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Can Cat Scan Detect Stomach Cancer

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Preparing For Your Ct Scan

PET CT Scan can detect any and all CANCER in your Body | Dr.Education

A couple of hours before your scan you might need to stop eating and drinking. Tell your doctor if this is a problem for you: for example, if you have diabetes.

You might have a drink or an injection of contrast medium, or both. Contrast medium is a dye that helps body tissues show up more clearly on the scan.

Before you have the contrast medium, the radiographer asks if you have any medical conditions or allergies. Some people are allergic to the dye.

They also check the results of your most recent blood test. This is to make sure your kidneys are working well and able to flush the contrast medium out of your body. You’ll have a blood test before the scan if you haven’t had one recently.

The radiographer explains how to drink the contrast. You usually drink the liquid slowly for about an hour before the scan.

Some people feel claustrophobic or closed in when theyre having a scan. Tell the radiographers before your appointment if you think youre likely to feel this way. They can take extra care to make sure youre comfortable.

How Is Ct Used In Cancer Screening

Studies have shown that CT can be effective in both colorectal cancerscreening and lung cancer screening.

Colorectal cancer

CT colonography can be used to screen for both large colorectal polyps and colorectal tumors. CT colonography uses the same dose of radiation that is used in standard CT of the abdomen and pelvis, which is about 10 millisieverts . As with standard colonoscopy, a thorough cleansing of the colon is performed before this test. During the examination, air or carbon dioxide is pumped into the colon to expand it for better viewing.

The National CT Colonography Trial, an NCI-sponsored clinical trial, found that the accuracy of CT colonography is similar to that of standard colonoscopy. CT colonography is less invasive than standard colonoscopy and has a lower risk of complications. However, if polyps or other abnormal growths are found on CT colonography, a standard colonoscopy is usually performed to remove them.

Whether CT colonography can help reduce the death rate from colorectal cancer is not yet known, and most insurance companies do not currently reimburse the costs of this procedure. Also, because CT colonography can produce images of organs and tissues outside the colon, it is possible that noncolorectal abnormalities may be found. Some of these “extracolonic” findings will be serious, but many will not be, leading to unnecessary additional tests and surgeries.

Lung cancer

What Is The Best Scan To Detect Cancer

A CT Scan is a computed tomographic image. The doctor can use x-rays and CT scans to take x-rays and images of the inside of your body from various angles. A computer then combines the images to generate a three-dimensional, detailed image that can be used to identify tumors or abnormalities.

The detection and diagnosis of cancer at an early stage can be extremely beneficial in terms of treatment success. imaging tests use a variety of methods to produce images or sound waves by sending various types of energy, such as sound waves, x-rays, magnetic fields, and radioactive particles. Different types of scans for cancer can be performed, depending on the type of cancer. MRI scans create detailed, computer-generated images of your body using powerful radio waves and magnets. For cancer staging, a CT scan is usually performed on the abdomen, chest, and pelvic region. Because of the distinct echo patterns of both solid tumors and fluid-filled cysts, it is possible to distinguish them using an ultrasound. Mammograms are X-rays taken by a doctor to detect breast cancer in women.

Our health care specialistsâ hospitality and expertise are critical components in our efforts to improve your health and well-being. When it comes to your imaging needs, consider the benefits of choosing Envision Imaging. Your appointment should be scheduled by dialing 888-607-.

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What Types Of Cancers Can A Ct Scan Detect

A CT scan and other advanced imaging like an MRI are standard parts of cancer diagnosis and treatment across the board, especially when physicians need to assess how far a cancer has spread or where a tumor is located. But if you dont have a diagnosis, how do you know?

At AHI, we provide diagnostic abdominal CT scans that can see possible cancers that blood work might miss, so you can catch the disease in earlier, more treatable stages.

Abdominal CT scans can show evidence of:

  • Colorectal cancer, especially if its located further up in the intestines or bowel

How Is Stomach Cancer Treated

Stomach Cancer Ct Scan Images

Treatment depends on how far your cancers spread, your health and treatment preferences. It often involves a care team that includes your primary care provider, a cancer specialist and a gastrointestinal specialist . They can advise you on treatment options.


Depending on how much the cancers spread, your provider may recommend surgery to remove precancerous cells, a tumor, or all or part of your stomach.

  • Upper endoscopy: In the early stages, when the cancer is limited to your stomach’s superficial layers, the cancer can be removed through an upper endoscopy. In this procedure , a gastroenterologist cuts the tumor from your stomach wall and removes it through your mouth.
  • Gastrectomy. Once the tumor spreads beyond your stomach’s superficial layers, you’ll need surgery to remove all or part of your stomach. Subtotal gastrectomy removes the part of your stomach affected by the cancer. Total gastrectomy removes your entire stomach. Your provider will connect your esophagus to your small intestine so that you can still eat following total gastrectomy.

Other treatments

Additional treatments attack cancer cells directly.

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What Are The Different Stages Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is staged based on the severity of cancerous cell growth and spread. Adenocarcinoma is initially evaluated by the tumor, node metastasis system.

