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Acana Cat Food Wild Atlantic

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Where Is Acana Cat Food Sold

Top 5 Best Acana Dog Foods In 2021 Review From Pet Expert

Both online and off, Acana is exclusively sold through independent pet specialty retailers and veterinary practices.

Both authorized and non-authorized dealers sell Acana. The company claims, however, that authorized retailers provide superior customer service and the Champion Petfoods 100% satisfaction guarantee. Non-authorized dealers include, but arent limited to, Chewy/PetSmart, Jet, Walmart, and eBay.

Acana Meadowlands Premium Dry Cat Food

Acana Meadowlands is a more typical cat food recipe, as it uses ingredients like chicken, turkey, and trout rather than exotic fish. However, those ingredients are typical for a reason theyre great for cats.

This recipe uses several different meals as well, like catfish meal and chicken meal. Although it sounds gross to us, meals are mushed-up concoctions that include a variety of internal organs and bones, and theyre filled with essential nutrients that cant be found in other parts of the animal.

They include non-mashed-up internal organs as well, like turkey hearts and livers. Most cats love these meats, and you cant find them in many lower-priced foods.

The plant-based ingredients are top-notch as well, with collard greens, carrots, cranberries, and more making an appearance.

There are quite a few eggs in the recipe these add protein but at the risk of causing digestive issues for some cats. Also, theres more sugar in here than wed like, but still less than youd find in more highly-processed foods.

Acana Wild Atlantic Premium Dry Cat Food

As you might expect given the name, Acana Wild Atlantic is based around wild-caught fish. Youll find fish like mackerel, herring, redfish, hake, and flounder inside.

This means that the food is packed with omega fatty acids, which are important for coat health, immune support, and brain function. It also provides plenty of lean protein .

The kibble is coated in freeze-dried cod liver, which makes it more appetizing to cats. However, it also gives it a strong fish odor, so you may want to hold your nose when opening the bag.

Its a grain-free formula, as it uses pumpkin, lentils, beans, and peas in place of ingredients like corn. This makes it easier for your cat to tolerate while also providing fiber.

Its also one of Acanas priciest formulas, but the extra nutrition makes the added cost well worth it.

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What Do Customers Think Of Acana Cat Food

Acana receives mixed reviews. While the brand is generally well-regarded and gets primarily positive reviews, Acana has been hit by criticism since opening their DogStar kitchen in Auburn, Kentucky. Since the transition to the United States manufacturing plant, customers say that Acana foods taste different, look different, and, according to some, make their pets sick.

Here are four reviews from Acana customers:

A Sneak Peek At The Winner: Orijen

Acana Cat Food Wild Atlantic
Orijen High-Protein, Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food
  • Bone and cartilage ingredients
  • Suitable for almost all life stages
  • Primary meats are chicken, turkey, and fish
  • Acana Wild Atlantic Premium Dry Cat Food
  • Full of lean protein
  • Heavy on the omega fatty acids
  • Good for young and developing cats

    We prefer Orijen to Acana, but thats not exactly a controversial opinion. Orijen is the more premium of the two foods, and its also a tad bit more expensive. In this price range, though, the difference in nutrition more than makes up for the difference in cost.

    While all of Orijens foods are good, here are three of our favorite recipes:

    If youd like to learn why exactly Orijen edged out Acana in our rankings, we go more in-depth on the involved factors below.

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    Acana Regionals Appalachian Ranch

    ACANA Appalachian Ranch is inspired by Kentuckys Appalachian ranching heritage. This high-quality grain-free foods fresh regional ingredients include ranch-raised beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, ranch-raised bison, and freshwater catfish. It is packed with rich, meaty flavors that cats crave.

    ACANAs WholePrey ratios of meat, organs, and cartilage provide nutrients required by a feline diet in their natural form. Appalachian Ranch has 2 lbs. of beef, tripe, and liver 1 lb. pork, liver, and kidney 1 lb. lamb, liver, and trip ¼ lb. freshwater catfish and ¼ lb. ranch raised bison.

