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Why Is My Cat Eating So Much

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How Can I Identify Hyperthyroidism In My Cat

Why Is My Cat Vomiting?

The clearest way to identify feline hyperthyroidism is by monitoring your cats weight and eating habits, especially as they get older. According to the Veterinary Centers of America, The most common clinical sign of hyperthyroidism is weight loss due to the increased rate of metabolism despite an increased appetite. Affected cats are often restless, and may become cranky or aggressive. They may have increased water consumption and urination. It is also common for hyperthyroid cats to exhibit increased vocalizing, particularly at night. They may develop periodic vomiting or diarrhea, and fur may appear unkempt. In some cats, anorexia develops as the disease progresses.

Dr. Ellen says, it does take a lot for an owner to recognize the subtle signs and symptoms of it. That, my older cat suddenly is a little bit more talkative during the night, in the evening. He seems a lot more hungrier than usual. They pester you all the time when theyre chronically hungry, and if the cat keeps going back into the kitchen and youre noticing your cat not putting on weight, then thats a problem.

How To Help Your Cat Eat Less

If your cat is eating too much, you should first check with your vet. They can help determine why your cat is overeating, treat any medical problems, and recommend how to prevent them from eating more than they should. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Dont fill the food bowls whenever theyre empty or let your cat free-feed. Instead, stick to a set feeding schedule. Healthy adult cats only need to eat once or twice a day. Limit the number of times you refill the bowl every day and only do it at set times.
  • Monitor how much food your cat eats daily. You may not even realize how much youre overfeeding them. Use measuring scoops to dish out their food and follow the serving size recommended by your vet or the packaging.
  • Pay attention to the foods nutrition. Even if your cat eats a lot, they may not be getting all the nutrients they need. Consider switching to a higher quality cat food that provides them with the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy.
  • Use a slow feeding bowl. These are food bowls with bumps that make it more difficult for your cat to reach their food and cause them to eat slower. For cats who eat when theyre bored, this can provide some much-needed stimulation, too.
  • If your cat is lonely or stressed, give your pet plenty of attention. Some cats beg for food because they know it gets your complete, undivided attention. Schedule 15 to 20 minutes every day to play with your cat, and get rid of any stressors in the home.

Reasons Your Cat May Be Losing Weight

No matter where on your cat’s body you notice weight loss, your cat’s loss of fat or muscle could be caused by “just about anything,” Rucinsky says.

Here are a few medical issues that can contribute to rapid weight loss in cats:

  • Intestinal disease or parasites can cause nausea or make it difficult for your cat to absorb nutrients from food. Gas or inflammation in the digestive tract can cause problems and may be connected to other medical conditions.
  • Dental disease can cause your cat to avoid food, because it hurts to eat.
  • Pancreatitis
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    How Do Vets Determine The Cause Of Cat Sneezing

    Although treatment for sneezing cats is typically not costly, achieving a diagnosis certainly can be expensive.

    You would think that testing for bacteria or a virus would determine the cause. However, because the nasal cavity is not a sterile location, a culture that is positive for certain bacteria does not prove that the bacteria are the primary cause of the sneeze, or even that they are causing disease .

    Nor does testing positive for viruses confirm this as the underlying cause, since even asymptomatic cats will often test positive for either herpesvirus or calicivirus.

    Here are some ways your vet can determine the cause of cat sneezing:

    Was Your Pet Food Recalled

    Why Does My Cat Eat So Much? HELP ME!

    Disorientation is not uncommon, and your cat may meow out of frustration or confusion. Leave a light on at night if your cat vocalizes then or if they are bumping into things.

    Especially if your older cat isnt just talking to you but is yowling very loudly, then please see the vet.

    Finding and treating the underlying cause can do a lot more than give you back a good nights sleep it can add happy years to your cats life, as Dr. Debora Lichtenberg, VMD, explains in her article Why Does My Older Cat Yowl All the Time?

    Why does my cat meow so much? Check out the range of noises this little meow-machine makes:

    6. Your cat is in heat.

    Female cats in heat can become very vocal suddenly. They do this to attract males. Males are also noisy if they detect a cat in heat nearby.

    Do yourself and the feline overpopulation problem a favor have your girl spayed.

    7. Your cat just wants to tell you hello.

    Sometimes your cat may be meowing to say hi. Its as simple as that.

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    How Do I Know If My Cat Is Eating Enough

    If you want to know your cat is eating enough or not, you can use a formula made by an animal medical centre in New York. A healthy, active 8-pound adult cat requires about 30 calories per pound per day.

    Its a popular question among new cat owners, and there are ways to ensure your feline pal gets the nutrition they need.

    Cats, unlike dogs, can be picky about their food and will often refuse to eat it if they dont like it, even if they are hungry.

    This is why its crucial to establish a balance between your cats nutritional requirements and their tastes. Because, regardless of what their humans believe, the cats are in charge.

