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Blinds That Are Cat Proof

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Best Window Treatments for Cat Owners |

Whether theyre ruining the cordage, bending or snapping the slats, or chewing and scratching at the fabricthere are many reasons why pets just love to mess with blinds. Even the best-behaved dog can occasionally end up make us sigh over a mangled blind or soiled fabric curtain. But, why are pets sometimes such menaces to our blinds and curtains?

Wooden Blinds Are Perfect Cat Proof Blinds

Wood blinds are one of the best blinds that are cat proof but before you make a final decision you need to know a few things about them, I will give this information below.

First of all, there are 2 types of wood blinds: real wood and faux wood window blind. I will give a brief description for both types with some product suggestions to make it easy for you to make an informed and confident decision.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Blinds For Cat Households

The Material

The blinds should be sturdy and constructed of a non-woven fabric or aluminum. This ensures that the blinds will be difficult for your cat to chew.

The Design

The blinds should be cordless , the shape should be difficult for cats to climb, and the overall style should still suit your homes aesthetics.

The Price Factor

Theres no point in purchasing an expensive set of blinds if you know your cat will most likely damage them in some way in the future. Choose a set of blinds that meet your budget and are not going to be too expensive to repair.

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Suncraft Plantation Interior Shutters

Cat proof interior shutters

The SunCraft blinds are a good choice if you are not only looking both an elegant and permanent look. These blinds are also a perfect fit for a great light control system, and they are the sturdiest amongst the options on this list.

Available with customized sizing, these shutters are easy to install and have high-quality paint to avoid cracking and fading over time. The lifetime warranty ensures that you can keep these shutters in for as long as you need without changing out panels. If your cat happens to scratch them in any way, they are easy to paint to your preference as well.

Made of polyresin, you can use these shutters in every room of your home without sacrificing the shade that you want. Plus, the material offers better insulation than wood does, keeping the home warmer during the winter months. Since these shutters are made to order, you could have to wait about 15-30 days to get your set.

Pros: Cordless design, Made to order, Easy to install and repair if damaged

Cons: Could take up to a month to receive

Playful Cats Posing Threat To Window Treatments

The Best Cat Proof Blinds Shades and Window Treatments

When decorating or revamping the house, the first and foremost concern of a homeowner is the safety of the children and pets in the household. Kids and pets fill our homes with love and laughter and they are an absolute pleasure to have. It is therefore only natural that their well-being is the top priority of every homeowner. Pets, especially cats, are a lot like toddlers- loveable, cute, playful but ruthless and destructive at the same time.

Cats are curious and inquisitive by nature. They are exploring all the time and will latch on to anything that excites them. They love to play with dangling things and scratch up fabrics. Cats know that there is a world beyond the window dressings and the window behind it. They rarely respect the owners property and do not know what is not to be touched. Sure there are some lucky homeowners who have very well behaved cats for pets but they are rare. If you have some unruly cats as pets, you must invest in some cat proof blinds. And if you are thinking to bring home one then you should be prepared before you do so.

Using cat proof blinds ensures that your window dressings have minimal damage while lasting long. They are also safe for your cats too. Read on to know more about blinds that are cat-proof.

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Whats With Cats And Curtains

Curtains satisfy so many needs for cats. So why do cats scratch up and climb curtains?

First, they provide a material that cats can sink their claws into. They also provide a vertical space to climb. In nature, cats are attracted to elevated spaces and are constantly climbing high trees to survey the land, spot prey and have some playful fun.


Jdall 2 Pack Cordless Cellular Blinds

Dimensions: 72L x 30W
Mounting type: Outside mount

The JDALL 2 Pack Cordless Cellular Blinds includes blinds created with solid and durable materials and constructed with non-woven fabric that filters out light and features a cordless design. The honeycomb design is smoother than the traditional pleated curtains with folding memory. With these blinds, you cannot see the cords and clasp design, which is fixed to both sides, making the appearance look simpler and more stylish. The setup process is slightly more complicated, and you may need to cut the curtains to fit the window size that these blinds will be placed. Sharp cutting tools will be needed to cut through the hard and durable material.


  • Cats can climb the blind structure

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Window Blinds For The Advanced Cat Owners

I was debating whether I should include here these motorized blinds but the more I investigated the more I liked them so I had to present them to you. These blinds are perfect for people who get so carried away by what they are doing that they forget to get up and do the necessary things around the home! Like, put up or put down their window blinds

You know how cats can be absolutely annoying when they set their mind to something. Well, at least you dont have to worry about your blinds with a push of a button you can make them unreachable to your cat! It CAN as good as it sounds :), check these smart blinds below:

Although smart blinds can be quite expensive, this roller shade is one of the more affordable ones that you can find out there. It is made of polyester fabric and is designed to block as much sunlight as possible.

