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How To Make My Cat Happy

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Plant A Patch Of Cat Grass

How To Keep An Indoor Cat Happy And Healthy

If youve ever seen your cat try to nibble the leaves of your favorite fichus or the blooms of fresh-cut flowers, its because theyve got a natural instinct to nosh on grass. Grass fibers help them with digestion among other things. Cat grass is actually easy to grow indoors and outdoors and is a definite treat for kitties .

Dont Skip Your Cats Annual Exam This Year

August 22nd is a great day to be a cat. Why? Its Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, a day dedicated to reminding cat parents that their kitties need annual exams to ensure long, healthy lives. We hope youll celebrate your cat by making an appointment. Nothing beats celebrating a good bill of health and knowing that your cat has everything they need to continue to enjoy life with you.

Consider Adopting A New Cat Companion

Sometimes for single cat homes, loneliness and boredom can contribute to feline depression. Cats are fairly social creatures and often times are happier with a friend to keep them company and play with, as long as you have enough space for each cat to have his or her own territory. Before you bring home another cat , read our;tips for keeping the peace in a multi-cat household. If getting a new cat isnt in the cards, dont worry. You can help keep your single cat happy with;these three tips.

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A Did You Feed The Cat Sign So You Never Have To Worry About Whether Youre Over

Promising review:I put this right next to her bag of food. It had been next to her bowl, but by the time someone noticed it was already checked off for the day, they already had re-fed her. She once ate as much as 8 times in a day.

Now, shes lost so much weight she was able to jump 6 feet from the bed to the dresser when before, her max was 3 feet. COA×4

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

Give Your Cat Entertainment

Ever wonder How to make my cat happy indoors. Or how to ...

If your Cat is a indoor Cat

And they have nothing to do all day

They will get bored sooner or later

Cats love to adventure and hunt

You should try and create a environment suitable for their interests

My Cat loves stalking a toy mouse at then end of a string.

I move it slowly and make it go behind something and he will go all crouching

And shake his bum slightly before he pounces on it!

You can do the same too and see how much your Cat loves it

There are plenty of other entertainment you can provide for your Kitty

Here are just a few you can do right now

  • There should be plenty of toys available for your Cat. Have a variety so they dont get bored. You can get a toy similar to mine If you are away due to work, then you can get a automatic Cat toy so they can play by themselves
  • Play with your Cat everyday at least 15 20 minutes a day. Try playing different games with them. You could even get a laser toy. They love chasing that red dot!
  • If you have enough space at home then have a room specifically for them. An indoor playground for your Cat where they could run around, climb jump and just be themselves
  • Keep it fresh and new for your Cat. Once youve played with certain type of toys, hide them and play with a different one. After a little while you can bring those old toys back. This will make the old toys exciting again

A Cat that is tired and exhausted of playing is a happy Cat

This will also help your Cat sleep at night

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Train Your Cat To Use A Scratching Post

Don’t want your new sofa covered with ripped threads? Teach your cat to use a scratching post so they won’t end up clawing valuable furniture. The mistake many owners make, says Werber, is not knowing that they have to give the scratching post appeal. Put it in the center of the room to start,” he explains. Sprinkle the post with catnip when you first bring it home, the vet advises. You can move it gradually to a less trafficked spot and skip the catnip after you have gotten your pet into the habit of using it.

A Cat Perch Designed Especially For Adventurous Cats Who Love To Get As High As Up As They Can Now You Wont Have To Worry About Them Climbing On Your Bookshelves And Knocking Things Over

Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw;is a direct-to-consumer small business from Jackson Cunningham. Their products are informed by both feline behavior and aesthetic design. They offer a 50% discount when you choose to donate any of their products to a shelter.

Promising review:;Perfect perch!;Our Himalayan tried out her new perch right away and loves it! We have two vistas near each other so she can jump from one to the other. The wood quality is obvious and mounting was easy, however be careful to use a stud finder to drill into a strong place on the wall. Drywall will not hold the weight of the perch plus a jumping cat. A really high-quality product! We might get another! Tiffany L.

Get it from Tuft + Paw for $199 .

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Catch The Little Red Dot

If youre a cat owner, youre definitely familiar with this game. Playing laser tag with a laser pointer can have a cat entertained and on guard for hours on end.

There is nothing more entertaining than watching your cat try to catch the laser light while running and jumping all over the house. Just make sure to point the laser in places where your cat wont break anything!