    When you take your cat in for its first checkup, the first thing you should do is ask your veterinarian how much food your cat need.

    Adult cats require different types of food, as well as different amounts of food, then kittens. Furthermore, feeding a nutrient-dense kitten food to an adult cat could result in Fluffy getting overweight.

    Furthermore, because cats are less prone to drink water than their canine counterparts, its a good idea to serve your cat both wet and dry food.

    You should also offer your cat a high-protein diet and make sure its specifically developed for cats, as felines have different nutritional requirements than other household animals such as dogs.

    If youre following all of the requirements and still worried that Fluffy isnt receiving enough calories, Experts suggests looking at your cats back.

    Treatment Of Increased Appetite In Cats

    Once the actual cause of your cat’s increased appetite has been rooted out, your vet will discuss with you the best course of action to treat the problem.

    Change in Diet

    Upon the diagnosis of a disease like IBD, low-fat and easily digestible food may help to improve the condition alongside medication. If the cause is determined to be purely behavioral, then your vet will propose you begin better monitoring your cat’s food intake. To assist in curbing overeating, it is helpful to regulate the amount of food your cat consumes in one sitting. This can be done by breaking down their meals into several separate feedings throughout the day.

    In the event that a pregnancy is behind the increased appetite, a diet change can help manage the overeating. You can provide your pet with food high in calories as they need that the most during the end of their pregnancy as well as during nursing.


    A condition such as Cushing’s Syndrome may require the use of specific medication in order to control the disease. In the case of diabetes mellitus, if diet change is not enough, then your vet will recommend the use of insulin injections to help treat it. Additionally, concerning diseases like IBD, your vet can prescribe antibiotics or steroids if a dietary change fails to improve the problem.

    As certain medications can also cause an increased appetite, then your vet may encourage you to steadily discontinue use of the medication if it is possible.

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    How Often Should A Cat Poop

    Whats important to know is that defecation habits do vary from cat to cat. They have no specific frequency or timetable to defecate.

    Poop frequency changes for cats when they are suffering from a disease or feeling stressed out.

    As a general thumb rule, cats poop once or twice a day.

    If your cat is defecating more than its normal routine, there may be a problem. Keep your cat off feed for 24 hours or feed your cat small quantities of easily digestible low-fat food.

    What can this be?

    Sometimes a home-prepared food like pasta with boiled chicken or boiled rice is best to see if your kitty can get back on track with its digestive health.

    Ensure the accessibility of fresh water 24/7 to keep your cat hydrated. A vet may also prescribe probiotics , dewormers, or antidiarrheal agents.

    Should cat poop be stinky?

    Definitely, poops smell is always unpleasant. But it should not smell too foul that it may force you to hold your nose and run away from the room.

    If you observe that your cats poop smells too stinky, you should discuss it with your vet.

    How To Deal With A Food

    Why Your Cat Won’t Eat and What to Do About It

    My cat has a very specific super power. She seems to know the exact moment I open my eyelids first thing in the morning and will commence her ritualistic cry for food. It doesnt stop until theres food in her bowl.

    Ive grown concerned over my cats obsession with food. Anytime Im in the kitchen, she cries and circles around my feet, begging for more.

    I took her to the vet to make sure nothing was physically wrong with her. Turns out, shes parasite and disease free, so I had to do some research to get to the bottom of this food obsession.

    If you have a food-obsessed cat at home, maybe these tips will help you, too.

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    Cat Not Eating: More Serious Health Problems

    Of course, this is the possibility that youre especially worried about if you notice your cat not eating. Your cat may not feel like eating because hes sick. If this is the case, youll probably notice other behavioral changes besides just not eating, but if hes shunning the food bowl, thats a pretty telltale sign. As Rotman says, Ceasing to eat, referred to as anorexia, can be a direct symptom of underlying disease or a side effect caused by pain or distress. If the issue persists and/or you notice any other signs your healthy cat is sick, you could have a bigger problem on your paws.

    As for the illness in particular, it could be any number of health conditions, some more serious than others. But Rotman says there are a couple of likely candidates. It could be as simple as a toothache or sore gums: Dental or gum disease would make chewing on dry food quite painful. But it could be a host of other issues, too. Many types of health issues including gastrointestinal issues, respiratory disease, and viral infections could be the culprit of a reduced appetite, Rotman says.

    Choosing Between Dry Food Canned Food Or Both

    In general, you need not offer multiple flavors and textures to cats. They get very good at training their owners to add something else to the mix if the cat shows any hesitation to eat what is given. If the cat is otherwise acting fine, a choice to not eat what is offered can be normal, or a test by the cat to see if something better will show up. Very, very few cats need any encouragement to eat. The opposite is usually a goal.

