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Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes

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Why Do Cats Smell Your Face And Then Stare With Their Mouths Open

Why is My Cat Sneezing with a Runny, Snotty Nose and Eyes? (cat flu) – Cat Health Vet Advice

Im sure most of us have seen this peculiar reaction when our cats breathe in, then they suddenly stop with their mouths hanging half open and with a strange look on their face. For some cats, it might be a common reaction to our runners or dirty socks, and even our breath. Who would blame them right?

Just look at this poor kitty who doesnt seem to be impressed with his owners feet!

But why do they make that funny face?

Well, this behavior has a name and its called the Flehmen Response. According to John Bradshaw, an Anthrozoologist and author of books on feline behavior, its easy to mistake the behavior for aggression since the animal bares its teeth as it scrunches up its face. But whats actually happening is that the cat is physically opening up two tiny ducts on the roof of its mouth behind its incisors.

These ducts connect both the nose and mouth and theyre attached to the vomeronasal organ, also known as the Jacobsons organ. Bradshaw explains that this organ lies somewhere between the sense of smell and taste. While breathing through the nose is necessary and involuntary, the flehmen response is a voluntary action.

An animal cant help but automatically take in smells as they breathe, but the flehmen response is a voluntary action, like swallowing. Cats use this organ when they want to investigate specific smells. According to kitten rescuer Hannah Shaw, the flehmen response is, a cats way of analyzing an unfamiliar and interesting scent.

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Cats have been trying to keep an air of mystery about them for centuries, but cat parents have been uncovering little by little whats under their enigmatic façade.

The truth is that despite first impressions cats are expressive creatures. If we look closely, well realize that theyre constantly showing us how they feel and what they want.

It can be difficult to decipher the meaning behind some of their behaviors, but understanding our feline companions is essential. While they might play it cool most of the time, sometimes your cat lets loose and does something a little strangelike sniffing your face.

So why does your cat sniff your face and what does it mean? Cats have a strong sense of smell, offering information about their environment, like food and prey. When your cat sniffs your face, it could be a greeting gesture. By smelling your scent, especially your breath, cats also build familiarity and trust with you. Theres also a good chance that it just smells interesting, too!

Lets dig a little deeper into what might motivate our feline friends to sniff our faces!

Why Does A Cat Sniff My Face When Sleeping

Lying in bed and being rudely awakened by a cat can be an all to common occurrence for many cat guardians. They might paw at our cheek, be lying down on our chest or even be sleeping themselves on top of our head. Often they will come up and smell our face when we are lying down. The purpose of this can vary, but it may include:

  • Wanting food
  • To ensure you are alive
  • To stop you snoring
  • To be close to you

As cats are more affectionate than we often give them credit, they might be smelling your face just to say hello. Cats will sleep and snuggle with other cats, even grooming each other in turns.

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Why Does The Cat Want In

Until she starts speaking in full sentences, youll never really know. Perhaps the cat views the whole household as her territory and is outraged that youve closed off access to an important part of her dominion.

Maybe your cat is just curious. What mysteries are going on behind that closed door? Inquiring cats need to know.

Or perhaps its a kind of scarcity of resources issue. You have something that she does not have. And because you have it and she does not, she wants it.

And finally, it could just be cat perversity. Have you ever let a begging cat into the screened-in porch with you, only to have her demand almost instantaneously to be let out again? Has she ever whined and meowed incessantly for a treat only to refuse it as soon as you offer one?

You know that saying about how the minute you discover you cant have something you want it even more? A cat probably wrote that about being on the other side of the bathroom door.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyebrows

Why Does My Cat Smell Bad?

A cat could lick your eyebrows because cats often groom the head area of their preferred peers. As a result, grooming is just a gesture of feline adoration!

Congratulations: your cat has chosen you as one of his preferred peers, a group of people who are usually quite selective.

Youll notice that your cat grooms your hair most often when youre lying down or asleep, as these are the times when he thinks affection grooming to be suitable.

If he instead grooms or eats your hair when youre busy and active, its more probable that hes being playful.

Another reason cats groom their peers is territoriality. Your cat is trying to get rid of other scents and particles from your fur so that you smell like him.

This is special attention he gives to members of his pack, or to people he hopes would join his pack.

Just make sure not to let your cat overdo it, as this will cause redness and irritation because of their rough tongue.

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The Dangers Of Cat Urine: Why You Must Eliminate Cat Urine Odor From Your Home

Cat pee isnt just disgusting, it can harm your health, too. The dangers of cat urine arent always obvious, though. No doubt you realize that cat urine, like all human and animal waste, carries bacteria that could cause illness.