    The first five ingredients of Appalachian Ranch are deboned beef, deboned pork, deboned lamb, beef meal, and lamb meal.


    Super tasty. This Appalachian Ranch dry cat food is loved even by many picky felines. Made with flavorful beef, pork, lamb, bison, and catfish, it is a hit among cats. The flavor is enhanced with beef fat and liver. All these not only make it extra tasty, but also rich in protein much needed by cats.

    Healthy skin and coats. Some cats who were previously suffering from skin problems due to allergies have found relief in ACANAs grain-free Appalachian Ranch recipe. Their skin cleared up. No more scabs or itchy skin and feet. Their fur have grown back and are healthier than before.


    Crumbly. Some find this cat food a bit too crumbly. It leaves a good amount of food dust at the bottom of the bag. This usually goes to waste as cats do not eat it.

    Recall History Of Acana And Orijen

    Both brands are made in the same kitchen, so it makes sense that theyd have similar recall histories. In this case, theres only been one incident involving either brand.

    In 2008, Orijen recalled cat foods that it had shipped to Australia after several cats who ate them became ill or even died. However, upon further investigation, it turned out that the issue wasnt with the food at all.

    At the time, the Australian government required imported pet foods to undergo gamma radiation to kill any microbes inside. This radiation reduced the amount of vitamin A in the food while also releasing free radicals, which turned out to be a toxic combination.

    Given that the only recall incident involving either brand was due to something outside their control, it seems as though these are two of the safer foods on the market today.

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    Who Is Acanas Target Audience

    Acana is a premium brand aimed at pet owners who are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep their cats healthy. Its not a cheap food, and its not sold in many stores, so it can be difficult to find.

    Most of Acanas customers are fairly well-educated about their cats nutritional needs, and the company relies on that. If you think that your cat should eat a diet as diverse as your own, this is not going to be the food for you. Acana recognizes that cats are carnivores and its foods reflect that.

    It only makes dry kibble, so while it does have recipes targeted at senior cats, Acanas foods arent the best choice for cats with missing teeth or periodontal disease. However, their crunchy kibble can help clean cats teeth, so it may help prevent those issues in the first place.

    Who Is Orijens Target Audience

    Kitten’s favorite food review: MeO, Matisse or Acana Pacifica?

    Orijens target audience is basically the same as Acanas: people who want the best for their cat, regardless of cost.

    To be honest, though, were not sure why anyone would buy Acana over Orijen. Its a bit cheaper, but its still incredibly expensive, so it doesnt seem like there would be many people in this price range whod consider a few extra bucks a dealbreaker.

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    Has Acana Cat Food Been Recalled

    Acana hasnt been recalled, but its sister brand, Orijen, has.

    Prior to 2009, Australian import regulations required all raw or lightly-cooked imported foods undergo gamma irradiation treatment before being sold in stores. Because Orijen foods contain fresh and freeze-dried ingredients, they were subject to this mandatory irradiation treatment.

    In 2008, the treatment destroyed more than microbial contaminants in Orijen food. It depleted vitamin A and promoted the formation and spread of free radicals. Combined, these effects led to illnesssometimes fatal illnessin several cats who ate the treated Orijen food.

    In 2018, US consumers filed a lawsuit against Acanas parent company, Champion Petfoods.

    The class-action suit alleged that Champion misrepresented their food by failing to disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins. Testing by the Clean Label Project revealed that both Orijen and Acana foods contained arsenic, BPA, cadmium, mercury, and lead. You may view documentation of those toxins here. The average amount of heavy metals in Orijen and Acana foods fell within the maximum tolerable levels set by the FDA.

    Acana Cat Food Review: Biologically Appropriate Food For Cats

    Pet food choices seem to increase in number by the day. More and more pet parents demand better quality than what the traditional pet food products have to offer.

    ACANA is one of the brands that specializes in the more protein-centric, species appropriate dog and cat foods. To help you find the best cat food based on what the brand has to offer, we have created this comprehensive 2022 ACANA cat food review.

