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How To Keep Cats Off Counters At Night

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Provide Alternative Legal Climbing Spots

How to Keep Cats Off Counters?

Invest in cat trees, perches, cat shelving, or build a tower for your furry friend. Climbing higher spots is part of their innate instincts, and providing your cat with its climbing spot can hold its attention.

Pet, praise, and reward your kitty when it uses the spots, and even spice it up by hiding a tasty treat at the top.

Items You Can Use To Keep Cats Away

  • Pet Deterrent Spray Commercial cat deterrents are often in the form of urine, or other predators waste, a scent that puts off cats.
  • Natural Deterrents Fruits and veggies like citrus, cinnamon, mint, lemongrass, orange peels, onions, coffee grounds, and lavenders emit a scent that cats hate and can be the best weapon to keep them off of surfaces.
  • Double-stick tape, aluminum foil, and chicken wire mesh have textures that are unpleasant to cats.
  • Water Cats hate water, and you can use that against them.
  • Loud noises

When Is Jumping On The Counter A Cause For Concern

A cats love of high places is natural, but when it comes to the kitchen counter, it can be dangerous. Kitchen counters are often storage spaces for sharp objects that can harm cats. Burning-hot trays, fresh out of the oven, can also pose potential risks.

In additon, cats on the counter may be a sign of other feline health issues.

“Some cats are attracted to running water from faucets. Be aware of any excessive urge for your cat to get to water,” says Dr. Simpson. “Increased thirst is a sign of many diseases in cats, including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and kidney disease.”

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Should I Let My Cat On The Counter

Of course, cats will be cats, and 22 percent of veterinary professionals and 17 percent of readers stated that they couldnt keep their cats off the counter even if they tried. Its not that its allowed, per se, but theres only so much you can do to keep a cat from getting up there, especially when youre not home!24 Mar 2014

Don’t Leave Food Nearby

How to Keep Your Cat Off the Kitchen Counter

The most common reason why your cat may love counter surfing is the availability of food there, Johnson-Bennett said. Food aromas are extremely enticing for cats, whether that be leftovers from their owner’s dinner or their own food being prepared at the countertop. Be sure no food is left out uncovered and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or unwashed pans on the stove.

Todd told Newsweek: “Changing your own behaviour is hard, but it makes a difference. If your cat finds some chicken breast or tuna or other tasty food on the kitchen counter, they are going to keep going there in the hope of finding something nice to eat.”

If your cat appears to be perpetually hungry, simply feeding them more may help discourage them from frequenting countertops in search of food, says the Humane Society of Huron Valley, an animal shelter in Michigan.

Cats love routine, so feeding them several small meals throughout the day on a regular schedule not only helps to decrease their need for food but also keeps them glued to the floor, where they know their next meal will be served.

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How To Keep Cats Away From The Garden

Cats may prefer your garden due to curiosity, establishing territory, feeding, or mating. Whether you are training your cat, discouraging a neighbors cat, or dealing with a feral feline, keeping a cat out of your yard can be pretty challenging, mainly because these animals have incredible climbing and jumping skills.

These animals can damage the garden if they begin munching on your crops, digging the ground, or worse, urinating or pooping on the plants.

Here are a few approaches to stop cat intrusion in your garden.

Do Spray Bottles Work On Cats

However, you know that biting and scratching isnt something you want an older cat to do in your home. Dont use a spray bottle: There is an old myth about using a spray bottle to redirect a cats bad behavior, but the truth is she likely doesnt associate being sprayed with the bad behavior.4 May 2018

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Don’t Reward Them For Jumping Off Counter

Counter surfing could also be a cry for attention from your cat and the countertop positions them closer to you. In many cases, we reinforce that behavior by giving attention to the cat at that moment.

However, when a cat is displaying attention-getting behavior, owners should just pick the cat up without petting, kissing, making eye contact or talking and gently place them back down on the floor, Johnson-Bennett told Newsweek.

The ABC says: “Don’t forget that negative attention can often be positive to a cat who doesn’t get enough attention overall. If your cat only receives attention when she climbs up on a counterâby you yelling at her or picking her up and placing her on the floorâ it’s still attention in the mind of an animal who is constantly ignored.”

Make Counters Less Tempting

How to Keep Your Cat Off the Counters

Cats climb out of curiosity. If theres nothing to explore, they will quickly lose interest in their surroundings and before you know it, they are on your kitchen counters!

Make sure theres nothing to tempt them onto counters and tables by never leaving food out. Always wipe down surfaces to remove food odours this will help to remove their temptation.

