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Why Would A Cat Pee On My Bed

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Why Does My Cat Pee on the Bed?

Are you spending less time at home all of a sudden? Or maybe youre not paying attention to your cat as often? Cats feel your absence and peeing on your bed could be a sign that she misses you.

Your cat may be urinating on your bed as a way of coping, as they love it when their scent is combined with their chosen human. Peeing on your bed could make her feel safe amidst your absence.

Why Is Your Cat Peeing On Your Bed

While many believe that the main reason cats pee;on the bed is primarily because theyre trying to be their sassy selves, this is usually not the case. There are a plethora of reasons as to why your cat has picked up this unsightly behavior. Whether its related to medical issues or not, it is a serious problem that should be stopped. First, however, you have to get to the root cause of the behavior. Some of the most common causes include:

A Cat Who Feels Threatened By Cats Outside The House May Pee On A Human To Mark Them As Their Territory

Cats outside the house who dont even come into your home can cause issues with your cat feeling anxious about his or her territory, causing your cat to feel the need to mark you with urine.

If you come home smelling of other cats say because you were cat sitting, work at a pet store, work at an animal shelter, or for any other reason this may be the issue.

Neighbourhood cats and stray and feral street cats can also be the culprits, if they happen to get close enough to your home for your cat to smell, which they almost certainly do.

If you feel this may be the issue, again, neutering or spaying the cat in question will go a long way toward helping if that hasnt been done yet.

If that doesnt prove to be enough, there are steps you can take to reduce anxiety from increasing playtime and exercise to help your cat release pent up energy, to using cat repellents like outdoor scat mats around your home in spots neighbourhood cats seem particularly attracted to that create anxiety for your cat.

You should also speak to your vet, for suggestions as well as about the potential use of anti-anxiety medication, especially in cases where your cats anxiety is not limited to peeing, but also converts into aggression toward humans and other animals in the house.

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Practice Compassion Toward Your Cat

Do not try to punish your cat for peeing on the bed! Your cat most likely does not want to do this, and is feeling sick or uncomfortable in some way. The best reaction to this problem is to seek out a cause, and then to work toward a solution. As smelly and messy as it is to find cat urine on the bed , remember to provide love and support to your cat, and remember that they are not doing this to spite you!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author√Ęs knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

He Doesnt Like The Litter Boxs Location

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed?

Like people, cats prefer peace and quiet when using the litter box. If his litter box is in a noisy or highly trafficked area, he might get fed up after a while. Youll also want to avoid putting his litter box by a noisy washing machine or appliances that turn on at random times like a furnace.

Keep in mind that hell also want an area that has enough light for him to see what hes doing, as well as enough space to escape if he gets interrupted by another pet.

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Unhappiness With The Litter Box

When cats start litter soiling any part of the house the first thing to examine is the litter box. Is your kitty happy with it? There are various aspects of the litter box that your cat may not like, for example, the location, the size, the type of litter box if top entry, enclosed, etc, the type of litter , the cleanliness, the number of litter boxes if multi-cats are using the litter box, and so on. If you think the litter box is the one to blame, check my article why cats dont use the litter box and how to solve it. This will give you an idea how to make your cat to use the litter box again.

Regarding litter box hygiene, a dirty litter box not only causes the cat to house soiling, but also causes health issues for your kitty and for the household members as well. You may want to check electric self-cleaning cat litter boxes if you dont have time to clean the cats litter box. These units are great to keep up with the litter box so you dont have to be the pooper-scooper anymore. If you dont know much about automatic litter boxes, read my article types of automatic litter boxes to learn more about different systems and mechanisms.

Your Cat Might Have Separation Anxiety

Kitties are not socially solitary they often form close attachments with people and other animals. Sensitive kitties can become anxious when their favorite person is away from them for an extended period of time. These;cats;might respond to the absence by peeing on the bed or the couch that is;saturated with their humans scent. Theyre mingling their own scents with that of their beloved.

Although ,;there are steps;you can take that will help your cat feel more secure when left alone. These include enlisting someone to either stay with your cat or visit at least twice a day. During their visits they should interact with her, doing activities she enjoys, such as play and maybe grooming. Your scent can help your kitty feel like she hasnt been abandoned. Before leaving, place small towels and other articles of clothing that have your scent on them in sealable plastic bags one for each day youll be away. Your cat sitter needs to put one new scented item out every day for your cat.

