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Temptations Cat Treats With Catnip

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What Is In Temptations Cat Treats

Temptations Cat Treats | Chewy

As you know, there are many kinds of cat treats with different usages and purposes. Many of them come with good quality, but some are just poorly-made products, not to mention containing bad ingredients that might harm your little friends.

Therefore, its really important to spend time on thorough researching before choosing any nutrition product for your cat. Thats why we are writing this post to give you some useful tips on choosing the best temptations cat treats.

So, today well take a look at Temptations one of the most well-known brands of cat treats on the market, and try to answer the question What is in Temptations cat treats?.

How Do Temptations Treats Help Your Cats?

These delicious treats from Temptations are crunchy outside but soft inside. Theyre used for cats only, and not for kitties under 6 months of age.

Whats more? With various natural flavors , they also bring the experience of tasty snacks to your feline friends every time they enjoy the meals.

The following is some main product lines of Temptations cat treats:

Hairball Treats

With the ability to prevent and block hairballs, cat owners dont need to worry much about some hairball symptoms in their feline friends when feeding them these treats. If your cat, unfortunately, has symptoms of hairball, just give him 10 treats per day. Also supply fresh drinking water every time. For better result, you should combine the treats with cat food specially made for hairballs.

Are Temptations Treats Safe For Cats

There are no specific health benefits of Temptations treats. Because you can only feed your cat a limited amount each day, you shouldnt encounter any problems, making them safe to eat. Problems arise when you give your cat too many.

Now you know theyre safe, youre likely wondering, are Temptations healthy for cats? While you must feed your cat these treats in moderation, they are beneficial for the following reasons:

Whiskas Temptations Mixups Treats For Cats Catnip Fever Flavor 16

  • This product is not eligible for coupons. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohls Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards® on this product.

Reward your cat with these delicious Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats.


  • 100% Nutritionally Complete & Balanced for adult maintenance. Temptations MixUps Catnip Fever Chicken, Catnip, & Cheddar Flavors Cat Treats is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance
  • Flavor: Chicken, Catnip, Cheese
  • Crude Protein 28.0%, Crude Fat 21.0%, Crude Fiber 4.5%, Moisture 10.0%
  • 16-oz.

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Can Cats Eat Temptations As A Meal

Most Temptations treats are 100% complete and balanced, providing all the nutrients your cat needs. However, theyre not a substitution for your cats regular food and should be provided alongside a well-balanced meal.

You should only feed up to 15 treats per 10 lbs of Temptations every day. You can feed them at the same time or sporadically throughout the day, but dont exceed the recommended amount.

According to the manufacturers, you can replace ¼ cup of Whiskas Meaty Selections with ¼ cup of Temptations treats, as long as you provide fresh drinking water at all times. If you choose to do this, you might want to consider mixing the treats with your pets canned wet food to improve the texture and consistency.

If youre feeding your cat Temptations to eliminate hairballs, you can provide your pet 10 treats per day at the same time until symptoms disappear. To prevent hairballs from occurring, feed 10 treats per cat every other day.

Applying portion control methods is the most effective way to ensure your cat doesnt overeat Temptations treats.

How To Wean A Cat Off Temptations

Temptations Mixups Catnip Fever Cat Treats, 16

There are instances when cats become too addicted to Temptations and need help breaking the habit. Other times, cats become poorly after eating them and need to switch to more suitable treats.

Unfortunately, if you appease your pet with treats to quieten it down and stop the poor behaviors, itll become trapped in a vicious cycle.

Cat treat addiction isnt easy to break, but its possible with some time and patience. To wean your cat off temptations, you must be firm. Dont give in to your cats demands, even if it bites and scratches for treats. If you do, youll have to start the process again.

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Are Temptations Bad For Cats

Unfortunately, Temptations havent always had good press. In the past, it was claimed that 12 cats were poisoned after eating the treats, with two of them going on to develop renal failure. While there have been no vet-reported cases, its only natural for owners to be concerned.

The good news is Temptations are safe in moderation. However, you must pay attention to the following ingredients and potential health issues before feeding them to your cat:

What Do Temptations Do To Cats

A common question owners have is, do cat treats make cats hyper? Unfortunately, the answers not a simple one. Not all cats become hyper after eating Temptations most accept the tasty treat before going about their business.

However, some cats have an adverse reaction to cat treats and suddenly become hyper. One possible reason for this is over-excitement about the thought of their favorite foods.

Some cats are highly food motivated and spend the majority of their days trying to get treats. This most commonly occurs in cats that have developed an addiction to cat treats. Over-excitement and hyperactivity caused by cat treats are tell-tale signs youre feeding your pet too many treats.

Another reason cat treats make cats hyper is that they provide a burst of energy, giving cats fuel to play. Hyperactivity looks like this:

  • Zoomies, where cats run around the house
  • Jumping between furniture

This is entirely normal, as long as you havent given your cat too many treats.

