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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Cats

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Salt Lamps And Cats Warning

Essential oils & salt lamps can be toxic to cats

Recently a 3 year old boy missing from an area not too far from where I live. The search efforts were reported on the news and it spread rapidly across social media.

The weather was atrocious, raining, cold and windy. Plus he was lost in dense bushland and as the day ended, the thought of approaching darkness filled everyone with dread. The community as a whole were seriously very worried about this little boy.

The story did have a happy ending and the little boy was found safe and well, by a relative which was really heart-warming. Everyone gave a collective sigh of relief.

The thought of something happening to our loved ones is something none of us want to confront.

While this was about a little boy and his family I think I can safely say that pet owners too have similar feelings of dread when a beloved family pet goes missing or is not up to par.

Himalayan Salt Lamps And Cats:

Too much salt can be harmful to humans and animals. If you have pets around your house, you need to be extra careful and yes I am telling you this with experience. Let me tell you my own story. Cotton, my cat felt attracted to the pink Himalayan salt lamp which I used to place on my living rooms table. I, like most pet owners, was unaware of the harmful effects a salt lamp can bring to a cat. I was informed about the how Himalayan pink salt lamp is dangerous for the cat when my cat fell ill and I took her to a vet.

At first, I ignored the symptoms of her illness but soon I started to worry about her. One day, I found her walking around the house in a strange manner. I thought that she might have caught a cold so I tucked her inside a blanket and left the house to run some errands. When I came back, Cottons condition was worse than before as she was not responding at all and I felt as if she couldnt hear me as well.

Thats when I took her to a vet who ran some tests and what he told me was quite frightening for me. Apparently, Cotton had been licking the salt lamp I had placed in the living room for some days which raised the level of salt in her bloodstream to an alarming rate.

This excess of sodium proved to be quite harmful to her and she was facing neurological problems because of it. The vet immediately treated her with an IV so that the excess level of salt in her blood can be put back to a normal level.

Why Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Becoming So Popular

Himalayan salt lamps have become a trend. Everyone is raving about these unique decor pieces. These miracle lamps are known to have a lot of positive effects. They improve sleep, balance blood sugar levels, maintain blood flow and even improve severe respiratory conditions like asthma.

The salt crystals are excavated by hand from the Himalayan salt mines. These mines are located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains situated in Punjab, a province of Pakistan.

While the salt lamps detoxify and create a sense of balance, did you know they can be very harmful to your cats?

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Do Cats Like Salt How Much Should They Consume

Do cats like salt? Many cats are attracted to salty flavor, being one of the three tastes they can detect. This makes salt a great flavoring to cat food and is a common pair to pepper. However, salt should always be used in moderation to prevent any adverse side effects. Just like with humans, too much salt has repercussions on a cats health.

In this post, I will talk about a cats salt consumption and how much is safe for them. This is a very important topic because cats can succumb to salt poisoning if they are given large amounts.

Is It Safe For Cats

Evolution Salt Cat Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are thinking about using a salt lamp, then your pet, particularly your cat, may be in great danger. Salt lamps have become a trendy product in the market today. With its increasing popularity, many people have overlooked its side effects which can be very lethal to anyone including pets and babies.

Although Himalayan salt lamps are reported to have several health benefits, however, the use of such a product can also have negative effects to your cats life.

Salt lamps are popular. Although some of the health benefits such as increasing blood flow, improving sleep, and air purifier are amazing, having one can cause harmful effect especially if you have a pet in particular and it may jeopardize their lives.

Since Himalayan salt lamps are made from big chunks of salt rocks, too much of this may cause salt poisoning to your cats. They can bring serious pet problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and the worst of all, death. Although pets may need some salt, exposure to much Himalayan salt is harmful.

The problem with Himalayan salt lamps can be in two factors. One is the damage it can cause to your cats life. Every cat has its own traits and not all of them are graceful. If you are a cat owner, you may already know how your cat can jump into weird places.

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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe For Dogs

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Himalayan salt lamps are one of the hottest current trends in natural health and wellness.

The lamps are said to have powerful healing and cleansing properties, theyre relatively inexpensive and, even for those who dont know or care about the health benefits, they make a nice piece of home décor.

If youre a pet owner, you may wonder if these popular lamps are beneficial or even necessary for your dog. The short answer is yes, but with some very important precautions.

In this post, Ill explain the health benefits and risks of Himalayan salt lamps for dogs, and what you need to know to keep your pup safe while using one.

