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How To Befriend A Stray Cat

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Determine If The Cat Is A Stray

Guy Tries To Befriend A Stray Cat For Over A Year | The Dodo

Try to determine if the cat is lost or abandoned, and not simply a neighbors indoor-outdoor cat.

  • Talk to neighbors to see if they know anything about the cat.
  • Post notices on online social or neighborhood networks such as Facebook or Nextdoor.
  • Post messages on online pet rescue groups or message boards such as the Missing Pet Network.
  • Place signs around the neighborhood asking if the cat belongs to anyone.
  • Contact local shelters to file a Found Cat Report.
  • Contact the shelter in the county where the cat was found, as well as neighboring counties if they are close by.

How To Adopt A Stray In The Sims : Cats & Dogs

In The Sims Universe, a stray is an animal that doesnt belong to any Sim. So, theyre basically townies, except theyre dogs and cats. In The Sims 4 , Sims can adopt strays and make them part of the family.

Strays are generated randomly. But unlike townies, strays in the Sims 4 cannot be accessed from the Manage Worlds menu. Instead, a Sim must find them out in the world and befriend them.

Are you wondering how to adopt a stray in The Sims 4? In this guide, Ill show you several ways with cheats, with mods, and without cheats or mods .

What Should I Do If I Find A Feral Kitten

Avoid touching the kitten with bare hands. Feral kittens arent vaccinated. This means that if they bite your hand, you are at risk of contracting infections or diseases from the kitten. If the kitten is very small or is trapped in an enclosed space and you need to pick it up, wear a thick heavy-duty glove.

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How Can You Help Feral Cats

The first step is to inform your local cat protection or feral cat rescue shelter. Theyll offer advice and will likely follow an official trap, neuter, return program.

TNR specialists will catch the cat using a baited cage. Theyll then sedate the cat, check them for a microchip, examine them for diseases and treat them for worms and fleas. They will also spay or neuter them so the animal cant add to the local feral population. Some of these programs may clip the cats ear, which helps animal control officials quickly and easily identify stray and feral cats that have already been spayed or neutered. Finally, the cat may also have to be shaved if their hair is matted or badly infested with parasites. Then, they will be returned to the outdoors or possibly relocated to another area.

While trying to tame a feral cat isnt a good idea, you can find plenty of cats in shelters and rescues that need a warm, welcoming home, including older cats that tend to get along with other pets you already have. If youre ready to add a pet to your home, consider saving a rescue cat theyll be sure to thank you with lots of love.

Adopting Strays From The Gallery

How to Befriend a Wild Cat or Kitten: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

There are two strays in the Manage Households menu Mayor Whiskers and Captain Whitaker the ghost dog. You can click on your household in the Manage Households screen and move one of these two dogs in with your family.

But if Mayor Whiskers and a ghost dog arent what youre looking for, you can also download strays from the gallery. There are several Maxis-made strays available for adoption including:

  • Bear Newfoundland made by SimGuruEmory
  • Boots Chihuahua made by SimGuruJM
  • Laika Newfoundland made by SimGuruRusskii
  • Ruby Available in several different outfits
  • Ginger & Xena Pair of boxers made by SimGuruRomeo
  • Bonkers & Boots Pair of kittens made by SimGuruLakshmi
  • Joaquin Adult cat seen in the official screenshots and trailers for Cats & Dogs.
  • Shadow Mixed Breed cat made by SimGuruRad

And there are tons more created by your fellow Simmers on the gallery. Once you find one you like, heres how to adopt it:

  • Now choose your household to move the pet in with your family.
  • The pet will usually come with $20,000. If you dont want that much money coming in with a pet, you can use a money cheat to remove it.
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    Let The Stray Cat Make The First Move

    Let your stray cat approach you first. This may take days or even weeks. Don’t try to walk up and pet him. Give him a chance to rub against your leg cautiously. Speak soothingly to him. You can try extending your hand slowly and gently, but don’t try to pet him. Let him approach and sniff your hand. He may sniff your hand and then rub it with his head, which is an invitation for a gentle pet.

    Remember, a stray cat that trusts you one day may not have the same level of trust the next.2 Sometimes his outdoor adventures will leave him stressed and a little less friendly. Don’t be discouraged if you sometimes feel like you’ve regressed. With time and patience, your stray cat will come to trust you and want pets consistently. You might even start giving him access to your home from time to time if your bond has grown. At some point, you may want to take him to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations.

    It’s a beautiful thing when you finally gain the trust of a stray cat. Some cats have had a hard time in life, and, for whatever reason, they end up homeless. By winning a stray cat’s trust and providing some essentials for him, you could make a huge impact on his life. And you’ll gain a lovable feline companion as well.

