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American Shorthair Kittens For Adoption

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What Colors Are American Shorthair Cats

Tabby American Shorthair Kitten For Adoption – 7 Months, PF118997 from Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Is the cute American Shorthair at your local shelter black? Or maybe a gray, calico or orange tabby? American Shorthair cats come in almost any cat coat color and pattern you can imagine, Dr. Bales explains. And, like their expansive coat colors and patterns, American Shorthair cats donât have a defined eye color either.

These Cats Are A Great Choice For First

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Whether your cat is a purebred American Shorthair, or an American Shorthair mix, learning about this breed can explain a lot about your petâs personality, habits and overall health. Or maybe you’re looking to adopt an American Shorthair and want to do a bit of research first â we can help with that.

The American Shorthair cat has been a welcomed companion to humans for many years, and for good reasons. They make excellent family pets, are a good choice for first-time pet parents and happily adapt to multi-pet households with the proper introduction and socialization. Does this sound like the cat for you? Read on to learn more about this friendly cat breed.

Pixie Domestic Shorthair Kitten Female In Largo Florida

Americanlisted has classifieds in Largo, Florida for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats. My story Meet Pixie! She, along with her siblings were torn out from behind a wall that they had fallen down into. A hot mess they were, but now are healthy and ready for their forever homes! Please email us at adopt@kneadykittyrescue … More

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Where To Adopt Or Buy An American Shorthair

As a popular and fairly common breed of cat, you should have no problem in adopting or buying an American Shorthair. These lovable felines make a great addition to any home, especially those with children or other pets.

We always recommend starting your search with pet rescues. There are a few good places to start:

You can also search for the breed on rescue sites like Petfinder or Adopt-A-Pet. Be aware, however, that the majority of pets in rescues and shelters are mixes, not purebred animals.

If you are interested in purchasing a purebred American Shorthair, you can find a list of vetted breeders through The International Cat Association or by searching online for a registered breeder. You can also find American Shorthair breeders by visiting cat shows, where these popular cats are usually on display.

American Shorthair Kittens For Sale In Michigan

American Shorthair, Kittens up for adoption, Cats, for Sale, Price

Thank you for visiting the Michigan American Shorthair Breeders page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area.

Each “breed specific” state page has a complete list of all the local catteries and individual breeders that we have been able to locate in that state. We list contact information for you to use, as well as posting a link to their website, so you can quickly see what kittens they currently have available. All this information is provided so that YOU can research each breeder individually and find the one that has your perfect kitten available!

We always strongly encourage you to thoroughly check out each cat breeder you are interested in purchasing from before you make your final decision. With over 3,000 cat breeders listed on this website, we are the LARGEST breeder directory on the internet! However, that means we also rely on our visitors to inform us if any of our breeders listed fall short of being a reputable and trustworthy cat breeder.

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What Are American Shorthair Cats Personalities Like

Humans have loved the American Shorthair breed for many years. Their direct relatives sailed the Mayflower ship with their human companions, Dr. Bales explains. The breedâs adventurous origin story might have impacted some of their personality traits, as theyâre usually up for hunting and playing. They enjoy human companionship and may also cozy up for a nap in your lap.

âThe American Shorthair cat generally has an easygoing personality and gets along with children, dogs and other pets,â Dr. Bales says.

American Shorthairs enjoy daily enrichment through play, exploring high-up places or chirping at birds from their favorite window perch. The American Shorthair is a low-maintenance, friendly cat breed that would be suitable for experienced and first-time pet parents.

History Of The American Shorthair

European settlers to North America brought a lot with them, including the ancestors of what we now refer to as the American Shorthair. This breeds European forbears snagged a trip to the New World thanks to their affinity for hunting and catching rodentsa quality that was as prized on rat- and mice-laden shipping vessels as it was in the homes and barns of the countrys newest residents. It is believed that the ancestors of the American Shorthair came over on the Mayflower, and that they may have made the trip even earlier than that.

Once in America, these cats began to multiply, over time developing the traits that distinguish them as a unique breed. Due to their prized personalities, American Shorthairs were selectively bred in an effort to maintain and propagate their many likable qualities. Many of their physical traits can be traced to their early days in the country, including a dense coat that was ideal for withstanding cold winters while working and hunting outdoors, a moderately large size, and a muscular body.

The name American Shorthair was given to the breed in 1966 to distinguish them from the domestic shorthair, which is randomly bred and does not carry such specific traits. Today, American Shorthairs are the sixth most popular pedigreed cat breed, according to the Cat Fanciers Association.