Important Precautions Or Warnings

Before buying any real Himalayan salt lamp for your house, make sure you have thoroughly read about its side effects. In this last section, you can learn different precautions that will save your form future losses.

Check its Authenticity: as the popularity of salt lamp increasing, there are different fake Himalayan salt lamps present in the market. Available in different sizes, these salt lamps are purposely made up for bedrooms. But it will be beneficial if you will place them in drawing rooms. Fake salt lamps are ruling in the market, so its important to check its authenticity.

High-Voltage Bulb: which type of bulb is best for your real Himalayan salt lamp? The answer to this question depends on the size of the salt lamp. Small sizes of pure Himalayan lamps are not able to carry LED bulbs, and in results, they dont produce enough heat. If you are using heavy voltage bulbs in your lamps, then make sure your cats and dogs dont touch it.

Placing: Are you placing the Himalayan salt lamp in your kids room or your drawing room? If yes, then always consider some higher points. Avoid placing these salt lamps at the spots that are easily accessible by kids and cats.

Sturdy Base: The base is the most important part of salt lamps. It is the part that firmly keeps your lamp in one place. A sturdy base avoids your lamp from tripping over after one kick off your cat.

Sunlight and Humidity: Direct high humidity may cause excessive sweating which may damage the light bulb or cord.

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Health Risks Associated With Salt Lamps

If you have a pet and plan on placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, you must be aware of the potential risks.

These lamps are made of real, actual salt. If your dog manages to access the lamp, he will likely be tempted to lick it and eat it. Needless to say, high levels of sodium are extremely harmful to dogs and cats and require immediate veterinary attention.

Some signs of salt poisoning include:

  • vomiting

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If the lamp is in an area your dog can reach without having to move the lamp, he may lick it and ingest the salt so gradually that you dont even notice until its too late.

Biting the lamp can also be harmful to his teeth, and is especially dangerous if he breaks through the salt to the bulb inside.

Finally, like any electronic device, theres always the risk of a fire hazard, so make sure you only leave the lamp on when youre there to supervise.

Effects Of Sodium Poisoning

Himalayan Salt Lamp Putting Cat’s Life in Danger

The earliest signs of sodium poisoning in animals especially cats are unusual walking patterns and dullness and drowsiness. All of these symptoms are triggered by the high level of sodium circulating in the veins and distorting the functions of the brain. However, these symptoms are common in cats suffering from cold or influenza and tend to get unnoticed at times. The most dangerous aspect of salt poisoning from rock salt lamps is the poison progresses rapidly and continually deteriorates the catâs health.

In a matter of a few hours, the dullness and drowsiness progress into something more serious. The vision begins to get affected and the ability to hear and walk also begins to suffer. The neurological imbalances result in loss of control in the tongue and sudden stoppage in eating and drinking. All of these symptoms are triggered by the swollen brain which requires immediate treatment. At such times, it is essential to regulate the blood levels of a cat and begin treatment to counteract the effects of sodium poisoning.

The recommended amount of salt intake for cats is pretty low and is approximately equal to 16.7 milligrams. This number can easily be out-licked by curious and inquisitive cats who are greatly attracted to the glowing beauty of salt lamps.

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What Are The Odds Of Salt Toxicity From A Salt Lamp

Salt lamps dont release any salt into the air or anything of that sort. To consume salt from a lamp, your cat would need to lick it. Cats are very nimble animals, so they can often reach salt lamps even if they are placed up high. Some felines wont bother salt lamps at all, while others seem to get addicted to the salt.

If you notice your feline licking your salt lamp, its probably a time to remove it or put it somewhere less accessible. Your cat would have to lick the lamp quite a bit to ingest too much salt. However, it is literally only salt.

Can Salt Lamps Kill Cats

A few months ago, my wife and I considered getting a salt lamp to redecorate the house. But upon checking with Watsons vet, we found out that its actually unsafe for cats.

We are warned that since cats like salt, they will lick the salt lamp repeatedly. In the process, the kitty will consume large amounts of sodium, without their owners knowledge.

A case in New Zealand involved a cat named Ruby, who happened to lick her owners Himalayan salt lamp. Maddie Smith, the owner, only knew about it when she saw Ruby walking strangely with her head down.

Upon an emergency trip to the vet, Maddie found out that her cat has high sodium levels in its bloodstream. Brain swelling has set in, and Ruby is experiencing neurological symptoms.

