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Why Does My Cat Cover His Food

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Food Covering Is Called Caching And Wild Cats Do It

Cat burying his food

Scientists call this covering behavior caching and its something wild cats also do. Caching is a way of saving leftovers for later. Hiding the food protects it from scavengers, and might help keep the meat cool and fresh. Wild cats can then leave the uneaten food behind and go about their business, but return later for a snack or another meal.

Cat Tries To Bury Food Or Cover Food: How To Stop It

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Cats can exhibit behaviour that seems strange to us, such as scratching or pawing the floor next to their food dish before eating, or trying to cover or bury food after eating. When we look at why cats bury their food in the wild or cover their leftovers, we can come up with several theories as to why housecoat exhibit similar behaviour. Well never know for sure whats going on in a cats head, but some of these theories may help you get to the root of their behaviour.

Reason #: You Give Her Too Much Food

As already mentioned, cats scratch over the food leftovers. If you notice a feline burying her food, it may be a signal that she gets more food than she can eat.

It’s similar to hiding feces: A cat sees the excess food as something she is not going to return to, so she instinctively wants to bury it. As a responsible and loving cat parent, you need to control how much food to feed your cat to prevent undesired behavior, obesity, and other health issues.

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Why Cats Scratch The Floor After Eating And How To Stop It

When your cat is eating, you might notice he scratches the floor around his food dish during and after his meal. He may act like hes trying to dig up some dirt to bury his food, and he might continue the behavior for a few minutes after his food is all gone. He might even try to pull nearby objects on top of his food bowl. This floor-pawing behavior is common in cats, but if your cat uses his claws while he does it, he could scratch up your floors. Understanding whats motivating this behavior can help you identify ways to stop it.

Why Do Cats Paw Around Their Food Bowls

Why does my male cat put his little bear toy in his food ...

I could write a book on the strange stuff my cat does, but when I switched her food from dry to wet recently, she started doing something really weird: Shed maneuver her way around her food dish, pawing the ground as she went. Her behavior was odd enough that it warranted investigation. What was she up to?

Though most seem to agree that my cat is trying to bury her food when she paws around her dish, opinions differ as to just why she wants to bury her food.

One theory is that my cat doesnt just have a lion-sized attitudeshe also shares some of her bigger relatives instinctual behavior. In the wild, big cats bury their food to save it for later, hide it from scavengers and throw other predators off the scent. So when my cat eats some of her food first, then begins to paw around the dish, shes following an instinct that doesnt make much sense for her circumstances but is so deep-seated that she does it anyway.

And then theres the theory for what shes doing when she paws around her dish without eating any food first. In that case, shes fulfilling that finicky cat stereotype, because what shes telling me is that her food stinksjust like the stuff she buries in her litter boxand that shed prefer something else, thanks.

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Why Does My Cat Touch The Water Before Drinking It

Your cat is touching the water before drinking it because they could be uncomfortable with the shape of the bowl. Their whiskers could be touching the sides of the bowl and they do not like the sensation. If you notice that your cat is avoiding their water bowl, it could mean you need to change their water bowl. Opt for a shallow one so your cat can drink water easily.

Your cat may also be touching the water before drinking it because they are checking if the water is safe to drink. She may be feeling insecure especially if there are strange people near their drinking area. Make sure to place your cats drinking bowl in a secluded area where only familiar people like family members have access.

Your cat may also be doing it because of their advanced age. Elderly cats tend to have diminished eyesight and inferior cognitive abilities. If you have a senior cat, extra loving care should be accorded to them.

Sometimes Caching Isnt Really Covering

Sometimes caching behavior is more instinctual than practical. One researcher from a different mountain-lion project was tracking a radio-collared cougar. This female had placed a single twig on the carcass of the deer before walking away.

Leopards dont cover their food but they do cache in trees high up and out of the reach of neighboring lions and hyenas, which are less adept climbers.

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Teach Your Cat To Bury

If your cat has never buried her poop, it might be because she never learned from mamma kitty.1 Try sitting with her while she uses the litter box and then gently use her paws to cover the litter when she’s done. Give her treats when she does cover it. You can also use clicker training to “capture” the right movements and slowly encourage her over time.2

Caching Protecting Or Disposing Of Food

Why Do House Cats Try To Bury Their Food?