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    How To Feed Your Cat So It Stops Begging And Starts Losing Weight

    Cats, Nutrition

    Cats receiving an adequate number of calories per day will be hungry . So feeding a cat until it is full is almost always overfeeding unless it is an actively growing kitten under eight months of age.

    Naturally, cats eat multiple small meals a day by hunting and eating what they catch. Having a bowl of dry food available allows multiple small meals of a high caloric feed with no effort on the cats part, this is a recipe for weight gain.

    Why Is My Cat So Hungry In The Morning

    Why Is My Cat Eating So Much And Losing Weight?
    • Post category:Cats

    Living with a cat means that your sleep will be disturbed in a number of ways. Its 5 A.M and your cat is meowing endlessly for some reason. You get up and see that your cat is begging for some food.

    Sound familiar? For many cat owners, their cat is their very own walking, talking, furry alarm clock.

    Every day like clockwork, cats seem to get hungry in the morning. While the time that each cat gets hungry differs, it seems to be universal that they get particularly hungry in the morning.

    Why is that the case? Why is my cat so hungry in the morning?

    To the dismay of their owners, cats do get hungry in the morning. The reason they get so hungry is due to the small nature of their stomachs. After hours of not eating, cats need to eat in the morning.

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    Is A Hungry Cat Always A Cause For Concern

    Each cat has a unique ideal weight and number of calories to achieve this weight, and this number may rise and fall throughout their lifespan. While it’s easy for cats to gain weight, especially as they age and their activity levels fall, most cats will temporarily protest when their food is adjusted to an appropriate amount.

    Keep in mind that this protesting is different from a nonstop appetite. If your cat seems insatiable or there’s a change in your cat’s appetite abrupt enough for you to notice, this usually indicates an underlying problem that warrants a visit to your vet.

    What Is Increased Appetite

    Whether polyphagia is due to disease or psychological reasons, it is essential that you discover the exact nature behind your cat’s increased appetite. A long-term complication with overeating can have dangerous effects on your cat’s health and wellbeing.

    Polyphagia is a term used to describe a substantial increase in appetite and food consumption. There are few diseases known to increase your cat’s appetite, so the range of possible diagnoses is relatively small. However, physical ailments alone are not the sole causes, as a psychological issue can also have your cat increasing the amount of food it consumes.

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    Why Is My Cat Eating So Much And Losing Weight

    The inner workings of a cats digestive system can be confusing to the everyday cat owner, and its often difficult to identify issues with your cats health based on their weight and size due to the varying ideal bodyweights for each breed. Feline Hyperthyroidism is a common ailment for cats of all ages and breeds, and can be identified clearly if you notice your cat is eating more frequently, or is acting hungry more often, while still losing weight.

    According to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Cats afflicted with hyperthyroidism usually develop a variety of signs that may be subtle at first but that become more severe as the disease progresses. The most common clinical signs of hyperthyroidism are weight loss, increased appetite, and increased thirst and urination. Hyperthyroidism may also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and hyperactivity. The coat of affected cats may appear unkempt, matted, or greasy.

    Our expert veterinarians Dr. Barron and Dr. Ellen go into detail about how you can identify Feline Hyperthyroidism in your cats, and what your options are for treatment.

    Is Your Cat Hungry Due To An Underlying Medical Problem

    Why do cats like to stretch so much? CatCrazy

    Not all food obsession is down to gluttony. In many cases, over-excitement at feeding time and an inability to leave their food bowl with even a scrap inside could be a sign of an underlying medical problem. Parasite infestations, diabetes, and thyroid conditions can all cause an animal to act like they are ravenous all the time.If your cats behavior around food changes suddenly, it is definitely worth arranging an appointment with your veterinarian who can run tests to determine if there is a medical reason for your kittys voracious hunger.

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    Cat Feeding Mistakes: Creating Nutrient Deficiencies

    The interest in homemade food for cats is on the rise, say the pros. It is important to realize however that homemade does not always mean healthy.

    A mistake that I often see well-meaning people make is the feeding of unbalanced homemade diets, Pierson says.

    Thats because when making cat food from scratch, some people fail to balance the meat with the correct amount of calcium, forgetting that a cat would be eating both the meat and bones of their prey, which provides a proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio.

    A cat diet too heavy in tuna, liver, or liver oil , can lead to vitamin A toxicosis, resulting in bone and joint pain, brittle bones, and dry skin. A diet too rich in raw fish can destroy vitamin B1, causing muscle weakness, seizures, or brain damage. If a feline caregiver wishes to make their pet’s food, they need to follow a properly balanced recipe, Pierson says.

    One way to do that is to start by talking to your veterinarian, who can guide you away from food fads and steer you toward a balanced, healthy eating plan for your cat.

    Linda P. Case, MS, adjunct assistant professor, University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine Author “The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition, and Health, Co-author of “Canine and Feline Nutrition.

    Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN, professor of medicine and nutrition, the Acree Endowed Chair of Small Animal Research,College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee.


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