    1. Elliott, Pippa. “How to Earn the Trust of a Stray Cat.” WikiHow, 12 November 2020, .

    How Do You Befriend A Stray Cat

    Taming a stray cat can be a difficult process that lasts several months. A feral cat may never behave the same way a domesticated house cat would, but many reach a point where they make loving pets and are able to live indoors. Some stray cats are actually lost cats that were previously domesticated.

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    Take Care Of It In Your Own Backyard

    You can also take care of the outdoor cat yourself. Remember that the cat does need to be spayed or neutered and receive its vaccinations. But if the outdoors is the only option, you can still make sure the cat has food and water and a place to shelter during bad weather.

    Remember to take up any extra food in the evening to prevent scavengers such as raccoons or possums to move in and eat the food . Read How to Set Up an Outdoor Cat House for Pets, Strays, and Ferals for tips.

    Cats that live in feral cat colonies often have an ear that is notched or cut by a vet. This lets caretakers know that the cat has been vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

    How To Welcome A New Cat

    trying to befriend a feral stray cat #2

    New pet cats often hide under the bed or goodness-knows-where when they are first put in the strange environment of your home. This is OK. The cat needs time to get used to you and to all the attention that you are trying to shower on her. Usually the cat will emerge and start to explore after a few days of hiding.

    If the cat is hiding under the bed, one trick you can do is to place the cats food and water bowls under there. This will show the cat that she is being cared for and fed. The next time you feed the cat, move the bowls out from under the bed but within the cat’s sight. Don’t be surprised if nothing happens and the cat decides to eat late at night once you are asleep, or when you are safely out of the room. Once the cat feels more comfortable in her new environment, you can move the bowls to their proper place in the house.


    You may never understand your cat. Just do your best to be a good human friend.

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    How The Problem Of Feral Cats Multiplies

    First, what is a feral cat? According to Margaret R. Slater, DVM, PhD, senior director of epidemiology, animal health services with the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals , a feral cat is any cat who is too poorly socialized to be handled … and who cannot be placed into a typical pet home.

    According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, there are between 60 million and 100 million feral cats in the U.S. They are usually the offspring of cats who were lost or abandoned by their owners, and they grow up not socialized to humans.

    Because a female cat can become pregnant as young as 16 weeks of age and go on to have two or three litters a year, the feral cat population — and the problems associated with it — grows and perpetuates. In seven years, a single female cat and their kittens can produce 420,000 more cats.

    Who Was The Woman That Rescued A Kitten

    The woman rescued the pet kitten from the street and thought the animal was a normal, healthy house cat until she went to the vet Talk about a case of feline confusion! A woman in Argentina discovered that the pet kitten she had rescued months earlier was actually a wild animal when a trip to the veterinarian didnt go as planned.

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    Wait Wait Ive Seen Feral Cats Hang Out Together

    Thats true. Feral cat communities are more social than many other wild cat species.

    Hold on, whats a feral cat, again?

    In terms of domestication, feral cats arent so different from our cuddly house cats. In fact, as the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities points out, theyre the same species. The only difference and it is a big one is that these felines didnt have contact with humans early enough in life. As a result, theyre self-sufficient and not at all interested in crawling into your lap.

    What we see in these feral cat colonies is that, while the adults will hunt and eat alone, their downtime might be spent with other feral cats. In some instances, they may even nap together, groom each other, and take care of kittens communally.

    And it gets even more interesting. Feral cats apparently have subgroups. Like a school cafeteria, small groups of cats within a colony will spend more time together, presumably whispering about the cats in other subgroups. Usually, these kitty clicks will consist of family ties, but not always. It seems that, just like humans, cats have friend preferences.

    Sounds like the proof we need to answer our question of do cats make friends right?

    Well, no.

    Cats, though, will pick and choose their social networks based on survival and access to resources. Its a tough world out there for a cat. Weve got to admire their tenacity.

    How To Adopt Stray Cats & Dogs

    How to Befriend a Wild Cat or Kitten

    Here are my suggestions for how to adopt a stray dog or cat in the least amount of time possible without cheating:

  • Wait for a stray to appear on your home lot.
  • Perform an Affection interaction on the stray such as feed treat or smoochie. I start with feed treat to make the animal like me a bit first.
  • Invite the stray inside and furnish your home with toys, scratching post and litter box for a cat, and food bowl.
  • Continue performing interactions affection, play, etc until the stray leaves your lot or your relationship is high enough to adopt. This can take a while, perhaps even multiple visits.
  • My Sims relationship was quite high before she could adopt past the point of being best friends.

    Hell be added to your household and you can start caring for him as your own. Make sure you have all the necessary pet supplies to keep him happy and healthy!

