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How To Move Cross Country With A Cat

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Getting ready to move across the country requires impeccable organization on your part know what things to do before you move across the country in order to take full advantage of the weeks, days, and hours you have until your moving date and keep the stress level to its minimum while keeping the efficiency as high as possible.

Moving Furniture Across Country

Most furniture pieces are big and heavy, and therefore you should focus on resolving the dilemma of whether its better to pay to have your furniture moved to another home or not.

In some cases, purchasing new pieces of furniture upon arrival proves to be more cost-effective than paying professionals to pack, load, transport, and unpack the pieces that you own right now.

Its a tough call, no doubt, but unless you have priceless antique furniture that you cant even think about leaving behind, doing the math often favors moving as few furniture pieces as you possibly can.

Tip #: Pack Food Water Litter And Toys Within Reach

One of the worst things you can do for your cats during a long journey is to pack all of their comfort items away in a box you cant find. To make your cats new adventure as stress-free as possible, pack food, water, litter, and toys in an accessible box that you take with you.

This is especially important if you plan on making multiple stops during your move across the country. Your cats will go through a lot during your move. Make sure their hotel stays are pleasant by giving them their favorite toys and litter box.

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I Fed Them Canned Food

Immediately before and during the drive, I fed the cats canned food. I would give them very little in the morning and more at night when we arrived at a motel. I figured that the cats might not be drinking as much as they should, given that they were crated in vehicles for the entire day of driving. This feeding routine worked well for my cats, and I only had one accident among six cats over three days. The cats seemed to have a good appetite at night, once we reached our hotel.

Be As Relaxed As Possible

How to Move Cross Country with Cats

A long-distance move is a huge transition. Your life and your cats lives are changing forever. This trip can be an amazing experience for all of you if you can be fully present because, after all, the journey is as important as the destination.

Have you ever made a long-distance move with your cat? Do you have any more tips to share? The more I know, the better off my kitties will be, so I appreciate your experience and advice!

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I Used My Powers Of Persuasion

Our original plan was to stay at a La Quinta in Toledo, the halfway point of our trip. La Quintas are pet-friendly, though each property varies in the amount of pets they will allow per room. I had verified beforehand that all my cats and the dog could stay at this La Quinta, and I made a reservation. However, plans went awry and we realized there was no way we could make Toledo by our first night.

I got very lucky and we spent the first night at a Holiday Inn express in Michigan, which happened to have a very dog friendly/pet friendly staff and management. They made us a discount, even with our number of pets, which I appreciated. The second night was a little tougher. In a town in northern PA, several pet-friendly hotels were not able to accommodate our number of animals. Again, I got lucky and located a Days Inn, which only charged one very nominal fee, regardless of number of pets.

We were prepared to simply camp out in the cars at rest stops, if needed, but I was really glad for the cats and dog to have a chance to get out and stretch their legs.

Throughout the trip, I was completely impressed with how calm my cats were. They barely made a peep for the entire three days. They are all good riders, but I expected more protesting on such a long trip. They also really seemed to enjoy the chance to stretch out, jump around, and enjoy exploring a motel room. Their sense of fun helped me relax.

Tip #: Introduce Cats To Their Travel Environment

Obviously, this is way more difficult to do if youre flying, but if youre driving, its good to get your cats acclimated to your vehicle.

Before the long drive, take your cats on a series of shorter drives to see how they do. If they show symptoms of car sickness, roll down the windows. If they show signs of restlessness, you may need to upgrade their carriers.

Introducing cats to their travel environment early also helps you plan your travel space. By placing them in the car in their carriers, youll know how much space theyll take up. This means you wont have to frantically move belongings over to the moving van during moving day.

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Take Your Cat To The Vet

Moving with a cat across the country is only a good option when your pet is both healthy and 100% ready for the long distance car drive or plane flight. When following your own moving checklist, youll soon get to the task thats entitled Take your pet to see the vet.

