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How To Get Free Cat Litter

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Ways To Reduce Litter Box Smell

DIY FREE Cat Litter!

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Your cat is the sweetest, most adoring, cutest love of your life until they drop a land mine in their litter box thats toxic enough to clear buildings and send villagers running for the hills.

A demon has awoken! they shout into the night, running for safety and pinching their noses.

If your cats litter boxes are always a little too ripe here are some simple tips and tricks to tame the smell.

If You Are Adding A New Cat To Your Home

If you are bringing a new cat home, Dr. Richardson advises that you continue to use the kind of litter that they are familiar with to start with. This will help your new cat or kitten to have an easier time adjusting to your home and family. If once your new cat is used to your home and family, you want to utilize a different litter long-term Dr. Richardson encourages you to make the change gradually by introducing small quantities of the new litter with the old one. Its important to avoid quickly changing your cats litter as it would result in stress for your cats and could also lead to behavioral issues, including your cat refusing to use the litter box.;

Drain Flies In Cat Litter

Drain flies may show up in areas that are damp and have plenty of bacteria and fungus for them to eat.

As the name states, theyre commonly found in drains where sludge buildup allows for them to have plenty of particles to eat.

Dirty or unclean litter bins may also create the same environment for drain flies, such as debris and buildup in the corners or bottom of your bin.

Keep it clean and always use a cleaner like vinegar to remove any sludge. You can also soak the entire bin in a mixture of baking soda and water once a month to fully remove any buildup.

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Consider A Cat Litter Alternative

This one I have never tried so I cannot comment on the effectiveness of cat litter alternatives.

From looking at the list in my article though, I can imagine that some of them might be a good option.

For instance, recycled newspaper isnt going to create and dust. But then Im not sure how messy that could get.

Youve really got to weigh up the pros and cons of using an alternative cat litter.

Place The Litter Box In An Undesirable Area

Arm & Hammer Double Duty Advanced Odor Control Clumping ...

Like all of us, cats love their privacy, so its best to set up your cats litter box in an area in your home that is quiet. Areas that are too noisy can make your cat nervous, causing your cat to stay away from the litter box.

Its also important to make sure that the location is accessible to your cat. For instance, if youre placing the litter box in the bathroom, make sure that the door remains open so that your cat can use the litter box freely.

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Help Us Get Free Litter From Cat’s Pride

Cats Pride® cat litter has a great Litter for Good program designed to help private shelters get free litter. This is so important for The Anti-Cruelty Society since we go through SO much litter each day. For each green jug of Cats Pride® Fresh & Light® you purchase, Cats Pride will donate a pound of litter to shelters across the country. For The Anti-Cruelty Society to be eligible to receive a share of the donated litter, we need nominations from our supporters. If you havent already nominated us to participate, it only takes a minute at

Just join the free Cats Pride Club and fill out the nomination form. Search for us by our zip code, 60654. You dont even have to own a cat to nominate the Society but your support will go a long way to help us. The less we have to spend on litter means the more we can spend on caring for cats. Its that simple.

Watch the video at and share it with your friends. The more nominations and the more jugs sold, the more donated litter we are eligible to receive. If youre interested in adopting a cat, view our adoptable animals here.;;

Refill Box With Fresh Litter About 3 Inches Deep

Adding more litter to your cats litter box doesnt mean that youll have to clean it less. In fact, most cats wont even use a litter box thats been overfilled with litter. When refilling your litter box, use fresh litter and make sure its about 3 inches deep so that theres just enough for your cat to dig around in.

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You Can Make Homemade Cat Litter From Sand

Sand is also a cheap homemade cat litter alternative. Just mix it with one cup of some baking soda for a clumpable, deodorizing solution for your litter box.

The only downside? It can get very messy. As one of our readers advised us, I read somewhere about play sand from the home improvement store plus half a cup of baking soda. I tried it. I hated it. They hated it. ;Its messy and stinky. Its also very heavy and hard to deal with when its clumpy and poopy. ; Im still finding that stupid sand in the most awkward of places around the house. I have developed a deep hatred for sand.

If you decide to try this solution, be sure youre prepared to find sand in some unexpected places!

Scoop Your Kitty Litter Twice A Day At Least

PetSafe Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box | Chewy

If you leave your toilet unflushed all day, its going to start to smell. The same goes with your kitty litter.

Clean out your box at least twice a day, using a metal spoon to pick up both your cats poop and any wet urine spots. If your cat has trouble using their litter box consistently, cleaning it will encourage them to use it since many cats avoid pee smells, especially from other cats.

