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Why Does My Cat Flop Over

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Why Does My Cat Do That: Odd Cat Behaviors

Cat Flop

Angela is a cat and dog lover who has made special efforts to learn as much as she can about the animals she cares for.

This article will help you gain a better understanding of your cat’s odd behavioral patterns.

Everyone knows, either by instinct or experience, that if a cat’s tail is fluffed and its back is arched to stay away! One encounter with a cat in this position would quickly teach you why we need to listen to the cat’s body language.

Aside from the obvious postures, there are a lot of other expressions that a cat makes that are not as obvious and often dismissed as weird cat behavior. Due to the oddity of these creatures, we will never have all the answers. For instance, why does my cat stare at blank walls for hours on end? Why does my cat chase “flies” that really aren’t there? Why does my husband’s cat only like me when he’s hungry or when my husband is away on business? The truth is, I don’t know. I know men better than I know cats, and that’s not saying a lot! Fortunately, we do have answers to some of these odd behaviors about these lovable, temperamental creatures.

My Cat, Polly

Angela Michelle

Is There Such A Thing As A Deaf Ragdoll

This myth comes from an association with their blue eyes. Deafness is more common in cats with blue eyes however, this is true mostly for pure white cats. Ragdolls come in a variety of colours and do not have the same mutation as the pure white cats.

A Ragdoll flop occurs wherever and whenever, but most usually in your way! That those big blue eyes really can get whatever they want. That Ragdoll cat bellies are for rubbing. Your bed is no longer your own, and how dare you even try to suggest to a Raggie that you want them to move over so you can get in it!

Why Do Cats Show Their Bellies Then Get Mad When You Pet Them March 19 2021 5 Comments

Most cat owners have experienced what we call the “Tummy Rub Trap”: When your cat rolls over onto their back and shows their soft, fluffy bellies as if offering an invitation for pets, but when you do – you get swatted or scratched.

So, what’s the deal? Why do some cats show us their bellies only to get upset when we actually pet them?

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Why Does My Cat Flop Over

Why Does My Cat Flop Over? Cats flop to show their trust and affection to the person or animal that theyre around. Its how your cat shows that they feel comfortable and safe in your presence. When a cat flops , they expose their most vulnerable area .

If you spin around in circles as fast as you can and then attempt to walk in a straight line, youll experience what your cat probably feels like if hes suffering with vestibular disease. There are two types of vestibular disease: peripheral and central. The most common symptom of vestibular disease in cats is dizziness. Once consulted, your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam, looking carefully at your pets ears, and may recommend diagnostic tests to look for concurrent conditions and to rule out other disorders that mimic vestibular disease. The good news: most cases resolve quickly, with cats recovering from this disease without medication. There is no known prevention for idiopathic vestibular disease. Routine health care and physicals including diagnostic tests can identify-sooner rather than later-any underlying conditions that could possibly cause vestibular disease.

What would cause a cat to be wobbly? Causes of Loss of Balance in Cats Middle-ear or inner ear infections. Disease or injury of the spinal cord. Damage or disease of the central nervous system. Neurological disorders.

What Should You Do

Why Do Cats Flop On The Floor

So when your cat turns around and presents his backside to you, hes actually displaying his proper feline manners. Now, what should you do in response? Relax, you certainly arent expected to do you-know-what. All you have to do is pet your cat along the back or wherever he prefers most as an affectionate gesture.

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Fading Kitten Syndrome: Treatment

If your kitten cant walk or stand, is very cold or showing any other sign of these above mentioned symptoms: take it to the veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. In addition, make sure the kitten is warm, has enough water and is offered an adequate high quality diet.

For more, we recommend taking a look at our article where we discuss how to care for kittens.

Diagnosis Of Acute Collapse In Cats

The vets first priority is ensuring that the cat has indeed experienced acute collapse instead of a seizure. Be sure to inform your vet of the extent and duration of your cats symptoms, as well as any allergies, current medications, or any exposure to toxic substances that you know of.

Cats may appear completely normal after waking up from a collapse this can make it difficult for the vet to make a diagnosis. It is important that you let your vet know how your cat acted before, during, and after the episode, as this may assist in the diagnostic process.

Your vet may conduct a number of tests to identify the underlying cause of the fainting. The first will likely be an ECG, which may accompany an ultrasound and x-ray of the chest. Blood tests, CT scans, and MRIs may also be required.

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Is Your Cat Vulnerable When It Falls Over Like This

A cat rolled-over getting stroked.

When cats fall over like this and roll-over they are vulnerable. This is because their underside, more specifically their tummy is one of their sensitive areas, if not one of their most sensitive parts of their body.