So you dutifully wear gloves when cleaning up kittys accidents and while washing the mops, sponges and other items you used to clean it with. . No problem there. Or is there?

Its easy to assume that once the urine stain and germs are gone, that lingering odor is nothing but a harmless nuisance. Remember, though, that odors are composed of microscopic particles of the thing that caused the odor. So by inhaling cat urine smell, youre actually inhaling cat urine. Just the thought is enough to make you sick, right? Wait, it gets worse

Sprains And Ligament Tears

Less serious than broken bones, but just asdebilitating when it comes to jumping, are sprains. These are muscular injuriesthat cause weakness in a cats legs.

Sprains and tears are usually caused by a cat lunging or jumping too quickly from a standing position. Cats rarely stretch and limber up before exercise, thus increasing the risk of muscular injury.

Little can be done about a feline muscular strain. Your cat will need to rest, but painkillers may be necessary. Most strains will heal themselves in around 3 days. Your cat will be free to jump again once it has healed.

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Because You Share A Bond

Smell is essential to cats and its their number one way of recognizing if a cat is part of their tribe or not. Their nose can sense a predator nearby, a prey, or spoilt food. Mothers will also use their sense of smell to recognize their own kittens.

Each time our furballs smell us theyre building familiarity and as a result, their trust in us grows as well. Most cats will sniff their owner and then rub their faces against them to mark them with their scent and receive their owners smell in return.

This exchange of scents is important and its something we should be happy about since its a clear declaration of love!

What Does It Mean When A Cat Sniffs Your Hand

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Your cat sniffs your hand to pick up information about you.

Cats have a special organ near their noses that picks up on pheromones, and they use this information to identify other cats as friends or foes, male or female, and more.

It could also be the cat is scenting themselves on you because your hand smells like their litterbox. Some cats enjoy being scented by other cats. Its hard to say for sure without knowing the individual cat in question!

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How To Respond To Your Cats Head Bump

While a dog may not know how to respond, there are some appropriate ways for pet parents to reciprocate. It can be an opportunity to build or enrich the bond between you and your cat.

You should be thrilled that theyve chosen you. Enjoy it and take it as a compliment that youre worthy of their affectionthat theyve deemed you good enough, Johnson said.

If you have a close relationship with your cat you can head bunt them back or simply offer your forehead, scratch their chin, pet them on their head or talk sweetly to them.

Cats head bunt when theyre happy, not when they feeling aggressive, fearful, or reclusive. But Johnson-Bennett cautions that you should know your cats likes and dislikes.

Some cats may not be comfortable with a response. So wait until it head bunts you the next time. Then maybe you can reach out your hand to build trust.

Johnson agrees that its important to build a bond before you reciprocate.

The more you foster a relationship with your cat the more she will want to head bunt you.

If you dont quite have that relationship with your feline, she says, you can nurture it along with soft brushing, giving cat treats, or just communicating with her by simply kneeling down at her level, low to the ground, and encouraging her to come over to you.

Signs Of Hyponatremia In Cats

If your eye-licking cat is trying to replace their salt, they need to visit a vet to determine the cause. Low salt levels can be hazardous to your pet. Keep an eye out for these symptoms.

  • Confusion
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Weakness

Cat behavior may be strange, but some things are never normal for any animal. People frequently believe, for example, that vomiting is just something cats do, like when babies spit up. However, its not healthy or typical for your cat to barf. Always consult a vet if your kitty seems unwell.

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Cats’ Smell And Scratching

Cats have scent glands between their toes in the pads of their feet. When they scratch an object, that not only creates visible marks, it also leaves behind their personal scent. When cats want to signal ownership, they pointedly scratch objects in the presence of another cat they want to impress. Even go through the motions. Prime paw-scented targets include any real estate that has high importance, such as near doorways, litter box, sleeping areas and the like.

Since clawing serves as a communication tool for the cat, it is impossible to prevent it. The best way to deal with claws is to provide claw training and offer your new pet a legal claw target so hell leave your valuables alone.

Why Does My Cat Sniff Me Then Bite Me

Why Does My Cat SMELL Bad? Top Reasons!

Cats sniff and bite you when they like the odor theyve discovered on you. The nibbles are love bites and not something to be concerned with.

If you have a cat that seems to enjoy sniffing you and then biting your hand, there is a couple of reasons that might be happening. One reason could be that they pick up on different proteins in your blood that they can smell through their sensitive nose.

Another reason for this behavior is because it might just feel good for them to nuzzle up against you, which makes them want to continue sniffing and maybe even nibbling at your skin.