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Litter Genie Review: Does It Work

The good thing about the Litter Genie, Litter Genie Plus, and Litter Genie XL, is theyre great for any kind of litter disposal system. You dont need to use specific Litter Genie cat litter to benefit from this device. The Litter Genie does take a few minutes to figure out at first, but once you get it set up, the benefits are immediately obvious.;

After only a few days of using this device, we immediately noticed that the whole litter area smelled a lot better and was more appealing to our kitties too. The bag is also much easier to deal with. We used a single device with two cats, and we found we only had to empty the system around once every couple of weeks. Each bag cartridge can last quite a while.;

The Litter Genie refills are a little expensive, but its worth remembering that youre getting something thats going to eliminate a lot of the horrible odor from your home. Importantly, you also get a product thats completely dog and children proof, so theres less risk to worry about too. Even bigger cats are going to have a hard time knocking this device over or causing any mess.;

For reducing odor, the Litter Genie definitely works. If you dont mind carrying your device between litter boxes, the Litter Genie XL is a good pick for multi-cat households. However, you might want to consider getting multiple litter genies for the best convenience. This way, you can keep a Litter Genie next to each of your cat box locations.

Why Do You Need Non Tracking Cat Litter

So before you purchase any non-tracking cat litter, you should know why you should prefer it. A non-tracking litter will not only scatter less in your house but there are many other benefits that you will get on using it.

If you are getting rid of the scattered litter and you have to spend more time and effort on cleaning the mess in your house then getting a non-tracking litter is worth it. This becomes necessary if you have a cat that is a heavy digger.

Moreover, the tracking problem also exists with long-haired cats. The litter might stick to the cats coat and track outside the house. Even in this case, it is recommended that you get the best non-tracking cat litter.

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The Best Low Tracking Cat Litters Of 2021

The Walnut Clumping Cat Litter from Naturally Fresh is one of the best non-tracking cat litters and our top-pick. It is made up of 100% walnut shells that provide natural properties to deodorize odor from the cats waste. Its odor control and absorptivity are higher as compared to clay, pine, corn, and wheat.

We have reviewed the 7 best non-tracking cat litters with optimum granule size & shape and also have superior odor control and absorbency for the perfect balance between its effectiveness and low tracking.

We have also considered adding different types of litters made from clay, paper, walnut, etc so that you can choose the best one based on your kittys requirement.

How To Get Free Cat Litter:

  • Visit the companies website by clicking Get This Offer
  • Buy any 40lb Precious Cat Bag from any online retailer like Amazon or another supported online retailer
  • Enter your name and email address for the rebate form here to join their mailing list, and receive instructions on claiming your free bag of litter!
  • * Valid email required. Purchase required.

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    Can Worms Live In Cat Litter

    Yes, especially maggots from the common housefly.

    If you dont keep the litter bin maintained and constantly clean it on a routine schedule, youll see maggots start squirming about as you turn the cat litter.

    You may end up bringing in a whole host of larvae, as worms are generally the larvae form of beetles, moths, flies, and more. Tiny worms hiding and eating your cats feces shouldnt be a surprise for dirty conditions.

    If this is you, start by getting on a schedule for cleaning.

    Empty, disinfect, and clean the litter box DAILY. Then add natural repellents to the edges of it to keep bugs away.

    You can use a variety of home remedies to keep your litter box pest-free such as essential oils, vinegar, dish soap, and even line the edges with sticky tape. Read below for more details.

    Block Off Your Litter Box

    Okay, so what if you just dont like how much the kitty litter smell spreads? While leaving your box in the open is great for reducing the smell itself, leaving your box behind a closed door is the best way to keep the smell from getting all over the house.

    For this solution, we recommend putting your litter box in a room with a door, like the garage or laundry room. Then you can install a cat flap or a cat hole into your door or wall in order to give your cat access to their box whenever they need it.

    If you get your cat a cat door, make sure you train them on how to use their door.

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    Why Are Gnats Attracted To Litter Boxes

    When most people think of gnats, they picture rotting fruit or fermenting kitchen scraps. While these tiny bugs do flock to sweet and fruity scents, your cats litter box is just as appealing.

    The most common type of gnats to invade the litter box is a fungus gnat. These are the same insects that like to hang around potted plants in your home.

    Theyre predominantly attracted to the waste in the litter. Both urine and feces are valuable sources of food for the bugs. Gnats will often burrow themselves in cat poop as they feed on the nutrients they need to survive.;

    Then they emerge, giving off the appearance that they hatched from the feces.;

    Quick Tip: Sometimes, its the litter itself thats the problem. Vegetable-based litter products often use ingredients like corn or wheat. Even organic matter like coconut shavings or pine will attract gnats for its nutritional content.

