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Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment For Cats

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What Is Bnp Triple Antibiotic Ophthalmic Ointment:

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment

Bacitracin, Neomycin and Polymyxin B are antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections. Each gram contains Bacitracin Zinc 400 units, Neomycin Sulfate 5 mg , Polymyxin B Sulfate 10,000 units in a base of white petrolatum and Mineral Oil. The three antibiotics provide a broad spectrum of activity against the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria commonly involved in superficial infections of the eyelid and conjunctiva. Bacitracin is effective against gram-positive bacteria including hemolytic and nonhemolytic streptococci and staphylococci. Resistant strains rarely develop. Neomycin is effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including staphylococci, Escherichia coli and Haemophilus influenzae and many strains of Proteus and Pseudomonas. Polymyxin B is bactericidal to gram-negative bacteria especially Pseudomonas. No resistant strains have been found to develop in vivo.

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Terramycin Antibiotic Ophthalmic Ointment

Terramycinis one of the very few antibiotic ointments which can be purchased overthe counter. It can typically be used to treat very mild conjunctivitisinfections of the eye. Its main ingredients are Oxytetracycline andPolymyxin. Oxytetracycline is an anti-inflammatory agent which reducesassociated swelling of the eyes. Polymyxin is an antibiotic agent usedto kill of susceptible bacteria.

Terramycinis usually given two to four times per day or as needed. Because it canbe purchased over the counter, the cost is relatively low and anexcellent treatment option for infections that are not serious enoughto require a prescription.

Allergic Reaction And Sensitivity

Terramycin ointment should not be given if a cat has an allergy to oxytetracycline or Polymyxin. Physical symptoms of an allergy to Terramycin ophthalmic ointment are lid swelling and itching that causes the cat to paw at their eyes.

In rare cases, high sensitivity to Terramycin will cause an anaphylactic reaction, typically within 4 hours of administration. Signs of anaphylaxis in cats include wheezing, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, weakness, and vomiting. A cat in anaphylactic shock is an emergency situation and needs to be seen by a veterinary professional immediately. In a study of 61 cats who suffered anaphylaxis, 21% had received Terramycin the percentage of those who survived with treatment was 82%.

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What Is Terramycin Used To Treat

Terramycin is prescribed for dogs and cats diagnosed with ocular infections. Terramycin Ophthalmic ointment goes directly to the source of the problem to kill the bacteria responsible. Terramycin treats a broad spectrum of eye infections. Vets recommend it for pink eye, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, blepharitis, and keratitis. It also cures other infection types. Your vet might prescribe Terramycin to treat eye injuries. The vet might advise treating cats at risk of infection. They may proceed with this medicine if they see signs of the start of a problem. Terramycin is sometimes prescribed for pets with viral infections but it will not help to cure them. It is sometimes a precautionary treatment to prevent common simultaneously occurring infections with some viruses. If your pets attending vet notices any sign that an eye infection is beginning, he may prescribe this ointment to prevent the advancement of an eye infection that is just starting.

What Medications Are Available To Treat My Cats Eye Infection

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Your cats veterinarian will assess the severity of the infection symptoms, then decide on a course of treatment. A few of the best feline eye infection treatments include:

  • Terramycin This antibiotic eye ointment for cats uses Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride to combat superficial cat eye infection, including cat pink eye, corneal ulcers, or conjunctivitis.
  • Flurbiprofen These cat eye infection drops are an NSAID cat eye infection treatment option. They use Flurbiprofen Sodium to reduce cat eye inflammation and pain associated with infections.
  • Keterolac With the active ingredient Ketorolac Tromethamine, this cat eye infection treatment is an NSAID medication that reduces pain and inflammation. One of the most effective eye drops for conjunctivitis, this cat pink eye treatment also works to heal other eye infections in cats.
  • Diclofenac This eye medicine for cats is another potent NSAID option that diminishes inflammation and pain.
  • Tobramycin These antibiotic eye drops for cats are an aminoglycoside antibiotic ophthalmic solution that treat conjunctivitis and other infections, easing discomfort and facilitating healing.

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Can I Use Neosporin On My Cat

Many human medications are toxic or otherwise dangerous for pets. This is especially true for cats since their compact size means that even the tiniest amounts of a dangerous substance can be life-threatening.

Neosporin is a topical antibiotic ointment that works very well on humans but is not recommended for cats. There have been reports of cats having severe anaphylactic reactions to the antibiotic ingredients in Neosporins ophthalmic preparations which include neomycin and polymyxin B.

Only use treatments prescribed by your veterinarian to treat eye infections in your pet.

What Advice Do You Have For Applying Ointment To My Cats Eye

Here are some step-by-step instructions that might make administering your cats eye ointment easier:

  • Gently clean away any debris around the cats eyes with warm water and a washcloth before administering the ointment. This can be soothing and prepare your cat for administering the medication.
  • Hold the ointment tube using the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand with the tip pointed downward. You may want to rest this hand on the top of your cats head to help stabilize your hand or under their chin with the palm of your hand.
  • With your other hand, use your thumb to gently pull down the lower eyelid or your thumb and forefinger to open both upper and lower eyelids. Place the rest of your fingers under your cats jaw to support her head if you are not using your palm as noted above.
  • Hold the tube close to the eye, but make sure you do not touch the eyes surface with the ointment applicator.
  • Squeeze the prescribed amount of ointment directly onto the eyeball, and then release your cats head. Your veterinarian will have instructed you on the amount of ointment to apply strip of ointment for most ophthalmic medications).

