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Will Vegetable Oil Kill Fleas On Cats

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My Cats How to kill fleas ( organic coconut oil

When a flea bites the skin, it injects a small amount of its saliva to prevent the blood from clotting at the site so the bug can feed. The saliva injected causes an intensely itchy local reaction.

Whats worse, is that some pets and people are allergic to the flea saliva causing an even more intense reaction.

Vet Bills Getting You Down See How You Can Save Some Money And Have A Healthy Pet With Olive Oil

Pet parents and pet lovers only want the best for their pets, but sometimes the budget is just too tight to rush to the vet for a 10 min consultation. Our furry little friends however very cute can be very expensive to maintain medically. Olive oil is not only a great natural remedy for humans but can also be beneficial for your pets, specifically dogs and cats with healthy coats & hairball management and more.

Although Olive oil can be a superfood for our furry friends, too much can have a negative effect. So, ensure you moderately make use of olive oil and get the okay from your vet if your pet may have any health problems or you want to be extra cautious.


An amazing addition to your poochs diet, olive oil for dogs packs a healthy punch. Here are a few reasons why you should share olive oil with your canine.

  • Incorporating olive oil into your dogs diet:
  • Olive oil is rich in fats which is valuable to keep a healthy long-living dog. Potential benefits include the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and excess weight gain and a healthier immune system according to

    You can mix olive oil into your dogs regular food according to their body weight. Dependent on your dogs size always liaises with a vet to figure out the right dosages.

    2. Olive oil for dogs immune system health:

    3. Feel good and look good:

    A bonus tip: A natural remedy to get rid of dog fleas is to mix olive oil and lavender oil.

    4. Cost-effective remedy for dog ears:

    How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

    Even indoor cats are not immune to flea visitors. Pet-friendly herbalists recommend this natural way to discourage fleas from setting up house in your cats coat.

    Make a Homemade Herbal Flea Powder for Cats

    Combine one part each of as many of these herbs as you can find: eucalyptus, rosemary, fennel, yellow dock, wormwood, and rue. Put this mixture in a shaker-top jar . Apply the herbal flea powder sparingly to your cats coat by brushing backward with your hand or a comb and sprinkling the herbs into the base of the hairs, especially around the neck, back, and belly. Do this several times a week. Your cat will purr with gratitude.

    Do you have a favorite tip for how to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats?

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    Safe Ways To Get Rid Of Ticks And Fleas Effectively


    Ticks and fleas are tiny parasites which look similar to a spider. Usually, they hide in the fur or attach themselves to the skin of animals. People who work in zoo, maintain farms or have pets can also be attacked by ticks or fleas. These tiny parasites are most active in warm and hot weathers. Though they dont spread any diseases, they silently suck blood without causing any pain.

    Few signs or symptoms of tick or flea bite are swelling, weakness, vomiting, joint pain, localized pain and fever. Instead of trying commercial repellants or creams, you can use safe and effective home remedies.

    Will Vegetable Oil Kill Mange Mites

    Products proven to kill your cat

    by Erin Maurer / in Home

    Home cooking oils, like vegetable oil, may provide temporary relief for mange mite infections in household pets. The oils can sometimes kill some of the infecting mites, but they should not replace veterinary care.

    • Home cooking oils, like vegetable oil, may provide temporary relief for mange mite infections in household pets.

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    Can Cooking Oil Kill Fleas

    I cannot find a reliable way to kill fleas after removing them from my cats with a flea comb. Soap and water does not do the job and they climb back out of the drain.Will cooking oil suffocate fleas? If so how long of time until the flea expires?

    • $\begingroup$You can easily drown them in a glass of plain water they stop moving within 10-20 seconds, but you could leave them longer to make sure. Just don’t look closely at them during this, as some may find it upsetting.$\endgroup$

    Short answer: Mire them in a viscous liquid then leave them in there long enough for them to die, instead of immediate disposal.

    Cooking oil is viscous, so yes you can viably use it to mire the fleas. You’ll need to wait until they die though to dispose of them or else they’ll come crawling back as you’ve stated. The DIY option is generally a water/dish soap mixture in a container: you’ll put the fleas in and they sink to the bottom almost immediately. Just leave them in there and they’ll eventually die in about 5 minutes. Some individuals suggest Dawn dish soap, much like here, where the claim is that the Dawn contains compounds which suffocate the fleas.

    You can also make a flea trap for around the house, with a bowl of dish soap and water near a night light. They’ll jump for the light and end up falling into the flea trap.

    Burrs In Fur: Tips For Grooming

    • For dogs, comb the burrs in their fur with a metal comb immediately. If burrs are badly tangled, rub vegetable oil on your fingers and work the lubrication slowly through the fur until you can pull the burrs out.
    • Cats typically will want to take care of their own grooming, but you can help by gently working through the mess with a wire brush. Most cats wont let you cut the fur or lubricate it the way a dog will.