    Believe it or not, but gnats can also lay eggs in the litter box.

    The wet and warm environment of a dirty litter box is perfect for eggs. In only a matter of days, the maggot-like larvae will emerge and make your kittys bathroom unusable for the time being.

    It doesnt take long before you have a massive population of annoying gnats in the litter box. If you live in a warm and humid environment, the issue can get even worse!

    Invest In An Automatic Litter Box

    How to Make a Homemade Cat Litter Box

    Have you ever seen one of those fancy electric litter boxes? Theyre a fantastic tool for keeping gnats out of litter boxes.

    These devices have a series of sensors that pick up when your cat comes in and out. After they do their business, the litter box will automatically pick up the waste. Usually, the spent litter goes into a sealed compartment thats inaccessible to gnats and other insects.

    Theyre high-tech and pricey, but the benefits make it well worth the consideration!

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    What Is Cat Litter Anyway

    Cat litter is basically an indoor feces and urine collector for indoor cats. In order to be effective, cat litter must be absorbent. Cats naturally want to bury their excrement, so its important to use something that they can sweep around with their paws.

    Our modern kitty litter was actually an accidental discovery. Although humans have had feline companions for nearly 10,000 years, it wasnt until the 1940s that clay-based kitty litter was commercially available. The granulated absorbent mixture we know as kitty litter today came into existence when Edward Lowe suggested his neighbor use an industrial absorbent in his litter box. Shortly thereafter, he began packaging and selling the stuff to pet owners.

    An Honest Litter Genie Review

    In this Litter Genie cat litter review, were going to be looking at a product designed to simplify, and even improve the way you deal with cat litter. Ultimately, theres no fun way to keep cat litter trays clean. However, with something like the Litter Genie, you can make things a little more manageable.;

    TheLitter Genie is a simple system for managing cat waste and keeping your home smelling fresh. Its basically a diaper genie, with a self-contained bag distribution system that keeps odors contained, so you can simply scoop your cats litter and get it out of the way as quickly as possible. You dont necessarily need to Litter Genie refill your cats litter tray whenever you use this system either, which could mean you save on litter.

    The Litter Genie , promises cat owners a odor free way to get rid of that excess cat waste. Its affordable, easy to use, and wonderfully effective.

    Lets jump into this full Litter Genie cat litter review.

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    Why Does My Cat’s Litter Box Smell So Bad

    Your cat visits her litter box about five times a day, so you’ll be left with a strong ammonia smell if you let the dirty litter sit. While this is normal, extreme odors could indicate a urinary tract infection and warrant a veterinary visit. The smell of your cat’s urine could be affected by what she’s eating, too.

    Prckc Pet Food Pantry: Here To Help When Youre Struggling To Feed Your Pets


    When dog and cat owners in Kansas City need help feeding their pets, they can turn to PRCKC.;

    With the help of generous donors, community partners and companies, were able to provide food for thousands of pets each year. In fact, through July of 2020, weve distributed over 50 tons of pet food to individuals, shelters, rescues and churches throughout the midwest.;

    We can do this because of the generosity of the big-hearted people and organizations in our community. They understand as we do that a family shouldnt have to forego the love of a pet because they struggle to buy food from time to time.;

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    What Fellow Cat Peeps Say

    Love it! Keeps litter from getting on the floor more efficiently than any other box Ive owned and its got a nice, aesthetic design,;also plenty of room for my fat cat.

    Catherine R.

    This makes it so easy to clean! The flip lid is genius. My cats prefer an enclosed, front entry box. It was always such a hassle to remove the entire lid of other boxes. This Modkat flip lid has saved my sanity. The gray liner is also genius as I dont have to hose down the entire box anymore. Love it!


    Ive had this new litter box for 2 weeks and love it. More importantly my cats love it. I have a multiple cat household and being able to put this top entry box out in a higher traffic area of my home without it standing out as a litter box has been wonderful.

    ;Marc B.

    What Is Kitty Eating

    Let’s get right at the very beginning of the matter. Kitty’s diet may be what’s affecting litter box odor. Once more, ignore the cartoons. Adult cats don’t need milk. It just gives them the runs. Give your cat high quality, easily digestible food.

    Keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores. Their diet should be mostly if not entirely meat based. Fillers like grains and starches won’t do a thing for them. They’ll just stink up the box.

    If Kitty will eat dry food, go with that as long as it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Make sure Kitty is staying hydrated as well. This will dilute odors in urine.

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