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How To Pill A Cat By Yourself

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Giving A Pill By Hand

How To Pill A Cat By Yourself (like a PRO!)

If mixing a pill with wet food isn’t an option, you can always try giving it by hand to your cat. But be warned** this option is significantly more dangerous . As with anything you do with cats, like trimming a cat’s nails, you’ll want to ease them into this so they don’t get scared.

Never interrupt your cat from eating, using the litter box, or grooming to give them a pill.

Here’s how you can do this safely.

Level Ii: Bait And Switch With Food

If your dog is on to the food bribe game, but you want to try one more option for using food to slide a pill past them, see if the bait and switch method works with your dog.

  • Choose a treat your dog really loves.
  • Give him the treat without the pill.
  • Hide the pill in the second treat.
  • Finally, give him a third treat without the medication.
  • Alternatively, get your dogs attention on a pill-free treat, then give them the treat with the pill while they are looking at the other treat.

    How To Put A Cat To Sleep

  • It starts with deciding whether there is a need to put the cat to sleep. Take into consideration everything to do with the cats quality of life.
  • It is wise to psychologically preparing oneself for the process of bidding the pet goodbye. It helps in grieving the loss with much ease. Petting, comforting and spending more time with the pet in its last moments is highly recommended.
  • It is worth planning for the best way to end the pets life. It is I such instance that doing the euthanasia at home is considered one of the best ways. The process becomes even better if a veterinarian well explains it.
  • The choice of how to dispose of the body of the cat pet once the euthanasia process is done is worth consideration. Some pet owners prepare special boxes, wrappers or a room.
  • Prepare ample space at home where the euthanasia process is to be conducted. Most pet owners count the much fees paid here as the value they had attached to their pet.
  • Ensure that the euthanasia process is well explained before witnessing it getting conducted. The person conducting the process may request assistance in holding the pet during the placement of a catheter in the vein or plain needle injection.
  • All is now set to have the pet cat euthanized. Calling a vet officer to come and do the process at home is slightly expensive than taking the pet to the clinic for the process. However, it is considered the best way to accord the pet a decent send-off. One is allowed enough time to grieve the process.
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    Speaking Of Sparing Your Fingers

    Another part of pilling cats that is no joking matter is the severity of the infection you can get should your cat ever bite or scratch you in the process. Such injuries should always be washed immediately and thoroughly with soap and water, taken seriously, and monitored closely. If it is a deep puncture, you should visit your physician or the local urgent care facility immediately.

    If you decide to wash and monitor, at the first sign of swelling or spreading redness or pain, you should immediately visit your physician or the local emergency room. Read about why cat bites are so dangerous. I myself had to go to the ER for IV antibiotics following a cat bite several years back. Trust me, take all cat bites and scratches very seriously.

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    Apply With A Gentle Touch

    How To Deworm A Cat Or Kitten Yourself At Home [8 Steps]

    “Transdermal formulation is applied topically to the cat’s ear skin for absorption into the bloodstream,” Dr. Freeman says. “Not all medications are readily absorbed this way, so be sure to ask your veterinarian if this is a viable option. You should always wear gloves or wash your hands well after applying this type of medication as to not absorb it yourself.” If your cat loves a good cuddle session, you can wait until she is relaxed and purring before gently applying the medication to the skin.

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    Topical Liquid Or Other Feline Medication Formulas

    If the above ideas dont work, it might be worth trying to get the medication made into a different formula. Many pills may also come in, or can be made into, a liquid form, which can be squirted into an animals mouth. Be prepared, though: Your cat might spit it out and make a huge mess.

    Some medications can be made into a transdermal form, which means that it absorbs through the skin. This form can work very well for some medications, but it needs to be specially made so may cost a little more. It is important to remember to apply these meds wearing gloves because they can absorb through human skin as well. Similarly, some medications may already come in a form that is applied on the skin. These can be very handy for pill-avoiding animals, but they must be applied appropriately, so follow instructions carefully.

    If the above suggestions do not work, please consult with your veterinarian on other options for your cat. Perhaps there is a different medication you can try, a surgery or injections that can be done to avoid medicating, or other solutions. Medicating a beloved cat can be a trying experience for both you and your cat. However, it can be a matter of life and death, and the short-term pain is most often worth the long-term gains.

    Prepare Your Pet To Take The Pill

    Lay the towel flat and place your cat on the towel, securely wrapping them up like a burrito or a swaddled infant. Keep their head exposed, but make sure their paws are firmly secured within the towel.

