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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere

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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

You can show off your own cat devotion, with the Imagine This Company I Love My Cat paw shape magnet and PetRageous Designs I Love My Cat coffee mug to assure that your cat knows how much you love her back. Your cats love may manifest itself in unique and special ways, but her love for you runs just as deep as your love for her.

Now that you know the signs, youll be able to understand her cat love language and deepen the bond with your cat even more.

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If You Give Your Cat Attention When He Or She Follows You Your Cat May Follow You Out Of A Desire To Get That Attention

Dont give your cat food when he or she follows you? You may be delving over something your cat wants nearly as much without realizing: your attention!

Again, contrary to some peoples beliefs, Id argue that the vast majority of cats do actually want human attention. Maybe not a lot of it, or maybe a more passive, non-physical version more than an active, physically being pet style attention giving, but no matter how you dice it, attention is attention.

Some cats go so far as to be in wanting-too-much-attention-from-you territory. Its honestly not unheard of for feline pet parents to feel their cat wants way too much attention more than they have to offer.

If this isnt an unheard of problem to have, Id say regular attention-seeking behaviour by following you around everywhere seems to be a good explanation for the behaviour. What do you think? Do you feel your cat might be following you around for attention?

Considering You A Source Of Amusement

If your cat is bored, following you might be a source of amusement, similar to how humans are entertained by watching people, cats, and other animals on TV or YouTube videos.

Although watching television or seeing videos on YouTube is not as enjoyable as getting out and doing stuff, even cats may be lethargic, too tired to play but not too lazy to entertain themselves by watching you.

Your cat might also want you to play with him/her. In that case, try giving your companion some toys.

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Im Starving Dont You See

One of the most obvious reasons why your cat is following you everywhere is hunger.

Ronnie just wants to make sure that you wont forget to fill her bowl or reminds you that its been too long since she has eaten.

She might also strive to convince you to part with some delicious bites of your dinner and give them to her.

My neighbors car, for example, follows me around when I go out of the front door because she knows that I will eventually give up and feed her.

It seems that cats know instinctively which humans they can pester for food, so they will follow them until they get whatever they want.

Insecurity And Separation Anxiety

Why Does MY CAT FOLLOW ME Everywhere? ð?±ð?¾ 6 REASONS

Other reasons can involve insecurity and separation anxiety. They are very much alike, lets say youre seated on your sofa and your cat is just inches or feet away and you suddenly decide to get up.

If your cat is a bit insecure and/or has anxiety when youre not around, your cat will follow.you in an effort to bridge the gap. If.you have a cat that hates being alone.then its not too uncommon to have a shadow near you at almost all times.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere It Might Be A Kitten

One of the answers to, Why does my cat follow me everywhere? is that a cat following you around might be learned behavior that stems from her kitten days. Despite the image of cats as highly independent creatures, young kittens learn about life by following their mothers. This is sometimes called the mother-kitten connection.

A kitten quickly learns that trailing her mother around will provide food, play, safety and affection pretty much all the things a human ends up undertaking when they adopt a cat.

Jacqueline Munera, a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant at the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, builds on the point by adding that these sorts of positive interactions which also include allogrooming activities like brushing and petting help forge a bond between cats and their humans.

Some cats are quite curious and want to keep tabs on what their human is doing, Jacqueline adds. Some cats just seem to enjoy hanging out with their humans and will follow them around different areas of the house. There can also be a darker side to this strong affiliative relationship in which cats actually suffer from distress when they are separated from their humans.

So, the next time you find yourself asking, Why does my cat follow me? the first answer could be its a case of carrying out learned behavior.

Why Do Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom

People have a couple of theories about why your cat follows you into the bathroom and watches you at your most vulnerable

  • Your cat wants to be with you
  • Your cat knows that while you are in the bathroom, you are their hostage
  • Your cat likes the feel of the cold tile on the bathroom floor.

If your cat following you to the bathroom is problematic, break them of the habit by closing the door when you go in!

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How Should You Reciprocate Your Cat Following You And Other Signs Of Cat Affection

Its important to acknowledge and return the affection your cat shows when she follows you around but make sure to do so in a way your cat appreciates.

