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Why Does My Cat Try To Eat My Hair

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Sudden Changes To The Cats Environment

My cat keeps trying to eat my hair…

Cats much prefer a day-to-day routine and predictability in their everyday life. As such, sudden changes to their environment can be extremely distressing. They may trigger stress responses in your cat, leading to fur-pulling and weight loss.

Changes to your cats environment go hand in hand with medical causes, allergies, and skin parasite infestations. However, there does not have to be a medical reason for your cat to be stressed. Triggers include:

  • Conflict amongst other cats or people
  • Changes to well-liked bedding, housing, or toys
  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • Changing location
  • Extreme boredom
  • Loneliness

Stress can induce what is known as psychogenic alopecia, which is hair loss caused by extreme stress. If your cat is tearing its fur out, but there is no medical explanation, its likely the feline is exhibiting psychogenic alopecia. Compared to normal alopecia, this condition is the forced tearing of any fur from the body. Its not a result of weak hair follicles, making it easier to do so.

Of course, not all environmental changes which cause fur loss are inherently negative. Changes that seem innocent on the surface may lead to hair-pulling. These include:

  • Introducing new pets, babies, or children
  • Adding new toys, household items, scents
  • Having guests over in the house on a regular basis

Your Hair Might Smell Good

Your cat supports your great taste in shampoo! But your cat might not understand that biting, pawing, and attacking your hair isnt the greatest way to express that support.

While smell alone is probably not the sole driver for your cats behavior it can certainly help. Compared to the rest of your cats environment, your hair probably smells very interesting and your feline is always looking for something new to check out!

What You Can Do: If your cat seems a little too interested in sniffing your hair it might be time to try another shampoo. But keep in mind, smell alone is not likely to be the only reason your cat likes to attack your hair to keep reading before you throw out your hair products!

How To Halt Hair Licking

You can take steps to stop such licking if it is bothersome. For instance, you should not look at, talk to or touch a cat who is licking hair, unless you are comfortable having the behavior increase in frequency. If you want to stop the behavior in progress, get up and leave, Dr. Christensen Bell says. If you’re in bed, cover your head with blankets until the cat goes away. Be careful, though, because some cats really enjoy this hide-and-seek game!

If you remove your hair from a cats reach as soon as she starts to lick it, the behavior should decrease in frequency.

In addition, Dr. Christensen Bell says, providing other oral outlets, like food-dispensing toys or frozen cat food smeared on a plate at trigger times , can enrich a cat’s environment and decrease the likelihood that she will lick your hair.

Dr. Christensen Bell also recommends making your hair less appetizing by spraying it with a scent that your cat doesnt like, such as citrus.

If your kitty is slow to respond to these tips, don’t fret. Hair licking is unlikely to harm your feline. Unless the cat is eating the hair or obviously becomes sick after licking human hair, this is usually not something to worry about, says Dr. Christensen Bell.

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Can Cats Poop Out Hair

Usually, the hair goes right through the cats gastrointestinal tract and comes out in the stool. Sometimes, hair collects in the cats stomach and forms into hairballs resulting in coughing, gagging and ultimately a regurgitated fur mass on the floor. Cats generally feel better after getting rid of a hairball.

They Are Being Playful

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair  Miss Cats

Your cat may begin chewing and eating your hair as a means of play. Cats like to stay mentally stimulated, and hair can certainly keep them entertained. If it is a more playful behavior, they will likely include batting it around with their paws as well.

When your cat is simply being playful, there is usually no cause for concern. You just dont want them swallowing any of your hair and if this becomes a frequent go-to for playtime, it may get a bit annoying.

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My Cat Licks My Hair And Bites My Head

Its not unusual for your cat to gently nibble your head or ears as it licks and grooms your hair. Thats because its a display of affection. Similarly, some cats enjoy the taste of hair or the products on it and may become a bit too eager when chewing on it.

In these instances, your cat doesnt mean anything by it it probably doesnt even realize its hurting you.

However, if your cat bites your head a bit too hard and scratches you while its eating your hair, it might be suffering from a behavioral or health problem that you need to address.

Youll also need to let your cat know that its behavior isnt acceptable. You can do this by moving your head away from its mouth and firmly stating No every time it bites your head. Dont reward your cat with a treat or toy as this will only encourage it to continue.

Instead, provide a scratching post that allows your cat to destress. Whatever you do, dont cause your cat more stress. Thats the most likely reason why your cat is biting your head if you make your cat more anxious, its behavior will only get worse.

