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Horse Bedding Pellets For Cat Litter

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Cheap Cat Kitten Litter Using Pine Pellets Equine Bedding Wood Stove Environmental Friendly Compost.

On the surface, wood pellet litter is no different than traditional clay cat litter when it comes to cleaning. You simply scoop out any solid clumps and soiled pine pellets every time your cat uses the litter box. However, you need to be more careful with how much sawdust you scoop out of the box so that you dont over-fill the litter box.

Are Wood Pellets Safe For Cats

Energy Pellets of America makes wood pellets from recycled shipping pallets. The shipping pallets used in our production process are not chemically treated, which means they are 100 percent natural wood. No binding agents are used in our pellets. They are formed with heat and pressure in a pelletizing mill. This process means our pellets contain no chemicals that could be harmful to your cat.

Additionally, our animal bedding pellets are used in barns, stables and animal habitats across the country. Our pellets create a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment for livestock and other animals.

Confused About Tractor Supply Equine Pine Pellets As Litter

Central Florida

but to be sure the pellets are kiln dried.

The kitty playground
Central Florida



“WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Central Florida

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Pin Pellet Horse Bedding

Generally speaking, if equine pine pellets are used in horse bedding, cleaning horse stall is much easier and more economical than wood shavings and straws. Pine pellets absorb four times their weight in liquid and naturally neutralize the ammonia odor in urine. Equine pine pellets are dust-free, mold, bacteria and insect resistant. Pine wood pellets form a comfortable sterile bedding layer, and they are slightly crumbled to increase the surface area which neutralize odor and absorbs moisture on contact. Pine pellets for horse bedding make the stall clean, dry and odor free. The following are some of the specific reasons why use equine pine pellets for horse bedding.

What Are Wood Pellets


Wood pellets are made of compressed wood fiber. Animal bedding pellets are created from dry sawdust placed under high pressure and high temperatures making them super absorbent. Energy Pellets of America makes pellets from discarded pallets that are no longer useful in the shipping process. Our pellets are renewable, biodegradable and all natural.

Wood pellets are commonly used as heating fuel and animal bedding. Wood pellets are an increasingly popular replacement for cat litter, too.

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Silica Gel Crystals In Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter is made from the same type of silica gel crystals found in the desiccant packets that come with products like leather bags, cameras, and jerky.

Although these packets are well-known for their do not eat labeling, the silica gel crystals are non-toxic and safe for your cat.

Silica gel crystals are synthetically made from a combination of silicon dioxide, oxygen, and water.

Each crystal has millions of tiny pores that capture moisture.

Watch the video below for a closer look at how these types of litters work:

Is Clumping Litter Safe For Cats Or The Environment

Since the typical clay litters dont serve the possible health hazards that clumping clay cat litters do, they do have their own set of problems:

Clay contains particles of crystalline silica, so its dangerous to inhale large amounts of its dust.

There has been a rise in depressed immune systems, respiratory distress, irritable bowel syndrome, and vomiting among cats that I have seen in the past two years. All had one thing in commona clumping product in their litter box. In several cases, simply removing the litter improved the condition of the cat. Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D. founded Azmira Holistic Animal Care® in 1982

I think the awareness of theses clumping type litters isnt prevalent yet.

They can make your kittens/cats very sick, it can harshly impact their intestines and even kill them.

Whats the best type of cat litter for kittens?

One teaspoon of litter could expand to cup of an insoluble mass in your cats body.

Because kittens are curious, slightly messy creatures with a tendency to eat litter and because their tiny intestines cant handle even small amounts of clay, its recommended that kittens avoid clumping clay litter until theyre 3-4 months of age.

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Three: Transition The Litter Boxes

Remember that you want an alternative box for the cats as long as possible. If your cats are using the wood pellet only box, transition their old clay litter box. If they don’t want to use the wood litter at all, transition the new box until they get the hang of it. When they do, you can switch their old one out.

  • Fill the transitioning box with regular litter, a few scoops of dirty litter from the other box, and add one cup of wood litter. Mix it with a litter scoop.
  • Each day, scoop out a bit of litter and add just a tiny bit more of the wood litter. A good amount to add is only about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup. Most cats need a LOT of transition time, and rushing it can push things back a lot.
  • After a while, if you see the cats are using the litter box regularly and the litter is mostly wood, you can try switching it to 100% wood pellets.
  • Observe carefully. If the cats backslide or stop using the new litter box, go back a few steps and add the regular litter back to the box. Start over until the cats are using the wood litter reliably.
  • How Much To Use

    Cheap Cat Kitten Litter By Using Stove Pellets Or Horse Bedding & Earth Friendly Compostable.

    One 40 lb bag of pellet bedding will cover a 12X12 with a one inch layer, once moistened and spread. So, four bags will provide a depth of 4, which is the recommended minimum, and six bags will give you a depth of 6. It all comes down to personal preference and individual animal needs.

    For larger spaces, use this formula: ___ sq ft divided by 24, multiplied by ____ inches = number of 40lb bags.

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    Different Types Of Wood Litter Are They All Pellets

    Wood pellets are a very popular option, especially considering you can get them for so cheap. Wood pelleted litter comes in many brands like Feline Pine, Frisco, and Simply Pine .