As well as food, make sure there is nothing else to tempt your cat to climb up high. This can include toys, cat nip, moving objects or windows. Consider getting blinds or curtains for windows near counters so that your cat cant see outside.

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Kitchen Safety For Fish And Reptile Owners

There’s nothing wrong with setting up an aquarium in your kitchen, as long as the tank is not exposed to drastic changes in temperature, direct sunlight, or a door that gets frequent traffic. The noise and temperature fluctuations can harm your fish so it’s best to choose a quiet place for their home base. As long as you can find a place like this in your kitchen, an aquarium can be an excellent piece of decor and an additional !

To reduce the risk of spreading germs like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, avoid disposing of aquarium water in your. A laundry sink or bathtub that you can clean properly afterward is a much safer place.

Since most reptiles prefer a larger habitat, setting a terrarium or vivarium up in your kitchen may not be the best choice. You’re likely better off keeping these pets in a separate room instead of taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen. Be aware that bacteria like salmonella can spread through pet bowls and waste. To keep your kitchen clean and your family healthy, handle all pet waste and food in a laundry room or outside and wash your handsafter touching your pet or objects in their habitat.

Tips For Training Your Cat To Stay Off The Kitchen Counter

The basic approach to use when you are training your cat for anything is to make that which you want her to do as attractive as possible and that which you don’t want her to do as unattractive as possible. Simply trying to keep your cat off the counters isn’t as likely to work as keeping her off the counter AND giving her a better alternative.

First, you’ll need to think about ways to satisfy your cat’s desire to be high up, see what’s going on outside, and spend time hanging out with you while you’re working in the kitchen. It’s likely that there is quite a lot of “high up” space in your home that you aren’t utilizing because, well, you mostly stay on the ground. Here are some ideas for using that space to satisfy your cat’s desire for height:

Giving your cat these special, tall hangouts where she can see outside will almost certainly make her happy. However, if she ignores your new kitty spots, try to make them even more appealing. Sprinkle them with catnip or spray them with honeysuckle. Place your cat’s favorite toys on them, or position a bird feeder outside of the window in front of one.

Note: if your cat suddenly begins jumping on countertops in search of food and ravenously attacks any that she finds, she may have a medical problem. Consult with your veterinarian immediately.

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Use Water Repellant Technique

Water can be the easy way out for you, especially since cats hate water. Try squirting cats with water using Super Soaker, water bottle, or water gun once you catch cats in the act to reinforce the notion that gardens are a no-go zone.

But since youll not always be on the lookout, get a water device to do the work for you. Motion-activated sprinklers detect a cats presence and fire water at it.

Design A Stimulating And Exploratory Vertical Environment

Prevent Cats from Jumping on Counters

Provide your cat with appropriate vertical options for climbing, scratching and resting by creating an exploratory environment. Cat trees and furniture is a massive hit, although can be expensive.

  • Create tall resting areas indoors with shelves, cabinets, desks, dressers, chairs and wardrobes. Place a comfy bed or blanket in the spot and regularly leave treats or catnip to entice your kitty.
  • A window shelf or window-mounted bed will provide endless stimulation and a resting place for one or multiple cats.
  • Build an outside cat enclosure. Place tree branches, cat-safe plants, water, cat-grass, shelves, DIY cat tree and hammock for your cat to perch while remaining out of reach of potential threats.
  • In multi-cat homes, set-up plenty of towering sleeping spots to extend territory therefore the cats dont feel in competition for resources and use the countertop.
  • If your cat must share a room together with your beloved canine, they will be more inclined to avoid the ground and aim high. Set up lookout points and cuddlers on top of bookshelves.
  • Elevated resting areas can range from a few inches off the bottom to the ceiling. A cushion on the floor, cardboard castle or a small cat tree is also an acceptable height for cats with arthritis or affected by blindness.

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Yes You Can Teach Your Cat To Stay Off The Counters

One of the most common questions asked of new cat parents is how to keep their cats off the kitchen counters. Sure, a lot of people have simply decided to live with it . But, its a good idea to try and break your cat of this habit for a few reasons your cat spends a good amount of time scratching around in the litter box. Do you want those same paws on the counter where you prepare your food? Also, cats may try to steal food from the counter, and thats not just annoying and messy many people foods are downright harmful to cats! Additionally, a cat thats in the habit of jumping on the counter doesnt know when he might be jumping right onto a hot stove, so it does pose a safety hazard.

Counter surfing is a very common cat behavior and often a difficult habit to break. But, its not impossible! Here are some tips to combat your cats counter surfing:

Provide More Interesting Alternatives

Cats seek countertops because of their natural instincts to climb and jump. They generally enjoy high places because they’re warm and comfortable. These instincts are natural, even healthy for your cat, so it’s best not to discourage them completely. However, not only is it unsanitary to have your cat on the counter, it’s potentially dangerous. Your cat could eat food that’s unhealthy for him or burn his paws on the stove.