    The brand aims to provide biologically appropriate food using high quality natural ingredients. ACANA is owned by Champion Petfoods. The company is the award-winning pet food maker based in Canada that also gave us ACANAs sister brand, Orijen.

    Founded more than 30 years ago in Barrhead, Alberta, Canada, the company created pet foods with fresh regional ingredients that are made in their own kitchens. The company now serves quality pet food in more than 90 countries across the globe.

    Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

    Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

  • What does biologically appropriate mean?
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    Acana New Grasslands Premium Dry Cat Food

    Acana New Grasslands offers a nice balance between the two options above, as it mixes traditional ingredients, like chicken and turkey, with more unusual ones, like duck and quail.

    The fact that it contains so many unusual ingredients may be off-putting if your cat is used to eating whatever you can find at your local grocery store, though. While wild cats might eat quail and duck, those foods may be new to your pet and they may turn their nose up at them.

    This recipe uses even more eggs than Acanas Meadowlands option, so cats with sensitive stomachs may need to eat something else. It has more animal meals, though, so your cat will get all the internal organs they need.

    Youll find whole pinto beans, whole green lentils, whole chickpeas, and lentil fiber inside, so this should help your cat stay regular. Theres pollock oil inside for additional omega fatty acids too.

    If you want to expand your cats horizons without sacrificing their nutritional needs along the way, Acana New Grasslands is a smart way to do it.

    How Much Does Acana Cat Food Cost

    Buy Acana Wild Atlantic Dry Cat Food Online

    Acana is a moderately-priced cat food brand. According to the companys feeding guidelines for an 11-lb cat, Acana costs about $0.64 to $0.75 per day. This puts Acana in the same price bracket as Merrick Backcountry, Taste of the Wild, and Wellness CORE grain-free dry cat food.

    For those weighing Acana against its meatier and more expensive sibling, its about 20% cheaper than Orijen, saving you about $87 per year.

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    What Kind Of Food Does Orijen Make

    Like Acana, Orijen only makes high-protein kibble, with no wet foods available. They have kibbles for every life stage, as well as a few for special diets, such as grain-free or healthy weight.

    Acana and Orijen have different recipes, but they all seem to be based on the same idea. For example, Acana has a line called Bountiful Catch, while Orijen has one called Six Fish both are seafood-based using at least six different types of fish.

    Its likely that the kitchen makes each recipe the same way and just changes the amount of meat used for each, but we dont know that for sure.

    Quality Ingredients Make Better Food

    Whole mackerel, whole herring, whole hake, Acadian redfish, mackerel meal, herring meal, whole red lentils, whole pinto beans, pea starch, whitefish meal, pollock oil, pollock meal, whole green lentils, whole chickpeas, sunflower oil, flounder, natural fish flavor, lentil fiber, saower oil, freeze-dried cod liver, choline chloride, whole cranberries, whole pumpkin, collard greens, carrots, apples, zinc proteinate, vitamin E supplement, dried kelp, taurine, copper proteinate, niacin, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement, biotin, L-carnitine, DL-methionine, ascorbic acid , chicory root, turmeric, sarsaparilla root, althea root, rosehips, juniper berries,citric acid , rosemary extract, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Bifidobacterium animalis fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product.

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    Their Variety Is Lacking

    You wont find many recipes from Acana, as its not as specialized as some other brands. It only has a few dry foods to choose from, and it doesnt make wet cat foods at all.

    Thats not a big deal if you assume, like Acana apparently does, that its basic options are all perfectly-calibrated to meet a cats dietary needs. You dont need more options if one works better than any of the others, after all.

    However, if your cat doesnt care for one of its foods, you wont have many backup plans available. Its food can also be hard to find in stores, so you may have to switch to another food if you cant find Acana with any regularity.

    Acana Vs Orijen Cat Food: Our 2022 In

    ACANA Enhanced Grain-Free Cat Foods

    If you take your cats health seriously, then you may have thought about investing in a premium cat food brand to feed them. However, it seems like there are just as many choices to make on the high end as there are on the budget side of the aisle and any mistake you make is likely to be much more expensive.

