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Dr Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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Different Types Of Litter Features

The Best Cat Litter EVER !!! Dr Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

If youre having a hard time choosing a litter based on the material, you may consider the features that each litter offers. These special features include:

  • Odor Control: a good choice for multi-cat households
  • Clumping:for easy cleanup
  • Lightweight: weight less than traditional clay litter
  • Washable: for specific mechanical litter box systems

Eco-friendly cat litters have become increasingly popular in recent years. Kitty litters which are safe for the environment are typically deemed biodegradable and/or flushable. But what does this mean? We break it down below to differentiate these two types of litter features.

Clay Vs Pellets And Crystal Variants

There are all kinds of litter varieties out there. The main kinds are produced with clay , pellets, silica, or crystal varieties.

Clay is by far the most common because cats tend to prefer the texture of clay on their feet more than anything else. Crystals and pellets dont clump as well, are often made with more chemicals, and tend to get caught in a cats paws and tracked around the house more easily. That is why Dr. Elseys chose sodium bentonite for its litter.

Overall Is Dr Elseys Cat Litter A Good Choice

After testing three formulas, were happy to say that Dr. Elseys cat litter is an excellent choice. Not only is it highly affordable, but the hard-clumping action makes it ideal for multi-cat households. This litter can sometimes be a bit dusty at first, but it is low-tracking and less messy than many clay litters. Most formulas come in a scented or unscented formula as well, so you can decide based on your preference.

One thing to be mindful of with this cat litter is that it tends to get a bit sticky when exposed to a large volume of liquid. The litter still clumps around liquid waste, but large volumes may turn the litter into a cement-like substance until it dries. Very large clumps can stick to the sides of the litter box and may be heavier and more difficult to scoop than smaller clumps.

Generally speaking, clay cat litter is somewhat heavy, so be careful which size bag you purchase. Dr. Elseys cat litter is safe for kittens 8 weeks and older as well as senior cats and cats with respiratory issues. Take the time to choose the perfect formula to meet your cats unique needs.

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Litter Allergies In Cats

There is a list of symptoms that cats may show if they are suffering from litter allergies or respiratory issues. She may act moody, itchy, chew her paws, or snore due to an irritated throat. If your cat has suffered from asthma, then litter allergies can make it worse.

Allergic reactions occur when your bodys immune system tries to fight back against the allergic particles in the environment. Apart from litter, cats can also be sensitive to other substances like food, smoke, ash, perfumes, etc. It is difficult to analyze what causes trouble for your cats.

If she behaves oddly or refuses to use the litter box, starts sneezing or acts moody upon approaching the litter box, then there could be issues with the litter. Common symptoms include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Coughing or Wheezing

If your cat has been a victim of asthma or respiratory issues or shows any of such symptoms around her litter box, it is best to consult a vet or change her type of litter. It is important to consider the different types of litter that can be non-dusty like silica gels or other natural types.

One of the best measures that is suggested for cats as well as humans who are prone to allergies is to choose dust-free hypoallergenic cat litters. These are made of safe, non-toxic materials that do not spread on the floor nor stay in the air as dust particles.

Fortune Cat Superior Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter 10 Lbs

Dr. Elsey

The Fortune CAT Superior Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter is a great odor absorber. One of the best cat litter I have come across as a pet owner.

Most cats will love this litter. When you use the Fortune Cat litter, it it easy to clean as it forms scoopable clumps while trapping unwanted smells.

Not to mention, the Fortune CAT Superior is a low-cost and environment-friendly cat litter. You can check its current pricing on Amazon, please click here to be redirected.

These are my best 3 cat litter for smell. Most cats will love using these litter and not to mention, they are great at controlling odor. Please feel free to share a cat litter that you use for smell in the comment section below, I would be more than happy to hear from you.

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Discussion Of The Primary Ingredients

Litter is generally relatively straightforward, especially from brands that pride themselves on their straightforward ingredients list.

All of Dr. Elseys Clumping Clay Cat Litters are made from sodium bentonite. This compound is a form of clay. Its chemical properties allow it to clump well. There are cheaper varieties of bentonite that end up breaking apart instead of clumping. That allows a release of foul odors and makes it dustier each time your cat climbs inside.

The 7 Best Hypoallergenic Litters For Cats With Allergies

The Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Hypoallergenic Cat Litter definitely makes it to our premium choice of best hypoallergenic cat litters as it is 100% dust free and has Dander Shield Technology.

This technology reduces airborne dust and dander while sifting and scooping litter and it possesses a hypoallergenic light scent. It also contains baking soda to keep ammonia odor away and offers 7-day odor control guaranteed.

Cats can suffer from asthma and respiratory disorders just like humans. These respiratory conditions are usually a result of dust particles that may emerge from their litter box. Hypoallergenic cat litters are non-dusty and of medium consistency to not spread around the house. It is very helpful for cat households where members are prone to allergies or cats who are sick and recovering.

