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Iams Free Sample Cat Food

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Cats Like To Eat Just Like Us

Target – Free Iams Cat Food

With food this good, lunchtime for cats can be just as tempting as Thanksgiving dinner for humans. Cats can have problems maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to healthy portions just like we do. Its why weve taken the guesswork out of meals with Perfect Portions. Each pack contains just enough every time. So dont be fooled by cat food cans with 1½ servings. Unless you plan on training your cat to use the treadmill.

Cats after mealtime on regular canned food

A Final Note About Sample Boxes

Many cat food brands used to offer free samples, but some arent doing this anymore. They now offer sample boxes instead, which you have to pay for. We havent included those here, as they dont fall into the free category. But they can be worth a try if you want to offer your cat a new brand without shelling out for a whole bag of feed.

Have you ever managed to get free food samples for your cat? Let us know in the comments below, as wed love to hear from you!

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How Much Should I Give My Cat To Eat

The amount to feed depends on the age, size, and activity level of the cat. Feeding guidelines, which list the daily recommended portion, are included on all IAMS packages. Start feeding with this amount and adjust according to your pet’s needs. Remember to divide the portion accordingly if you feed more than once a day.

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Cats Don’t Like Leftovers Any More Than People Do

We presented a neighbors 12-year-old tabby with both a Perfect Portions fresh salmon meal and yesterdays salmon leftovers from a can. Guess what happened? She sniffed us out and chose fresh. Is it because her sense of smell is more powerful than a humans? Or was it completely obvious that the leftovers had mixed with the scent of the blue cheese and pea soup sitting next to the can in the fridge?

Email Your Favorite Cat Food Supplier

FREE IAMS ProActive Health Cat Food

This may not always work, but its worth a try! Email your cat food supplier or a brand that youre thinking of trying, and simply ask if they can send you free samples. Most big brands do offer sample packs that they send out to pet food stores or use at trade fairs. So, you might get in luck and bag your cat free food this way!

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Welcome To The Iams Team

Hello everyone, I’m Kellie and I’m the Veterinary Training Manager over at IAMS! We’re super excited to welcome you all to the team and listen to everything you have to say about IAMS ProActive Health over the next few weeks!

If you made the team, your starter kit should be turning up very soon so do have a think who you’ll be sharing your Kitty Bags with! And don’t forget to introduce the new food to your cat gradually, over four days! Check out the project handbook in your kit for more info.

We also really want to see you and your cat unpacking your kit! You can upload your photos here, and don’t forget to share them on social media with us using the hastag #thinkIAMS.

For all the important links during this project, do keep an eye on your mytrnd area, but for now please let us know if you and your moggy are as excited as we are!

Free Iam’s Vitality Cat And Dog Food Samples And Voucher Pack


IAM’s are looking for 8,000 cat and dog owners like you to take part in a market research survey to try their Vitality range. The study looks great fun and you’ll receive an enormous amount of free food and money off vouchers to share with your family and friends. To enter, hit the link below now and follow the sign-up instructions on how to qualify – it only takes 90 seconds to join up!


Here’s the amazing part, you get absolute bucket load of free pet food for your cat or dog to try out:


For you:

For you to share with friends and family:

* 1x 800g bag or IAMS for Vitality Lamb* 1x 200g bag or IAMS for Vitality Ocean Fish* 20x £2 off IAMS for Vitality coupons * 15x bags to fill with IAMS for Vitality and share with your friends

Team Dog – I AM EPIC

For you:

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Is It Necessary To Feed Both Wet And Dry Food

Wet food is an excellent treat that can be fed by itself or mixed with dry food. Although our wet cat foods are nutritionally complete and balanced, it is not necessary to offer wet food at every feeding. Our dry foods are formulated with high-quality protein sources such as chicken, lamb, or fish and contain all of the essential nutrients pets need. The crunchy texture of dry food also promotes healthy teeth and gums, and provides overall good oral hygiene.


Where To Find Free Cat Food Samples 12 Sites To Visit Today

FREE!! Iams Dry Cat/Dog Food

Perhaps youve been thinking about switching your cats brand of food. Maybe theyre not enjoying it anyone, or you want to switch to a grain-free, limited-ingredient, or another specialty diet.

As much as we all love our cats, they can be fussy creatures. Spending $50 on a new brand of cat kibble only to have your precious pet turn their nose up at it can be frustrating.

One of the best ways around this problem is to get hold of free samples. This is a great way to try a few different brands and see which one your cat likes best!

Lets take a look at a few different places that you can get free samples of cat food brands. Weve rounded up some brands that offer a no-strings-attached sample of free cat food, while others offer a voucher that you can redeem against a future purchase.