    Two popular premium brands are Acana and Orijen. These two foods are similar, which makes sense when you realize that theyre both made by the same company. They use similar ingredients in similar amounts and are even governed by nearly-identical nutritional philosophies.

    Theyre not identical, though, and we feel that one is definitely better than the other. To find out which one we prefer , read on.

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    What Kinds Of Ingredients Does Orijen Use

    Orijen uses the same ingredients that Acana does: namely, fresh, locally-sourced meats and plants that can be found in the fertile farm and ranch lands around Alberta.

    There doesnt seem to be much difference in ingredient quality between the two foods, so its simply a matter of Orijen using more good stuff than Acana.

    Acana Doesnt Outsource Any Of Its Food Processing

    All of Acanas foods are made in its own kitchen in Alberta. None of the manufacturing process happens in places like China or other overseas locations with potentially shoddy safety practices.

    It doesnt handle any other manufacturing for other companies either, so its food cant get tainted along the way. That doesnt guarantee the foods safety, of course, but it is reassuring.

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    Acana Wild Atlantic Dry Cat Food 18kg


    • Made in Acana’s kitchens in Kentucky, America
    • Suitable for cats at all stages of life
    • Recipe includes a selection of fresh or raw ingredients in their most nourishing form
    • Quality regional ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers – a curated group of farmers, ranchers and fishers
    • Acanas protein-rich, biologically appropriate recipes imitate the kinds of food your cats ancestors would have eaten in the wild
    • Acana is made with fresh meat, as well as organs and cartilage for maximum taste and nutrition
    • Grain and gluten-free recipe, made with GMO-free ingredients
    • Infused with freeze-dried liver for added flavour


    Acana Wild Atlantic Dry Cat Food 45kg

    Acana Wild Atlantic Grain

    Acana Pacifica Dry Cat Food is a delicious, high protein dog food for your adult cat. Formulated with the right ratio of ingredients to keep your furry friend healthy, happy and fit, Acana Pacifica Dry Cat Food is very high in protein, very low in carbohydrates and contains just the right amount of vegetables, fruit and botanicals. This cat food contains 60% fish which is comprised of pacific salmon, herring and flounder containing a wholeprey ratio of meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage. It is infused with Omega 3 to support immunity and for a luxuriant skin and coat. Botanical ingredients in Acana Pacifica Dry Cat Food include juniper berries, lavender flowers, sun-cured alfalfa and peppermint leaf to enhance metabolism while nourishing and toning your cat

    Raw whole Paci?c herring , raw whole Paci?c mackerel , raw whole hake , dehydrated herring , dehydrated blue whiting , dehydrated mackerel , whole pinto beans, whole peas, raw wild-caught ?ounder , pollock oil , whole red lentils, whole chickpeas, whole green lentils, raw whole rock?sh , sun?ower oil, lentil ?bre, freeze-dried cod liver , dried kelp, fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh turnip greens, fresh carrots, fresh apples, fresh pears, fresh whole cranberries, fresh whole blueberries, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips

    Rich in animal ingredients

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    What Kinds Of Ingredients Does Acana Use

    If you read the label of any Acana food, youll discover that meats make up the bulk of the food. These meats range from those that youd find in just about any cat food, like chicken and turkey, to exotic foods, like duck and quail.

    Almost all of Acanas recipes include fish of some sort and usually several varieties of them. These arent trash fish either there are high-quality species like haddock, hale, flounder, and mackerel.

    All of Acanas fruits and veggies are extremely high-quality as well you wont find any corn, wheat, or soy in its recipes. Instead, it uses things like cranberries, spinach, carrots, and the like.

    However, given that cats are carnivores, Acana recognizes that the amount of fruits and veggies that your cat needs is limited at best. Youll usually find these near the bottom of the ingredients list.

    Want to see more cat food reviews? Check out our review page here!

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