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When Can A Kitten Leave Its Mother

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They May Eliminate Outside The Litter Box

Kitten Care : When Can Kittens Leave Their Mom?

Kittens learn how to use the litter box by watching their mom use one. If they are taken from her too early, theyll be less likely to figure out how and where theyre supposed to use the bathroom. You can begin litter-box training your kittens when theyre around 4 weeks old, and they should be able to use a litter box successfully by 8 weeks of age. Make sure to stay calm and positive during litter-box training, as cats respond better to positive reinforcement than punishment. Additionally, punishing a kitten may cause her to become fearful of humans, and she wont understand why shes being punished in the first place.

When Do Kittens Stop Nursing

Weaning a kitten the process of transitioning her from her mothers milk to kitten food usually takes a couple of weeks. A mother cats milk naturally begins to dry up when her kittens are around 8 weeks old, though it sometimes takes an additional two weeks for it to dry up completely. By this point, your kittens will be fully weaned from their mothers milk, so theyll be able to eat kitten food exclusively.

Are There Exceptions To This Rule

Yes. The exception would be with feral kittens. These kittens were born to a feral mother and never had any contact with humans. In this case, the need to socialize them with humans overrides their need to socialize with their mother and even siblings. If they stay with their mother for too long, they will learn to fear humans. If you care for a feral cat and her kittens, it’s best to separate the kittens at 8 weeks of age. That’s when they can already eat on their own but are young enough to overcome the fear of humans and be successfully tamed. Some experts even suggest 6-8 weeks as the appropriate time span, depending on the specific situation and whether you are able to keep both feral mother and kittens inside with you.

If you are inexperienced with caring for feral cats please post in our Caring For Strays & Ferals forum and ask our members for guidance and advice.

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Why Do Mom Cats Sleep Away From Their Kittens

Mom cats sleep away from her kittens usually to have their own space.

Yes, after giving birth to her furry babies, mom cats do need some time off the kids to breathe their own air and just rest for a time being.

As long as the mother cat is responding to its kittens cries, feeding them on time, and keeping them around her to protect them from any prey. This behavior is justified and acceptable.

Generally, this nature of cats also comes under observation when she wants to drift apart because she is in a state of denial. Many cats couldnt mostly get used to the fact that now they have to provide for somebody else too.

Cats are very less open and this addition is unsettling, but it does go away after the initial stages end.

Issues With Mother Cats And Grown

 How Old Can A Kitten Leave Its Mother

Most of the time, mother cats and their adult offspring will live together in perfect harmony. However, problems can arise if she has another litter.

At this point, she will simply see her older kittens as rivals for food, and even a threat to her new babies. She may become quite territorial and attempt to drive the grown kittens from the house.

It is also never a good idea to keep an intact male kitten around his mother. If you dont have him neutered, you risk a chance of inbreeding, though his mother should instinctively rebuke any attempts of his to mate and will be quite violent about this if necessary.

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Mother Cat Is Out Hunting

Mama is hungry, too. Her body is incredibly fragile right now. After all, shes caring for many babies and her body is producing the milk. She needs a high-protein, moderate fat well-balanced meal to replenish what she loses.

Its not unusual to see a mama go out, for either a self-guided hunt or just a jaunt to the food bowl. If you have an outside cat, the mother might try to find a mouse or small rodent. Shes going to have to teach her children to do the same. This is an expected phenomenon.

Moms usually start leaving longer when shes ready to wean her kittens, which is just after 3-4 weeks. The desire to hunt or eat doesnt mean the mother is losing interest in her babies, it just means she has to take care of her needs, too.

How To Care For Abandoned Kittens

Sometimes, unfortunate things happen and you end up with motherless or abandoned kittens. If you are completely unsure of what to do, the best advice would be to contact your local vet and see if thereâs anything wrong with the kittens.