The cat will blink, and the warmth of the eyeball should help melt the ointment and spread it over the surface of the eye. It is normal to see the ointment accumulate in the corners of the eye after administration.

Cats commonly blink frequently or paw at their eye after ointment has been applied.

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Eye Medication: How To Give To Your Cat

Eye problems in cats are quite common. Tears quickly wash out any treatment put in the eye so eye drops need to be given several times a day. This means you will have to learn how to give the treatment at home.

How often do I need to put drops in?

Some drops only need to be given once a day, others up to six times daily. Always follow the instructions given to you by your vet very carefully. Never give more than the recommended dose and, if at all possible, try not to miss treatments.

How do I hold my cat?

You will find it easier to hold your cat at a comfortable working height. Try placing your cat on a table or raised surface. If the surface is slippery, put a carpet tile or towel down so that your cat feels more secure. If your cat struggles a lot, you may need to wrap your cat in a towel or blanket to prevent them scratching you. You will need to get a friend to help you one of you will hold the cat whilst the other steadies the head and puts the drops into the eye.

Does the treatment hurt?

Topical Antibiotics For Cats

How to apply ointment to your cat’s eyes

Terramycin is a topical form of the antibiotic oxytetracycline manufactured by Pfizer. Its an ophthalmic ointment for treating your kittys eye infections. This tetracycline-class antibiotic kills a wide variety of bacteria and protozoa. If you suspect your kitty has an eye infection, consult your veterinarian only use Terramycin if its prescribed.

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Can You Buy Terramycin For Cats Without A Prescription

You cannot buy Terramycin for cats without a prescription from an animal healthcare provider if you live in the State of California. This medicine is often supplied by veterinarian clinics. If your pets healthcare provider does not offer the service it is available with a prescription through pharmacies that carry veterinary supplies and through multiple online vendors. If you live in a state other than California, Terramycin is available without a prescription. It is commonly sold as an over-the-counter medication for cats. Its recommended that you only purchase this product through a reputable vendor. Some disreputable companies manufacture knock-off products that cost less but may contain weaker versions of the active drugs, or other ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. Some companies offer online veterinary services to examine your pet via video and authorize prescriptions, but we urge you to exercise caution. Its best to take your pet to a licensed vet for a physical examination whenever possible if you live in California.

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment With Polymyxin B Sulfate

Terramycin is an antibiotic, bright yellow in color, possessing potent antimicrobial activity. It is one of the most versatile of the broad-spectrum antibiotics, and is effective in the treatment of infections due to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, both aerobic and anaerobic, spirochetes, rickettsiae, and certain of the larger viruses.

Polymyxin B sulfate is one of a group of related antibiotics derived from Bacillus polymyxa. The polymyxins are rapidly bactericidal, this action being exclusively against gram-negative bacteria.

The broad-spectrum effectiveness of Terramycin against both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms is enhanced by the particular effectiveness of polymyxin B against infections associated with gram-negative organisms, especially those due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, where polymyxin B is the antibiotic of choice. In addition, there is evidence to indicate that polymyxin B sulfate possesses some antifungal activity. The combined antibacterial effect of Terramycin plus polymyxin is at least additive and, in many instances, an actual synergistic action is obtained.

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment with Polymyxin B Sulfate is a suspension of oxytetracycline hydrochloride and polymyxin B sulfate in a special petrolatum base. Each gram of ointment contains oxytetracycline HCl equivalent to 5 mg of oxytetracycline and 10,000 units of polymyxin B as the sulfate.

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Ingredients In Terramycin Eye Ointment

Oxytetracycline and Polymyxin B make up the antibacterial medications in Terramycin. They’re mixed into a base of petroleum and packaged in small tubes to heal eye infections.

Oxytetracycline is part of the tetracycline group of antibiotics. The medication prevents bacteria from developing and multiplying. Polymyxin B is a sulfate. It binds to bacterial cells and causes them to absorb so much water that the cell dies off. Together, the medications team up and both kill cells and prevent them from multiplying allowing the body to quickly fight off the infection.

What Causes Eye Infections In Cats

Terramycin Opthalmic Dog/ Cat Ointment

If your kitty is suffering from an uncomfortable eye infection the cause could either be an infectious or a non-infectious underlying condition.

Infectious Conditions that May Cause Eye Infections

  • Some of the most common infectious conditions that can lead to eye infections in cats are Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus. Both of these viruses are highly contagious among cats and are known to cause feline upper respiratory disease which can lead to symptoms such as eye infections.

Non-Infectious Conditions that May Cause Eye Infections:

  • Viruses arent the only cause of eye infections in cats. If your cats eyes are sore and irritated it could be due to allergies, a foreign body in the eye, a hereditary eye condition, trauma, tumors, or even an autoimmune disease.