In the end, its hard to tell what exactly is going on with these cats, but all we know is it must feel suitable for both parties involved.

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Whycant My Cat Jump Anymore

Any significant change in feline behavior should be investigated as most cats love to leap to and from heights. If your cat is suddenly unable to do so, there will be a reason for this change.

Senior cats are less active and take fewer risks. They are less inclined to make leaps because they dont want to have a bad fall. A cat that tries to jump but finds itself unable to do so likely has a health problem.

Should I Be Worried If Cat Licked My Eye

The short answer is not really.

The little longer answer is no, but take due precautions.

The sandpaper tongue of your cat has been on many a surface from your cheeks to a garden insect to the cats own butt the tongue has been everywhere. The point is, your cats tongue is the paradise for parasites.

So, while it is a very sweet gesture of pure love to have your face and eyelids licked by your furry little buddy, it is also recommended that you take good care of your personal hygiene and your cats oral health.

Maybe next time, follow your cuddle and snuggle session with your little furry friend with a minute long facewash it will prevent any skin infections like annoying rashes and itching from happening.

To know more about petting your cat well, check out our articles on Does Your Cat Sigh?and why cats like the base of their tails scratched.

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Looking For Scent Glands

Not just cats, you may find all animals sniffing parts of another animals body to assess what they are all about. You would have seen dogs sniffing another dogs behind or even a human beings posterior in a moment that is embarrassing for everyone else around!

The same goes for cats. By sniffing a person or another animal, a cat can assess whether the other creature is worthy of trust. This is a test to see whether they can be more friendly or if they should retreat.

Animals also respond to different types of pheromones which may trigger certain kinds of behavior. For example, some pheromones come as warning signs, others that indicate where an animal may find food and most importantly, a mate.

While the evidence of human beings secreting pheromones is not conclusive, your cat may still come searching for it out of instinct. Many animals have scent glands in their faces, so your cats instinct may be to look for a certain scent in your face.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Eyes

Cat Eye Discharge – What is it and when should you see a vet!

Cats show different behaviors and some of them are beyond our understanding. One of such behaviors is an obsession with human eyes.

There could be several different reasons behind why your cat is obsessed with your eyes:

1. She wants to recognize you

Cats have a great love for their owner. However, they cannot recognize you by your name. Instead, they check your appearance and smell.

Cats have a very strong sense of smell and thats why they sniff or lick your eyes to check if you are their owner or not.

2. She is seeking your attention

Cats love to interact with their owner and want their attention. However, they cannot tell you that by speaking. Instead, they communicate by licking or sniffing.

If your cat is sniffing or licking your eyes then it probably means that she wants your attention.

3. She loves the scent of tears

Have you seen videos of cats comforting their owners by licking their tears?

Well, its because cats are attracted to the salty odor of tears present in your eyes. This is the reason why they are so obsessed with your eyes and keep licking/sniffing them.

So, whenever you will have tears in your eyes, your cat will naturally get attracted to them and start licking them.

4. She wants to relax

Whenever cats are feeling uncomfortable, they like to be close to their owner for relaxation.

Therefore, if your cat is unusually sniffing or licking your eyes then it means that she just wants your company for relaxation. It is completely normal.

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Urinating In High Places Feels Safe To Your Cat

What do sofas, beds, chairs and counters have in common? They have surfaces that are higher than the floor and have good views. The elevation is perfect for kitties to identify and escape potential threats and stressors. Survival is a priority its instinctual, cats naturally dont want to be ambushed.

Sometimes, your cat peeing on the bed or the;couch is telling you that these places feel safer than his litter box. Its harder for other animals to corner and trap cats on elevated areas because the perpetrators are easily seen.

Why Does My Cat Like Mascara

Your cat may like your mascara as bristles mimic the feel of a cat mothers sandpapery tongue with the familiar sensation they loved as kittens, which is still very soothing to adult cats.;

The mascara must be bleached. Otherwise, it could further complicate things for your cat.

After the mascara is bleached, you can use it for petting your cat as they would appreciate the sensation because it mimics their mothers sandpapery tongue.

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Why Does My Cat Smell My Forehead

Our cats sniff our foreheads and face to greet us. Theres also a possibility that the cat is smelling the facial product youre using. It may appear that its smelling your breath, but its just checking out the new scent emanating from your face. Also, your cat might be attracted to the scent of your shampoo.

The sniffing will usually be accompanied by head bumping or rubbing. This is your cats way of reclaiming you as their property by attaching their scent to you.

Its also possible that your cat is trying to groom you. By smelling your forehead, they can detect any unappealing scent and remove it from your skin by licking it out.

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