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How To Clean Up Cat Pee On Concrete

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Two Ways To Remove Urine From Concrete

Removing Pet Urine from Concrete Floors

Natural-based chemists have figured out two very effective methods for getting the pet urine stink out of materials like concrete. As just mentioned, they involve using either ions or enzymes.

The first type uses positive ions to cancel out the negative ones that cause odor. Enzymatic treatments use live bacteria to literally eat and digest odor-causing molecules. Both types do their work at the molecular level.

Why wont household cleaners work?

Youve probably discovered you cant just clean off pet urine with soap and water or whatever concrete cleaner youre using.

It takes a few steps and some patience, coming together to help you rid the urine smell from concrete once and for all.

The history

Since 2008, Ive recommended on this page to first clean a urine odor spot on concrete using products like vinegar, TSP, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Then get at it with an enzyme cleaning product made for pet urine.

Its true these remedies have been helping pet owners tame urine odors and stains for generations. They arent perfect, but they do help.

Enzymatic cleaners for pet urine became wildly popular in the last decade or so and have been shown to improve urine smells at times.

Ive offered the enzymatic solution for years, and youll even see that all the other sites currently high on Google copied the exact process and steps directly from this page and have regurgitated this same information.

But is there a better way?

For example:

Why Urine Is So Bad For Concrete

As you already know, concrete is dry and hard as rock. Among concretes basic properties, its also a relatively porous material.

This means, that water and other liquids that comes into contact with bare concrete will saturate and seep down into it.

Usually this is harmless, but when it comes to pet urine its obviously not good.

Dog or cat urine has a way of seeping in and working its way down into concrete materials its own and anyone who has had cats or dogs knows that an animal urine stain can be difficult to get rid of from your garage floor, basement flooring, patio and under carpet pads.

Whats worse is this potent stuff can lie dormant inside the concrete for years, only to keep releasing its odor when moisture gets back down into the concrete to rehydrate and activate the smell.

The fumes will find their way into anyones nose who is in the area. Yuck!

This is the problem you most likely face, but rest assured, there is a natural and scientific way to put an end to the root cause of this smelly issue.

Eliminating Animal Urine Odor From Concrete Floors Step

All it takes to remove dog or cat urine smell from concrete is the right odor removers and a few minutes of your time. It really is that easy and it really does work.

Heres what you do:

Step 1: Clean the animal urine from the concrete floor

We always recommend the all-purpose cleaner and animal odor neutralizer Purodora Disinfectant and Animal Odor Neutralizer. It offers better results in less time, and can be used for all sorts of general cleaning/odor neutralizing tasks around the house.

  • Wipe up any excess animal urine from the floor.
  • Clean the floor with 2/3 cup of Purodora Disinfectant and Animal Odor Neutralizer diluted in 1 gallon of warm water.
  • Allow the concrete to air dry or use a heater/fan .

Step 2: Eliminate the cat or dog urine smell from the floor

You can clean the surface of the floor all you want, but unless you get to the urine deep inside the pores of the concrete, youll never get rid of that powerful urine odor.

To do that, youll need a powerful urine odor remover that can penetrate concrete. The best product for getting pee smell out of any surface is Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer.

It works miracles on concrete, hardwood or floating floors, carpets, mattresses or sofas and best of all, its safe for you and your pet, nor will it damage the concrete. One treatment is all it takes to get pet urine smell out of surfaces forever.

Just spray and walk away!

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Cleaning Cat Urine From A Concrete Floor

Cleaning cat urine from a concrete fall does not need to be a hard and laborious task. Yes, its not fun when your cat pees on concrete afterall it does soak in and causes a horrible smell. But at the end of the day we do love our pet cats

Concrete put under a microscope has thousands of small holes like honey comb that makes up the composition of your concrete floor so imagine when you your cat urinates, the concrete sucks it up like a sponge. Cat urine contaminations not treated correctly will keep smelling and that always gets worse when the area heats up in summer. If you are cleaning cat urine from concrete floor here is the technique that has served us best.

If your cat peed on your carpet check out my article on How to Remove Cat Urine From Carpet. Got your couch too? Dont worry, read my article on Cleaning Cat Urine From Your Couch.

How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside Of Their Litter Box

How To Get Cat Smell Out Of Garage

While it seems like an impossible task, you can get rid of the cat urine smell from concrete as long as you have the right products to do so.

If your cat continues to pee outside of its litter box, you might want to take him or her to the vet to find out why. It could be stress, illness, the box isnt cleaned often enough, or that your cat just doesnt like the location of their litter box.

If you have multiple cats, try providing at least one litter box with good-quality cat litter per cat and, if possible, have a litter box available on each floor of your home to help stop the problem before it starts or continues.

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How To Get Cat Urine Smells & Stains Out Of Concrete

Normal cleaning with household detergents is good for getting rid of dirt and leaving your floor looking clean and fresh. But spots with cat urine smells and stains require a different strategy to eliminate the smell and stains.