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Happy Tails From Clients

  • “Can’t say enough good things about this practice. Between my two dogs, they have undergone three surgeries, with the most recent being a pretty risky liver lobectomy. Every time, my dogs have recovered flawlessly. The doctors are phenomenal. The staff is terribly accommodating, and obviously care immensely about the animals.”- Peggy K.

How Does Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment Work

Provides dual antibiotic activity to fight bacterial infections.

Helps combat a variety of eye infections, including pink eye, inflamed cornea, corneal ulcer and inflammation of the eyelids.

Serious side effects are not expected. Some stinging may occur. Fatal allergic reactions in cats may occur. Contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency room immediately if your cat has swelling of the face, itching, or appears to have difficulty breathing. Talk to your veterinarian about any other side effects that seems unusual or bothersome to your pet. The use of oxytetracycline and other antibiotics may result in an overgrowth of resistant organisms such as Monilia, staphylococci, and other species of bacteria. If new infections due to nonsensitive bacteria or fungi appear during therapy, appropriate measures should be taken.

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Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment Directions:

  • Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment, a sterile antibiotic ointment used in dogs, cats, and horses , provides dual antibiotic activity to fight bacterial infections such as conjunctivitis, inflamed cornea, pink eye, corneal ulcer, and inflammation of the eyelids.

Do not touch the tube opening to any surface, including hands and eyes. The tube opening is sterile. If it becomes contaminated, it could cause an infection of the eye.

Applying Eye Ointments To Cats

How to apply ointment to your pet’s eyes (Vétoquinol Canada)

The proper administration of eye medications is essential for your cat’s prompt recovery. Make sure that you wash your hands both before and after administering the medication to avoid contamination and prevent the possible spread of infection. Before you begin, read the ointment label so you understand the instructions.

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Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment Indications And Usage

E. coli,A. aerogenes,

WARNING: Serious, life threatening, hypersensitivity reactions have been reported in some cats following application of antibiotic ophthalmic preparations. If your cat has swelling of the face, itching, appears weak, vomits, or has difficulty breathing within 4 hours of application you should discontinue treatment and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Note: The use of oxytetracycline and other antibiotics may result in an overgrowth of resistant organisms such as Monilia, staphylococci, and other species of bacteria. If new infections due to nonsensitive bacteria or fungi appear during therapy, appropriate measures should be taken.

Proper Dosing For Terramycin

When using the antibacterial eye ointment, you should first consult your veterinarian. The medication will be administered directly to the cats eye two to four times per day.

Its usually easiest to apply the medication by careful wrapping your cat in a towel to keep him from scratching you. Hold open the eyelid and place a small line of the medication onto the rim of the upper eyelid. Release the cat and his blinking will help spread the medication to the rest of the eye.

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How Quickly Will Treatment Work

Cat eye infections typically clear up very quickly once treatment begins. Even after your cats symptoms have cleared up remember to continue administering medications as per your vets instructions! Discontinuing your cats antibiotic medication early could lead to a resurgence of the infection and make it harder to fight.

If your cats eye infection is due to an underlying health condition the effectiveness and speed of the treatment will depend upon the condition being treated. Your vet will be able to provide you with a prognosis for your cats recovery.

Note:The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pets condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

How Long Does It Take For Terramycin To Work In Cats

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment with Polymyxin B Sulfate for Dogs and ...

How long will I have to give my cat Terramycin ointment? Symptoms of conjunctivitis or other bacterial infection should begin to disappear almost immediately after starting the ointment. Continue to apply the drug to the cats eye 2 to 4 times a day for 2 to 3 weeks as directed by your veterinarian.

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What Happens If My Cat Licks Flea Treatment

If an animal is able to lick the product when it is wet on the fur or scratches the area and then licks their foot, the bitter taste of the product can cause the animal to salivate, foam at the mouth, become nauseous or vomit. Also, some cats have been known to become agitated and run around the house.

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Suffering From An Eye Infection

There are many ways to recognize if your cat has an eye infection. Some telltale symptoms are:

  • Watery eyes with red, green, yellow, gray, or clear discharge
  • Signs of upper respiratory illness, such as nasal discharge or sneezing
  • Rubbing the eyes
  • Obvious pain

Since some of the most common signs of infection can simply be symptoms of allergies, its important to speak with your veterinarian if you suspect that your cat is having trouble with his or her eyes. Left untreated, eye infections can lead to much more serious complications, including glaucoma or even blindness. Dont worry, though Allivet carries all of the best medications to treat your cats eye infection!

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Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment With Polymyxin B Sulfate For Dogs And Cats 35 Grams

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment with Polymyxin B Sulfate is indicated in dogs and cats with superficial ocular infections, such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, pink eye, corneal ulcer, blepharitis and bacterial inflammatory conditions that may occur secondary to other infectious diseases. In dogs, it is also indicated for ocular infections due to secondary bacterial complications of distemper.

  • Broad-spectrum effectiveness against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • The combined antibacterial effect of oxytetracycline hydrochloride and polymyxin B is at least additive, and in many instances, an actual synergistic action occurs.

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