You may not know it yet, but visiting your vet prior to the move will fulfill multiple purposes at the same time:

  • Request a full medical check-up of your cat prior to Moving day. You must make sure your animal companion is in good health before the long trip to the new home.
  • Request copies of your pets medical records , so that you can register your cat with a new licensed veterinarian upon arrival in the new town or city.
  • Speak with the vet about possible cat sedation for travel if you suspect your pet will be too nervous or frightened during the car trip or airplane flight.

Tips For Moving Cross Country With Cats

Cross-Country Road Trip Part 2 (with cat) Moving from Boston to Los Angeles – EmilyPlaysCello

Posted by Aine Bennett | Jan 20, 2021

Moving cross country can be a stressful time. Not just for humans, because your cat can feel the stress of moving too!

Cats can be stubborn, but theyre also quite resilient and adaptable.

If youve traveled with your cat before then you probably realized that your own stress leading up to the big day was the worst part about it. The extra vet visits, the panic packing, and all the other moving-related anxiety can signal to your cat that whatevers going on, its not going to be good for them.

As always, the best way to ensure you have a stress-free and easy time in the lead-up to the move is through planning and preparation. Weve compiled a list of 13 tips for moving cross country with cats so that you and your kitty will get through the move just fine.

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Tips For Flying With Your Cat

  • Check ahead of time with your airline about their rules for flying with a cat in the planes cabin.
  • Measure your cats carrier to ensure it will fit under the seat. While going through security, youll need to carry your cat.
  • Having them wear a harness and leash attached is best to keep them secure.
  • Its a good idea to have pee pads in the carrier in case of an accident while on the plane. If theyll be in the carrier for more than 8 hours, you might want to bring a larger, fabric, pop-up kennel for layovers so they have a larger space that can hold food, water, and a small litter box.

Pet Shipping Services In The Usa

The most obvious solution might be to use a service like uShip Pets or Delta Dash. These services will bring your pet wherever you are headed, and they make a point to take care of the pets along the way. However, this will of course cost a bit. The exact cost depends on the size of your pet, what kind of pet it is, and how many you have, but you can generally plan on spending between $150-$300 for a service like this to carry your pet.

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Traveling Long Distances With Cats In The Car

Not moving by car? Many of these tips will also apply for flights or for shipping your pet.

For most cat owners, the only time their feline friend gets in a vehicle is for trips to the vet, which can make your car something they fear. Before a long-distance drive, youll want to work on getting them used to the vehicle and planning the journey with your cat in mind.

Introduce Pets To Their Travel Environment

Traveling with Cats in Car Long Distance

When moving cross country with cats, dont wait until the last minute to introduce them to their travel environment. No matter how comfortable you make it, they will still feel intimidated if they have to face that alien environment right before the stress of travel.

Instead, get carriers out several months in advance and leave them in the living room with blankets inside. Cats like dark, enclosed spaces, so they will often opt to enter them of their free will provided they dont already associate those carriers with the vet. If they steer clear, then start feeding them inside the carrier so theyre forced to enter and adapt.

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Talk To Your Vet And Find A New One

Schedule an appointment with your vet to discuss your upcoming move. Your cat should be examined to ensure that theyre healthy enough to make the trip, and you can also discuss some best practice advice for your preferred cross country travel method.

In addition, your vet may be able to prescribe your cat something that can help with anxiety during travels. Do keep in mind that most vets advise against sedation for air travel since it can interfere with their ability to breathe on the plane. Plus you dont know how your cat will react to the medication, and you dont want to find out when youre 35,000 feet up in the air. Since its just for a short period of time, plan to skip the sedation and stick with other methods of anxiety reduction, such as Thundershirts and supplements.

Equally important is that you have a vet lined up in your new city. Find tips on how to that here, including how to transfer your cats medical records.

Bring Out Carriers Early

You need to be very strategic with cats when moving, says Amy OBrien, who relocated from Kansas City, MO, to Denver. OBrien placed carriers for her three cats around the house a month ahead of time to acclimate them to the temporary transport homes.

Cat carriers allow you to ensure the safety of your pets, as well as you and your family. Before your move, take your cats out for a drive with your cat inside the carrier. Dont forget to let them have a few of their favorite toys inside to keep them company.