A Pack Of Matatabi Chew Sticks If Your Cat Is Constantly Scratching Up Your Furniture And Youre Looking For An Outlet For All Their Energy Matatabi Is A Plant Native To Japan And Is Actually An Alternative To Catnip So If Your Cat Is Stubborn And Shows No Interest In Catnip This Might Finally Be The Way To Distract Them From Clawing Away At Every Surface Of Your House

How to Make Your Cat Happy 10 Tips for a Content Cat


MeowyJanes is a wonderfully named small business based in New Egypt, New Jersey. It specializes in catnip and catnip alternatives.

Promising review:;I have two young Siamese mix cats who chew wires, shoes, wooden spoons. These chew sticks are perfect for them. They sniff the sticks, rub on them, and then start chewing. My two cats who are over 10 years old just rub on them but dont enjoy chewing them.;If you have a very active cat who does destructive chewing, these are a great substitute. JEM4612

Get them from;Amazon for;$9.97.

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Consider A Catio Or Other Enclosed Outdoor Space

You can buy or build an enclosure called a catio that makes going outside safer for your indoor cat. These can provide wonderful enrichment opportunities for indoor cats. Remember that simply letting your cat out into a fenced-in yard might not be safe because your cat might jump over the fence and it also won’t necessarily keep predator animals or other cats that could be a threat to your kitty out of the yard.

Behaviour Of A Happy Cat

  • Their tail may wave gently and rhythmically from side to side, usually when held off the ground, but it should not be swishing/thrashing or thumping.
  • Your cat may produce a low-pitched, pleasant and non-urgent sounding purr.
  • Your cat will either appear calmly interested in their surroundings, so not alert or agitated, or they may be relatively uninterested in whats going on around them.
  • Your cat might doze or groom themselves in a relaxed manner.
  • A relaxed cat will behave as normal for them, and move around the home as they usually would.
  • Your cat should eat, drink, groom, go to the toilet, and sleep in regular, healthy amounts.

Take a look at our video on understanding cat body language.

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Share A Tuna Sandwich

Theres a weird fascination cats have with canned tuna. In fact, many of them grow to recognize the sound of a can being opened or just the sight of a can opener. And if youre making a sandwich, you might find them incessantly rubbing on your legs just to get a nibble.

Fortunately, its OK to give them a little bit every now and then. But you need to make sure that the tuna youre giving them is safe. It shouldnt be mixed with anything at all. And you only want to give them tuna that has been packed in water or brine. Varieties packed in oil can be detrimental in large quantities.

Train Your Cat Through Their Environment

Why My Cat Wants to go Outside + 4 Tips on How to Make ...

Jeremy Bronson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 Create mechanical obstacles, rather than emotional ones. Put two-sided tape on furniture-scratching areas, line the kitchen counter with tinfoil and put a more-attractive alternative nearby, like a scratching post or cat-tree for perching. When kitty chooses the alternative, reward him or her.

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Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

Pixie Bob Yeti courtesy of PetSafe fan Rochelle HR

1. Visit the veterinarian.

Healthy cats are happy cats. While some owners may dread a trip to the veterinarian with their cat, many veterinary practices are cat-friendly or have doctors who specialize in cats and will gladly show leery owners how pleasant a trip to the veterinarian can be. If a cat has not yet been spayed or neutered, this is an important step to keeping a cat healthy; it will help prevent aggression and decrease the risk of cancer. ;

2. Microchip your cat.

In addition to a collar and identification tag, cat owners should ask their veterinarian about microchipping their feline friend. If a cat ever escapes or gets lost, having this type of permanent ID will make a reunion between cat and owner much more likely. ;

3. Go outside .

Yes! Cat owners can safely take cats outside to allow them to broaden their horizons. You can walk cats on a leash with a harness or confine them in a special outdoor area like a catio always under supervision, of course so they can periodically and safely experience the world outside their windows. . ;

4. Scratch the surface.

Give cats places to stretch and care for their claws. Cat scratching is an important aspect of feline behavior. Providing a long and sturdy scratching post in a vertical, horizontal or angled position is a good way to keep your cat happy and your sofa, too! ;

5. Provide preventive cat medications.

6. Train together.

7. Work for food.

Have Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered

Having your cat altered improves their life significantly. Spaying female cats reduces the occurrence of breast tumors and uterine infections. Neutering a male cat prevents testicular cancer and reduces the likelihood of prostate problems. Furthermore, when your cat is fixed, they lose the drive to escape outdoors to mate. And male cats are much less likely to develop destructive spraying tendencies.