Your Cat Wants To Play

Not only does your hair smell interesting, but long hair is also like a mobile play toy for cats. Even better is that its always attached to his best friend! What cat could resist!?

But in all seriousness, you already know that cats LOVE anything that dangles. String, tinsel, tails, and well.your hair! Honestly, your hair is also probably the safest thing on that list for cats to play with.

If your cat primarily swats and bats your hair with her paws its most likely that your cat just wants to play.

What You Can Do: Try to encourage your cat to play with a more appropriate toy instead of your hair. In behavior terms, this is called redirecting the behavior and its often much more effective than simply telling your cat to stop.

After all, even if you tell them to stop, theyre still going to want to play!

One of my favorite toys is a toy called Da Bird. Da Bird mimics a flying bird and Ive never seen a cat not play with it. You can get the

Also, here are some cats losing their minds over Da Bird:

Alternatively, you can use a toy that doesnt require as much effort from you. My favorite are these little mouse toys that make chirps when theyre knocked around. They also have a little catnip in them which doesnt seem to do much for my cat Debbie but your cat might go crazy for it.

If your cat likes to attack your hair while youre getting ready then the little mice toys are great since you can usually just throw them for your cat and get back to getting ready.

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To Get Your Attention

Licking, chewing, biting, eating, or affairs on your beard may above be a atrocious cry for attention. Some bodies can be above and accumulate to themselves while others will ache for their owners attention.

Cats are nocturnal animals and tend to get into their escapade at night while youre asleep. They may become apathetic and adjudge they appetite to accommodate you in their fun. You may apprehension your cat starts accomplishing this about their agriculture time or if they appetite to deathwatch you up from a acceptable nights sleep.

If you anticipate about it, it is a alive tactic. Afterwards all, who can avoid a tiny little predator aggravating to rip the beard from their head? Now theyve got your attention.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Pet Her

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

There are a couple reasons your cat may bite you during petting. The three most common reasons are:

  • Youve exceeded their sensitivity threshold: Extended petting sessions can be uncomfortable for cats with sensitive skin. Signs of overstimulation are a rippling of the skin on their backs, flattened ears, growling, dilated pupils, and a twitching tail. To avoid a painful bite, let your cat move away from you if you see these signs.
  • Pain: Cats are masters at hiding their pain. If your cat is in pain, it may hurt when you hug or pet them, causing them to bite you to stop the interaction. Talk to your vet to rule out any medical issues.
  • Control: Cats are all about territory and control, and if youre petting them in their quiet place, they might not feel they have control over their environment. You risk getting corrected with a bite if your petting isnt welcome.
  • Kittens learn about their own bite strength and how to use their claws from their mom and siblings during play. If a kitten is separated from its litter too early, they wont learn appropriate limits for their teeth and claws which means theyll need to learn it from you. Well go through some methods to discourage them from biting in a minute, but for now, know that cats have a peculiar way of looking at punishment and dont react like dogs do. Physical punishment wont work for cats and could even make the biting issue worse.

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    Why Do Cats Eat Human Hair

    There is a wide range of reasons for pets to take a look at eating foods that are not in their typical diet. You likely discourage your kitty from eating a wide range of things that they can get their hands on, but human hair is a fairly typical target for cats because of several top reasons. If you have ever wondered why your cat is eating human curls, here are some of the main reasons your pet might eat hair:

    1. Social

    Cats will often bite when they are socializing. Licking and chewing are a part of how many pets communicate and get social with one another. When your cat decides to eat your hair, it symbolizes that they like you and want to connect with you. Likewise, when your cat decides to eat your curls or lick along your face, they show their affection.

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    2. Because of Stress or for Soothing themselves

    When your pet is biting at your curls, it can also sign that they are grooming to relieve stress. Also, when your kitty runs out of coat to groom on themselves, they can move to your hair. Cats often find grooming to be a de-stressor, and when they dont have a chance to groom themselves, it often can harm their wellbeing. So allowing them to groom their curls can be a great way to manage their stress levels.

    3. Thyroid Gland Problems

    4. For fun and enjoyment

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    5. To get your attention

    6. To wake you up quickly

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    Can My Cat Be Harmed From Licking/eating My Hair

    Your cat would have to eat a very large amount of your hair for it to experience health issues. However, do remember if your cat is also licking you at the same time it could easily ingest some of any creams or products that you use on your skin or hair so do be careful particularly if you using some strong for a cold sore or eczema etc.