All of these happened because Maddie has a salt lamp at home, which is the only possible source of salt at home.

If youre thinking of getting a salt lamp, think twice. Even if youre planning to put it in a secured room, I dont recommend taking chances. Your cats health is at stake, and the last thing youd like is an emergency trip to the vet.

However, if you already have a salt lamp, you should watch out for the following symptoms of salt poisoning on your cat:

  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures

If you notice any of these, you should check with the vet for immediate treatment. Salt poisoning can be deadly in a matter of hours, so you must act fast to save your cats life.

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Are Salt Lamps From The Himalayas Safe For Cats

This article is telling to you that Himalayan Salt Lamps are safe for cats. Unique Mineral deals international standard salt lamps. They are the top dealer of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Himalayan Salt Exporter from Pakistan. You can buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan through Unique Mineral.

Himalayan salt lamps can do a number of good for your home. Not only do they provide a comforting glow throughout the home, but they are also said to have beneficial health effects, such as reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality and reducing susceptibility to allergies. Depending on the amount of Himalayan salt lamps you have at home, you could greatly improve the quality of your air.

But what if you have a cat? We have all heard the saying Curiosity has killed the cat and whoever owns one of these furry felines understands how curious it can be. Cats like to explore and understand their home completely. And, unlike most dogs, cats can jump relatively in relation to their counters and tables, greatly increasing the chances of encountering their Himalayan salt lamp. So, what if they do?

There are two possible problems with cats and salt lamps in the Himalayas. The first is the damage factor. Despite its reputation, not all cats are funny. As the owner of a cat, you may have already seen this moment: your cat jumps on a table, very confident in his abilities, to land on a magazine and slide towards you as it falls to the ground.

The Dangers Of Sodium For A Cat

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Cats? What You Should Know

Rich in Sodium, the crystal salt lamps can turn out to be lethal for animals especially cats. An overdose of sodium results in sodium poisoning which is a common type of salt poisoning in animals and humans. In the case of animals, salt poisoning can be deadly and progresses very rapidly if left untreated. High levels of Sodium in the blood cause many neurological ailments and results in swelling of the brain.

Salt poisoning is often accidental and pretty common in cats who have a tendency of licking objects. The Himalayan salt lampsplaced within the reach of a cat is an accident waiting to happen. The mineral-rich salt leads to many neurological issues when ingested by the cat which is commonly indicated by the changes in physical behavior. The appealing and glowing salt lamps are very attractive to cats who love exploring new and interesting objects. Licking the object is their unique way of understanding the object and is a habit common in all cats.

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Is Salt Toxicity Treatable

Luckily, if your cat ingests too much Himalayan salt, the condition can be treated by a vet. It is essential to go to the vet quickly as soon as you notice signs of salt toxicity. This is a severe condition and is an emergency. As your cats blood pressure rises, their organs can become damaged. To prevent irreversible damage, your cat needs fast treatment.

There isnt a quick cure of salt toxicity. There is no way to remove the salt from your cats blood. Instead, treatment consists of IV fluids to help keep your cats blood pressure down and support the organs.

Electrolyte monitoring may also be performed to determine the level of salt in your cats blood. If dehydration or brain swelling occur, medications may be provided for those symptoms. This doesnt treat your cats problem directly, but it does prevent it from doing as much damage as possible. Supportive care may be necessary as well, including sedatives if your feline has any significant neurological symptoms.

Many cats get confused when you combine an unfamiliar area with neurological symptoms. Often, sedatives are the best thing for this situation.

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How To Avoid Fire Hazards With Salt Lamps

Fire hazards are dangerous but can be prevented if the proper steps are taken. Heres a list of simple things to do so you can avoid fire while enjoying the benefits that come with the salt lamp.

  • Ensure you get quality lamps. Authentic lamps are more resistant to damage and come with quality parts. An original product should come with a UL safety sticker to guarantee that all its wires have been inspected.
  • When setting up the lamps, ensure the light bulb should not touch the lamp. If it does, the melted salt can get into the lamp.
  • The dim switch should not be left loose too. If the dimmer switch does not work correctly, there is a tendency for the lamp to overheat, causing the salt to melt. It would help if you also considered dimming the light when sleeping.
  • Keep the lamp as dry as possible. You can do this by putting the lamp on placemats and wiping off sweats from it and the surrounding.
  • It is also not advisable to turn on the light in an empty room or when no one is around. Aside from the strain on your utility bill and electrical risks, its simply a waste of purified air.

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