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A Set Of Robotic Swimming Fish If Your Cat Absolutely Loves The Water Theyll Think These Fish Toys Are The Coolest Things Ever Theyll Have So Much Fun As They Go Fishing With Their Paws As The Robot Fish Swim Around

The toys come with eight extra LR44 batteries and an installation tool so youll get plenty of use out of them. They also automatically turn on/off when placed in water/removed from it so no battery is wasted between play seshs.

Promising review: These are the cutest stinkin toys, I cant stop admiring them myself! The packaging is clean and beautiful, complete with extra batteries and a small screw driver. The fish floats just below the surface of the water with the rubber tail sticking out just enough for the kitties to actually fish it out which they love! The tail changes speed/tempo every few seconds, allowing it to naturally swim in different directions and make ripples truly mimicking a real fish. That gives it a realistic touch that I think keeps the cats interested, because if it just flapped around in a circle, it would be annoying. The lasers blink, and are cute, too. Definitely a successful playtime. My cats are now so interested in the sink and tub haha, even when empty. The only thing I cant judge yet is battery life. Weve played with them for a little over an hour total now, so, so far so good! Noelle Taylor

Get the set of four from Amazon for $17.89.

Reasons Your Cat Gets Sad

Caring for your cat – keeping indoor cats happy

Cats get sad for specific reasons. Your cat may become sad when the expected relationship between you and them is lost. It is important to spend quality time with your cat to keep both of you happy.

The following are other reasons why your cat may become sad:

Loss of a loved one. Just like you, cats grieve at the loss of a loved one. Your cat may have developed a bond with your dog over time, for example. If your dog dies or leaves your home, you may notice the cat looking sad and depressed. This is a temporary behavior, and your cat will recover.

Injury. Your cat may get injured when playing, taking a walk, or just being a cat. If your cat is unable to do things they once enjoyed, sadness may be inevitable.;

Illness. A sad cat could also point you toward an underlying condition that your vet should check for. Some of the diseases and infections that can affect the mood of your cat include fatty liver disease, dental disease, upper respiratory disease, ringworm, and cancer.

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How To Make Your Cat A Happy Cat

Have you ever wondered how to make your cats really really happy? Regarding their own health and well-being, cats will often tell us how to give them what they need we just have to learn to pay attention to behavior and read the unique desires of our cats.

Over the course of more than 20 years, heres what some of my cats have taught me about how to make them happy. Maybe this will give you some ideas about what makes your own cats descend into bliss. Happiness is contagious when your cats are happy, you will probably be happy as well.

How To Make Your Cat Happy

This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 13 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 489,813 times.

So, you have a domestic feline at home and you want to make it as happy as possible? Providing for a pet who has its own personality and charm is one of the most satisfying parts of the relationship. You can learn to keep your pet as happy and healthy in life as possible.

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Provide Your Cat With Parasite Prevention

Its hard to enjoy life when youre scratching at fleas. While the fleas and ticks you find in their fur create a world of mental and physical discomfort for your cat, prevention for internal parasites, like heartworm, is equally as important to their health and happiness.

All of these problematic pests can be deadly when left unchecked, and frighteningly, there is no cure or treatment for heartworms in cats. Luckily, prevention is easy and effective. Not sure if an oral, topical, or injectable preventative is right for your furry friend? Call us with your questions and well be happy to help you find the right solution for your cat.

Visit The Veterinarian Regularly

Happy Caturday! Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

A healthy cat is a happy cat, and frequent checkups can help keep them in tiptop shape. However, some cat owners dread bringing their cat to the veterinarian. There are still many vets who dont specialize in cats or see them at all.

Fortunately, you can always find a pet clinic nearby that does. And once youve located your kittens veterinarian, your worries will definitely be put to rest. Cat specialists understand the quirky nature of cats and know how to work around their unique temperaments.

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Feed Them And Provide Fresh Water For Them All The Time

Do you love to eat? I do.. Your Cat does too!

They actually love to eat often

The main thing here is

Not to feed them often

You dont want them to go overweight and become obese

This can lead to a unhealthy Cat which means they will become unhappy

Give your Cat the occasional treat

Just make sure you dont over do it

You can get advice from your Vet and see how much food you should give your kitty

I know it can be hard to say no to that meow

It can really hit the heart when they keep meowing especially when youre eating

But you need to keep your Cat health in mind

Make sure there is always fresh water available for your Cat

Dry food has only 10% of water

Wet food has 80% water

So if youre feeding your Cat dry food

Keep an eye on your Cats water intake

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