The best way to reciprocate depends on the individual cats preferences, Jacqueline says. Some cats may enjoy interactive playtime while others dont really want interaction and just want to hang out near you.

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When reciprocating affection, its smart to experiment to see where your cat likes to be petted or brushed. The areas that most cats prefer include under the chin, the cheeks and the top of the head, Jacqueline says. Some cats really enjoy scratches on their back near the base of the tail, and there are even a few cats that like belly rubs and scratches!

Owners can learn about cat body language so that they will be better able to understand their cats communication signals, she adds.

He Needs Your Help With Something

Why Does MY CAT FOLLOW ME Everywhere? ð?±ð?¾ 6 REASONS

Your muffin cat might want you to know thathe has a special need that he wants you to fulfill for him. It can be a desire for cuddles, to ask for food or water, or even to ask for your protection against a fellow creature or another animal that prowls around, etc.

But it can also happen that his aunt will express his discomfort, let you know that something is wrong and that he needs your help. In general, you will understand it more easily if you pay attention to the meows it emits under such circumstances.

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Are They New To Your Home

Is your cat adjusting to life in your home? Whether you just adopted your cat or just made a move to a new home, your cat may be following you around to seek comfort. Adjusting to new surroundings can be extremely stressful for a cat, and they may be looking to you due to their lack of confidence in their new space. If their clinginess is truly due to being in a new home, this behavior may fade as time goes on and they become more comfortable in your home.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Is It A Sign Of Affection

The second question after wondering, Why does my cat follow me? is to ask whether her habit of trailing you around is a form of cat affection.

It is quite a compliment to be chosen as a favorite individual! Jacqueline says. It means that the cat chooses to be around you and spend her time in your sphere of activity.

There might also be an element of your cat missing you going on especially if youre away from the house all day for work commitments. This can take the form of your cat following you around when you return and acting like shes trying to instigate a play or petting session.

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Sometimes They Ask For Food

When it comes to food, they do everything to get your attention. Following around you is very usual thing near the feeding time. If they hungry, they will meow a lot while following you.

Since cats are not that much patience with their food time, you may need to check their food and water to make sure there are good to go.

Moreover, if they have an unpleased food brand, then they will not eat at all and start roaming around you. So, be sure to feed the cat food brands that your cat prefers.

Cats are very playful animals. If you have an outdoor garden with trees, you may notice that your pet playing with things at certain times. It will try to catch birds or small insects, otherwise, play with small things in garden like a small kitten. They do these kinds of things just for fun, and sometimes it is referred to their hunter instinct.

If your cat living inside a house that does not have a garden, then it will limit the most of chances to play. However, their need for the playtime remain and there try other ways to fulfil that need.

One of the way that they try to achieve this is following you and try to play with you. If you have a good history with your cats playing activities, then it will remember it for future need. So, whenever they feel of playing games, they try to engage you with it by following and jumping or meowing around your legs.

They Love You And Want To Show Their Affection

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

“Why is my cat so clingy?” you might have asked yourself. Another common reason why your clingy cat follows you around the house is that they are showing love and affection. While cats have gotten a bad rap being stereotyped as aloof or “evil,” cat owners can quickly debunk this myth.

Cats are indeed more independent than dogs, and they do have moments when they prefer being left alone . According to the recent study, adult domesticated cats usually don’t see their owners as a focus of safety and security. Instead, this behavior is more obvious in dogs, leading to a bold conclusion that felines are more independent.

Still, cats can express their love and affection towards the humans they consider their family in many exciting ways. For example, they may rub themselves against your leg while meowing, comfortably position themselves on top of you while you sleep, or they may also follow you around the house.

Knowing that your cat wants to be around you is an enjoyable feeling, isn’t it? And one possible way of them showing this is by following you around the house. Similarly, you may also have noticed that whenever you come home from work or other commitments, your cat would trail behind you wherever you go. It’s as if they’re inviting you to pet, play, and spend time with them.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere Normal Vs Abnormal Shadowing

While a cat walking into the room youre in, rubbing against your leg, and then lounging around as you go about your business is quite normal, there is such thing as a cat that is too clingy. If youre thinking, My clingy cat follows me around constantly to the point where I cant get things done! Thats when theres a problem.