In the wild, feral cats often bury their food remains as a protective measure so their enemies can’t track them: buried food has little smell and does not attract scavengers or predators. If they are females still nursing their kittens, they will do so to help prevent other cats from finding their litter. Similarly, unneutered male cats will also spray their territory with urine as a warning to other predators to stay away.

Cats all over the world demonstrate this behavior. It is similar to “food caching,” which is practiced by the big cats. The leopard is best known for food caching, which involves storing food high up in trees to keep away from lions and hyenas. The North American bobcat also exhibits this protective measure, covering the remains of its kill with debris to hide from other animals.

If you put newspapers under the food plates, you may notice your cat scratching under the plate, shredding the newspapers, and even piling them over the food bowl to hide it completely. This is another type of “food caching.”

In some cases, cats will scratch at or bury food or other items they dislike. This behavior is similar to burying feces in a litter box or on the ground. Like caching, burying allows the cat to “disappear” by getting rid of its waste. In addition, as cats often sleep where they eat, burying waste can be a way of “tidying” a cat’s personal space.

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Why Does My Cat Have Pica

Dietary Needs: Pica occurs in cats whose dietary needs arent being met, resulting in hunger, mineral deficiency, vitamin deficiency, or a lack of fiber. Feline Disease: Pica is a symptom of an underlying disease such as FIV, hyperthyroidism, anemia, feline leukemia, dental disease, diabetes, and others.

Why Do Cats Want You To Walk Them To Their Food

Cats may want you to walk them to their food because they want you to watch them eat. If they start to move around or get busy with something, the cat tends to stop eating and will fetch them again, back to the eating area. This behavior may result from the cat wanting to feel safe and protected when they eat.

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Do Cats Like Water Near Their Food

Cats are biologically programmed not to drink water which is near their food or near their toileting area this is thought to be their instinctive avoidance of contaminating their water with potential sources of bacteria. Cats prefer to drink out of ceramic, glass or metal bowls plastic bowls can taint the water.

Why Does My Cat Cover His Food

Why does my cat put his toys in his food bowl?

Why Does My Cat Cover His Food? Covering Scent In the wild, predator cats try to avoid attracting other predators or scavengers to their food by burying it to cover the scent. Covering the food also prevents potential prey from being tipped off that there are predators around who might be after them next.

Why does my cat randomly scratch the floor? Its normal for cats to scratch objects in their environment for many reasons: To remove the dead outer layer of their claws. To mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent they have scent glands on their paws. To stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.

How do you get a sick cat out of hiding? Use toys, catnip, and treats or wet food to encourage your cat to come out from under the couch, bed, or basement rafters. Place these lures near his hiding place, but make sure he has to come out a bit to reach them. Shake the bag of treats every time you give her some to condition your cat to respond to the sound.

Why does my cat keep squinting his eyes? Signs and symptoms: Rubbing and squinting are common signs that your cat might have an eye infection. Other symptoms include redness and swelling, eye discharge, as well as sneezing and nasal discharge. Severe infections might be treated with topical ointments or eye drops, and possibly also systemic antibiotics.

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Is There Anything That Can Be Taken Away From This Behavior

Even though there is no need to correct the scratching/covering behavior, there is one aspect that cat owners might want to pay attention to. As mentioned above, cats only bury their leftovers. This means that the cat may be getting more food than it can eat in a single meal. Pet owners must check how much food the cat should be getting to prevent obesity and other health issues. So, what does it mean when a cat tries to cover up their food bowl? Nothing more than the fact that it is a feline fully equipped for the wild. Have you ever seen your cat scratching around its food bowl after a meal? What about covering up the bowl? If you have, tell us the story in a comment.

Talk To A Veterinarian

It’s always a good idea to chat with your veterinarian if your cat has a sudden change in behavior. If she’s been covering her poop and suddenly stops, she might have a new health issue. Get her a checkup to make sure she’s okay.

Remember: if a cat’s not covering his poop, he’s not trying to be mean or show that he’s mad at you. A cat typically doesn’t cover his poop because of stress, pain, or litter box problems. So go easy on your little fur baby and try some of these solutions to see if they help.

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Should You Prevent A Cat From Scratching

Pawing or scratching around the food is not harmful in itself. It’s your cat instinct behavior to stay safe and hide the traces of her presence from other predators. In fact, some cat owners even find such behavior cute.

So if it’s your case, feel free to leave your cat alone and don’t stop her from scratching.

Another pair of shoes is when a cat damages your furniture or carpets while scratching, or you merely consider these actions annoying. If that’s the case and you want a cat to stop scratching her food, there are a few steps to help you manage it.