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    S To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House

    If you follow these steps, youll find its not very difficult to get rid of cat fleas fast, and you wont need to resort to using chemical bombs or expensive pest control companies.

    Basically, you need to clean your house very well making sure to do these things:

  • Wash your cat or dog. Any shampoo will do as fleas will drown and die in the water. If your pet is very irritated from flea bites, try a soothing oatmeal formula like this one.
  • Wash all bedding where your pet sleeps or fleas have been seen. You dont need any special soap here either, just wash the bedding in your washing machine as usual.
  • Replace any filling in dog or cat beds. If you cant remove and replace the bedding, youre better off buying a new bed for your pet. Flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are already hiding inside of the filling so you need to get rid of them.
  • Vacuum. Every. Day. You can kill fleas in carpet simply by vacuuming. Flea eggs are not sticky and theyre easily sucked up by your vacuum. Sprinkle DE + Borax into your vacuum bag or container to kill live fleas that get sucked in.
  • Use a flea preventative on your pet. Combining these steps with one of the recommended flea pills or collars listed above for at least 3 months will get rid of your flea problem.
  • What To Do If Your Cat Wont Like To Have Vegetable Oil In Its Diet

    Coconut Oil | NO! Your Cats Are NOT Dying! — May 20, 2020

    If your cat doesnt like the taste of food with vegetable oil, then replace it with fatty acid supplements. Most omega fatty acid supplements are primarily made from flaxseed oil and other oil, such as primrose and hemp oil.

    In general fatty acids, supplements are safe, but they high-dose will cause blood clotting. Pet owners should be cautious while buying fatty acid supplements as some are not highly regulated, and some may not contain an ideal fatty acid ratio.

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    Why Use Less Effective Non Toxic Flea Control Alternatives

    When an animal is treated with an insecticide, everyone in the home gets treated. Although many products now offered are considered very safe, no one would suggest that they are harmless. Constant exposure to you, your children, and your animals to some low dose toxins can add up to significant effect over 15+ years of a cat’s life. Since the products are designed to stay on the animal for several weeks exposure remains over long periods.

    To this low level of exposure, add any residual exposure from eating fruits and vegetables which have been sprayed. The same insecticide, imidacloprid, that is used in Advantage spot flea treatment is also commonly used in crops spraying all over the world. It has come under question by the FDA in 2009 after reports of nasty side effects started adding up. I have a cat that cannot tolerate it and gets very sick, SO it’s not just hearsay. Keep in mind though that these chemicals have been tested and for the most part are safer than having a nasty flea infestation. It is safer to treat with good quality flea treatments than not to treat at all.

    Other pesticides have been used to spray areas of bedding and floors. Some of these are considerably more toxic. has a great deal of information on different products. If you are looking at the toxicity of various insecticides it’s a very good resource.

    How To Apply It

    Dip your forefinger and middle finger in vegetable oil and rub it into the dry area. If you want to make the experience more pleasant for the dog, heat the oil until barely warm. This will not only make the skin moist, but the motion of rubbing the oil into the skin along with the heat can serve as a gentle massage for the dog. Make sure the dog’s skin absorbs the oil or you risk getting oil all over your home and furniture. Too much oil can also clog the skin’s pores and prevent essential oils from being secreted.

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    Oregano Oil For Fleas On Cats

    Is oregano oil safe for cats? Oregano has a natural ingredient called carvacrol that makes a very effective natural flea repellant. The problem is that oregano contains phenols that are also very bad for your cat. As a result, you cant use concentrated oregano oil liberally on your cat you need to seriously reduce concentration.

    A favored method of using oregano oil is to mix the oil with olive oil on a basis of three drops of olive oil to one of oregano. The resulting mixture can then be applied with a cotton ball to areas of the cat that fleas like to congregate on but that is also out of reach of the cat. The usual areas are on the backs of the ears, base of the tail, neck and stomach.

    A secondary method of using oregano oil might be to use the oil on a homemade flea collar. Adding a low concentration dose of oregano to a cotton collar along with other low concentration oils can make a collar that will keep fleas at bay!

    If you do use oregano to treat fleas keep a sharp lookout for any negative effects and stop treatment immediately if your cat shows signs of irritation, fur loss or change in demeanor.

    Treating Flea Bites On Cats And Dogs

    10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Cats

    Usually getting rid of the fleas will take care of the problem, however, the reaction to the bites can be very irritating for some pets.

