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Low Cost Spay And Neuter For Cats

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Low cost spay and neuter clinic opens

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Having your cat spayed or neutered is beneficial in many ways. It cuts down on unwanted pregnancies that add to the overpopulation of cats. It can reduce the risk of certain health issues, like testicular and mammary gland cancer. It can stop a male cats desire to roam and potentially getting lost or injured. It can also reduce marking, or spraying urine, from male cats. Finally, it can end aggressive or territorial behaviors and help cats feel calmer. They will live healthier, happier, and sometimes longer lives.

PetSmart realizes this. With more than 1,650 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, PetSmart does more than just sell pet supplies. In 1994, PetSmart founders Jim and Janice Dougherty formed PetSmart Charities. These programs include PetSmarts in-store adoption centers, disaster relief, grants for animal welfare agencies, and low-cost spay and neuter services.

Lets look at how cats can be spayed or neutered through PetSmart and what the estimated cost will be.

Fundraising And Temporary Credit

  • Ask if your veterinarian accepts Care Credit, a credit card specifically for health care expenses, including for pets.
  • Try a fundraising platform such as GoFundMe, which enables you to create a personal fundraising page.
  • Consider Waggle, a pet-dedicated crowdfunding solution that channels funds directly to verified veterinarians for a pets care.

Pet Food And Other Necessities

To locate a pet food pantry or other pet-related community service, explore an interactive resource map provided by Feeding Pets of the Homeless just choose which resource youre seeking under the Get Help listing on the right. Or contact your local shelter and rescue organizations directly by visiting The Shelter Pet Project and choosing shelter in the search field. The HSUS provided emergency grants to many organizations that are providing these services in their communities.

For help with housing, food, paying bills and more, visit, type in your zip code and then click on the relevant topic.

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What It Means To Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

Spay means to surgically remove the ovaries of a female animal and neuter means to castrate a male animal, thereby making it impossible for them to reproduce. This process is sometimes referred to as fixing or sterilizing as well. It is a very safe, common procedure and vital to controlling the animal population in our community.

Feel Free To Call Us If You Have Questions Or For More Information

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for Cats Comes to Norwood ...

Cat neutering prices near me. Thank you for your interest in having your pet spayed or neutered! At kindness animal hospital tulsa, we pride ourselves in listing our pricing information directly on our website. Our recommended neutering age for your pet cat is four months.

Neutering is a routine procedure at all our surgeries, and our vets will discuss the most appropriate neutering timescale and approach for your pet. If you still dont see spay/neuter providers near you, dont give up! I cant find any spay/neuter providers near me.please try searching within a larger mile radius, within 25 or 50 miles.

Also, offers free s/n for pets of people with low income. The cost of cat neutering differs from vet to vet and where you are located. Starting february 1 st our prices will be increasing.

Should i let my cat have a litter? By neutralizing your cat, you are avoiding the chances of a needless birth in a society where most of the kittens are. $100, rabies vaccine included if not current, distemper vaccine:

These routine surgeries typically cost up to $200, depending on the vet and the facility. Weekly waterville cat spay/neuter clinics at 100 pleasant st. The clinic operates by appointment only.

As with all surgeries the emphasis starts with patient safety. These tests are sometimes included in the price, but this too will depend on the clinic. You vet will be able to give you an accurate price.

Community Post Adopt Me, Maybe? Spay, Pets, Pet hacks

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What Else Is Involved At Spay/neuter Clinics

Depending on state and local laws, there are other expenses involved with adopting a pet. Even if you dont pay anything to spay/neuter your pet cat or dog, you may end up incurring fees for these often mandatory services:

  • Rabies vaccination

  • Other immunizations

  • Licensing for dogs in certain cities and municipalities

If these upfront costs are preventing you from adopting your next furry family member, talk to the animal shelter. While not as prolific as free spay/neuter programs, you may be able to find ways to get financial assistance locally for these services, especially if you are from a low-income household.

And if this help exists locally, your animal shelter should know about it.

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Zip Code Grant Limited Availability

Review available zip codes. Beginning October 1, 2021, only pet owners who reside in the following zip codes will be eligible for free sterilizations: 78201, 78202, 78203, 78204, 78207, 78210, 78211, 78213, 78214, 78220, 78221, 78223, 78225, 78227, 78228, 78237, 78242The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services has generously provided funds for FREE spay/neuter surgeries at the San Antonio Humane Society and Brooks Spay/Neuter Clinic for those residing in the zip codes posted on the review link above. Your pet can also get a rabies vaccine and microchip for $7.00 each plus tax .

Appointments are limited. Limit 5 per household.


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Low Cost Spay/neuter Programs In Florida

In addition to the low cost spay/neuter services The Cat Network provides, periodically, we are asked if we are familiar with other low cost spay/neuter programs in Florida. We have compiled this list, but please keep in mind that it is not complete. If you are interested in finding a low cost spay/neuter program in your area, we suggest doing a search online.