The greatest feature of this shade is that it has a remote control to operate the shade motors which open, close, or adjust the shades in the middle position. It is possible for you to control these smart blinds even with voice controldevices such as Alexa or Google Home.

Another great point is that these blinds are custom made for you so by precise measuring of your window you can ensure that you get a tight fit.

I have to mention the cordless design making these blinds cat safe as there will be no dangling cord as a temptation for the cat.

Put Barking On Hold Automatically With Motorized Shades

How to Keep Cats Out of Blinds

Have you ever been on an important work call when the mailman shows up to deliver a package? No matter how many times you tell your dog to be quiet, the urge to bark at the mailman is just too strong. Dogs love looking out the window and surveying their kingdom, but unfortunately a lot of dogs like to report, loudly, what they see outside. Motorized shades to the rescue!

With motorized shades you can control your dogs outside view with a remote, a smartphone/tablet app, or even with voice commands. A simple voice command can lower the shades before your home protector can notice the mailman, or a squirrel, or that leaf blowing on the wind. Best of all, with app control you can create a schedule for your motorized shades. So, if you know your dog Tinker always barks the most in the afternoon, your shades can automatically lower every afternoon so you can take your work calls without the barking background noise. Create a mailman schedule and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Plantation Shutter Among The Best Blinds For Cats

These plantation shutters look absolutely amazing and people have given them raving reviews. As a cat lover, I think they will be perfect for a home with cats.

So what makes them so attractive for cat owners?

First of all, they are very strong, and they have huge slats compared to other blinds. As you can guess, a wide slat is impossible for a cat to break so they will last a very long time in a home with cats.

They are extremely simple to install and also highly valuable they are so easy to operate, you can open and close them with your hands this simplicity is great in my opinion, it means that the chances of them not functioning are extremely small. I love this video which shows the best features of these shutters, its short and to the point.

I have to mention again that they will literally brighten up any room they look so simple and yet will totally elevate the look of any window.

Not to forget they are custom made, this is precious info for all the cat ladies out there .

There are no hanging strings or a dangling cord which makes them 100% cat safe.

Even customer service is described as excellent you truly get a complete product from your start of order to the finish.

A solid product with high quality that is guaranteed to make you happy and hold strong against any cat harassment

Best Cat Proof Blinds Important Facts You Need To Know

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not change the price you would pay.

When my cat wants to go on the balcony she starts pawing the window blinds which produces a horrible noise, especially when I sleep or rest. Its like she is ringing a cat doorbell for me. Its little to say it drives me completely crazy.

Luckily she is civilized enough so she doesnt actually damage the blinds but some cats are not so considerate, like playful kittens or anxious cats, and they may do substantial damage to your blinds.

So if your cat is temperamental and tends to damage things in the home, you need to find what are the bestcat proof blinds that will serve you well and be resilient to cat mischiefs at the same time.

Windows blinds are a hassle to install, at least to me, so in my opinion, it would be better to choose them wisely than having to repair or replace them.

Ive done some research on what are the best blinds to have with cats and I have separated some high quality blinds for this purpose.

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Protect Curious Pets By Removing Blind Cords

When bringing a new furry friend into your home, you might not consider pet proofing your window treatments. Corded window treatments, however, can be dangerous to young children and pets. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission names corded window treatments as one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. Swapping out your corded window treatments for alternatives without cords is an easy way to keep your pet safe.

While you simply see a blind cord, your cat or dog might see an attractive new toy. Getting caught in a cord is dangerous, so investigate cordless alternatives. Motorized shades are a smart alternative to corded window treatments, removing hazardous cords and adding a touch of technology to your home.

I Already Have Blinds And Theyre Totally Pet

The Top 5 Ways You Can " Cat Proof"  Your Window Blinds

If you ordered from us, give us a call. Weve got a lot of warranty information we can discuss and figure out together what the next step should be.

If you didnt order from us, let us help! Our in-home consultants can work with you to figure out what window coverings will best fit your budget, your style, and your pets unique needs or destructive tendencies.

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A Smart Way To Make Your Window Blinds Cat Proof

Looking for solutions for a cat-friendly window treatment I came across a brilliant idea on how to make your already existing blinds cat proof without the expense of buying new ones.