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British Shorthair Kittens For Adoption

At Our Shorthair cattery, we breed British shorthair kittens for adoption in silver, blue and gold shaded colors with green and blue eyes. British shorthair kittens for adoption are known to be very friendly, outgoing, and human-oriented cats. They get along with all other family members and are extremely attached to their owners. Being very patient cats, get along very well with young children and other pets, even dogs.

For More Details On Our American Shorthair Kittens For Sale Please Visit Our Policies Page Or Contact Us We Are Always Available To Answer Any Questions And Return All Our Emails And Phone Calls

American Shorthair VS Russian Blue – a kitten Fight Story

Below are some adorable videos of our American Shorthair Silver Tabby babies having fun. They sleep, they play, the jump, they purr. All of these Silver Classic Tabby babies are now with their forever homes enjoying life to the fullest. Our American Shorthair Silver Classic Tabby kittens for sale can be reserved for a nominal refundable deposit . For more information on our Available Kittens please contact us.

A good representation of our American Shorthair babies, healthy, fat, and mama’s that are incredibly attentive.

Two gorgeous six week old kittens.

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What Common Health Issues Do American Shorthairs Face

Overall, the American Shorthair cat breed is robust and healthy.

âThey do have a higher than average risk of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy , the most common form of heart disease in cats,â Dr. Bales adds.

Cats with HCM can be asymptomatic, so ask your vet about routine screening. The condition canât be cured or prevented, but it can be managed with the right medications.

About The American Shorthair

Looking for a cat that will be a gentle companion, a playmate for your children, and a full-fledged member of the family? Look no further than the American Shorthair. This breed is known for its longevity, robust health, good looks, sweet personality, and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets.

The American Shorthair breed originated from cats following settlers from Europe to North America. Records indicate that even the Mayflower carried several cats to hunt the ships rats. For centuries, working cats flourished along with their pioneer owners and eventually established themselves as the native North American shorthaired cat. Their beauty and loving nature came to be valued as much as their rat-catching skills.

Late in the 19th century, there was an interest in developing and showing a shorthair cat representative of the North American working cat. One brown tabby American Shorthair was even offered for sale for $2,500 at the Second Annual Cat Show at Madison Square Garden in 1896. The Cat Fanciers Association chose to officially recognize this lovely cat as one of its first five registered breeds in 1906.

As pets or for showing, American Shorthairs are low-maintenance cats. These cats are not only beautiful, but healthy, easygoing, and affectionate. Males are usually larger than females, averaging 11 to 15 pounds, while females may weigh 6 to 12 pounds.

The Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH 44601Phone: 680-4070 / Fax: 680-4633

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Kneady Kitty Rescue Inc In Largo Florida

A Largo, FL 33771 rescue helping to find loving homes for cats. Contact. Phone. Email. Website. … Male, Kitten Domestic Shorthair Marigold. Female, Young Domestic Shorthair Gouda. Female, Adult, Special Needs Domestic Shorthair Page 1 of 1. 1 – 7 of 7 Adoptable Pets at This Shelter … More

Need To Rehome Your American Shorthair Cat Or Kitten

American Shorthair, Kittens up for adoption, Cats, for Sale, Price

Pet Adoptions Network provides safe, effective and stress-free cat rehoming services when keeping your kitty is no longer an option. We will find a good home for your cat while they stay safe and sound in your loving arms. We carefully screen all potential adopters, guide you through our safe, effective and stress-free rehoming process, and will keep looking until we find just the right home for your precious American Shorthair cat or kitten.

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Other Cat Breeds To Check Out:

European Shorthair

If you have never owned a American Shorthair before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our American Shorthair Cat Breed Information page.

Our goal is to help you locate the perfect cat breeder near you one who is reputable, trustworthy, and honest. However, please keep in mind that while we have the largest cat breeder directory on the internet, we cannot personally vouch for any individual breeder that is listed here. Make sure you thoroughly check them out each cattery yourself to make sure they are ethical, honest, and raise healthy, happy kittens!

We are honored and privileged that you have chosen us to help you on your journey to cat ownership! In addition to visiting this website often, you can check us out on , , and for more information, pictures, and cute kitten videos!

We also highly recommend reading checking out our latest news articles at our blog. Find information on Cat health, nutrition, holistic healing, basic care, toys, and much more!

American Shorthair Kittens For Sale

A very good representation of our American Shorthair Kittens for sale. These kittens are four months old and from five different litters with different sires. As you can see, they are almost clones of each other which is an excellent sign of a well planned breeding and pair selection. We strive to breed the highest standards outlined in the CFA and TICA guidelines.

