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How To Stop My Cat From Biting And Attacking Me

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How To Stop It:

How to stop your cat from biting you

The best thing you can do is to avoid the unpleasant things that scare her. Of course you dont have to stop inviting guests over just isolate your cat to another room and tell guests not to bother her.

But no If your cat is scared of the vacuum cleaner, you cant stop cleaning your house! Sorry.

Buy Some Toys To Stimulate Your Cat

Encourage some healthy playtime by providing your cat with a wide variety of safe cat toys it can play with. To determine the specific preferences your cat may have when it comes to toys, you may have to experiment a bit.

However, most cats generally enjoy playing with lightweight balls, furry mice , and other average-sized things that will allow them to be easily batted around. Encourage the cats enticement by strategically placing these toys and objects all around the house.

Dont just leave them in one large pile in the corner of a room. Have them peeking out of open boxes, paper bags, or such things like that. Having to look and struggle to get the toy will help keep them interested as well as excited.

Additionally, avoid using these toys to play with your cat. An excited cat will easily mistake your finger for a toy and could end up causing you serious injury.

Work Closely With Your Vet

If your cat suddenly starts attacking you, it might be a behavioural problem. You should have your cat examined by a vet to help determine whether it is a behavioral or health issue.

In fact, most unprovoked cat aggression is due to behavioural problems. Continue with the following steps after getting verification from a vet that it isnt behavioural:

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Why Does My Cat Attack Me Unprovoked

Some cats will launch an unprovoked attack in a way to practice and fine-tune their hunting skills. This may sound unacceptable and illogical, but in a cats mind, this is perfectly fine. This does not mean you should or have to accept this behavior, it is merely an explanation.

Whether its unprovoked or not any attack from your cat is unacceptable. So, like any other form of attack, you will need to look into some ways to deal with it. Later on, I will explain different types of aggression so you can check which one matches your cats behavior.

Vet Visit For Your Cat

How To Stop My Cat From Biting And Attacking Me

Just to be on the safe side, have your cat examined by the veterinarian because the sudden aggression may be the result of pain. He may be fine when you pet him in some locations on his body but if you hit that tender spot he may react aggressively. Go to the veterinarian to make sure there isnt an injury youre unaware of or some unseen condition such as arthritis, tooth problem, abscess, etc.

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Understanding Dominance Based Aggression

Most cats rarely treat their owners like other cats in the home and dont usually try to dominate them in a hierarchy or peck order. However, the cats that do treat a human-like another cat and attempt to dominate the said human, youll notice that cat hissing or growling whenever you move them or try to join them wherever it may be sitting.

Some will start displaying typical aggression signs such as spitting, hissing, flattened ears, dilated pupils, and tail switching, as well as blocking doorways. These aggression signs between cats are often very subtle and most cat owners tend to write them off as play.

Cats that are generally dominant are usually very territorial as well. And the fact that it takes them about two or so years to reach social maturity means that this is a behavioral issue that can sometimes occur pretty late in their lives. The best solutions to this problem are to withhold treats, attention, and love until your cat is relaxed and mellow. Try to avoid punishing it because that will only help make the situation much worse.

Get Them A Furry Friend

If a cat displays behavioral problems such as biting, it can often help to get them a companion. Cats may get bored or lonely, especially if left alone for long periods each day. Another pet, particularly a cat, could provide them the company they need. Also, if they play with their new friend and use their biting tactic toward them, the other animal is likely to fight back, and your cat will get the idea that biting hurts. Note that this is not a guaranteed solution, and sometimes cats respond negatively when another pet comes in to the home, but this method has worked for some.

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Stopping Your Cat From Attacking You

  • 1Schedule daily, interactive play sessions with your cat. The sessions should last about 10 minutes each and take place when your cat is in a playful mood. Try to schedule at least two of these sessions a day.XResearch sourceXResearch source Increasing the amount of time that you play with her will address one of the possible causes of her attacks, and can serve as an opportunity to teach her not to attack and/or bite you.
  • A pole-type toy or a toy that dangles, both of which can be homemade or purchased at your local pet store, will keep distance between your cat and your hands and feet. This type of toy also fosters her natural predator-prey instinct.XResearch source
  • Stuffed animal toys are helpful if your cat likes to wrestle; they are especially helpful for kittens. Select a stuffed animal toy that is about the size of your cat. If shes getting too rough with you during playtime, rub the stuffed animal against her belly to redirect her play from you to the stuffed animal.XTrustworthy SourceThe Humane Society of the United StatesNational organization devoted to the promotion of animal welfareGo to source
  • You can also throw one of her favorite toys away from you during playtime. Throwing the toy will serve two purposesyou are keeping her away from your hands and feet, and you are fostering her natural instinct to chase and pounce.XResearch source
  • Regularly give your cat new things to explore, such as an empty cardboard box.XResearch source
  • What Is The Treatment For Redirected Aggression In Cats