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Anxiety Stress Or Tension: Common Reason Behind Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed

Technically, the litter box can also fall under the anxiety-related issue.

But there are more prominent anxiety-related factors that could cause your cat to pee on your bed. ;Do any of the following circumstances apply to your home?

  • You recently introduced a new pet.;

If your cat was the lone-wolf of the house for several years and then all of a sudden you introduced a new adorable companion, your cat may be going through anxiety. A new pet can cause your cat to eliminate outside of the designated potty area.

  • You have a new bed companion or housemate.

If youve recently just moved in with someone, or if your companion has just started frequently sleeping over at nights, your cat may be peeing on your bed because there is social tension.

S/he may not approve just yet of your new partner, who is prompting them to show their discontent by peeing on your bed. It can even be specific peeing on the side of the bed where that person sleeps .

  • ;You work long hours or travel often.

Sometimes your cat will urinate on your bed to display his discontent and unhappiness due to your prolonged absence.

Paradoxically, in this case, it might just be a good idea to adopt another companion to keep your cat company while you are gone.

However, if you cannot take care of more pets, then think about asking a neighbor or friend to visit your cat once or twice throughout the day to prevent them from being too isolated and alone.

I Think My Cat Is Peeing On My Bed Because He Is Mad At Me

How To Stop Cat From Peeing On Bed – Tips and Tricks!

Before we get to why cats pee on the bed , lets dispel a myth: your cat is not peeing on your things out of spite.

Gosh, it sure feel likes spite, though doesnt it? It feels like you cat is picking your personal sanctuary, your temple of bliss, your shrine to peace: your bed and making a statement of displeasure. I assure you, she is not.

Cats are not as cognitively and emotionally sophisticated as their human owners. A pre-meditated retaliation is probably not within their abilities. Also, although people are repulsed by urine and feces, cats dont feel the same way about their waste, and so they are unlikely to use them as ammunition in some revenge plot.

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Crazy Answer To Why Does My Cat Poop On My Bed

A couple of days ago, I got a hysterical call from my friend about her cat. She nearly blew my ear off when she practically screamed this question over the phone: why does my cat poop on my bed?Sounds far-fetched? Overly dramatic? Not really.In fact, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, at least 10% of cats experience some form of elimination problems. These can range from peeing on clothes to pooping on your bed and other places in the house.Common as it may be, it can still be a frustrating and extremely annoying situation. I remember how I nearly flipped when my cat did the same thing on my bed.Thats why in this article, I will be sharing with you the different reasons why your cat would decide to make your bed into a soft toilet as well as some tips to help you deal with this.;


Calming products can also help. I usually give NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Plus Melatonin for Cats chewables whenever we go traveling or during storms.If these still don’t work, try talking to your vet. Your vet can teach you some additional calming techniques. In some cases when the stress level of your cat is too extreme, your vet may also prescribe some anti-anxiety medications to help your cat calm down.

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Nothing Says I Miss You Like Fresh Cat Pee On Your New Pottery Barn Blanket

Cats can have separation anxiety too, driving them to seek solace in your belongings when youre away.If you have a change in your schedule or suddenly aren’t spending as much time interacting with your cat as you used to, she might urinate on your side of the bed as a way of coping. Combining her scent with yours might help her feel closer to you in your absence.

Sometimes Stress Is The Culprit

Reasons why cats pee on the bed. Whats Wrong? How to ...

Sometimes your cat’s e-meow-tional health is the reason why she pees on the bed.;Stress;or nervousness can lead to the annoying habit because she doesn’t feel secure, and the stress can be caused by a variety of reasons. Maybe you recently had a change in your home, like rearranging furniture,;bringing home a baby,;moving, or changing your work schedule. Maybe she’s;stressed by your other pets;or even other cats wandering around your yard at night.

Increasing her confidence can help decrease her stress and, hopefully, her spraying incidents. Start by giving her more “high places” to claim as her own, like cat trees and;cat condos. Cats build confidence when they have a taller perspective on their world.

Play with her more so you can build your bond and expend some of her energy. Maybe start;taking her outdoors;once a day on a cat harness, so she has a new adventure that stimulates her mind. Try;, or get out a feather wand and play every day. Keep this bonding time consistent, so she looks forward to it.