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What’s The Best Way To Move My Pets Cross

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Q: I got a new job and will be moving to another state soon. We have three cats and a dog, and flying them across the country isnt an option. What do I need to help my pets adjust to our move?

A: As a military brat, I spent much of my childhood moving around the country. With each move, we left memories and even treasured toys in our wake. Perhaps thats why Im more prone to trash rather than transport items from my old life to the new destination.

My dog Lulu along with her bedding, clothes, toys and treats is all I need to make any house a home. Since she is way too big to fly under a passenger seat, and I have heard too many horror stories about pets flying as cargo, our next cross-country move will involve an extended road trip.

Here are 10 things to consider when moving with your pets.

Mild Sedative Might Be Good For Your Cats Health

Driving Across the Country with my Cat I Moving Vlog

While at the vet, you should get informed about sedatives your feline can take. They will make the trip itself easier and less stressful. However, talking about meds with the vet is essential because different breeds might require different doses and different prescriptions. For more information about sedatives, check out the video below.

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Moving With Cats Across Country

Moving with cats requires special considerations. Take these extra steps to keep your cat relaxed and prevent him or her from becoming a flight risk.

Indoor catsA cat who lives indoors and is not used to being outside the four walls of its home, may suffer stress on the journey. Indoor cats are also likely to notice changes in the home and may become anxious if you suddenly remove all your belongings. Start packing early, placing your least important possessions into your moving boxes, to help your cat accept boxes in the home as normal.

Outdoor catsYou need to be certain your outdoor cat will be ready to leave when its time to start moving. Keep it indoors at least two days before the journey, perhaps at the home of a friend or family member or even at a pet daycare to avoid an escape while youre moving your belongings out of your home.

Pet carriersMost cats will need to move in a pet carrier. Introduce your cat to its carrier a few days before the move, placing it on the top of your cats bed or lining it with its blanket and leaving the door open.

Entice your cat inside first with a few treats, then with their meals. Teach your cat to become used to traveling in the pet carrier through a few practice drives. If possible, you can also start teaching your cat to walk with a leash and harness.

Other tips to traveling with your cat

Tips For Moving With Cats Across Country: Just Meow It

Moving with cats across the country is a special type of challenge that you as a pet owner can tackle successfully only if you are well-prepared for it. Established habit and daily routine mean the world to cats, and a home move will often shatter both these lifelines of theirs.

To make matters worse, moving cross country with cats will take these super sensitive creatures way out of their comfort zones and will lead them to strange surroundings with only one lifesaver you.

To guide you through your upcoming feline relocation, we have prepared 10 tips for moving long distance with cats priceless advice on how to move with cats across the country.

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Schedule A Vet Appointment

Ensure to schedule an appointment with your vet to discuss your upcoming move. Your cat should be examined to check that theyre healthy enough to make the trip. You can also discuss some best practice advice for your preferred cross-country travel method.

In addition to this, your vet could prescribe your cat something that can help with anxiety if theyre generally nervous and scared when traveling. Most vets advise against sedation for air travel since it can interfere with their ability to breathe on the plane.

You also dont know how your cat will react to the medication, and its not advisable to wait to find that out when youre up in the air cruising at 35,000 feet.

If its just a short flight, intend to skip the sedation and stick with other anxiety-reducing methods, such as Thundershirts and supplements.

How To Move Cross Country With Cats Everything You Need To Know

Your Comprehensive Guide to Successful Cross

After three moves within four years, it is safe to say we know how to move cross country with cats. From Las Vegas to Dallas, Dallas to Washington D.C. and then back to Dallas we have gathered all the tips and essential things to know when it comes to moving cross country with cats. Suffice to say, we also know what its like traveling with cats in a car. We have driven long distances with a cat in both a truck and a compact car, we have PURRFECTED the art on how to travel with a cat in a car. From finding the right travel litter box to the comfiest blankets and travel carrier, we know exactly what makes a cat purr.

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