    How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

    If your cat is aggressive toward another cat in the home, separate them. Wait until the aggressive cat is acting calm and relaxed before allowing them to be together again. Don’t use your hands or other body parts to get between the cats, though. Try a loud noise or a pillow dropped between the two cats. A spray of water might be necessary.

    Use a Feliway Multicat diffuser to help calm the cats in your home. Use it consistently for 30 days, being sure to follow the instructions regarding the square footage that one diffuser will cover and not placing it behind furniture or near open windows.

    If you believe the trigger for your cat’s misplaced aggression is that he sees other cats or animals outside, do what you can to block the view. Use curtains to cover the window, and move cat perches to other spots. If you have a bird feeder near a window, move it to another place in your yard where your cat won’t be able to see it. Many times, windows and perches are great enrichment for indoor cats, but sometimes they trigger misplaced aggression and can’t be used.

    Give your cat something else to attack. If you see your cat gearing up to attack you or another cat, toss a toy in the opposite direction, or get out a wand toy and let him take his energy out on that.

    Use Soft Paws® on your cat while you work on the problem. This can help protect you and your other cats from scratches.

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    My Cat Attacks Me Unprovoked :

    Sydney N.S.W

    We have a cat like that named Spici. We will just walk right by her and she’ll try and attack us – sometimes its play & sometimes its aggression. With her you can tell the difference…Immediately after she does that, we do a sound she doesn’t like and then don’t give her eye contact. We do a “ch” sound and then walk away. That works for our cats at least. We let her know that kind of behavior is not tolerated. Then we leave her alone for a little while to calm down.Your cat might be a little bored or he might just need some disipline. Try whatever you can! You will find something that works for your cat…Good Luck!

    London, England
    washington state, usa
    Atlanta, GA

    Signs Of Aggressiveness In Cats

    • dilated pupils
    • crouched or tense body posture
    • hissing, spitting, and growling
    • twitching or thrashing tail
    • ears backward

    Whenever your cat shows the above signs, stop playing with it. Also, dont look at your cat directly when its ready to attack, as this may come across as you wanting to fight back.

    You should always avoid making eye contact with your cat when it is aggressive.

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    Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked

    Ouch! Cat bites can be very unpleasant and always best avoided. As natural skilled predators, cats have sharp teeth and a firm bite. A common question from pet owners is why their cat indulges in this behaviour towards their owner and how they can avoid it! Bites from pet cats are not uncommon, but interestingly are often not a sign of true aggression.;

    Lets start by discussing some of the main scenarios in which cat owners are bitten and how to avoid known pitfalls. Most owners describe their cats behaviour as unprovoked. But there are often signs to watch out for, once you learn the subtle language of cats!

    How Can I Tell If Play Is About To Become Aggressive

    How To Stop My Cat From Biting And Attacking Me

    Often it is possible to see a change in your kittens behavior that will signal to you that the play session is getting out of control. The first sign may be intense movement of the tail from side to side. The ears may go back and the pupils, the dark part of the eye, may become larger. If you observe any of these signs, it is best to end the play session before the kitten becomes too agitated.

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    Should You Use Your Hands Or Feet As Kitten Toys

    If you have noticed that your kitten seems to be biting your feet or attacking your fingers you may be wondering if this could be linked to you offering them as toys while she was young.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    It is not a good idea to use your hands or feet as kitten toys. This is because it will train her to think it is acceptable to bite and scratch you. So, instead of using your hands or feet, use cat toys that can be kept to arms length. Such as laser toys, balls on a string, etc.

    So, now you know that you should not use your hands or feet as kitten toys. But, what about her claws, is there ways to make them less scary?

    Quit Using Your Bare Hands As Toys

    Wagging your fingers back and forth in front of the face of your cat to entice it to play can be dangerous. Doing this may make it think that its okay to bite your skin.