    But the pellets arent the only options for wood litter. They also sell grounded wood litter thats meant to clump. The clumps arent as strong as traditional clay clumps, but they still can make the box easier to clean.

    Some of the grounded litter is 100% pine, but other types have mixtures of wood and corn .

    Weve Got Several Key Criteria For The Ideal Cat Litter

    • Safe for cats. Most litters have a downside, but we dont want something blatantly dangerous.
    • The cats like it. A litter is worthless if the cats refuse to use it, so this is a big one.
    • Effective odor control. Cats are awesome, but that cat pee smell isnt.
    • Low tracking. Who wants bits of litter all over their house? Ew.
    • Dust-free. Not only does that cloud of clay dust make you choke, but it can also be a dangerous carcinogen.
    • Low maintenance. How much time does it take to keep the litter box clean? Our time is valuable to us.
    • Affordable/cost-effective. Heywho wants to spend a lot of money on whats essentially their cats toilet water? Id rather buy freeze-dried cat treats and snazzy cat-venture equipment, personally.

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    Can You Use Horse Pellets For Cat Litter

    Can You Use Horse Pellets For Cat Litter? Most horse bedding pellets can be used as cat litter. To be sure, contact the manufacturer to ensure they contain no additives and have been kiln-dried to remove phenol. Equine pellets are often a better choice than wood stove pellets, because theyre less likely to contain potentially harmful additives.

    Since I tried this with my cats, I want to discuss the pros and cons of pine pellet cat litter. At a Glance: Pine Pellet Cat Litter, Pro vs. Cons ProsConsCheapCats wont be drawn to itEnvironmentally FriendlyNot all cats will use itHides cat pee smellDoes not hide poo smellLess dustyMuch more work to clean/manage. Feline Pine and other brands of pine pelleted cat litter This is specifically manufactured and marketed to be used as cat litter and youll find it in the pet section at your local box stores or pet stores. Bottom Line: All in all, considering how long pine pelleted litter can last, its overall a cheaper option than most clumping clay types even if you buy the branded pine pelleted litter.

    Is pine pellet litter safe for kittens? The dangerous oils are eliminated in the manufacturing process through kiln drying. The advantage to just purchasing actual pine pelleted cat litter is that its made specifically for cats, so you know its absolutely safe.

    What It Is Not

    CHEAP NATURAL CAT LITTER 1. Purchase pine pellet horse ...

    Horse bedding pellets are not wood shavings. Pellets made from pure softwood fibres do not cause hoof-heating tannic acids, which can result from any bedding using oak, or cause allergies or stain a light-coloured horses wet coat, which can result from shavings made with cedar. Softwood bedding pellets do not contain any woody material salvaged from urban or treated woods, or used lumber and construction materials from building sites, which can seriously harm an animal because of the unknown chemical contaminants and toxins. Bedding pellets made from pure-fibre will not rapidly ferment if exposed to moisture, resulting in heat which can irritate an animals skin.

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    Best Wood Pellets Cat Litter #1 Feline Pine Cat Litter:

    Best wood pellets for cat litter. This is the least expensive kitty litter option. It is a little pricier than other options, but i believe its worth every penny! Wood pellets for cat litter top picks at a glance.

    Wood and pine pellet litters are a healthy alternative to traditional clay cat litter. Our favorite wood pellet cat litter: Therefore cats best smart pellets can remain in the litter box for up to 3 weeks before a complete change is necessary.

    Most pelleted cat litters are unscented and use the natural smell of the material to cover the odour of urine or feces. Several of my clients use wood pellet litters. Unlike clay litter, most are natural and recycled, but there are artificially made pellet litters out.

    Place a second litter box with pellets next to your cat’s current litter box. Then again, cat litter pellets can be reused and treated the soil, which ensures the earth. The 100% pine is natural and safe, and biodegradable when its time to replenish.

    It absorbs more and better than clay litter does. Our favorite clumping cat litter: Okocat natural wood clumping cat litter.

    Wood pellets are easy to dispose of. Start adding pellet litter to the other box as well. Wood pellet litters are my least favorite to clean because it takes so much time to scoop out the waste.

    Wood pellets are a healthy alternative to clay. Pros of wood and pine pellet cat litter 1. Arm & hammer litter clump & .

    Pin On Cat

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Silica Gel Crystal Litter

    Its low-maintenance.

    Silica gel cat litter doesnt work the same way that most other products do.

    Instead of scooping out liquid and solid waste daily, you would scoop out fecal matter and stir up any liquid waste.

    Crystal cat litter doesnt need to be replaced as regularly as other types of litter. Users can leave the litter in the box for up to one month.

    It offers excellent odor control.

    Its extremely absorbent. Silica gel crystals absorb 40% of their weight in water and can reduce the relative humidity in a closed container by the same percentage.

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    Cats Can Be Allergic To Pine And Other Types Of Woods

    Though relatively uncommon, some cats may be allergic to the contact allergens found in pine, cedar, and other types of wood pellet cat litter. Frequent exposure may cause irritation, asthma, and chronic respiratory disease.