Here are some signs that your cats following is a bit excessive:

  • Following you around includes getting in the way of activities .
  • They also meow constantly as they walk behind you .
  • If you close a door, your cat starts scratching it obsessively. They might leave scratch marks on the door, walls, or flooring around the door.
  • They constantly walk so close to you that its impossible to walk without tripping or hurting them.
  • Your cat will become destructive if you dont let them in the room .

He Is Guided By His Instinct

Despite their domestication, our cats have not lost the hunting instinct specific to their feline ancestors. This is particularly noticeable for cats with an adventurous character or partly living outdoors who can stalk and hunt several preys per day. The same goes for apartment or indoor cats that can usually be seen running around the house or waiting for birds perched on the window.

As a result, watching you move and go from room to room in the house, it is possible that your little feline instinctively follows you as it would for prey that it stalks and hunts. And very often, it is not excluded to see it pounce on you by surprise.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Around All The Time

Cats are often considered unsocial animals, often preferring to spend time alone napping in the sun. But this isnt always the case and many cat owners find themselves asking why does my cat follow me around everywhere I go?

If you have a cat then you have probably found them under your feet at some time or another. Maybe when you are cooking dinner, trying to do washing or just moving from room to room in your house.

Cat Follows Me Everywhere For Food

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Sometimes, cats will follow you for food when they know you have something to eat. For example, your cat will follow you if you are holding a plate or anything that seems edible. Likewise, the smell of cooked food is more than enough to make your cat follow you everywhere.

If your kitty feels that you have something to eat, he/she will come to you. It doesnt matter if its cat food or bananas. So, if your pet is eyeing your food, go feed him/her because your cat wants to eat more food.

Other than the sight or smell of the food, cats can also follow the owner if its their mealtime. Cats are very fastidious about their routine and know when its time to have some food. Your cat may also follow you around for food if you have a habit of feeding him/her some of your own food.

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If You Give Your Cat Cuddles Every So Often When He Or She Follows You He Or She Could Follow Everywhere To Be Pet More Often

Now I know when my cats are doing adorable things in my vacinity like sleeping on their backs, or sitting up like humans I just cant fight the urge to go in for a snuggle and give that cat a good long pet. Its not in me to ignore the behaviour or just go on my way without acknowedging its cuteness with a cuddle.

If your cat following you around everywhere leads to you delving out more snuggles, and you can tell your cat loves those, to me its an easy connection to make your cats probably following in part because of those pets and hugs youre giving out!

What do you think could this be part of the reason why your cat follows you everywhere?

Your Cat Needs To Be With You

As we started by stating, cats love spending time with their owners. This is because they get pampered, love and affection. Over the years, cats have grown to more social creatures than they were. As such, your cat will love to be with you everywhere you go. This will include following you around the house watching everything you do and hopefully this should answer your question ‘why does my cat follow me around everywhere?’.

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Why Is My Cat Following Me Everywhere

Most of the time, a cat will follow you around the house because it wants something from you, such as food. Check the time when your cat is at your heels. You may be running behind a previously established schedule.

If your cat has eaten, there could be a range of other explanations for the behavior. Review your cats lifestyle to ensure that it is happy and calm.

They Want To Spend More Time With You

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Even though the ways in which cats show us love are still rather unclear, modern house cats definitely appreciate our presence. Nothings better than cuddling up in bed with your cat and a book or while watching your favourite TV show, right?

It’s the same for them. Sometimes, just 5 to 10 minutes spent petting your cat can make them happy and bring them calm.

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Why Is My Cat Not Affectionate At All

An unaffectionate cat.

If your cat is not showing any affection at all it does not mean it doesnt love or trust you. Like humans, cats have different personalities. Therefore, one could be jumping on you when you enter the room, while another may not even look at you.

The thing to do is look out for love in other ways. Does it follow you around? Does it rub against you when you are cooking? These are examples of other signs of affection.

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