Once youâre sure that everything is fine health wise, here are the things you must do to your new kitten babies:

  • Keep them warm. For the first month of their lives, kittens cannot regulate their own temperature. To make sure they survive, provide them with warm blankets that are to be replaced regularly.
  • Feed them KITTEN MILK. Cats are actually lactose intolerant and should NEVER drink cowsâ milk. When theyâre old enough, slowly start weaning them with watery wet food.
  • Help them relieve themselves. Very young kittens actually need to be stimulated in order to be able to pee and poop. Use a damp washcloth and gently stroke their areas until they release.
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    The Risks Of Bringing A Kitten Home Too Soon

    If youve fallen in love with a kitten under 8 weeks old, its easy to feel tempted to bring them home. But a few weeks of patience will pay off in the long runand the risks of taking them home too early can affect the rest of your cats life, Dr. Kornreich says.

    If you adopt cats before that really early socialization period is taking place, they may be more aggressive with other cats and with people. They may not feel safe and be more skittish, he explains.

    Your kitten may not have good cat manners either, Koski says. If he doesnt know about bite inhibition, maybe he plays a little too rough, is a little bit quicker to lash out, she explains. You can help curb this behavior by taking a cue from mama cats: If your kitten is showing signs of aggression when they play with you, get up and walk away. Thats exactly what their mom would do, says Koski. Still, she adds, an easier and more effective solution would be to let your kitten learn these lessons straight from their mom.

    S To Bathe An Underage Kitten

    Episode 108: When Can Kittens Leave Their Mum?
  • Get a small sink or a basin ready with some warm water. If the kitten is really dirty, a small amount of Dawn or baby shampoo can be used in the water. Make the water a nice warm temperature like you were taking a bath.
  • To keep the kitten from getting chilled, have towels ready to immediately dry it off. If possible, warm the towels in the dryer beforehand.
  • You may want to wear long sleeves and gloves. Kittens may panic and start to scratch. Gently hold the kitten by the scruff and support its body with your other hand. This may help calm and control the kitten.
  • Give the kitten a quick but thorough bath to get any food and feces off them. If only its butt is dirty, then only immerse the butt, not the whole kitten.
  • Rinse the kitten off with warm water and immediately wrap it in a towel.
  • Rub vigorously to get the kitten dry. If the first towel becomes wet, switch to a clean, dry towel.
  • Keep the kitten with you and do not put it back until completely dry. If needed, wrap a heating pad around the outside of the towel while the kitten is drying.
  • for a video from Maddie’s Institute on bathing orphaned kittens.

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    Mama Cat Is Too Young

    A very young mama cat might not be mature enough to handle caring for her kittens. They might act confused or show no interest in her babies at first. While most cats will soon get a handle on motherhood, some dont and will abandon their babies. If thats the case, and you find her kittens, you might need to take them in to care for them yourself.

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    How Long Does A Mother Cat Take To Forget Its Kittens

    While a mother may be unhappy that someone may snatch her babies away, cats dont think the same way humans do. It is usual for the mother cat to start weaning her babies around 4 to 5 weeks of age, and they will be entirely weaned around ten or twelve weeks.

    The mother cats objective is to train the kittens to be independent when their relationship fades. Its very unusual for a mother cat to feel agitated by the presence of her weaned kittens and snarl at them if they stay too long.

    · Usually, after the kittens are old enough to move to a new home for around ten weeks, you may see a mother cat meowing and acting like searching for the lost kittens. However, it will last only a few days before she returns to normal.

    · If kittens are taken before the age of ten weeks, the mother cats behavior may last a little longer, but not by much. She is instinctively trained to leave her litter, and cats do not recall or feel sorrow for kittens in the manner that a human mother would.

    · Its normal for a mother cat to abandon her litter, even if theyre newborns, depending on the conditions.

    And this might occur if the mother notices that one or more of her kittens is ill or malformed, if she has severe mastitis, or whether the offspring is too big for her to nurse. Their mothers reject some kittens for no apparent reason. However, the root reason is typically stress and worry.

    Behaviour Modification And Weaning

    What Age Can A Kitten Leave Its Mother?

    As the kittens reach four to six weeks old, the queen will begin to wean them, and her milk supply will become more scarce as this happens. By six weeks old, kittens will almost always be eating only solid food, and not relying upon their mothers milk for nutrition. The queen will also begin to correct the behaviour of her litter at this point, telling them off if they go too far or play too enthusiastically!