You should feel privileged if your cat is exposing itself like this because it is a clear sign of their trust. A cat would not expose itself like this if it had no love or trust for you.

Why Do Cats Flop

Why Does My Cat Roll Over When Sees Me? Top 10 Reasons

Cats flop to show their trust and affection to the person or animal that theyre around. A cat will only flop in a situation where they are completely relaxed. Its how your cat shows that they feel comfortable and safe in your presence.

When a cat flops , they expose their most vulnerable area . Cats are aware of this, and this should be seen as a sign that your cat is comfortable with placing their safety in your hands.

Now that you know why cats flop, be sure to give them a fuss and a couple of treats when they come over, brush up against you and flop! If you find that they are leaving behind lots of fur, make sure you get the right grooming tools!

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Vestibular Syndrome In Cats

Vestibular syndrome in cats is a neurological disorder in cats that produces symptoms such as:

  • Head tilting
  • Nystagmus
  • Strabismus
  • Ataxia in cats, which produces the lack of coordination that will make it difficult to walk.

This syndrome can be caused by: trauma, otitis in cats, infectious diseases, etc. In order to identify the triggering cause, a neurological examination is required. Vestibular syndrome in cats can be cure, but some cats may be left with a tilted head as permanent injury.

Finally, lack of balance in cats can also be caused by a cat ear infection, which too will require veterinary consultation.

After The Play Session

Sessions should be long enough for the cat to get tired around 15 20 minutes depending on the age and activity level of the cat. About five minutes after the end of the session, give your cat a high protein snack, like canned cat food, tuna fish, or sandwich meat. This mimics what would happen at the end of a real hunt the cat would eat her catch. Dont be surprised if your cat takes a long nap after a play session.

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Can A Cat Fall Over If You Try And Dress Them

A cat could fall over if you try and dress it. This is because they are showing resistance. Cats do not like or appreciate being dressed regardless if its for fun or a walking harness and lead.

Some cats can be trained to accept being dressed, such as putting on a harness when traveling in an RV . But, its never a natural reaction to accept being dressed.

Cats prefer to be natural and wander around independently. They are less forgiving than dogs who may accept this because they love their owner.

Ear Flap Problems In Cats: Causes And Treatments

Why do cats flop? Reason for why cats roll onto their side ...

A cats ear flaps are an extremely sensitive part of her anatomy. They protect the inside of her ears but are also very vulnerable themselves. Since they are so vulnerable yet important, its vial to know when something is wrong and how to correct it. The technical name for a cats ear flaps is pinnae.

Cats have the same hearing range as humans but have better hearing at higher frequencies. To put it in perspective: A humans voice is at around 3000 Hz. A cat is capable of hearings sounds that are around 8000 Hz.

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Cats Communicate With Their Eyes

  • If the eyes are wide: The cat is alert. Other cues will tell you if the cat is relaxed or threatened.
  • If the eyes are narrowed: The cat is alert, but may be fearful or aggressive. Look for other cues.
  • If the eyes are lazily open or closed: The cat is relaxed.
  • Pupil dilation is also important: Wide pupils can signal high interest, excitement, or possibly fear or aggression.

How To Stroke A Cat

The following meme has been widely circulated for years now and is an accurate guide to where cats like to be stroked. Most cats love strokes and gentle scratches under the chin and on the back close to the tail. Generally, you cant go wrong.

Some have a limit and once that limit is reached will lash out, they do give subtle clues that theyve had enough, and will start to focus their gaze a distance away , and their tail will flicker. Thats a sure warning that its time to stop.

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Why Is My Cat Losing Its Balance

An inner ear infection can cause a cat to experience vertigo. But a cat that stumbles, walks with stiff legs or shakes its head repeatedly may have a brain disease known as cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects muscle control and movement. Cats contract this disease in uteroor if they are malnourished or poisoned.

My Cat Cant Walk On One Back Leg: Other Causes

Why Do Cats Roll Over on Their Backs? : Loving Your Cat

If your cats hing legs are failing and none of the previous causes correspond to your cats individual case, there are other pathologies that carry this condition as a symptom. Have you noticed that your cat cant walk or stand? Other causes of sudden paralysis in cats back legs include:

  • Saddle thrombus
  • Tick paralysis

In all of the above cases, veterinary intervention is necessary. If youre cat is struggling to walk and does not receive professional medical help, your cats life could be seriously compromised.

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Your Cat Wants To Play

Your cat might just enjoy playing with toys while on their back and flopping over in front of you is a good way to let you know that theyve decided its time to play! If youve ever seen your cat get really into a toy to the point where they engage the rabbit kick or kitty kicks then you know that it usually starts with a flop or roll first!