  • A bath is the very first step for soothing flea bites on your cat or dog. Try a soothing oatmeal shampoo instead of over the counter flea shampoos that contain pesticides.
  • Benadryl can be effective at calming the itchy feeling as well. Benadryl dosing for pets is 1/2 to 1 mg per pound.
  • Topical ointments and sprays that contain cortisone can be helpful as well. Be careful not to apply to the face or on a pet that is likely to lick the solution off.
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    Benefits Of Using Olive Oil

    • It prevents cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in old cats.
    • It helps in weight loss in obese cats as it breaks down fats that are stored in single cells.
    • Olive oil is great for muscular functionality.
    • It prevents the tangling of hairs called hairballs.
    • It is a natural cure for ear mites, and you can add a few drops of olive oil into your cats year.
    • It improves the shine and softness of a cats coat.
    • It gives relief to cats from the signs of constipation.

    Best Way To Use Coconut Oil On Dogs Or Cats

    You can use coconut oil three different ways.

  • Treat fleas that are already present on your pet.
  • Use it as a flea-repellent, even if your pet has no fleas.
  • As an ingredient in a flea-repellent treatment.
  • If you do put it in their food, use only a small amount, such as half the size of a pea. The smell can be quite strong to a pet and many animals may not like the taste. But this works well for the fighting of fleas, as they dont like it either.

    To use it on your pets skin or fur, you can simply rub it in. Do the following steps outside, because as you apply the coconut oil, the fleas may jump off. You want to do this outside so they dont run around your house.

    For pets who already have fleas in their fur or hair, begin by coating your hands with coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally at solid state at natural room temperature. As you rub it through your hands it will warm up and liquify.

    For the next step, you will rub it throughout your pets coat. You can start with one section and work your way over their body.

    Be sure to rub it into back, sides, and belly of your pet. Work your way around the neck region especially the top of the back where fleas hang out and up the head. Do their legs, and tail.

    The good news is that even if the fleas land on your pet and try to move around, the lauric acid in the oil will work its magic.

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    Uses Of Essential Oils

    We use essential oils in a wide variety of different ways, from making our homes smell delightful to helping improve our physical and emotional wellbeing. Many owners have also used essential oils with their pets to similar effect. Some of the most common uses of essential oils in animals include helping to manage their moods such as calming them down or enabling them to manage anxiety, as well as acting as a repellent for certain pests including fleas and ticks.

    While essential oils have been used safely for centuries, it is important for pet owners to realize that there are in fact many different plants and flowers that are toxic to our animals. This toxicity doesnt diminish because your pet isnt coming contact with the plant itself far from it. Instead, the highly concentrated nature of the essential oil can make it even more potent in its poisonous nature. This is particularly true when you consider that cats and dogs have a sense of smell that is much more acute than our own. What might be a pleasant scent to us could be overwhelming and even painful for them to experience.

    Natural Flea Home Remedies Diatomaceous Earth

    Cats, Fleas and Essential Oils

    If you want something stronger than baking soda or salt, consider diatomaceous earth . When you buy DE, make sure you buy the food grade version. Additionally, because it is a very fine powder, manufacturers suggest wearing a face mask while applying DE.

    DE works to dehydrate the fleas quicker than salt would and quickly kills fleas and their eggs. Just dust the carpeted areas of your home with DE and let sit for 48 hours.

    After that time, thoroughly vacuum and dispose of the vacuum bag outside. This solution may also be effective as a natural termite killer. Sprinkle the DE in areas where termites seem to lurk, like woodpiles.

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    Diatomaceous Earth To Prevent Fleas

    Ticks and fleas can easily hide and survive in various places of the house like carpets and mattress. Diatomaceous earth helps to kill the ticks and fleas.

    • Brush and vacuum your carpet and furnishing.
    • Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the carpets and bedding.
    • Leave it on for 4 6 hours.
    • Vacuum away all the sprinkled powder.
    • Discard the vacuum bag properly.
    • Repeat the process once in a while.

    Natural Flea Treatment Using Brewers Yeast

    Homemade brewers yeast cubes are a natural flea treatment for dogs and cats. When using brewers yeast for fleas, along with a few other natural items, the fleas are repelled by the scent and unpleasant taste. As with any natural treatment, consistency is the key to staying on top of the issue. Your dog will thank you.

    The desire to live a chemical free life for yourself and your family is important. We consume a clean food source by growing our own fruit and vegetables, raising our own meat, preserving the harvest, and preparing homemade meals.

    I participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs. This allows me the opportunity to earn a small amount on your purchase at no additional cost to you.

    Yet, somehow we forget that our constant companions, our dogs and cats, deserve to live as naturally as we do.

    Aside from feeding our dogs a complete raw diet and homemade dog treats, they also receive a natural flea treatment. Homemade brewers yeast cubes for fleas are given daily, in addition to homemade bone broth, coconut oil, and raw apple cider vinegar.

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