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High Calorie Liquid Cat Food

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Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Dogs

As cats age, their dietary needs change. Your vet may recommend switching to a liquid diet for cats. Whether they have a medical issue or simply cant handle solid food anymore, a liquid diet can be essential to ensure you are meeting your cats nutritional needs.

But finding a healthy liquid cat food that your kitty will enjoy is a challenge. Cats are finicky, especially about their food, so you may need to try a few before you find their fave. Here are some of the most popular liquid food varieties to test out with your cat.

Always Provide A Fresh Bowl Of Cool Water

In addition to increasing your cats food proportions or supplementing their diet with fattening treats, always make sure to provide a fresh bowl of water every day. Hydration is a leading factor in the overall health of your cat and their weight.

If you find yourself out of time to clean out your cats water bowl and refreshen it with new water, then consider getting a cat water fountain.

Causes Of Weight Loss In Cats

In most cases, cats will lose weight when they suffer prolonged lack of appetite as a result of health problems . Another possible cause of weight loss in a cat is malnutrition, which happens if your cat is not eating enough or getting enough nutrients.For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that your cat is consuming its recommended amount of calories every day. The standard recommendations range between 24 to 35 calories a day per pound, but it is always best to work a diet plan with your vet.

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High Calorie Cat Food: Why Is My Cat Underweight

First things first: You are not a bad cat parent. There are a ton of reasons why your cat is losing weight and luckily, most of them have easy remedies.

Older cats metabolize food less efficiently, so even if theyre eating their usual amount, the food isnt being processed and stored properly.

Hyperthyroidism is another common affliction of senior cats which causes weight loss.

Conditions such as kidney disease and diabetes, resulting in increased thirst and urination, causes weight loss. As do diseases such as cancer and gastrointestinal problems.

Mouth problems such as toothache prevent a cat from eating properly. And even competition for food with other cats can hinder a proper diet.

Its imperative that your kitty has a visit to the vet to determine if there is something more sinister behind the weight loss or changed eating habits.

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Can High Calorie Cat Supplements Help

Dyne High Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement for Dogs, 16

If you feel that your cat is too skinny and merely adding high calorie cat food will not be sufficient, then including a supplement in the cats diet is a good idea. There are various high-quality weight supplements available for cats that quickly boost the calories and nutrients count in the food. However, do make sure to use supplements in combination with high-calorie cat food to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, always consult your vet before incorporating any food supplement in your cats daily diet, and only choose the highest quality supplements.

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Best High Calorie Cat Food For Sick Cat : Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cn Critical Nutrition Formula

This is a dog and cat food for critically ill pets that need high energy, palatable, easy to eat food. The food is a smooth consistency allowing it to be used as a high calorie liquid cat food for syringe or tube feeding that makes it ideal for cats with eating problems . Formulated to be energy-dense so your cat feels the benefits immediately. Optimal nutrient profile to support pet recovery. This is for pets that really need building up quickly or energy-dense foods for pets that are restricted from eating normal volumes by health conditions. Anxious Users report very pleasing results seeing severely ill pets take food onboard and rebuild strength or elderly pets halt losing weight and improved weight management.

Ideal for cats with difficulty eating, recovering from illness or who have severely depleted appetite. This pet food gets calories in quick and easy. Unfortunately, requires a prescription.

208kcal/5.5oz can

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Wilderness dry is a sure deal for any cat.

Made of chicken it helps to feed your felines wild side and build lean muscle mass. This grain-free cat food is loaded with healthy carbohydrates including peas and sweet potatoes to support your cats active lifestyle. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

This formula also contains BLUEs exclusive LifeSource Bits, a special blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Carefully selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support healthy oxidative balance, immune system health, and life stage requirements.

If you are looking for food with the finest natural ingredients, BLUE dry cat food is a great option. No artificial flavors or preservatives, no by-product meals, soy, corn, or wheat.

There are a few things to note if you decide to go for this cat food. Some cat owners have complained about their cats developing urinary health issues, which is a possibility for all dry foods. I would suggest that you get one bag and try with your cat. Aside from providing adequate fresh water, you may also alternate this with the wet variety to increase the water content of the food.

Crude Protein 43.96% Crude Fiber 4.40% Calories estimate 3,832 Kcal/Kg, 443 Kcals/cup

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Is There An Appetite Stimulant For Cats

Mirtazapine is a drug that was initially developed to control nausea but has been shown to be an effective appetite stimulant in cats. It has been used for quite some time by veterinarians trying to improve their patients’ appetites, but the issue of giving it to cats that won’t eat has been problematic.