Heres a great example of a happy kitty showing us a flop into the kitty kick using a pretty clever homemade toy:

Some of it will depend on what youve done with your cat in the past and what kind of behavior youve reinforced after the flop. If every time your cat flops your reward them with a weird stuffed sock to wrestle then theres a better chance that your cat will start use flops as a way to ask you to play!

Cat Voices: What Does A Meow Or Purr Mean

Meow: Cats tend to use meows more with humans than with other cats, though there are exceptions. To communicate with each other, they use a range of vocal signals, and some cats will use meows in this case, too. Kittens mew loudly when theyre hungry or frightened, but once theyve stopped being dependent on their mother, they also stop this kind of calling behavior. When you hear your cat meowing, it is generally talking to youso pay attention!

Hiss: This is fear and threat. The cat is saying, Back off. Depending on how confident the cat feels or whether it is in its own territory, it may fight or run. You can use the hiss to tell your cat to stop doing somethingthis will get its attention and usually stop the behavior.

Yowl: This is a step up from the hiss and is definitely a threat. The sound is wow-wow-wow, but modulated: woOOOowwwoooOOOoowwwooOOOoow, with the middle of each wow rising both in pitch and volume. A cat making this sound is getting ready to fight and may scratch if you try to touch it. Use the yowl to move a strange cat off your property. Yowling can also indicate discomfort or emotional upset. A smothered or muffled yowl may indicate a hairball coming up.

Occasionally, a cat will insert a trilling sound into the purr. You usually hear this when youre holding and petting the cat, not when the cat is simply purring to itself or another cat. This is referred to as singing.

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Your Cat Is Feeling Playful

Another reason I have discovered that my cat rolls over when she sees me is that she is wanting to play. Quite often when my kitty plays, she will roll onto her back and bat her toy between her paws while kicking it with her back legs. I have realized that when my cat flops over in front of me, she sometimes just wants a toy to play with.

This could be true for your cat, so why not try getting her favorite toy, waving it in front of her, and seeing how she responds? If she starts playing with you, she may have just been trying to communicate that it was playtime!

Is Your Cat In Heat

Why Do Cats Flop Over When You Put A Harness On Them

For unspayed female cats, flopping and rolling is a normal part of the mating behavior. A Cambridge University study found that Females rolled mostly while they were in heat. Adult females rolled almost exclusively for adult males. In this case, your cat flopping in front of you might not actually have anything to do with you at all! Instead, its your cats way of letting the world know that shes interested!

When cats flop and roll while in heat they may vocalize a bit more or try to keep their butts up while rolling. Yes, its as silly looking as it sounds.

The first 25 seconds or so of this video shows exactly what Im talking about:

While it might be cute to see your cat in heat acting silly, cat overpopulation is a serious problem in the world.

Sadly, there are more cats in the world than homes for them so always do your part by spaying your cats! If it turns out that your cats flops are related to her being in heat, you can check out Pet Smarts clinic locator to find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area. Oftentimes you can even get your cat spayed completely for free!

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Why Do Cats Roll Over When They See You

Despite an unfair reputation as cold and aloof pets, cats forge strong bonds with their owners. A great example of this is the happiness cats display upon seeing familiar humans after a period of separation. This often involves a cat rolling over onto its back as you approach.

Cats roll on their back to greet owners and express happiness at being reunited. Cats often roll onto their back when feeling relaxed and confident. The cat may also be requesting attention, including play or food.

A cat rolling over is not requesting a tummy tickle. The belly is the most delicate part of a cats anatomy. By showing you this soft tissue, the cat is demonstrating trust in you. Touching the tummy may invoke defensive behavior.

My Kitten Cant Walk All Of A Sudden

Have you noticed that your kitten cant walk or stand? Other than the above mentioned syndromes, when it comes to kittens, we have to analyze the possibility of fading kitten syndrome.

Kittens, especially when they are under the age of 8, are very fragile and susceptible to illness. If your kitten suddenly cant walk, is lethargic and unresponsive, immediate veterinary attention is require!

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Other Signs Of Trust And Affection In Cats

Cats may have a reputation for being independent and offhand but almost every person who shares their home with a cat knows thats not the case. They certainly do play by their own rules, but many of them love to be a part of the family.

Dogs are fairly easy to read a tail wag, an excited jump when you arrive home, licking, and following you around. Cats are more subtle in their behaviour but just like their canine counterparts, cats do show affection towards their human family.

  • Kneading on your lap or a blanket close to you
  • Greeting you with a chirp or a meow
  • Slow blinking
  • Rubbing their head or tail against you
  • Walking towards you with their tail upright
  • Licking you

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