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    Why The Wait Is Necessary

    As mentioned earlier, felines, like other pets, learn the essentials better early on in life. And this they learn from playing and socializing with their mother and siblings. When separated too early, kittens miss out on this crucial learning stage. Plus, kittens may become insecure about their new surroundings and adapt poorly. Below, Ill outline some major reasons you should not prematurely separate a kitten from its mother and siblings.

    Reasons Mother Cats Leave Her Kittens

    Cats can breed anytime during a year when the time is right, but spring is usually the peak time. Gestation lasts 2 months, roughly between 60 and 70 days. Once the mama cat gives birth, shes going to stay busy for a while recovering, cleaning, and caring for her young.

    But maybe you have come to notice that she leaves her babies for longer than you might think is normal. As kittens age, they become more independent, this is usually standardbut what are some other reasons?

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    Caring For The Nursing Female

    Get your pregnant cat checked by the vet and ensure that shes healthy. Your vet will tell you if she needs to come in for further appointments. You should also schedule that spay so she wont keep on having kittens. If youd like more cats, consider adopting.

    A pregnant or nursing cat needs plenty of nutrition. You might want to supplement her usual meals with extra portions. Obesity is less of a concern than poor nutrition. Dont let her free-feed because she might make herself vomit, but do feed her at least three times a day.

    You should also make sure she has a safe and quiet place to give birth, such as a box in a room with low traffic. Make sure everyone understands that she needs space. Some cats pick out their own spots to give birth in. Unless shes chosen somewhere actively dangerous or very likely to be repeatedly disturbed, you should probably let her have her way. Shes selected a spot that she sees as safe, and shell feel more secure if shes allowed to stay there.

    Mother cats who feel insecure can act out in various ways, such as showing aggression or becoming territorial and destructive. In extreme cases, the mother can reject or even kill her litter. A more likely outcome is that shell move her kittens somewhere else, and that somewhere else may not be a good location.

    How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Nursing

    Is It Normal for Mother Cats to Leave Kittens Periodically? : Kittens & Cat Care

    Newborns kittens wouldnt be able to exceed 1 hour without nursing. They need to be fed after this period if not then their vital organs will stop working.

    If you are fostering a new cat mother and her kittens, you need to have milk formula in your hands and be prepared to feed the cats that end up staying hungry.

    If your kittens go 3 hours without being fed then its a dangerous situation that needs your utmost attention. Keep a formula all prepared in case of this situation. If you are anxious about how to tackle this situation, you should visit veterinary care on what should be done.

    Remember, taking care of a new mom and kittens is rewarding and sometimes full of questions too.

    Perseverance is key and you will end up being carved in your pets heart forever.

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    Lack Of Maternal Instincts

    You would assume that motherhood comes naturally for cats, that after seeing her babies her maternal instincts will kick in soon after. But in some cases, the maternal instinct does not kick in.

    A cat can become aloof to her litter if she was traumatized while giving birth. Perhaps, she did not feel safe or she might have felt intense pain. In turn, this may have undermined her ability to relax and focus on her young.

    In some cases, the inability to display maternal instincts is temporary. But in other cases, the cat completely abandons her kittens.

    Tips For Separating A Cat From Their Mother

    From 4 weeks of age your keep will begin weaning, this is when they will begin to transition into eating solid food. To learn more about this period, we encourage you to also check out our article on weaning kittens.

    Nevertheless, during this period they will continue to need and depend on their mother. It’s not until they are 8 weeks old that they will begin to eat solid food exclusively and on a regular basis.

    Once the kitten is two months old, we can offer them a variety of solid foods, combining wet and dry food. Learn more on our article about the best diet for cats. During these first months the kitten will also be learning valuable social skills by interacting with their care givers, siblings and mother.

    Lastly, once the kitten is 12-13 weeks old, they will be ready to be adopted as they will not suffer any nutritional deficiencies nor psychological traumas. This is because by this age the both the mother and kitten will understand that they are now growing up and independent. With that being said, taking care of a kitten takes lots of time and patience as they require lots of attention. We encourage you to check out our article about caring for kittens to learn more.

    As they grow, you’ll begin to litter train them, play with them and socialise them with new people, animals and different environments. Remember to also take them to the veterinarian for their regular check-ups and keep up with their vaccination schedule.

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