Pros And Cons Of Wet And Dry High Fat Cat Food:

high calorie dog food recipe


  • High caloric content due to large share of fat which has more kcal per gram than other macronutirents
  • Resembles natural diet since cats rarely eat plants and grains. They evolved into hunters and crave meat.
  • Is usually full of quality fats, fatty acids which are good for keeping energy levels high, building cells and hormones.


  • High caloric content can be a trap its easy to overdo it with food amount and make your fat obese. Follow vet and producer instructions on feeding to avoid this
  • Some products include unhealthy types of fats and fat sources. Make sure to always check the label and brand reputation.

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Purina Pro Plan The Finally Suggestion For The Best Cat Food To Gain Weight

Our last product suggestion is the Purina Pro Plan cat food. Each can is 98 calories and full of vitamins and minerals. You can also add either of the gels from earlier in the list to further increase the calorie content.

The Purina food comes in a number of flavors such as Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Wildfish and Liver. You are currently able to get twenty-four cans of cat food for around twenty dollars from The product has also managed to earn almost 300 reviews with an average score of four stars.

Again, this cat food is lower in protein to help add extra and fat content for additional calories. There have been multiple reports of senior cats enjoying this Purina product and gaining weight quickly. It is also grain free so has a minimal chance of giving your cat wind issues.

Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain

Our Top Pick for the Best Grain-Free Cat Food for Weight Gain: Many cats who need to gain weight are senior cats, but low bodyweight is also a concern for kittens. This Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food is a great choice because it is formulated for both adult cats and kittens you can feed your cat the same recipe throughout his entire life. This formula is naturally grain-free for digestibility but very high in protein, fat, and calories. It features fresh chicken as the first ingredient with three supplemental sources of animal protein to follow chicken meal, turkey meal, and deboned cod. It also contains plenty of essential fatty acids to provide your cat with a concentrated source of calories as well as support for his skin and coat. It offers a full 40% protein and 20% fat with 486 calories per cup. Simply put, this recipe is an excellent source of high-quality and high-calorie nutrition for cats who need to gain weight.

  • Pros: Formulated for adults and kittens, high in protein and fat, several premium animal proteins, grain-free for digestibility, plenty of fiber, chelated minerals, probiotic supplements, 486 calories/cup
  • Cons: Somewhat expensive to feed as a staple diet, may be too high in fiber for some cats

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What Causes A Cat To Lose Too Much Weight

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Obesity is an increasingly common problem in pets with an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs being overweight or obese. Obesity can increase your cats risk for serious health problems and can shave years of his lifespan as well. As bad as obesity is for your cats health, being seriously underweight can be just as dangerous. When your cat loses too much weight, it can put him at risk for malnutrition, brittle bones, and other issues.

Before you start to panic about whether your cat is underweight or not, know that there is a simple way to find out. Take a look at your cat from above while he is standing to evaluate his body condition. If he is at his ideal weight, he should be well-proportioned with a visible waist behind the ribs and his ribs should be palpable just beneath the skin with minimal fat covering. An underweight cat may have visible ribs and a severe abdominal tuck you may also be able to feel the ribs, lumbar vertebrae, and hip bones just beneath the skin. If you can easily see your cats bones, it is a sign that he is too skinny.

If youre concerned that your cat is too skinny, take him to the vet to determine his true body condition score. From there, your vet can help you determine the underlying cause of your cats weight loss.

Here are some of the most common causes of weight loss in cats:

  • Kidney disease
  • Dental problems
  • Skinny old cat syndrome

Hills Prescription Diet Restorative/urgent Care

Dyne® High Calorie Liquid for Dogs %Dyne® High Calorie Li

This calorie-rich, nutrient-packed food is ideal for fur babies that are recovering from an accident or surgery. But the nutritious ingredients and high-calorie content are ideal for underweight cats, regardless of the reason.

Both the restorative and urgent care recipes have almost the exact same ingredients and are calorie-dense and ideal for underweight cats who require urgent attention.

The soft texture is perfect for kitties that have mouth problems or are fussy eaters and can be administered through a syringe in extreme cases. The recipe is high in calories from fat and protein and is loaded with potassium and Omega-3.

Due to its impressive nutritional content, this can be your cats primary and sole food source. However, the high fat and sodium levels may not be suitable for all cats.

As this is a prescription diet, its best to check with your vet if this is the best route for your kitty.

Shop UKHills Prescription Diet Restorative

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Best High Calorie Sensitive Stomach Cat Food: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gi High Energy Cat Food

This is a canned wet food made of chunks in gel designed for underweight cats who need to add weight and have sensitive stomachs. High fat, high calorie means you can feed smaller amounts to sensitive cats who are maybe eating fewer calories than required. Fat content improves palatability and taste. Comes in a chicken flavor and many owners note that fussy eaters find this food easy to eat. Price is higher than normal foods as you need a prescription to buy the food.