    If youre working with a partner, have them hold the cat securely while you wrap. If youre alone, try placing the cat between your knees once wrapped to hold them in place. Speak in a soothing voice to assure your cat that theyre safe and everything is okay.

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    How To Use Pill Pockets

    • Pick your Pill Pocket flavor and order them from Amazon! You can find them for $6.49 a package.
    • Place your pill into the Pill Pocket.
    • Feed the Pill Pocket to your cat.

    When it comes to giving your cat a pill, it’s important to keep in mind that all cats are different but there are a few points that will help.

    • Speak to them softly and comfortingly the way you normally do when playing with them.
    • Don’t ever force them to take a pill. You want to surprise them without scaring them too much.
    • Treats, treats, treats don’t run out of treats while giving pills to your cats! And find other ways to reward them, toolike giving them some much deserved cat scratcher time!

    Cats love them. We hate them on them.You can have your tree and cats, too.

    Enjoy your healthy feline!

    Insert Pill By Hand Into Mouth

    How to pill your cat by yourself, or with a helper

    This method is medium, difficult, but once you perfect it, its 100% the best!

    For this method, you need your cat to trust you. The first time is a surprise, but after a couple times the cat will know whats up it sees the pill jar and might give you a chase. Its ok, it gets better over time.

    Xanadu is our Siamese cat and shes paranoid about the world and incredibly cautious, so we have to do this manually by hand. Ive given Xanadu liquid medicine by hand so I have it down pretty solid on how to open her mouth and get it done. In fact, I do this to Xanadu by myself, so theres a lot of trust built up between us. Xanadu is now 13 years old and handles this like a champ. She doesnt love it, but she now gives in without a chase around the apartment.

    Step 1, get your pill. You can put the pill in your hand but I find using a pill gun so much easier as its skinnier to fit into your cats mouth. Once you pry open their mouth, you then press the trigger and the pill shoots into the back of the cats throat. This means no fiddling around with the pill in the front of the cats mouth. I bought this at my local pet store for $4 and its worth millions in tears.

    Step 2. Get your cat and hold it tight between your legs. I do this by myself, so while holding her between my thighs, I reach around with one hand to open the mouth while holding the pill gun with the other.

    Then I reward her in kisses, hugs and treats and tell her well never do that again .

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    Tips For Getting Kitty To Cooperate

    Handle your cats regularly, including around the face and mouth. Some like it, some don’t, but if you can make them comfortable with it, pilling will be easier.

    Hold the cat firmly but gently. The more they move while struggling, the more you’re likely to get scratched or bitten.

    With both methods, it’s important to get the pill into the cat’s mouth as far as you can, so it’s not easy for them to spit it out. Cats are notorious for cheeking a pill and spitting it out as soon as you let them go.

    Always double check that the pill is swallowed. If your cat licks his lips, odds are he’s swallowed the pill, but it’s best to check.

    Praise and pet your kitty while giving the pill and after the pill is taken. It’s stressful to give a cat a pill, so it’s up to you to be loving and patient.

    Hide Pills In Treats Or Food

    “There are a few ways to administer pills or tablets to cats. The easiest is to ‘Trojan Horse’ it and hide the full or crushed medication in a treat such as a Pill Pocket , tuna juice, cream cheese, or yogurt,” says Dr. Freeman. The fragrance of the yummy treat may hide the smell of the medicine. Your cat will gobble up the pill or tablet along with the treat. “Another is by using gentle restraint and a pill gun or by using quick finger work. This can be challenging, and takes some practice and a good cat in order to prevent injury and frustration,” she says, so you may want to ask your veterinarian for a demonstration.

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    The Direct Method Of Giving A Cat A Pill

    If youâre anxious about your cat not getting their pill, you can give it to them directly. While this isnât as âappealingâ for your cat as the food method, it could definitely work better for some pets.

    The first thing you need to do is prepare a safe place where you can give your cat their pill. Be sure that the pill is easily accessible and ready. You donât want to get your pet to the room to give them the pill and then have to run and fetch it.

    Once youâre there, you might opt to place your cat in your lap. This is especially useful if youâre the sole administrator of the medication. Another tactic is to wrap the cat securelyin a towel or a blanket with just their head exposed.