Finally, use Comfort Zone products to help reduce stress. The Comfort Zone team is dedicated to helping cats feel safe, happy, and calm using signals cats understand. Try the;Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser;or the;Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser;if you have more than one cat. Plug them into the rooms where your cat spends the most time. If your cat is on-the-go, snap a;Comfort Zone Calming Collar;on her so she’ll take those calm feelings wherever she roams.

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Cats Can Pee On Humans Because They Dont Like The Litter Being Used

Cats are notoriously fickle about the litter being used in the box.

If they cant stand it for absolutely any reason, they may put off using the litter box, then again, accidentally go right at the point where theyre snuggling on your lap because they just couldnt hold it anymore.

If youve recently changed litters, this may be the culprit. Try changing back.

If you arent sure which litters to try, but think this may be the problem, note that unscented litters are a lot better liked than scented litters.

Struggling with stinky litter and tried a scented litter to mask that smell? Use these tips to keep litter smells away.

My favourite tip is to try to grab a clumping cat litter, even if you dont need your litter to clump because you dont put your cats litter down the toilet.]

Clumping litters greatly reduce smells in my experience because they allow you to get rid of all the urine in the litter much more easily.

The only cat litter Ive used in years? Worlds Best Cat Litter. Its made of whole-kernel corn and is very good at reducing especially urine smells. Check out my review of it here if youre interested.

Your Cat Peeing On The Bed Or Couch Is A Sign Of A Medical Problem

Whenever your cat has a behavior challenge or exhibits a change in behavior, have her examined as soon as possible by a veterinarian. There are no exceptions to this rule, and this includes a cat peeing on the bed.

Many serious medical problems;can cause cats to avoid using litter boxes. A short list includes urinary tract infections, diabetes and arthritis, as well as a host of other painful and serious conditions.

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Why Did My Cat Poop On My Bed

If youre wondering, Why did my cat poop on my bed?, in my opinion, only a few things motivate the usually fastidiously clean feline to defecate on their humans bed.

While defecating outside the litter box is not as common as a cat urinating outside their litter box, it is not unheard of and both problems usually have similar reasons behind the behavior. Knowing what is triggering this behavior in your cat is the key to correcting their conduct.

Unhappy With The Litter Box

Why cats wet on the bed, clothes, and towels

If your cat urinated on your bed and not in her litter box, this might be a sign that your feline friend is unhappy with her litter box.

Check the litter box location and see if you placed it in a high-traffic location. Check the type of litter , too, as your cat may not like her litter. Or it could also be a lack of enough boxes for a multi-cat household. Or it could also be a dirty litter box that you havent cleaned for days.

Issues with their litter box can make them pee in places outside their box, such as on your bed.

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Why Does My Cat Keep Peeing On My Mattress

Though cats can reduce stress, when they urinate where they are not supposed to, they can certainly increase stress as well. You might be faced with a pee spot on your bed and find yourself wondering if your cat is trying to spite you or if you have a defective model they arent and you dont.;

There are a lot of reasons that a cat might use your mattress to relieve themselves, but actively trying to drive you insane is not one of those reasons. So, first things first: take a deep breath.

There are several medical issues that can cause cats to have a hard time controlling their bladder.;Kidney stones, bladder infections, diabetes, arthritis, urinary tract infections, and hyperthyroidism;are among the most common health issues that may be causing your cat to have accidents.;

Dietary changes;can also cause incontinence. If this accident is not an isolated incident, if your cat seems to be experiencing any other pain, or if their habits have changed, talk to your veterinarian about your kittys health.;

Social and environmental changes can cause cats to feel stressed and anxious, which may also result in urination outside of the litter box. If there have been;major changes within your household, such as a new baby, pet, or partner,;your cat may be feeling a bit anxious and forgetting their bathroom behavior. Make sure your cat has a space where they feel safe and secure and that they are getting enough attention.

Do Cats Have A Favorite Person

Key Takeaways. Cats tend to favor one person over others even if they were well-socialized as kittens. Cats are expert communicators and gravitate towards people that they communicate well with. You can be your cats favorite person by socializing together early on and respecting his/her personal space.

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