  • T: How deeply has the tumor spread into the stomach wall?
  • N: Has the stomach cancer spread to the lymph nodes?
  • M: Has the stomach cancer spread to other parts of the body?

After the TNM staging information has been taken into account, the cancer is staged at 0 or 1 to 4. Tumor classifications for staging are as follows:

  • Stage 0 is early cancer on the surface of the stomach lining.
  • Stage 2A or 2B, commonly with deeper stomach wall involved
  • Stage 3A or 3B or 3C, commonly with lymph node involvement
  • Stage 4 means cancer has metastasized elsewhere in the body outside of the stomach.

Why The Test Is Performed

An abdominal CT scan makes detailed pictures of the structures inside your belly very quickly.

This test may be used to look for:

  • Cause of blood in the urine
  • Cause of abdominal pain or swelling
  • Cause of abnormal blood test results such as liver or kidney problems
  • Masses and tumors, including cancer
  • Infections or injury
  • Spread of cancers that began outside the belly

The abdominal CT scan may show problems with the gallbladder, liver, or pancreas, including:

The abdominal CT scan may reveal the following kidney problems:

  • Blockage of the kidneys

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If You Have Colon Cancer Would A Ct Scan Show It

CT scans are adept at locating pathology IN the abdomen or outside of the bowel, says Sander R. Binderow, MD, FACS, FASCRS, with Atlanta Colon & Rectal Surgery.

Dr. Binderow continues, CT is very good for solid organ disease liver, spleen, kidneys. It can show metastatic colon cancer that has spread to the liver.

Colon cancer, however, starts inside of the bowel. CT is notoriously unreliable for polyps or early stage tumors. It can show large, more advanced cancers or masses.

So for instance, my father went to the ER complaining of significant lower abdominal pain and a persistent feeling of constipation.

The doctor ordered a CT scan and at some point, she commented that it would be good news if the scan did not show an obstruction, as this could possibly be a malignant masshaving originated as colon cancer but having infiltrated outside of the colon where a CT scan would pick it up.

And even if a mass does indeed show up on a CT scanthis doesnt mean its malignant.

Dr. Binderow explains, If a CT is suspicious for a colorectal cancer, the next immediate step would be a colonoscopy which again is the best test to evaluate the colon and find colon cancer.


In the absence of a CT scan, if youre just wondering about colon cancer and would like to get some initial screening for it, you may consider Cologuard, which is a non-invasive screening test for this disease.

Cologuard kit

What Is Computed Tomography In Case Of Stomach Cancer

Recognizing colon cancer on abdominal CT

Computer tomography scanning can give the doctor detailed pictures of structures inside the body using X-rays. This test is used after the diagnosis of gastric cancer to determine the stage of the disease. To assess whether the tumor has spread to the lymph nodes or other organs, the chest, abdomen, and pelvis are scanned. CT examination can also detect fluid in the abdomen , as well as abdominal and pelvic nodules.

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What Are The Different Types Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is the name for a category of cancer. There are many different types of stomach cancer:

  • Adenocarcinoma: Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of gastric cancer, comprising more than 90% of all stomach cancers. Carcinoma that occurs in the innermost lining of the stomach.
  • Lymphoma: Cancer of the immune system that accounts for 4% of all stomach cancer, which is not from the mucosa of the stomach lining. It is broken up into primary and secondary lymphoma of the stomach.
  • Primary lymphoma involves the stomach and can eventually affect the lymph nodes, bone marrow and other parts of the body.
  • Secondary lymphoma initially involves other parts of the body, like circulating blood, lymph nodes, bone marrow and other organs. Secondarily, cancer spreads to the stomach.
  • Gastrointestinal Stroma Tumor: A kind of soft tissue sarcoma that can grow in the stomachs connective tissue.
  • Neuroendocrine cancer: Also known as carcinoid tumors, neuroendocrine cancer originates from cells in the intestines endocrine and nervous systems.
  • Why Get A Ct Scan To Detect Cancer

    Despite decades of research, there are still many types of cancer that arent easily found with a simple blood test or X-ray. For example, kidney cancer is the sixth most common new cancer found in men and the eighth most common in women, but it often has no symptoms until it has progressed to a higher stage or metastasized.

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    When Should I See My Healthcare Provider

    If youre at increased risk of stomach cancer, speak with your provider about the pros and cons of regular screenings. Otherwise, keep tabs on your symptoms. Many of the symptoms associated with stomach cancer may be signs of another condition. Only your provider can make a definitive diagnosis.

    See your provider if you have symptoms like stomach pain and unexplained weight loss with or without symptoms, like:

    • Trouble eating.

    How Is A Ct Scan Performed

    Can You See Stomach Cancer On Ct Scan

    A patient lies on a table that slides into the CT scanner, where an X-ray tube rotates around the patient. A technologist may inject a contrast material, usually an iodine contrast dye, into a vein in the arm for even more detailed CT images. Many abdominal and pelvic exams also require drinking a liquid to opacify the GI tract. This painless outpatient procedure typically takes about 10 minutes.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Mri

    Where MRI really excels is showing certain diseases that a CT scan cannot detect. Some cancers, such as prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and certain liver cancers, are pretty much invisible or very hard to detect on a CT scan. Metastases to the bone and brain also show up better on an MRI. This imaging is also used for many purposes unrelated to cancer, including injuries to soft tissue or joints, and injury or disease of internal organs including the brain, heart, and digestive organs.