The normal washing detergent may not cut it. However, this is not to say that the task is impossible. There are some known products that you can use to leave your concrete wall or floor smelling fresh and stain-free.

Does Vinegar Clean Animal Urine

You can use vinegar to clean animal urine because its acidic therefore, it will neutralize the bacteria found in animal urine, and its a great replacement to clean up pet stains.

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Animal urine contains uric acid however, when you pour vinegar onto the contaminated area, it will break down the stain within five to ten minutes. Additionally, vinegars components serve as a natural germ-killer.

Do not let pet urine odor chock you or your visitors. You can use the cleaning procedure discussed above to remove cat pee on the garage floor, and other pet smells.

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How To Remove Urine Smell From Concrete

  • Johnchip on Sep 29, 2015Unless you end up replacing or fully sealing the floor with an industrial grade product and maybe after a new ceramic floor time, none of these things will work.
  • Deana on Sep 29, 2015I have used Original Listerine mouthwash mix half & half with water. Spray on floor & cover with newspaper till dry. Newspaper will absorb the smell. May have to do it a couple of times but it works.
  • Conchita Bowman on Sep 29, 2015Sprinkle lime on your concrete. It will take out skunk odor therefore it should remove urine odor.
  • Valerie Bradshaw on Sep 29, 2015I would try an enzymatic pet stain and odor remover like Nature’s Miracle. It does come in large containers. It breaks downs the the compounds of the urine and removes the stain. I have used it on concrete floors w/ cat urine and it worked.
  • Carol Valentine-Schlenger on Sep 29, 2015There is a product made in Rockport, TX called knockout. It is made by a scientist and I know this works. Especially on cat urine. It is called Nokout. The spot will smell worse until the mixture dries. It’s in the drying process that the magic occurs. Here is the link I know this works and best of all, the animals cannot smell it either to go back to the same spot.
  • Kathy on Sep 29, 2015Use Odo-Ban. Available at Home Depot or Sam’s. Mix it in a bucket, with any floor mopping detergent, and mop the floor with it. It has a fresh scent, but it also kills the urine odor, not just covers it up.
  • Concrete Urine Odor Removal Products Use That Fail Before Clients Call Us

    Home Rescue: Removing Cat Urine/Spray from the Slab #DIY #Cleaning #CatPee

    There are so many concrete urine odor removal products available online and at stores that can make it frustrating to choose the best product for cleaning severe urine odor out of concrete. When it comes to down to initially cleaning severe urine odor on concrete in terms of cost and efficiency bleach & water a scrub brush and elbow grease! If this cleaning method doesnt work the first time repeat it again. Avoid using any type of fragrance or strong deodorizers which will mask the urine odor. Why? The goal should be to eliminate the urine odor from the concrete instead of masking it. After cleaning and rinsing let the surface dry for 2-3 days and recheck for odor. If you detect any cat urine odor the problem is below the concrete surface and you need professional help!

    We are usually called by homeowners after they have already removed the carpet or have made an attempt to clean cat urine from concrete or even seal the concrete using primers, shellac & polyurethane. These methods dont always work! If youre a Contractor or Flipper? The last thing you want is a call from the buyers regarding pet odor disclosure issues for a home you remodeled and did not completely remove the smell of cat urine from the concrete floor.

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    Use Pet Urine Enzymatic Cleaner On The Concrete Floor

    Pets urine contains uric acid particles, which are insoluble and stick tightly to the floors surface. Therefore, regular cleaning agents wont get the job done because soap and water cannot bind with the uric acid crystals consequently, they remain put.

    Knowing how to clean dog urine on the stained concrete floor using an enzymatic cleaning solution will save you labor and energy. Additionally, it would be best if you only bought enzymatic cleaners made specifically for pet urine.

    Here is how you can use an enzymatic cleaner to remove pet urine from concrete:

    • Prepare the enzymatic solution according to the manufacturers instructions and saturate the affected area with the cleaner. You can also pour the cleaner out and spread it around evenly using a deck scrub brush.
    • Do not dilute the cleaner with water use it at full strength.
    • Allow the cleaner to sit for a day to ensure that it works its way down into the concrete and does not evaporate quickly into the air as it starts to dry. Remember that the longer the stain eating enzymes digest the odor causing molecules, the more effective the process will be.
    • You can control evaporation by laying a large plastic tarp or liner over the sprayed area. This process will allow the solution to penetrate better into the urine-stained concrete.
    • Allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours.

    When To Contact A Veterinarian

    If accidents still occur after youve followed these guidelines, your cat may have an underlying medical issue, says Gibbons. Cats are prey animals in nature and are good at masking signs of illness, so even if the cat is acting fine otherwise, this still warrants evaluation by a veterinarian.

    Urinary issues can be serious and sometimes even life-threatening in male cats, Gibbons says. Any time a male cat is urinating outside the box, and especially if there is a change in the size, color, or frequency of urination, he should be evaluated right away, she says.