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Homemade Tuna Cat Treats Your Cat Will Go Crazy For

I’m so excited to share this recipe for diy cat treats with you. Introducing my homemade two-ingredient tuna cat treats, that take just minutes to make, and are naturally grain, gluten and dairy free!

These diy cat cat treats were borne out of necessity when I started harness training Lyra and Lola, and needed to find a snack that I could give them as a reward. Commercial cat biscuits went down well, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were full of all sorts of mystery ingredients, and pretty carbohydrate heavy.

Then I tried tinned tuna, which was another winner, but I ended up with flakes of tuna ALL over the house – NIGHTMARE! .

Finally, I scoured the internet looking for diy cat treat recipes I could make at home, but all of the ones I could find relied heavily on the very grains and cereals that I’d tried to steer away from in the commercial treats. So I decided to come up with my own recipe, and let me tell you – they have gone down a storm!

Making these treats was such a fun activity to do with the cats – Lyra and Lola loved ‘helping’ me in the kitchen . And even fussy eater Lyra now goes doo-lally for them.

For those of you that are whizzes in the kitchen, you’ll probably recognise the method… this is essentially a tuna meringue, without the sugar.

Mull that one over… or let’s just get straight on with the recipe!

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Has Temptations Cat Treats Been Recalled

We didnt find any evidence of Temptations having been recalled after a check of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration Database.

There was an accusation on Facebook in 2016 that Temptations had killed someones cat but the company responded and the post was removed. We checked about the allegation.

They said that it was unproven. The claim originated from Punkin Pawz Palace Cat Sanctuary but it was repeated across the Internet. There were no FDA withdrawals or recalls related to this claim. Punkin Pawz Palace Cat Sanctuary removed the post a month later.

Temptations Mixups Cat Treats Catnip Fever 16 Oz Tub

  • Contains one 16 oz. tub of TEMPTATIONS MixUps Treats for Cats CATNIP FEVER Flavor
  • TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat maintenance
  • This irresistible cat treat has a unique pocket shape that is crunchy on the outside and scrumptiously soft and creamy on the inside
  • Under 2 calories per treat, these cat treats feature an irresistible array of chicken, cheddar, and catnip flavors that will have your cat meowing for more
  • Your cat can’t wait to get their paws on TEMPTATIONS MixUps Cat Treats

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Read The Ingredients Label

  • Temptations Mix-ups Backyard Cookout

Looking at the ingredients on any cat product, there are a few you want to either minimize or completely get rid of depending on your cats health. These include corn, wheat, by-products , saturated oils, yeast, and heavy grains. The first 5 ingredients are the most important because they are labeled from the most to the least as far as quantity in the recipe.

If we look over the Temptations ingredients , we will see the 5 following ingredients listed first and in this order: Chicken By-Product, Ground Corn, Animal Fat, Dried Meat By-Products, and Brewers Rice. Noting what I had just mentioned above, these treats are not healthy by a long shot. If we were to compare human food to cat food, consider something like this the McDonalds of cat treats. No cat food or treat should EVER have all 5 ingredients from the no-no list.

How Much Do Temptations Cat Treats Cost

Temptations Mix Ups Catnip Fever Cat Treats

Temptations are inexpensive. A 3-ounce bag of treats is less than $2. A 16-ounce tub costs a little over $8. This is a popular value size. Customers also like the resealable tub for storing treats. The 30-ounce tub for about $16 is also popular.

If you are buying online, do check around to compare shipping costs. Some sites charge more for shipping than others.

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Temptations Blissful Catnip Flavor Crunchy Cat Treats

  • Contains one 16-oz. pouch of TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats Blissful Catnip Flavor
  • 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat maintenance
  • This low-calorie cat treat has a crunchy outside with a soft center that cats love
  • Your cat can’t wait to get their paws on TEMPTATIONS Catnip Flavor Treats

Cat Treats They’ll Want To Try Right Meow

Our Classic TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats come in a variety of flavors from chicken to beef to catnip your cat will want to try them all.

Specifically formulated to support indoor cats’ digestive health

With complete and balanced nutrition in every bite, TEMPTATIONS ShakeUps Cat Treats feature 4 irresistibly fun and playful shapes no cat can resist⦠Treat time will never be the same!

100% nutritionally complete and balanced
Crunchy texture helps control tartar
Soft and savory, made with real meat

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Can Cats Become Addicted To Temptations

Many cats love the taste of Temptations treats so much so, they cant get enough of them. If youre wondering why cats are addicted to Temptations, the main reason is that they contain a double basting of digest, which is what is in temptations that cats love.

Animal digest is a common ingredient in pet food and treats produced by the chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis of undecomposed animal protein, including liver, muscle, and soft tissues.