Hypoallergenic cat litters are made of various materials like clay, shells, paper and other such ingredients. They do not contain any artificial fragrances or scents which can cause irritation and allergies to your cat. They are almost dust free and made of natural, non-toxic substances.

Keeping the above features in mind, we help you choose the best hypoallergenic cat litters to keep your cat and household allergy-free.

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Fresh Step Scented Litter With The Power Of Febreze Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping litter: fight litter box odors with the strength of Fresh Step litter partnered with the power of febreze in our easy to scoop, Clumping clay cat litter in a mountain spring scent that deodorizes extreme cat litter smellsOdor control cat litter: specially formulated for multi-cat litter boxes, This cat litter has a 10-day odor control guarantee with ammonia block technology activated charcoal that traps and eliminates kitty litter odorLow dust litter: for cleaner surfaces and clearer air, we Developed a low dust formula with paw activated fragrance Thats S released every time your cats use the litter box Price: $9.49 & FREE Shipping.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Dr Elseys Precious Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

dr. elsey’s ultra premium clumping cat litter

Dr. Elseys Precious Hypoallergenic Cat Litter formula is suitable for multiple cats and is 100% hypoallergenic. It produces no airborne dust and contains stress-reducing herbal essences that relax and soothes your cats mind and nerves.

The litter does not contain any plant proteins either which means it is chemical-free and very safe for your kitty. It is also known to trap urine moisture and the strong ammonia odor associated with it. It helps in reducing feline respiratory disorders.


  • Non-toxic and dust-free
  • Hypoallergenic formula

The litter produces low dust and comes in the form of silica gels which do not spread in the air or spill on the floor. The pellets are medium-sized and very comfortable for your felines gentle paws.

  • Suitable for multiple cat households
  • Has stress reducing herbal essences
  • Produces no-airborne dust
  • Contains no perfumes or artificial scents
  • The particles are very sticky and stick to your cats paws
  • The litter tracks everywhere

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World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

Number two on our list is not called World’s Best for no reason! This one has minimal dusting and has a fast-acting clumping ability to make clean-ups faster than ever.

Because it’s biodegradable , you can go ahead and flush this litter down the toilet, too. While some users say the clumping ability is on point, others disagreebut this might depend on how many cats are using the litter, as well.

  • Pros: can be flushed down the toilet minimal dusting
  • Cons: pricey some users note it has a strong smell clumps can break apart

Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter Vs Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

If youre looking into other litters,Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal is a major contender. Like Dr. Elseys formula, Arm & Hammers litter disguises bad odors as promised. That said, we found that Dr. Elseys litter clumped much better than Arm & Hammers, resulting in solid chunks that were easier to scoop. Arm & Hammer is our favorite when it comes to tracking, but Dr. Elsey wins the competition hands down when you factor in price. Arm & Hammers 27.5-pound box goes for $30, while Dr. Elseys 40-pound bag goes for just $20.

Worth it.

Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter kept our home smelling fresh and it made cleaning the litter box an easy chore. And the fact that a 40-pound bag will run you just $20? Well that makes it even better.

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Precious Cat Dr Elsey’s Kitten Attract Cat Litter

Cats seem to really love this stuff! The manufacturers state that it’s safe to be used as training litter for kitties . But cats of any age appear to like it, so don’t worry if you have an adult cat who needs a new litter. This is made for any cats.

It’s also 99.5% dust-free, all natural, and has a soft texture so it’s gentle on cat paws. Just watch out if your cat is wet and goes insideit can make the litter difficult to remove.

  • Pros: safe to be used in mechanical litter boxes seems to attract cats
  • Cons: hard to remove from the box if it gets wet some users note inefficient packaging can cause spillage

Dr Elseys Cat Litter Brand Overview

Dr. Elsey

Dr. Bruce Elsey is a feline-only veterinarian and has been for more than 35 years. Through his work and through his products, his goal is to provide products that help cats live longer, happier, and healthier lives while also making things a little easier on cat owners.

Dr. Elseys brand offers a selection of high-protein cat foods for all life stages as well as a variety of cat litters and litter box supplies.

What sets Dr. Elseys brand apart from other cat litter brands is the fact that his formulas are uniquely designed to address specific issues. The brand offers cat litters to relieve respiratory problems, to resolve litter box odors, and to address the unique needs of kittens and senior cats. Youll also find additional products such as a urine removal product and cat litter attractant.

Dr. Elseys cat litter is made from premium clay materials to ensure superior clumping action. In addition to forming hard clumps on contact with urine and feces, this cat litter locks in odors.

This cat litter has the ideal texture and particle size to suit your cats preferences while also preventing clumps from breaking down and tracking throughout the house. These litters are not flushable, but the hard clumps are generally easy to scoop and discard.