    These same guidelines also pertain to females and can indicate an underlying medical condition that requires a veterinary visit. Luckily, the majority of the time, it is not an emergency issue in female cats.


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    Cleaning Cat Pee: Common Mistakes

    If youre cleaning and still not getting good results, you may be making one of the following common mistakes.

    Not using a black light. Just because cat urineisnt visible, doesnt mean its not there. To eliminate all traces of cat pee, Gibbons recommends using a black lightan ultraviolet light that makes it easier to detect the urine. Cat pee thats exposed to black light glows in the dark, making it easier to spot and clean.

    Many owners do not realize the importance of the black light and unfortunately will fail to get all of the urine, resulting in further accidents, says Gibbons.

    Not using an enzyme cleaner. Many owners dont realize the importance of enzymatic cleaners and simply clean urine with soap or vinegar, says Gibbons. Pet enzyme cleaners are often recommended because they permanently break down the acidand the odorin urine. Enzyme based cleaners are available at most places you purchase other pet products.

    Rubbing a stain. Vigorous rubbing can cause stains to spread and travel deeper into fabrics, making them even more difficult to clean. The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute advises against rubbing because the friction can corrode or rip fabric. Instead, follow the instructions on the bottle of cleaner.

    Locate The Source Of The Odor

    Can You Really Eliminate Cat Urine Smell on Concrete Completely?

    Unless you see a puddle on the floor, it can be difficult to locate the source of the telltale odor. You know its there, but you dont know exactly where.

    If you arent sure where the source of the smell is coming from exactly, use a black light to find the source. Black lights will pick up all kinds of things, but you can usually tell what a former puddle looks like under the light.

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    Additional Tips And Ideas

    • Removing stains and odors not only makes the floor cleaner, but many animals will continue to use the same spot that has been marked with their scent. Cleaning the area thoroughly will ward off future incidents.
    • If the cleaner does not reach the source of the odor, it will not be as effective. Continue applications until the odor is completely removed.
    • There are LED lights available to help locate areas where urine has been present. This will also help ensure complete removal.

    The First Step In Cleaning Urine From Concrete Floors

    The first step in removing the cat urine smell from concrete is to clean up the area to remove the bacteria. Cleaning the area with a mop or is the easiest way to tackle this particular project.

    We highly recommend Mister Max P-Bath Pre-Treater to neutralize the Ph before applying an enzymatic cleaner. This step is especially important if you have already tried to clean the area with soap or bleach.

    Instead of using soap, which can make the cat odor worse, try soaking the area with white vinegar and let it dry.

    Once dry, go over the area again with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Scrub this mixture into the floor with a or a scrubber sponge and some old-fashioned elbow grease. Allow the mixture to sit over the area until dry, then clean it up with warm water.

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    Preparation Of The Floor Surface

    It would be effortless and straightforward to work on clean and dust-free floor surface as compared to the dusty and littered one. Therefore, you should clean the floor off any debris or dirt. Ensure that the furniture is in a way to give ample space to remove the odor from concrete floor.

    Remove any resinous substances stuck on the floor surface such as the previous carpet glue by scraping. Sweep off the scrapings and ensure the surface is tidy before starting. Working on a clean surface means that you will be free from messy mud that may form from a mixture of dust and the liquid odor remover. The clean working floor may not lead to forcing grim into the porous concrete surface.

    Here is how you can remove pet order from concrete floor:

    Quick Steps To Get Urine Smell Out Of Concrete:

    Neutralizing of Urine Odor on Concrete

    Lets start with the most important preparation tip here!

    To really help you identify and pinpoint not just a stain but the entire affected area its important to use a black-light. Its made just for pet urine detection and reveals any of the urine spots on your concrete.

    Use the black light as a guide and plan to treat 50% beyond the identified area to get at uric acid crystals that have made their way further out, but under the concrete surface where you cant see.

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    Sealing Concrete From Pet Urine Odors

    On rare occasions, it may require sealing the concrete to prevent any residual pet urine odor from working its way back to the surface. Sometimes people want to do this regardless of the fact that the odor is gone, they just dont want to take the chance of it returning.

    The only type of sealer that will work is a garage floor coating. The reason is that garage floor coatings are film-forming and do not breathe. They will block odor molecules from transferring through the coating. Acrylic sealers and penetrating sealers will not work. They are breathable and will allow the odor molecules to pass through.

    Applying a garage floor coating requires grinding or acid etching the concrete before application. If you know that you will be applying a coating before you treat your garage for pet urine odor, we recommend treating the concrete after you grind or acid etch.

    The concrete prep process will open the pores of the concrete and allow pet enzymatic cleaners to be absorbed into the concrete more easily. It will allow slightly more air transfer as well. The result will be a quicker and more effective use of the cleaner.

    Once the coating is applied and has fully cured, it should effectively block any odors that remain in the concrete.

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