This process breaks down the protein into short strings of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, giving Temptations a tasty flavor. According to the scientific journal Animals, cats are innately drawn to foods with a strong umami flavor produced by a high concentration of amino acids. Thats what makes animal digest so palatable for cats. Signs of cat treat addiction include:

  • Whining and meowing
  • Creamy dairy
  • Crab

This wide range of flavors means theres something for all cats to enjoy, even the fussy ones. Unfortunately, because Temptations are so tasty, some cats beg for them and even refuse to eat their regular food.

If you indulge your cat in a handful of Temptations every day, youre fuelling this addiction. Cats that are addicted to Temptations meow, hiss, and scratch to get hold of them.

They also scratch at the cupboard they know their treats are stored to get hold of them. This behavior will only get worse if you dont put a stop to it.

Carrot And Catnip Kitty Cat Treats

Temptations Cat Treats Review: Are Temptations Good for Cats?

Your kitty will purr for these kitty cat treats with shredded carrots and a sprinkling of catnip! Treat your sweet fur baby today!

Roll the dough out 1/4 thick, prick all over with a fork to help release moisture. Use a pizza wheel or pastry cutter to cut into bite-sized squares.

Bake for about 12 minutes for a chewy texture or longer for a drier texture.

Other Cat Treat Recipes:

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Why Do Cats Like Temptations Treats So Much

Temptations are one of the best-known cat treats. Cats cant get enough of them and reject their everyday food in favor of a few crunchy treats. But too many can cause addiction, weight gain, and nutritional deficiencies. Thats why you must restrict the amount you feed.

Cats love eating Temptations because they come in a range of meaty and seafood-inspired flavors. Theyre made with animal digest, which is an ingredient commonly found in pet food. Its made from undecomposed animal protein and gives Temptations a scrumptious flavor that cats cant resist. While the treats are made from natural ingredients, they contain additives and flavorings, causing some cats to become addicted.

Only feed your cat the recommended amount of 15 treats a day. If you give your cat too many, it may develop behavioral problems, such as aggression and begging. If this happens, youll need to wean your cat off the treats.

Temptations Cat Treat Reviews

Uh oh! Look out!I have bought approx. 6 different varieties of Temptations. My cats go nuts when they see me reach for this one! They put their front feet on the wall and paw at my hand sometimes grabbing my hand to pull it down to their mouths to pull my hand down with one of these, apparently tasty, morsels! Definitely gets an A+ from my felines!

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What Kinds Of Cat Treats Does Temptations Offer

Temptations offers seven different kinds of treats on their web site: Classics, Creamy Purrrr-ée, Jumbo Stuff, Meaty Bites, MixUps, Seasonal, and ShakeUps. In additional to these types of treats, the brand offers an amazing array of flavors: beef, chicken, dairy, salmon, tuna, catnip, crab, lobster, shrimp, and turkey.

All together, we found 34 different kinds of Temptations treats on the brand web site.

The most popular flavors are reported to be Tempting Tuna Flavor, Savory Salmon Flavor, MixUps Surfers Delight.

The highest rated treats were the 6-Pack Variety Pack, the 6-Pack Feline Favorites, Crabby Crab Flavor, and ShakeUps Clucky Carnival.

The Were All About Cats Standard Rating Temptations On What Matters

Temptations Blissful Catnip Flavor Cat Treats, 16

We have analyzed Temptations cat treats and rated them according to our standards here at Were All About Cats. Our grades are based on the species-appropriateness of the food, the quality of the ingredients, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. You can read more about our ratings here.

Here are our ratings for Temptations in these key areas:

Overall Score: 7.2/10

We give Temptations cat treats a 43 out of 60 rating or a B grade.

As part of our review process, weve submitted samples to an independent lab. You can see the full report here.

In addition to performing our own qualitative analysis of the brand, we submitted a sample of Temptations Original Chicken Treats for analysis at an ISO 17025 certified food testing and analysis lab. We bought the product at full retail price, and the entire testing process was funded by All About Cats without direct input or influence from the cat food company.

Analytical testing in a food chemistry lab gives us the products exact macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient content, painting a clear picture of what youre putting in your cats bowl.

Remember that, when it comes to nutrient content, the cat food label only gives us a guaranteed analysis, which is a set of minimum and maximum valuesnot a description of whats in the food. In reality, the foods nutrient content may be substantially different from what you see on the label.

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The Purrrfect Treat For Snack Time Playtime Or Anytime

Give your furry feline friend TEMPTATIONS for a taste they crave with the recipe they love.

This low-calorie cat treat is nutritionally complete for your adult cat⦠and irresistibly perfect for snack time

Each cat treat’s unique pocket shape is crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside⦠and the crunchy texture helps control tartar.

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