Humane Society of Greater Miami

North FacilityNorth Miami Beach, Fl 33160305-696-0800

They provide low cost service at both locations.

Animal Welfare Society

Dream Lake Animal Clinic 225-3116

These clinics have a limit of two free spays or neuters per household. Must be a recipient of Medicaid andbring card and photo ID.

VCHS, a non-profit low cost Spay/Neuter service offers male cat neuters for $25.00 and rabies vaccines for $7.00. Please call 305.202.0545 to make appointment. Drop offs are at 9 am and pick ups at 5 pm. The surgeries are performed at either of the two clinics listed below:

Veterinary Care Clinic

2330 SW 67 AveMiami, FL 33155

Veterinary Care Clinic also has all of the other vaccines at low prices. It is open on Saturdays, 3:30 6:00 pm for vaccinating only. No appointments needed.


They provide affordable spay/neuter services for domestic or feral cats.

Humane Society of Broward

This service of the Humane Society of Broward provides low cost spay/neuter on their van.

Broward County Animal Care and Regulation1870 SW 39th Street

DPC Vet Hospital

No Cost Spay & Neuter Program

Spay & Neuter Clinic for Cats | LOW COST

All previously scheduled appointments for this program are now canceled, and indefinitely postponed. If you have any questions please contact 311.

We offer a No Cost Spay/Neuter Program which provides free spay and neuter surgery for companion cats and dogs of eligible low income Calgarians. This program is not available for breeders. All applications for this program are referred through The Citys Fair Entry Program.

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Low Cost End Of Life Services

  • Oregon Humane Society: Euthanasia and cremation fees vary from $40 to $200 depending on your pets weight. 285-7722
  • Dove Lewis: Euthanasia services for very sick and declining elderly pets only . Free communal cremation service available, or home burial where allowed . 228-7281
  • Family Animal Services: Communal cremation services are $30 for a pet up to 30 pounds . Tell them you were referred by MCAS to qualify for this offer. 665-8300

Spay And Neuter Resources

The Everett Animal Shelter does not offer spaying or neutering for privately owned animals.

The following animal welfare non-profit agencies have spay/neuter clinics and offer a variety of low-cost options for qualified low-income clients. Please contact the clinic for details on rates, other services, or to make an appointment.

4001 198th St SW, Suite 3, Lynnwood, WA 98036425.673.CATS

13132 NE 177th Place Woodinville WA 98072425.488.4444 x4010

31300 Brandstrom Rd., Stanwood, WA 98292360.629.7055

PO Box 171, Sultan, WA 98294360.793.9393

15305 44th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98087425.787.2500 x820Qualified low-income only. Further reduced price for pit bulls.By appointment only.

2061 15th Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98119206.386.4260

13212 SE Eastgate Wy., Bellevue, WA 98005425.641.0800

People Saving PetsAn on-line, searchable database comprised of low-cost, spay/neuter providers . Individuals looking for affordable and close by spay/neuter options can search by city, state, or zip and search in a 50 mile radius. The database is updated regularly.

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Spaying Or Neutering Is The Law

Los Angeles County Code §10.20.350 requires all residents of unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County to have their dogs and cats older than four months of age spayed or neutered. A number of cities that have also adopted this ordinance .

The exemptions to the requirement are:

  • Dogs and cats that are unable to be spayed or neutered without a high likelihood of suffering serious bodily harm or death due to age or infirmity. Written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian is required to qualify for this exception.
  • Dogs used by law enforcement agencies for law enforcement purposes.
  • Service or assistance dogs that assist disabled persons.
  • Competition dogs and cats.
  • Definition of Competition dog:

    A dog used to show, compete, or breed, and is a breed registered with the American Kennel Club , United Kennel Club , American Dog Breeders Association , or other valid registry approved by the Director, and meets one of the following requirements:

    Within the last 365 days, the dog has competed in at least one dog show or sporting competition approved by a national registry or the Director or

    The dog has earned a conformation, obedience, agility, carting, herding, protection, rally, sporting, working, or other title from a purebred dog registry referenced above or other registry or dog sport association approved by the Director or

    Definition of Competition cat:

    The cat has earned a conformation title from a purebred cat registry or

    Definition of Competition cat:

    Spay & Neuter Coupons Discounts

    AFRP Mobile Clinic offering low cost cat spay/neuter

    These coupons offer discounted spay & neuter services for both dogs and cats at participating clinics. Please check with the individual clinic for complete pricing details. OHS is not affiliated with these clinics and is not responsible for the services offered.

    Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund coupons multiple participating clinics:

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    Low Cost Spay And Neuter Program

    GAO can provide a certificate for use at a local veterinarian for the spay or neuter of your pet. This program is for owned pets in Williamson County, with a focus on assisting low-income pet owners. A co-payment is greatly appreciated to help keep this program going.

    For more information, please fill out the form below. Due to funding considerations, we are only able to issue a limited number of vouchers per month. If we do not have an available voucher for you immediately, we can put you on a wait list.

  • Additional Comments
  • Please enter the security code:
  • Please help keep our low cost spay/neuter program alive by donating today.