As American Shorthair Breeders, we have a responsibility to produce healthy, well socialized kittens that meet the breed standard. Our kittens are well adjusted before they leave for their forever homes so they can enjoy a healthy life with their new families.

We have American Shorthair Kittens for sale that meet all these standards and we continually strive to improve.

We are American Shorthair Breeders based in Southern California and service the entire state. Our kittens are playful, active, affectionate, sociable, friendly and healthy.

Once in a while we may have a retired adult looking for a forever home. To see what may be available, please click this link Available Adults to see some of our gorgeous American Shorthair Cats that might be retired. Bear in mind that this is rare as once we retire out cats from breeding, very often they remain with us for the rest of their life. They have served us well so we give them the best life a cat can have.

We are located near Temecula, the Napa Valley of Southern California. We service all of California and surrounding states.

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All About American Shorthair Cats & Kittens Breed Care Adoption Breeders Kittens For Sale Pictures And More

If you are considering adding a American Shorthair kitten or adult cat to your family, American Shorthair Cat Adoptions Network offers plenty of information to assist you in making an educated decision in the choice of the purr-fect American Shorthair cat or kitten. Whether you are hoping to purchase a kitten from a reputable breeder, or find American Shorthair cats for adoption near you, our growing resource is here for you.

What do American Shorthairs look like? Do they have any special care or grooming requirements? What kind of temperament and activity level is common in the breed? Well answer all these questions and more with our comprehensive American Shorthair cat breed information page.

Pet Adoptions Network offers a concise American Shorthair breed profile with photos of the breed, a directory of responsible American Shorthair cat breeders, American Shorthairs for adoption by owner, American Shorthair clubs and rescues, links to information, books, gifts and more.

Adopting An American Shorthair Cat

Meet Cinder a American Shorthair currently available for adoption at! 3/28/2012 3:19:10

Like any pet, integrating an American Shorthair cat into your home should be done slowly. Educating family members on how to interact positively with cats will foster a loving relationship between your cat and kids, Dr. Bales says. Lastly, always be present during new interactions between your new cat and other pets or children to avoid injury.

Are you interested in adopting an American Shorthair cat, an American Shorthair cat mix or any pet at all? Check out our shelter partners to find your new best friend.

âThe Dig, Fetch by The Dodoâs expert-backed editorial, answers all of the questions you forget to ask your vet or are too embarrassed to ask at the dog park. We help make sure you and your best friend have more good days, but weâre there on bad days, too. Fetch provides the most comprehensive pet insurance and is the only provider recommended by the #1 animal brand in the world, The Dodo.

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Pepper Domestic Shorthair Kitten Male In Largo Florida

Americanlisted has classifieds in Largo, Florida for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats. My story Meet Blaze & Pepper! These two brothers are super bonded. Pepper is laid back, cuddly and Blaze is full of energy. But they balance each other out and are load of fun!!If you are looking for a really sweet kittens, look no … More

Kittens For Sale Near Me

The British shorthair is famous and admired as the family canine anywhere in the nation. Kittens for sale near me, kittens need to have a high level of intelligence and loyalty. It is famous and is very popular anywhere in the nation as a family canine. He will be affectionate, loving, and sporty. Its a great pet for kids to be around and highly social children and kids love. Has a very gentle disposition, smart, and Smuggle is preferred by many.

First, after being reared as chase and prey cats, British shorthair cats have an incredibly incredible nose, short legs that keep them close to the scent, and a great truth to help track them.

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Adopting An American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a laid back cat breed that enjoys being indoors, and around family. This cat does well with either apartment living or home living. Feline pet parents can use live pet grasses that offer a blend of barley, oat and rye, as well as wheat grass option for apartment living.

Consider filling your home with crinkle balls, sisal rollers, and plush feline toys before bringing your American Shorthair home. There are also numerous battery-operated toys that function on their own and spin. These are designed to stimulate a catâs prey movements, and will encourage your American Shorthair to practice his stalking skills. Free-standing cat scratches, and cat condos help to encourage scratching in the right places. Cat condos are perfect for the newly adopted kitty and offer a place to hide, perch, and scratch!

Cat parents often wonder if they should adopt or purchase. With so many cats up for adoption, itâs the only way to go! When choosing your American Shorthair, ask questions, and look for a great temperament! That said, numerous cats can be quirky at shelters, but soon settle down in their new homes, and become very friendly and sociable. In addition, kittens should be playful and curious.

Give your cat time to adjust to his new surroundings. As with any cat adoption, make sure that you have the time and resources to take good care of your American Shorthair.

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