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    Your Cat Wants To Suckle

    You may not be aware of your cats life before they were adopted, especially if you adopted your cat from a shelter or rescue.

    Out of the seven cats in our family, we only know where Walker came from since we met him, his siblings and his mother before welcoming him into the family.

    Chances are if you are unaware of your cats beginnings or where they come from, you arent thinking about your cats mother or whether or not your cat was separated/weaned from their mother too early. The reason I bring up a cats mother is that kittens who are separated from their mother early have been known to exhibit odd behaviours such as suckling on wool, cloth or even plastic.

    Often suckling behaviour is attributed to a condition called Pica, which can also stem from being removed from a mother too early. Although excessive chewing and suckling can be associated to a cat who was separated from their mother too soon, it can also be a sign of a cat who has a nutrient deficiency or an underlying health condition.

    Cats who chew on hair because they have the craving or need to suckle should be given alternative chew toys and should be taken to the vet for some blood work, especially if they try to swallow the hair. Its essential to be on top of your cats health, especially because nutrient deficiencies can flood into other aspects of your cats life.

    Note that the desire to suckle is not always a bad sign or a symptom of underlying health conditions.

    Is It Bad If My Cat Chews My Hair

    Why does my cat eat my hair?

    Even though a cat chewing your hair is a form affection and is often freaking adorable, be aware of what products may be in your hair. “Hair regrowth products that contain minoxidil, like Rogaine, can be very toxic to cats and cause heart failure,” Dr. Casali told POPSUGAR. If using these kinds of products, you should stop your cat from chewing on your hair.

    Hair chewing might not always be a social behavior, either. “Sometimes, if your cat is excessively biting your hair, and/or eating other non-food objects , the cat may have a condition called pica, possibly related to dietary deficiencies,” Dr. Casali says. If your cat is excessively chewing objects or eating things they shouldn’t, talk to your vet.

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    Is It Okay For My Cat To Eat My Hair

    If your cat is chewing and eating at your hair as a means of affection, it may be annoying but also a bit heartwarming. You do need to ensure your cat is not attempting to ingest your hair. In no circumstances is a cat swallowing your hair a good thing.

    Even if your cat is simply biting, licking, or chewing your hair, you must be mindful that we humans tend to use a lot of chemical products in our hair that will not be good for your cat. It can also cause intestinal obstruction, which can be fatal.

    As we have discussed, hair chewing might not always be a social behavior. If your cat is excessively gnawing at your hair and eating other non-food objects, it may be a sign of a condition known as pica. If you notice these behaviors, it is best to contact your veterinarian for the sake of your cats health and well-being.

    Why Are Cat Tongues So Rough And Spiky

    Cats and kittens have rough-looking tongues. They seem to have lots of spikes on them, much like the bristles of a boar bristle brush. This bristly structure of the cat tongue is made up of backward-facing taste buds that are actually a tool for survival. They are used to deep clean the coat, while also helping them to eat. They help the cat to remove flesh from bones and help them to remove food and debris from their coats. These papillae on the cats’ tongues also help cats to drink. Believe it or not, they don’t just dunk their tongues into the water and swallow whatever water is absorbed. Instead, their tongues are capable of yanking water upwards into a miniature column of water, and then they close their mouths quickly around the water. How cool is that!?

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    When Should I Take My Cat To The Vet

    As someone who has taken her furbaby to the vet three times over the last six months, I know how expensive it can get. However, keeping your cat’s health is a top priority, so if they’re clearly uncomfortable, you should make an appointment ASAP. “If the amount of grooming they’re doing results in thinning of fur, bald patches, or scabs/ulcerations, you should definitely reach out to your vet,” Dr. Austin said. “Also, if you notice excessive grooming in combination with any other symptoms , you should have Kitty evaluated sooner rather than later.”

    Chewing Is Pleasurable To The Cat

    Why Does My Cat Lick Me When I Pet Her – Because She….

    Not all hair biting behavior is based on a negative, sometimes a healthy cat just finds pleasure in the action. A happy kitty will get a rush of those feel-good endorphins and will want to continue to do so. Your cat may also be showering you with affection the same way they show affection for among themselves with mutual grooming. If youve just bathed or washed your hair, your cat may simply be enjoying the smell and/or taste of your freshly groomed locks.

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