    How Long Does A Ct Scan Take

    A CT scan can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on what part of the body is being scanned. It also depends on how much of your body the doctors want to look at and whether contrast dye is used. It often takes more time to get you into position and give the contrast dye than to take the pictures. After the test, you may be asked to wait while the pictures are checked to make sure they are clear and show all of the body part. If not, more pictures may be needed.

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    What Kind Of Doctor Treats Stomach Cancer

    There is a team of specialists that cares for people with stomach cancer:

    • Gastroenterologist: a doctor who specializes in the stomach and intestines
    • Surgical oncologist: a doctor who surgically removes cancer tumors and cancerous cells
    • Medical oncologist: a doctor who treats cancer with oral or systemic medication
    • Radiation oncologist: a doctor who specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy
    • Pathologist: a doctor who evaluates cells, tissues and organs and performs other laboratory tests to diagnose disease
    • Radiologist: a doctor who uses imaging tests to diagnose disease

    Depending on your condition and where you are in your treatment, you may meet with any one of these specialists at a given time.

    What Can You Do

    Patient with functional abdominal pain requests a CT-scan
    • Be aware of any restrictions before the meeting. When making an appointment, ask if there is anything that needs to be done in advance, such as restricting your diet.
    • Record any symptoms that are present, including any symptoms that may appear unrelated to the reason for the appointment.
    • Write down key personal data, including any significant stress or recent changes in your life.
    • Make a list of all medicines, vitamins, or supplements you are taking.
    • Pay attention to what appears to improve or worsen the symptoms. Follow which foods, medicines, or other factors affect your symptoms.
    • Consider taking a family member or friend. Sometimes it can be difficult to assimilate all the information provided during the meeting. Someone who accompanies you may remember something you missed or forgot.
    • Write down questions to ask your doctor.

    Your time spent with the doctor is limited, so preparing a list of questions can help solve all problems. Exchange your questions from the most important one to the least important if the time runs out. In the case of stomach cancer, the basic questions to ask your doctor include:

    In addition to the questions you have prepared to ask your doctor, do not hesitate to ask questions that arise during the visit.

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    What Is It Like Having A Ct Scan

    You may be asked to undress, put on a robe, and remove underwire bras, jewelry, piercings, or any other metal objects that may get in the way of the image. You may be asked remove dentures, hearing aids, hair clips, and so on, as they can affect the CT pictures.

    A radiology technologist does the CT scan. Let the technologist know if you have a pacemaker, infusion port, or other implanted medical device. This will not keep you from getting a CT scan, but extra care can be taken if that area will be scanned.

    The scanner is a large, doughnut-shaped machine. You lie on a thin, flat table that slides back and forth inside the hole in the middle of the scanner. As the table moves into the opening, an x-ray tube rotates within the scanner, sending out many tiny x-ray beams at precise angles. These beams quickly pass through your body and are detected on the other side of the scanner. You may hear buzzing and clicking as the scanner switches on and off.

    You will be alone in the exam room during the CT scan, but the technologist will be able to see, hear, and talk to you at all times.

    A CT is painless but you may find it uncomfortable to hold still in certain positions for minutes at a time. You may also be asked to hold your breath for a short time, since chest movement can affect the image.

    During a CT head scan, your head may be held still in a special device. For CT colonography , air is pumped into the colon to help see the inner bowel surface. This can be uncomfortable.

    Preparing For Your Pet

    For most PET-CT scans, you need to stop eating about 4 to 6 hours beforehand. You can usually drink water during this time. You might have instructions not to do any strenuous exercise for 24 hours before the scan.

    Some people feel claustrophobic when they’re having a scan. Contact the department staff before your test if youre likely to feel like this. They can take extra care to make sure youre comfortable and that you understand whats going on.

    Your doctor can arrange to give you medicine to help you relax, if needed.

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    Drawbacks Of A Ct Scan

    While a CT scan is a good imaging test to screen for cancer, it does have some limitations. Its not the best test to screen for different types of cancers in all areas of the body.

    Another limitation of CT scanning is that there is a high rate of nodule detection. In a Mayo Clinic study, a benign nodule was detected in over 50% participants, leading to follow-up scans. This increased the risk of radiation as well as cost.

    Secondly, a CT scan uses ionizing radiation. While the amount of radiation from a single CT scan may not pose much danger, every subsequent CT scan will increase the risk of radiation exposure in a patient. This should be weighed against the benefits of getting a CT scan, such as identifying abnormalities in different parts of the body.

    One example of a situation that may need regular CT scans is undergoing cancer treatment. If the cancer is in an area such as the lungs, regular CT scans can help practitioners see how the treatment is working. In this case, the patients cumulative radiation dose increases.

    At ezra, we use a low-dose CT scan as part of our cancer screening service to scan the chest for lung cancer. As the name implies, this scan uses a very low dose of ionizing radiation and also leverages the advantage CT scanning has over other imaging tests in scanning the chest for signs of cancer.

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