I thought it would be best explained through a drawing so below you can see how simple and wonderful this solution is.

If your window configuration allows it, all you need is a tension rod to put it at a certain height between the walls or in the window frame and youll need a customized curtain to hang on the tension rod.

The best thing about this solution is that youll preserve your blinds, which now can be expensive, and you can use a replaceable, inexpensive curtain material to cover the space below the tension rod for privacy.

If you like this solution and you dont already have a tension rod then the below one is of great quality:

  • super easy to install, no need for drilling
  • very sturdy, heavy duty rod
  • easily expandable
  • versatile: you can use it to hang all kinds of stuff , use it as an indoor/outdoor curtain rod, to hang clothes

Best Window Treatments For Pets

There is no such thing as a completely pet-proof window blind, but we do have some excellent suggestions!

  • Venetian Blinds.Faux wood blinds and real wood venetian blinds that feature wide slat designs will allow your pets to see out easily but prevent them from wedging themselves through the gaps . If a slat is broken, it can easily be replaced individually.
  • Vertical blinds. For kitties who like to bend blinds to get behind them, vertical blinds are a great solution to try. Cats can easily slip through the vertical slats without damaging them, and if the slats do get dirty or damaged, instead of getting the whole blind replaced, all you need to do is replace the individual louvre. Any grime or hair that gets stuck on them can be easily wiped away and PVC louvres can be washed with soap and water.
  • Sunscreen roller blinds. An effective solution to consider, sunscreen roller blinds are especially purrfect if your cat likes to slip behind the blind for sunbathing. If you set up your roller blind on the outside mount of your window, then your cat will have enough room behind the blind to sit and stare at neighbours, dogs, and cars that go by for hours.
  • Interior shutters, especially PVC ones, are another excellent choice as they will be durable against the efforts of your pets. However, if your pet has a chewing problem, it may be better to choose venetian blinds or vertical blinds, as replacing shutters can be expensive.

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Why Are Blinds Better Than Curtains For Cats

Curtains are much more delicate than blinds, and the flowing appearance and material of curtains will entice your cat to chew and scratch at them. Whereas blinds are stronger, do not dangle on the floor, and are easier to replace and fix if your cat happens to damage them.

There are plenty of pet-proof blinds available on the market, and they all offer similar benefits in terms of appearance and use. Pet-proof blinds will be cordless, constructed of sturdy material, and more difficult for cats to chew.

Temporary blinds are also a good option for cats that seem to damage the blinds even if they are cordless and constructed of strong and durable material. These types of blinds will usually come in large packs and

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites 2022 Reviews

12 Cat Hazards in Your Home (& How to Cat-Proof Them)
Mounting type: Inside and outside mount

The Pasoun Custom Size Blackout Cellular Blinds are a custom size meaning that they can be cut and shaped to fit your windows effortlessly. These blinds are equipped with the latest upgraded cordless lifting system and have no loose strings that cats can fiddle. The high-quality handrail and bottom rail allow the blinds to stay in whatever position you put them in. They have a honeycomb structure which makes it difficult for most cats to climb. Furthermore, these blinds block out harmful UV rays and absorb noise. These blinds will work well for summer to keep your house cool, especially if you and your cat struggle in the heat.

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Top Tips To Cat Proof Your Blinds

Cats and blinds do not get along. Its one of the odd things that most cat owners observe, as cats simply hate the fact that a set of blinds has the audacity to block their view of the outside world. As a result, cats dont take kindly to the presence of blinds, typically clawing and biting at them until they can see through the window.

While this makes for entertaining YouTube videos, its quite the headache for pet owners. Wooden Blinds arent the cheapest, so its very annoying when a cat decides to damage them. Not only does it make blinds look unsightly, but sometimes it even prevents them from working properly.

This makes catproofing your blinds very important! Heres some tips for how to do so:

Beware of the cord

Roller Blind cords are one of the biggest temptations for a cat, as this swinging piece of cord is essentially a massive bit of string for them to play with. Cords are commonly mistaken for cat toys, so be sure to keep them out of reach whenever possible.

An easy way to do this is by attaching a hook on the wall and securing the cord around it, keeping it out of reach and out of sight.

Another option for anyone buying new blinds is to go for cordless blinds! While designed with child safety in mind, they are quite handy for anyone with cats too.

Spray them with a deterrent

Catproof the window sill

Give them a dedicated window

Buy cat-friendly blinds

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