    When its a kitten, its bites and scratches may not be painful, but remember that it will one day be a full-grown adult. Establishing boundaries throughout the cats life will cause it to stop taking your hands, feet, and other body parts as toys.

    While making your messaging as consistent as possible, keep teaching your cat that biting human flesh is not okay.

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    How Come My Cat Bites And Scratches Me During Playtime

    Its important to spend plenty of time each day playing with your cat. I would recommend a bare minimum of 15 minutes twice per day, once in the morning and once before bed so your cat wont pester you. Allowing your cat to burn off nervous energy in this way can help with a number of issues, including aggression.

    If your cat attacks you during playtime, take a look at the way youre interacting with her. If she pounces on your hand or arm when you offer her a toy, switch to a teaser toy on a long string. Dont let your cat pounce on your hands or treat parts of your body as toys. Shes apt to get carried away and attack you in more serious ways.

    Ensure that your cat doesnt become angry and frustrated during playtime. Allow her to catch the teaser toy now and again. If she never gets the satisfaction of a successful hunt she is apt to become fractious and irritable. This is one reason Im not a huge fan of laser pointers as toys. If your cat enjoys chasing the dot around they are fine, but because theres nothing to catch some cats will become frustrated with the game and take it out on you. Make sure theres a payoff: a moment or two to chew on the toy or a tasty treat to help satisfy her hunting urge.

    Avoid playing too aggressively with your cat. Dont chase her around the room with an item shes scared of or make a lot of sudden loud noises while youre playing. If she becomes genuinely frightened, she may lash out.

    Tips To Stop Your Cat From Attacking

    My Cat Attacking Me

    First, fill a new spray bottle with water. Pick one;up at any dollar store. Dont reuse a bottle that once held any kind of chemical cleaner. It can;potentially;harm your cat, so spend the buck and get a new spray bottle.

    When you go to bed, keep;the filled spray bottle within reach. If the cat tries to attack you in the;night, grab your trusty bottle and spritz him in the face.

    Follow the spray with a firm No! or loud clapping. Dont give the cat any other attention after the reprimand. Every time the cat repeats the attacking behavior, spray and reprimand him. Eventually, this should cause the cat to think twice about attacking you in bed.

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    What To Do If Youre Attacked:

    • DO NOT HIT THE CAT. This will only enrage the cat more. Make a loud noise or throw something as a distraction.
    • Leave the area of which the attack is taking place. If you cannot leave, let the cat leave. Feeling trapped only raises the stress levels.
    • Isolate the cat in another room so they can have a time out to relax. If you cannot get the cat to another room, try herding them there using a towel as a barrier between you and the cat. If that doesnt work, you can throw the towel over the cat to scoop them up and relocate them to another room. Please keep in mind that picking up an already angry cat is just going to make them more upset, so only do this if absolutely necessary.
    • As a last resort, you may need to restrain the cat by scruffing it in order to stop the attack and move the cat to an isolated location. Please keep in mind that it is never good to hold an adult cat solely by its’ scruff. Do your best to support the body weight with your free arm. Cat skin loses elasticity as they age, so scruffing a cat improperly can seriously injure them.

    Should You Trim Your Cats Claws In Case She Scratches You

    If you had your cat for a while and she tends to scratch you. You may be wondering if its good practice to trim down her nails.

    Yes, you should trim your cats claws in case she scratches you. But, this is good practice in general grooming. But, you should not use standard scissors that you use yourself it is better to get some dedicated cat nail clippers or scissors.

    So, now you know you should be trimming your cats claws in case she scratches you.

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    How Can I Prevent My Cat From Attacking Me

    Most cat attacks are the result of stress or fear. Try to find out if something is making your cat anxious and resolve it. For example: if theres another cat or other animal in the house who bullies her, she may express her anxiety by attacking you.

    Ensure that your home is somewhere a cat can feel comfortable and secure. Provide high perches and habitats where she can hide and peek out of; ensure that she has things to climb around on and explore. Give her a scratching post so she can keep her claws in good condition and exercise her muscles and tendons properly.

    As mentioned above, make sure your cat has plenty of stimulation in the form of active play. You can also help her stay happy and entertained by providing puzzle toys that stimulate her mind. Something else that can help is a pinch of catnip once or twice a day. This herb has a calming effect on cats and may help with aggression.

    When you interact with your cat, be calm, quiet and respectful of her personal space. Do not run-up to her suddenly or make loud noises. Keep your movements slow and gentle, and always pay attention to her body language.

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