    Nhs Spay & Neuter Center

    The Nebraska Humane Society Spay & Neuter Center is dedicated to providing you and your pet with affordable, high-quality spay and neuter services. Our center is staffed with highly-trained, caring individuals who will treat you and your pet with the utmost care and respect. Due to Covid-19 we do have some social distancing procedures to follow so check in and check out may take a bit longer. We appreciate your patience!

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    Spay And Neuter Helps Pets Live Longer Healthier Lives

    There are many good reasons to spay and neuter. The best reason is to reduce pet overpopulation. There are too many pets and not enough homes. Other reasons to spay and neuter:

    • Spayed and neutered pets enjoy a 14 to 26 percent increase in lifespan over intacct animals.
    • Neutering male cats and dogs decreases urine odor and marking behaviors.
    • Neutering male cats and dogs decreases the tendency of roaming.
    • Spay surgery eliminates messy heat cycles.
    • Spaying and neutering decreases the risk of dog bites due to decreased roaming.
    • Spaying and neutering pets decreases behavioral problems.
    • Spaying and neutering reduces the number of pets killed in shelters.

    What Would Prove Low

    Low-cost spay and neuter clinic set for Thursday
    • Award letter for an EBT card issued by the State of New Mexico for Food Stamps, OR
    • Either the annual letter regarding benefits or the monthly benefit card for Supplemental Security Income , OR
    • Award letter for an EBT card issued by the State of New Mexico for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, OR
    • Award letter for a Medicaid health benefit card, OR
    • Current income taxes
    • Current check stubs
    • Signing and submitting an affidavit swearing that your income is within the figures listed on the table above for Low Income

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    Spay And Neuter Programs

    Pet overpopulation is an issue in south Georgia that requires the work of responsible pet owners and members of our community to prevent accidental litters and end euthanasia in the county shelters. The HSVLC has several low cost options to get your pets spayed/neutered. Please read on to see which program will work best for you and your pet!

    TNR of feral cats

    This program is designed for community/feral/outdoor cats to be spayed/neutered and given a rabies shot. Our TNR clinic is run every other weekend with a capacity of about 60 cats. Because of this, we do have a waiting list, be we assure you we are working through it as quickly as we can and we ask for your patience. Please click here to learn more about the program and fill out the form to be added to our waiting list. Our TNR coordinator will contact you as soon as shes able. Please be patient.

    • Feral cats can be fixed, given an ear tip and rabies shot, and returned for $35
    • Owned cats can be fixed, rabies shot but no ear tip, and returned for $45

    Citizens Assist Spay/Neuter

    Low Cost Spay/Neuter Voucher Program


    Low Cost Spay & Neuter

    We started this program mid October of 2021 and of December 31, 2021 we have performed

    over 57 low cost spay and neuters! Woohooo! We are making a difference!

    Davis Animal Hospital is now offering a low cost spay and neuter option. Currently our local low cost spay and neuter community programs are shut down due to lack of staff, no funding, or both. We cannot sit by and do nothing. Our goal is to donate our time, as we are able, to continue the effort of spaying and neutering pets in our area to decrease the overwhelming burden on our local shelter and rescues. There simply are not enough homes for them all.

    Tattooing and pain medication to go home will be included with each surgery and are not negotiable.

    Spaces are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-registration is required and eligibility guidelines must be met. To register, please fill out the form by clicking on the registration link below.

    Once you have confirmed your appointment, a $25 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space. The remaining balance is due at surgery drop off time. Cash, major credit card, Care Credit, Wells Fargo Health Advantage, and Scratch Pay are all accepted. No checks will be accepted.

    Pets must be 6 months old or older and at least 5 pounds in weight.

    To be eligible for the spay/neuter clinic you must meet one or more of the following:

    $185 Feline preferred spay

    $160 Feline preferred neuter

    $20 Rabies Vaccine

    $20 Distemper Vaccine

    $20 Rabies vaccine

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    North Shore Animal League America

    North Shore Animal League America runs a nationwide referral service for low-cost spay/neuter services called SpayUSA. For most of the listings, you need to obtain a referral from SpayUSA by entering basic household information. Some of these low-cost spay/neuter programs are only available to low-income households on programs like Medicaid, SNAP and Social Security.

    The Miami County Animal Shelter In Partnership With Nomad Offers A Monthly Low


    Space is limited with only 15 appointments for female cats and 15 for male cats each month. We begin taking registrations for the following month one business day after the latest clinic. For example, you can submit your application for July 8 on June 11.

    Adopting families are offered the chance to sign their new cat up for this clinic at the time of their adoption. Any remaining spots are open to residents of Miami County, OH, or adoptees from our shelter.

    If you are interested in signing up for the clinic, please complete the application and return it in person, along with the full payment, to the Miami County Animal Shelter. Pre-payment is required for registration and, as we only accept cash or check, we are unable to process a payment over the phone.


    Additional services are also available:

    • FVRCP-C – $10

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