    Pine naturally contains abietic acid. Cedar naturally contains plicatic acid. For some cats, these allergens may cause respiratory disease or asthma when inhaled.

    If your cat develops any signs or symptoms of respiratory distress following a switch to a wood litter, stop use and contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Common signs of respiratory distress and asthma attacks in cats include:

    • Rapid, shallow breathing
    • Breathing with an open mouth
    • An abnormal or exaggerated rise and fall of the chest and abdomen while breathing
    • Faint wheezing when exhaling

    Unfortunately, the process of kiln drying does little to reduce the presence of these allergens in wood pellets. If your cat is sensitive to either, wood pellets should be avoided.

    Low Tracking And Less Dust

    Horse Bedding for Cat Litter ~ Save $$$

    Traditional clay cat litter can be very messy, with many types producing a significant amount of dust. And because the clay cat litter is made up of tiny little pieces, its easy for those pieces to get stuck on your cats paws and be tracked throughout your home.

    Wood pellet litter doesnt produce dust and the larger sizes of the wood pellets help minimize any tracking from your cat helping to keep the litter box area cleaner.

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    What Can You Do

    Switch your litter!

    Marina Michaels from TheLightHouseOnline.com has a list she recommends as alternatives for you to get instead. Looks like it was last updated around the mid-2000s.

    Were all going for a clumping, non-clay litter thats scoopable Now understand, these options dont control odors 110% either even though thats what it might state.

    Also, understand that I will mention types of litter that doesnt clump but are still great for your cats.

    But for a quick recap for what she recommends: Clump and Non-Clump

    1.CareFresh Its soft bedding that will definitely soak up the urine and states #1 in order control.

    2. FelineFresh These are the pine pellets that are biodegradable/flushable. (Although, I would still just throw them out.

    You dont want to run the risk of clogging your plumbing or septic tank.

    This litter doesnt clump but will turn into like a sawdust form that you can carefully remove.

    • Absorbs 4X more odor-causing liquid
    • No dust and no tracking
    • Flushable and biodegradable
    • Pine neutralizes odor on contact
    • Longer lasting than clay litters
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Feline Fresh cat litter is clean, sterile and safe for pets

    3. sWheat Scoop This is the litter I personally use for my 4 cats but in the process of changing to Feline Pine.

    I switched to this while doing the research for this article. The cost is more but Im ok with it for my peace of mind.

    Are Wood And Pine Pellets Safe For Cat Litter

    Pine pellets are generally safe for use by cats. You just need to make sure that the pellets are treated to remove the phenol found in pine oil, contain no chemical additives, are made from untreated wood, and contain nothing other than 100% natural wood fibers.

    Wood pellets specifically made and marketed for use as cat litter, like Feline Pine or Simply Pine, will always be safe for your pet.

    But if youre considering using horse bedding or wood stove pellets as litter, youll first want to make sure theyre safe. Contact the manufacturer to make sure that their pellets contain no potentially harmful additives and are kiln dried to remove phenol.

    • Facial tics or facial droop
    • Increased redness of the lips or gums

    If you suspect that your cat may have been exposed to pine oil, or any other potentially harmful essential oil, contact your veterinarian or Animal Poison Control at immediately. Note that a consultation fee may apply.

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    What Types Of Pellets Are Safe For Cats

    Any type of wood pellet that has been kiln dried is safe for use as cat litter. This includes a variety of woods, like pine, cedar, and oak. Pellets made for a variety of purposes may also be used, like wood stove fuel and equine bedding pellets. Paper and Breeze pellets are also cat-safe alternatives.

    Is Wood Pellets Better Than Litter

    Cat owners! I use horse bedding pellets as litter and ...

    Wood pellet litter is a viable alternative to conventional litter because it is an eco-friendly, natural, recycled, non-tracking, no-dust, and 100% safe litter that is as practical to use as normal clumping clay litter. Therefore, there is no reason why you should refrain from switching to this kind of natural litter.

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    Can You Use Pelletized Bedding For Cat Litter

    Horse bedding pelleted bedding for horses, also called equine bedding, can also work for cat litter even though it is not specifically marketed as such. However, it is made of 100% pine, just like the cat litter brands and its much less expensive. You can find this stuff sold at places like Tractor Supply.

    What Are The Best Types Of Cat Litter To Use

    Kittens start showing instinctive digging and covering behaviors when theyre as young as 3-4 weeks old.

    In most cases, using a litter box comes naturally for them because it imitates the soil or sand theyd use instinctively outdoors.

    Its important to respect your cats natural desire for cleanliness by providing an effective litter.

    Best types:

    • feels good under your cats paws,

    Youll have big problems if your cat doesnt approve.

    NOTE: please avoid clay litters for any stage your cat may be in, I explained above why.

    Cats are known for their finicky habits, and its not rare for a cat to go on strike against a dirty box or litter they arent fond of.

    Inappropriate urination is a cat guardians nightmare.

    Youll also face the potential of urinary tract disease or constipation if your cat starts retaining waste in avoidance of the box.

    For all of these reasons, its critical to provide an effective litter that your cat approves of.

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