Not great for cats that have problems chewing or obstructions in the esophagus.

180kcal/5.8 0z can

Nomnomnow Fresh Cat Food Delivery

Overall Best Cat Food for Weight Gain: When it comes to helping an underweight cat gain weight, it isnt just about calories. Though increasing your cats calorie intake is important, the quality of his diet matters more. It wont do your cat any good to feed him a large volume of unhealthy food because his body wont be able to digest it properly and he wont get the nutrients he needs. High-quality nutrition from fresh, whole-food ingredients is the best diet for underweight cats and thats exactly what NomNomNow has to offer.

NomNomNow is fresh pet food delivered right to your door. You simply fill out a profile for your cat on the website, providing key information such as his name, age, and body weight. You can also indicate whether your cat is an ideal weight or if he needs to gain/lose a few pounds. NomNomNow takes that information and creates a custom meal plan for your cat, sending you regular deliveries of pre-portioned meals customized to your cats calorie needs. If you indicate that your cat needs to gain weight, his meals will be higher in calories to accommodate for that need. Every recipe is made with a premium source of animal protein as the main ingredient with other natural ingredients to follow.

  • Pros: High-quality nutrition, rich in premium animal protein, calorie content customized to your cats needs, fresh food delivered to your door, wholesome natural ingredients
  • Cons: Significantly more expensive than kibble, only two recipe options to choose from

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Increase Cat Food Amount + Frequency

Help your cat gain weight by increasing feeding frequency and amounts. Cats would much prefer to eat smaller portions of food several times a day rather than one large bowl once per day.

Eating smaller proportions more frequently is actually more natural for cats digestive systems and will encourage kitty to have an appetite and eat more. Try increasing the amount of food and spreading it out across the day.

So instead of one lump of kibble once a day, split it into 3 .

Dry cat food is often higher in calories than wet cat food . However, if you choose to provide a dry-food diet to your cat, just make sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water to ensure your cat is getting hydrated properly!

Best High Calorie Cat Food : Top Options For Skinny Cats

High Hydration Cat Diet Weruva Chicken Turkey And Salmon Wet Cat Food

When your cat is sick or underweight, high calorie foods can help them to stay healthy and maintain muscle mass.

Why Buy from Chewy?

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If your cat is underweight, a high-calorie food can help to bulk them up, but thats not the full story.

Being underweight is usually indicative of an underlying problemcats are rarely skinny for no reason. If your cat is underweight, a change in diet may be necessary, but its also important to know whats wrong. Make sure to consult with your veterinarian to be sure that you are not only treating your cats weight, but also any underlying issues that are causing it.

In this article, youll learn how to choose a nutrient-rich, palatable food thats packed with the fuel your cat needs.

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How To Fatten Up A Cat: Best Cat Food To Gain Weight

Have you ever found a stray that was a little underweight? Maybe your cat became sick and lost several pounds? Whatever your situation, sometimes our feline friends need some extra calories in order to obtain the proper nourishment they need.

Learn how to make your cat gain weight, and see our selection of high-calorie cat food for the best cat food to gain weight.

  • How to Make Your Cat Gain Weight
  • High-Calorie Cat Food Selection
  • Best Cat Food for Weight Gain
  • Why Is Your Cat Losing Weight?
  • Our Personal Experience with Yoda
  • Final Thoughts: How to Fatten Up a Cat

First Of All Is Your Cat Underweight

Before you opt for specific cat food for weight gain, you need to make sure it is appropriate for your pet. And that means determining whether your cat is actually underweight. Ideally, your cat should be sleek with an athletic body but this normal shape may not always be immediately obvious depending on their breed or coat type.

Knowing the typical weight for your cat breed is a good place to start as you can quickly monitor them if you suspect there has been too much weight loss. There are also some physical checks you can do. To evaluate whether your cat is underweight, you should assess the following:

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Why You Should Put Your Cat On High

Your cat should have the body condition and energy levels to be an active and happy cat at every life stage. So, maintaining their weight is not just about how they look but also how healthy they are on the inside.

After ruling out any underlying health conditions, a cat that’s struggling to maintain body weight should be given an appropriate high-calorie diet to gain weight. A high-calorie diet for weight gain contains higher levels of fat and protein than ordinary cat food to help your pet to gain weight. But it’s important to ensure the cat food is also nutritionally balanced, so your pet is getting all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need for good all-round health.

High-calorie products can be used short-term, for example after a period of illness to bring your pet back up to their optimum weight. Alternatively, for underweight cats who struggle to keep on weight due to their age or are picky eaters, a high-calorie diet can be used long-term to ensure your cat can gain weight then maintain a healthy body condition.

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