Instead of discouraging your cat completely from jumping, find him a better place to jump and climb on. Some great options might be a cat tree like Armarkat Cat Tree or a cat condo like Go Pet Club Condo House. Look for something that has material your cat might like, such as carpet or bark, and more comfortable, warm places for your cat to sleep.

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The Donts Of How To Prevent Cats From Jumping On Counters

While cats climbing can be frustrating, you shouldntever:

  • Push or shoo your cat from a high location. This could lead to physical injury.
  • Leave out harmful foods that curious cats can get to. You can learn about the types of food you cant feed your cat on our We Talk Cat blog.
  • Verbally scold or hit your cat to discipline them for jumping. This is more likely to make them frightened of you than prevent jumping.

Cats can be mischievous pets! But remember its important to protect your cat with Argos Pet Insurance provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Explore our cat insurance policies today.

Aim High In The Kitchen

How to keep your cat off the counter

Cats love being near us. Sitting on the kitchen counter puts them at an identical level as their human. As an alternative, offer your feline companion a high viewing platform nearby, like a cat tower or top of the refrigerator voted by cats as most well-liked kitchenette spot.

Counter cruising is similarly popular in homes where windows are positioned near worktops, since bird watching is a cats beloved pastime. Place a perch on the kitchen window or let your cat sit on top of the pantry cupboards by stepping on and off the refrigerator. If your cat is getting on the worktop to access the window, cover the glass with a blind or window film.

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Guide To Keep Cats Off Counters

Is your cat constantly knocking over food items off of the counter and onto the floor? Does your cat love to sit on the kitchen counter and leave its hair all over it? If so, you should read this blog post. We are going to give you some tips on how to keep cats off counters that will not only make your home safe for humans but also make sure that theyre safe from predators!

Tips To Keep Cats Off Of Counters

Cats are often seen perched in places high up, such as counters, surveying the goings-on below. But why do cats love hanging out up there? And how can we keep them off our counters?

Speaking to Newsweek, Vicki Jo Harrison, the president of The International Cat Association , explained cats like countertops because they smell good and they help satisfy some of their natural instincts, like climbing and jumping.

“Cats climb trees and leap long distances to move through their territory, avoid danger, and find food,” Harrison said. So many domesticated cats attempt to maintain these instincts, even when living indoors.

But this desire to act on their instincts can often be a nightmare for many households, especially during mealtimes or when hosting dinners and other events where all the action may be taking place around the kitchen area.

Cat counter surfing presents a number of potential hazards, such as the risk of your cat landing on a hot stove or your cat spreading bacteria from their paws onto your food prep area, Harrison added.

It is important to figure out the reason for the behavior so you can provide a better alternative, and also not to punish cats to keep them off counters. Johnson-Bennett told Newsweek: “Punishment damages the relationship and can cause a cat to become fearful.”

Here we look at some ways to keep your cats off counters.

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How To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter + 15 Kitchen Pet Safety Tips

Pets make our lives more interesting, fun, and engaging. In fact, around 67% of households in the United States own at least one pet. Whether you own a cat, a dog, or a fish, taking care of your pet elevates your mental and physical health as it can decrease feelings of loneliness and increase opportunities for outdoor activities and socialization. Pet owners love having their companions around. They’re fun to play with while in the living room and soothing to have next to your bed when you fall asleep at night. But there’s one room in the house that’s no place for a pet: your kitchen!

Besides the dangers a kitchen presents for your pet , some pet behavior can cause damage to your , appliances, and furniture. To keep your pet, family, and kitchen safe, we’ve rounded up some tips for pet owners.

Why Does My Cat Jump Up On The Counter

How To Keep Your Cat From Jumping Onto Your Counters ...

Your cat is most likely jumping up on the counter for a number of reasons. These are:

  • They know that there is food on the counter or in the cupboard
  • They like the smell of your cooking and they want to eat it
  • They are trying to reach a high up place to sleep or relax
  • They may be trying to escape from another pet such as a dog or another feline

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How To Keep Cats Away From The Kitchen Counter

A cat that counter surfs could be at risk for getting burnt and ingesting residue from cleaning supplies. It also exposes you to unsanitary issues when its fur gets into food or when it spreads bacteria from its dirty paws to your kitchen counter and eventually food.

Unfortunately, felines love heights, and your kitchen counter and windowsills offer that. Heres how to keep them off your kitchen counters permanently.

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