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Iams Naturally Wet Adult Cat Food Land And Sea Collection In Gravy 12x85g Pouches


  • Product Description
  • Nutrition & Analysis
  • Vitamin E: Helps support natural defenses
  • Omega 3 and 6: Helps support healthy skin and coat
  • Fibres: Helps support healthy digestion
  • Protein: Helps maintain strong lean muscles.Suitable for all Adult and Senior Cats .Approximate Dimensions : 14.2 x 19.5 x 9.4cmProduct code:7142038P
  • FREE Delivery on orders over £39

    • Standard delivery £3.95
    • Choose Your Delivery Day £3.95
    • Next-Day delivery £4.45

    Our Project Starts Naturally

    While we wait for our kits to arrive, let’s recap how our activity will reach other feline fans and of course Kellie and the team over at IAMS.

    Once our kits have arrived we can immediatelly introduce IAMS Naturally cat food to your purring pals. We can’t wait to see your excitement while unpacking along with your furballs:

    Our projects are all about sharing genuine opinions so talk to other feline parents about your experiences with IAMS Naturally and share the samples and coupons with them. Remember to also hand out “spread the word” sheets to give other cats the op-purr-tunity to share their thoughts.

    All the necessary links and tools can be found in our profile area, but for now let’s get organised!

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    How Do I Decide Which Food To Feed My Cat

    Life stage, lifestyle, and overall condition are the three factors to take into account when deciding which pet food is right for your cat. Life stage refers to whether your pet is a kitten, adult, or senior. Lifestyle refers to how active or inactive your cat normally is. Condition refers to the cat’s overall health and body weight.

    How To Get An Iams Free Sample

    FREE IAMS Delights Cat Food

    Do these steps to grab the free dog food products:

    • Sign up an account for free.
    • Completes surveys in the Member Profile.
    • Receive free IAMS Cat food & Dog Food through email, without shipping fees.

    In addition to this product, you stand a chance to get new cat food. Remember to like our Facebook page, read the terms and newsletter to understand how the site works. No money, no cash, no deposit required!

    Get Freebies Today hopes you will earn an IAMS free sample as soon as possible! Once in a lifetime chance. Dont miss it!

    Sample Mama is giving away this sample. Get it before the supplies last!

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    Free Iams Cat Food Pack

    trnd are giving away 1,000 FREE bags of IAMS naturally cat food which is enriched with vitamin E, fibre and omega 3 & 6. To claim just sign up or sign in to your account.

    If successful you’ll receive 1 large bag of lamb and rice cat food as well as 10 smaller bags to share with friends and family. In return you’ll be asked to give your honest feedback about the product.

    Visit Your Local Pet Store Or Veterinarian

    Besides checking out online offers, try heading down to your local pet store and veterinarian.

    Big brands will often send freebies to stores and veterinarians along with their regular orders. Pet stores will usually offer a wider range of brands, while your veterinarian may offer prescription diets.

    Its always worth asking both these places if they have any free samples that theyd be willing to pass on!

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    A Picky Eater Might Be Your Fault

    FREE Iams Cat Food at Walmart! 3/23/14-3/29/14

    How would you like to have tuna salad for lunch? And then for dinner? And then for breakfast? Dont assume your cat doesnt mind just because her taste buds are different feeling superior is a cats job. Your job is to give them variety, which is hard when you have leftovers coming out of your ears. Try a multipack of Perfect Portions for the ultimate in no-leftovers variety.

    Why your cat judges you

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    Whats Your Favourite Pet Food Brand To Buy

    I know Iams had issues with Recalls once upon a time, but they have seemed to do ok in that department lately! I have used it in the past but when it comes to dog food, I look to spice it up with different brands and different flavours Ive bought Iams, Beneful, Caesars, and Kibbles but I dont find my dog is particular about his food just that he would rather eat Cat Food! Or his personal favourite Human Food!

  • Please contact the company directly. We are not the sponsor of this promotion, we only share things we find online with our fans.

  • karen bluesays:
  • Free Iams Cat Food Sample

    Request your free IAMS ProActive Health sample today!

    Simply fill in the form bwith you and your cats details and you will receive your free sample within 28 days.

    Sample box contains 1x 100g IAMS ProActive Health Adult Cat Rich in Chicken and 1x 85g IAMS Delights Adult Cat with savoury Chicken and Turkey.


    Youre welcome x

    Thanks my cat loves iams

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    Thank you

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    Thank you, just got some for my Little cat

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    Free is the magic word.Thank you.

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    Youre welcome x

    When I go to the site, theres nowhere for me to order a sample. Has this one expired?

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    Try Iams Proactive Health Cat Food For Free


    A company called TRND are running an online market research panel on behalf of IAMS. This means they need 2,000 cats to take part in a study, sample the cat food and give feedback on your opinions. You can even invite your favourite feline friend to join in too. Entry and all cat food supplies are free, but hurry before the panel fills up. Start by hitting ‘GET FREEBIE’ below.


    As part of the trial you get a whole host of free cat stuff included in the IAMS cat kit, as follows:

    – 2 x 800g bag’s of IAMS ProActive Health Chicken for adults cats

    – Project handbook to record results and feedback your opinions

    – 10 x £2 off IAM’s cat food coupons

    Sounds good? Sign-up below by 1st June to be one of the lucky participants.

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