Avoid Food That Your Cat Doesnt Like


As we discussed that a major reason for your cat burying his food could be disliking it, excluding such food from the diet can help. If the cat is showing disinterest in a particular kind of food, it is better to take that out and avoid it for some time. Adding other meats or adding treats should make a difference, otherwise, change the cat food for a while.

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Why Cats Don’t Always Cover Their Poop

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Covering poop is a normal cat behavior, right? Not necessarily. Wild cats that bury their excrement do so for basically two reasons: one is to keep their presence unknown from possible predators. The other is to show that they are not challenging more dominant cats. These more dominant cats rarely bury feces, and often leave waste on grassy tussocks that elevate and make it even more prominent.

So, it seems the only reason for a domesticated cat to bury her poop is if there is a dominant cat in the house. However, burying excrement is a very natural cat behavior. Why then is your cat not doing it?

If You Notice This Behavior A Lot You May Be Overfeeding Your Cat

If you see your cat burying food or covering her food bowl quite often, she may be trying to tell you something. Sure, sometimes cats gorge and dont know when to stop eating. But if your cat isnt cleaning her plate of wet or canned food, you may be giving her too much food at once. And if she tries to bury dry kibble, she may not return to eat until it is swapped for fresh food.

Veterinarians agree that you should feed your adult cat 1/4 cup of dry food twice a day, and approximately 1/4-1/2 can of canned food as a snack.

An automatic cat feeder like the WiFi-enabled Feeder-Robot helps ensure that youre feeding your cat the right amount of food on time, every time. The Feeder-Robot works with any dry or semi-moist kibble.

Its important to feed your cat wet food, as well. However, try feeding her a smaller amount at a time if you notice your cat burying food canned or otherwise!

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Why Does My Cat Take My Stuff

Your cat might steal items because she wants your attention, wants to play or wants the forbidden object. When people say their pets have stolen items from them, most everyone thinks that those people are talking about dogs. However, cats also have been known to move or remove items around the house.

Add More Litter Boxes In Different Locations

My husband and I just adopted a rescue cat this weekend. I ...

If a cat’s not covering his poop, it might be because the litter box is in a location your cat doesn’t like. Or maybe you don’t have enough boxes. It’s a good rule of thumb to provide at least one litter box per cat.

Put the litter boxes in different locations. Make sure that some are away from loud noises like washing machines or heavy foot traffic. A cat who gets distracted by noise might forget to cover his poop.

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What Does The Scratching Mean

Cats have been noticed to scratch around their food bowls even when their bowls are placed inside the house, on tiles or carpets. Even though there is no soil to scratch or move around, this behavior remains present in cats because it is related to an instinct. In the wild, felines must hunt to eat. In spite of the fact that they hunt and eat in packs, there is always leftover food after they are done with their meal. It is extremely important that they bury their leftovers to cover their tracks. This way, other predators cant link the trail of carcasses to their whereabouts.

All felines are born with a full set of instincts meant to keep them safe in the wild. This is also true when it comes to cats. They may not need to use this type of instinctual behavior as long as they live in a loving home, but when push comes to shove, cats know how to keep safe.

Regulate Your Cats Portions

Cats are always very playful, so even food may become a toy for them. If you see your cat regularly eats with leftovers, control the size of portions you give to your kitty. Do not put too much food into your cats bowl. It is always better to give some more food than put leftovers into the garbage.

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The Cat Has Started To Cover His Food Suddenly

If your cat did not tend to cover the food with objects before, or bury it or dig at the side of the feeder, but has suddenly started to present this behavior, most likely he is trying to tell you something.Here the instinct of the wild feline no longer comes into play, but the language of the animal to communicate with you, his companion, and indicate that something is not going well.The most frequent causes that can lead a cat to Suddenly cover the food or dig the ground:

  • You have changed your food and the new food does not like it.
  • You have moved your trough of place and Do not consider it completely safe.

As you can see, both reasons are easily recognizable and simple to solve.If the new food does not just please you, you just have to keep looking until you find one that satisfies all your needs.To do this, you can check our recipe for homemade cat food with chicken, a natural food that, In addition to providing many benefits at the nutritional level, they love it because it simulates the food they would consume in “freedom.” As for the second cause, ask yourself why change the location bowl and if this change is for your own benefit or for the animal.If you can leave it again in the place where the cat felt safe eating, do it.

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