    Next, lubricate the pill using a small amount of either butter or margarine. This will help guarantee that the pill doesnât stick to your petâs mouth. By greasing the pill, youâre helping make it easier for your cat to swallow. This is also extremely helpful when youâre administering capsules.

    The next step is to hold your catâs pill in between your index finger and thumb. Be sure to use your dominant hand for this task. Next, gently hold your catâs head from above, using your other hand. Put your thumb on one side of their upper jaw, and place your fingers on the other.

    Having Another Person Can Help

    How to Give a Cat a Pill Without Bleeding

    If you’ve got another pair of hands to help then that can make life a little easier. Especially if your cat is very wriggle or likes to reach up to your hands with their claws. The second person can be behind your cat with their arms each side of their body and hands having a hold of both legs. This not only stops them trying to scratch you, it also prevents them reversing of the table.

    Having help is net essential but can definitely help while you’re getting used to this technique of giving your cat a tablet. With practice you too will be able to give your cat a pill by yourself!

    If this technique fails you then I’ve got an article planned giving you 7 more techniques to medicate your cat. One of them is bound to work so watch this space! If you’ve got any questions then leave them in the comments below and also let me know how you get on with giving your cat a pill using this technique.

    Our Pets Health: because they’re family

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    How To Give A Difficult Cat Liquid Medicine

    Cats are notorious for not wanting to take their medicine. But no matter how feisty your cat may be, he still needs his medication. If you’re wondering how to give a difficult cat liquid medicine, a popular strategy is to try hiding the medicine in food he likes. But there’s more than one way to help your cat if that approach doesn’t work.

    Challenges Of Medicating A Cat If You Have More Than One Pet

    If you have multiple pets, try giving the pills as a special treat to the cat who needs medication. In other words, dont give the medication around mealtime, but at a different time, so the cat feels singled out for special treats and therefore is more likely to eat the pill hidden in the treat. This strategy works well when giving short-term meds because, over time, the animal often gets wise to what is going on.

    Conversely, you can give treats to all the animals and just have the one treat doctored with the medication for the appropriate animal. If there is competition for treats, the medicated cat will feel like he needs to hurry up and eat his treat before someone else gets it. Youll need to proceed with caution, though, to make sure this strategy does not result in fights and also to ensure that the other animals do not accidentally get the medicated treat. It works best if the cat needing the medication tends to be the treat-stealing one and not the one who lets his treats get stolen.

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    How To Pill A Cat The Easy Way

    Well, my mother bought this beautiful Selkirk rex, but it turned out, her entire litter was infected with a parasite. *sigh* We got the medicine, but sadly enough, tuna is not her flavor… Gravy on the other hand she gobbles up without even tasting. We also have 5 other cats, so I had to think of something to get her to eat her pill, and only her. I came up with this!

    Using Food To Avoid Dry Pilling

    Easy Way to Pill Your Cat | Pets Plus Us Tips and Tricks

    Fortunately, there are more tricks you can use to prevent problems when administering oral medications to your cat. You may be able to handle medicating your cat using food and treats.

    • Conceal a pill in a pill pocket or another pill-masking product. You can purchase pill pockets or make your own. Pre-made pill pockets are soft, cone-shaped treats with a hole down the center in which you place the pill.
    • Offering a favorite treat from time to time without pills in it encourages future pilling cooperation. It’ll also help get the pill into the stomach quickly so it can go to work.
    • Give your cat a small portion of a regular meal of canned food before the pilling. Then, offer your cat a pill, and feed it more after it swallows the medicine. It’ll help the pill go down smoothly.

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    Introduce The Litter Box

    Let your cat sniff the litter box and feel its contents. What’s important is to keep the litter box exactly where you have shown your cat. Don’t move things around, as it might confuse your tabby.

    Kittens would usually need their litter box upon waking up and after eating, so make sure that you put the litter box in the same place. This will reinforce to your cat that toilet functions mean getting into their litter box.

    Adult cats, meanwhile, might sniff around the litter box after you show it to them. They like to explore on their own and would eventually go back to it. Then they will decide if they want to use it or not.

    How To Safely Give Your Cat A Pill

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    Cat’s are notoriously difficult to get pills into. Just ask your vet! If your sick cat coughs or vomits after taking a pill, there is good reason to stop trying to administer the pill using the method you are using. The most common method of administering medications that can cause problems is dry pilling. If you’ve ever tried to swallow a dry aspirin without liquid, you’ll recognize how uncomfortable the experience can be.

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