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    Consider A Calming Remedy To Help Her With The Transition

    Just as a hot bath and a cup of herbal tea can take the edge off a stressful day, providing a soothing remedy like catnip, pheromone sprays, or calming supplements may do the same for your new cat.

    Alley Cat Allies recommends:

    using non-pharmaceutical behavior modifiers like Feliway, Rescue Remedy, or Composure Soft Chews. These products can help calm and comfort cats using essential oils or extracts or by mimicking natural feline pheromones.

    Alley Car Allies

    Keep Her Coming Back For More

    The next step is to provide relaxed, non-threatening enrichment to ensure that the cat enjoys spending time with you and keeps coming back. Feline rescuers say the best time to initiate an interaction is during meal times. They also recommend providing treats and toys to encourage the cat to connect with you one-on-one.

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    How Do You Get A Reluctant Cat Into A Carrier

    Sometimes you may need to capture a stray cat sooner than it is ready. Here are two ways to capture them:

    • If it is very hungry, you may be able to get a large cat carrier and place food in the back of the carrier. This method works very well for younger cats, especially. Once the cat goes in the carrier, you can quickly shut and lock the door.
    • If the cat is still wary, your best bet is to rent or purchase a humane trap. Many animal shelters and rescue groups will rent the traps to you. Sometimes vets have them, as well. The trap is easy to use. Place food at the far end of the trap. When the cat steps in far enough, a trigger plate will cause the door to close.

    Note: Once the cat has been caught, he or she needs to be transported to the vet as soon as possible.

    Give Him A Safe Comfy Bed

    How to befriend a stray cat

    Stray cats can have a hard time when braving the weather and extreme temperatures outdoors. The more stressed a cat is, the less likely he will engage with you in any meaningful way.

    If you can, leave your garage door or another place with a roof slightly open, so your stray cat can go inside when it’s raining or the temperatures are extreme. If it’s cold, consider a heated Thermo Outdoor Kitty House or the Thermo Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame. Both are water-resistant for the outdoors, and the heated versions come with pet-safe heating pads. Another option is the Thermo Mod Kitty Shelter, which is also waterproof and comes with a heated pad that covers half the floor. As the weather warms up, the heated pads can be removed and replaced with a comfy cushion.

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    Slowly Desensitize Her To Life With Humans

    Remember that many of the things we take for granted as typical aspects of life may be quite frightening to a semi-feral cat. Sounds like human voices, music, and opening and closing doors may send a nervous kitty running for the hills. Use feeding times as an opportunity to speak softly and perform slow, deliberate tasks in order to desensitize the cat and show it you are not a threat.

    Transitioning A Stray Cat To Your Home

    Before transitioning your stray cat into your care, you will want to make sure you have all the right cat supplies.

    According to Delgado, if your new feline friend was previously a house cat, the transition indoors should be relatively easy.

    If a cat is hanging out on your back porch, shes probably lived inside before and is socialized to interact with people. In this case, Delgado recommends earning the kittys trust with food and then providing necessities indoors. This includes a cat litter box, a place to snuggle up, and food and water. and a cozy environment will help the cat transition into this new life, she notes.

    However, if the stray is a feral cat, this process will take a littleor a lotmore time. You have to gradually increase their comfort by associating your presence with something they really likeusually food, she says.

    Delgado says, You absolutely dont want to trap these cats and bring them inside overnight right away. That can be frightening and stressful, as well as detrimental to your long-term goal of turning your stray into a house pet.

    To start the process of bringing a feral cat inside, you can put out a cat bowl full of wet food, and then sit near it while the cat eats, moving the bowl closer to you over time until you are able to pet or scratch the cat while he eats. It could also involve a similar process with cat treats. Whatever whets your new cats appetite should be your go-to.

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    Caring For Stray Cats Who Prefer To Stay Outdoors

    If your new kitty just wont come inside, you should provide some kind of shelter. You can make a feral cat boxthere are lots of online tutorialsor you could even open up your garage on really cold nights, Phillips says.

    If youre not able to make a feral cat box, you can also buy one. There are cat heated beds and unheated options as well as houses that can be used as shelters for stray cats.

    Also, if you live in a cold climate, a heated water dish might be a good investment.

    During the spring and summer months, you will also want to make sure that you provide your cat with plenty of shaded, cool areas to hang out as well as access to cold, fresh water.

    You can use a cat bowl like the Neater Feeder polar pet bowl to help keep a fresh source of cold water available for you cat throughout the day. You can also provide a cooling pet pad, like The Green Pet Shop self-cooling pet pad, so your outdoor kitty always has a place to relax and cool down during hotter days.

    Its important to be realistic about the outdoor kitty that you found, says Delgado. A feral just isnt going to try to get into your house.

    If youre unable to take on the care of a stray cat or a cat is too feral and aggressive for your safety, you still have options.

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