazine. This article has been viewed 25,564 times.

    Introducing new pets to one another can be exciting yet stressful. It is important to use caution and take time to ensure a smooth transition, especially in the case of introducing a dog and a cat. Acclimating a dog and a cat to each other can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You can ease the acclimation, and keep everyone safe, by preparing beforehand for the process. Above all, the key is to acclimate them to each other gradually so that neither the dog nor the cat becomes afraid or aggressive.

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    Tips To Successfully Introduce Your Kitten To Your Dog

    Youre about to bring a new kitten home, and you and your family are so excited. Theres only one small problem youre a little worried about how your dog is going to take to this new arrival!

    Bringing a new animal, be it a kitten, a cat or another dog, into a household which already has a resident dog can create stress all round. However, there are ways to effectively minimise that stress and help your pets to get along together.

    Heres our tips on how to introduce a kitten to a dog, without causing too much friction.

    Part 1 Of 2: Introducing A Dog And Cat For The First Time

  • 1Go slow. Do NOT just let your dog chase your cat around. Keep the pets separate at first, waiting 3 or 4 days before actually introducing the animals face to face.XTrustworthy SourceAnimal Humane SocietyLeading animal welfare nonprofit organization providing medical care, training education, and resources for animal ownersGo to source Animals need time to get to know each other’s smells and to get to know new homes before they can deal with getting to know another animal.
  • Cats and dogs are much more likely to fight or be unhappy if you try to force them together suddenly. Keep them in separate rooms and out of sight of one another until they are both calm.
  • Begin mixing the animals smells by stroking the cat then stroking the dog and vice versa .
  • 2Alternate the rooms you keep the animals in. This is so they can sniff where each other has been without the other animal being present. Smells are a very important way that animals get to know each other. Let your animals get to know the other’s smell before they actually get to know them face to face.
  • Try rubbing a towel on your dog and then putting the towel under your cat’s bowl. This will help your cat get used to the dogs smell and accept it.
  • 3Let the cat and dog smell each other under the door dividing them.XResearch source This will help them associate the new smells they are smelling with a specific animal, even if they can’t actually see it.
  • Be sure to hold the cat only if it is happy to be held.
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    How Many Cats Can I Have Together

    Its very easy to collect cats theyre addictively beautiful, theyre small and theyre quite easy to care for. Even if they dont get on, they tend to remove themselves from the situation rather than fight. However, there may be a great deal of tension between cats which owners just dont pick up on. Cats originate from a largely solitary species and although they can live in groups these are usually related individuals or are self-selected so that cats are not sharing space with cats that they dont get on with. Cats may start to spray or soil in the house because theyre trying to deal with a situation where they feel under stress because of other cats, and this might be all that owners notice.

    If you have two cats living together very successfully then think very carefully before you add more. If you have three cats living well together then thank your stars and quit while youre ahead! The trouble with adding more is that it might not be just the relationship between the resident cats and the new one that causes problems; it may upset the whole equilibrium of the resident cats relationship and introduce difficulties even between the original cats as tension and stress levels rise. Any new cat needs careful introduction.

    The best way to have two compatible cats is to choose siblings. These will have grown up together, and this usually bodes well for a good future relationship .

    Have A Baby Gate Ready

    The Best Way to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

    Setting up a baby gate between the kitten-only room and the rest of the house allows your dog to interact safely with your kitten when you are not directly supervising. Make sure the baby gate doesnt have any spaces that your kitten can slip through.

    Keep your dogs and kitten separate whenever you cant directly supervise their interaction. Direct supervision looks like holding your kitten and interacting with your dog. Or having your dog on a leash and allowing the kitten to wander in an enclosed area. Youll be able to assess your dogs comfort level best. Each dog will accept a new kitten differently.

    We sat on the couch with Reina, and allowed our dogs, one-by-one to come up to her in our hands. Reina made us laugh, because our tiny, eight-week-old kitten hissed at our 80-lb German shepherd. He and our other older dog gave her some side-eye and were more interested in staying away from her. But our younger dog would nose our new kitten too much, so we had to command him to sit and stay.

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    Dont Force It And Remember To Take Things Slowly

    Introducing new pets to each other will always take longer than you think, so dont try and force the issue. The key to successfully introducing a new kitten to your dog is to take it very slowly. If your dog is struggling to relax around your cat, its advisable to keep them separated by a physical barrier when youre not there to monitor the situation. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Who Rules Dogs And Cats: Learning To Get Along

    On this page, we link to some products you may find useful. PSI may get a small share of the revenue.

    Are your dogs and cats fighting like…well…cats and dogs? Cats and dogs are two very different species, each evolved for different purposes and each with a unique place in their relationship with humankind.

    Read on to learn more, and remember: If work or travel keeps you from home, always choose a;professional;pet sitter for your pet-sitting needs. You can find your local professional pet sitter on PSI’s;.

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    Introducing Your New Cat To Your Dog

    Its important to have realistic expectations when introducing a new pet to a resident pet. Some cats are more social than other cats. For example, an eight-year-old cat that has never been around other animals may never learn to share her territory with other pets in the household. However, an eight-week-old kitten separated from her mom and littermates for the first time, might prefer to have a cat or dog companion.

    Cats are territorial and need to be introduced to other animals very slowly in order to give them time to get used to each other before there is a face-to-face confrontation. Slow introductions help prevent fear and aggression problems from developing.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you introduce pets to each other, one of them may send play signals that can be misinterpreted by the other pet. If those signals are interpreted as aggression by one animal, then you should handle the situation as aggressive.


    Swap scents

    Switch sleeping blankets or beds between your new cat and your resident animals so they have a chance to become accustomed to each others scent. Rub a towel on one animal and put it underneath the food dish of another animal. You should do this with each animal in the house.

    Switch living areas

    Avoid fearful and aggressive meetings


    Can I Have A Cat With A Baby Or Young Children

    How to Introduce a Kitten and a Dog for the First Time

    There is no reason not to have a cat or kitten if you have children.; It is up to parents to teach their children from the very beginning how to approach, stroke and handle cats and to treat them kindly.; Many children have fantastic relationships with their cats and learn about respecting other creatures and being gentle it is done successfully all the time, but it is up to parents to lay down the rules. Perhaps taking on a new kitten when you have a new baby or a toddler might be a lot to handle at once, so ensuring you have time for all the parties is part of a successful relationship. Likewise, if you are pregnant there is no need to get rid of the cat. Simple and basic hygiene precautions and common sense management of the cat, while the baby is small, can ensure all cohabit happily and safely.

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