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Formula Change In Late 2020

There was an apparent change to the formula that created quite a stir in the cat community. Unfortunately, it was not a change for the better and has created more issues with dust production and tracking, and the litter no longer clumps as well as it did.

The formula change doesnt seem to have happened throughout all the litters. Although not reported by the company itself, there is evidence of a change in most of their popular varieties.

The Best Cat Litter Is Litter Your Cat Wants To Use

With inappropriate elimination near the top of the list of reasons cited when people relinquish their cats to the animal shelter, its clear that a harmonious litter box situation spells happiness in a cat-inclusive home.

If you look at it from your cats perspective, youll have a good foundation for evaluating any cat litter on the market. Will this litter feel good under your cats paws? Will dust fill his hooded box and make him uncomfortable? Is the artificial fragrance overwhelming?

Once youve satisfied your cats needs, you can start considering your own. Humans deserve a comfortable home too, and the ideal litter box benefits both you and your cat.

In an ideal world, the best cat litter offers a beautiful combination of features that meet both your needs and your cats. Your cats natural instincts get the respect they deserve, and you get to control the smell and appearance of cat waste in the house.

Your cat wins. You win. And any cat litter that contributes to this situation is a winning product.

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Best Cat Litters With Our 2022 Top Rated Budget

Amanda Yantos

Cat litter is one of the most important components of your felines everyday life. Using a good cat litter promotes healthy eliminating habits and perpetuates your cats overall health condition. Its important to use a dependable cat litter which has been specifically formulated for your furry friends age and specific needs.

30% Off at

How To Redeem This Offer

No matter what type of budget you have, there is a quality cat litter option available. We break down our favorites for you, including our top budget-friendly pick, so you can choose a litter that will work best for your cat based on a wide range of factors.

Lets begin by exploring different types of litter and features.

Natural And Biodegradable Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

The most head-spinning part of the cat litter marketplace may be the natural and organic department. Your options include wheat, coconut, grass, cassava, pine, cedar, paper, tofu, and walnut litter.

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Heres a summary of the most popular types of biodegradable litter.

Many biodegradable cat litters are also flushable. Be sure to carefully read the label and consult local laws before you flush cat litter down the toilet, howeverflushing the wrong litter could be an expensive mistake.

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The Best Cat Litter Is Easy To Clean

Clumping cat litter is usually the easiest to keep clean and dry, but not all clumping litter works equally well.

Some products create soft blobs that crumble when you scoop, and others yield firm clumps. You dont want to feel like youre scraping chunks out of a bowl of cookie dough. The clumps should be cohesive, firm, and easy to remove.

If your litter creates loose, crumbly clumps and leaves chunks of waste behind after every scooping, think about finding a better litter. Move on to another product that creates firm, beautiful clumps.

If youre using a non-clumping product, it must do its job well. Any non-clumping litter should be insanely absorbent and not completely saturated after a days use.

Who Makes Dr Elseys Cat Litter And Where Is It Produced

Dr. Elseys Cat Litter started being produced outside of Dr. Elseys All-Cat Veterinary Clinic in 1978 in the Denver Metro area. For years, Dr. Elsey and his wife, Kathy, kept their cat litter production close to home. They have outsourced some of the production to Wyoming facilities, but otherwise, they mostly stayed in the Midwest region and shipped all their products out from there.

From the litter to the food, every product in this brand was first created, produced, and tested by Dr. Elsey to improve the lives of cats in homes. All the litters are meant to help eliminate specific issues. There are litters that address cats and humans with respiratory issues, that help attract cats and kittens to the litter box to stop them from getting rehomed, and that are suitable for cats with sensitive paws.

Not only does Dr. Elseys work hard to better cats lives in the home, but it also states that it stands for pets, not profit. That is why it is so good at giving back to charities all over the country. Each year, over 1.4 million cats in the U.S. dont find homes. To help support shelters that are overwhelmed with cats, Dr. Elseys provides shelter kits that include food and other toys and trinkets.

It also provides them with thousands of pallets of free litter. Due to Kathy Elseys diagnosis of multiple myeloma, the couple has also started a fund for cancer called Dr. Elseys Fund to Cure Cancer to support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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The Best Cat Litter Is Affordable

Depending what type of litter you choose, you could end up forking over $70 $200 per year in cat litter expenditures. When you consider that a humans annual toilet paper expenses are low as $15 and usually dont exceed $50, cat litter starts to look a bit pricey.

Dont think you need to choose an expensive litter box filler. The most affordable litter is often the best, and you might be better off using soil from your backyard rather than spending big bucks on premium litter.

Many cat litter shoppers explain that they save money by buying cat litter in bulk or from store brands like Chewys Frisco and Petcos So Phresh.

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