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Cat Skid Steer Hydraulic Quick Attach

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Cylinder To Replace Caterpillar Oem 192

Connecting a Hydromechanical Attachment for the Cat® D3 Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader

This is a great alternative to having your old Hydraulic Cylinder repaired.


See Serial Number Breaks in details below

More Information

Model OEM, 216, 216B, 216B2, 216B3, 226, 226B, 226B3, 232, 232B, 232B2, 236, 236B, 236B2, 236B3, 242, 242B, 242B2, 242B3, 246, 246B, 246C, 247, 247B, 247B2, 247B3, 248, 252, 252B, 252B2, 252B3, 256C, 257, 257B, 257B2, 259B3, 262, 262B, 262C, 262C2, 267, 267B, 268B, 272C, 277, 277B, 277C, 277C2, 279C, 279C2, 287, 287B, 287C

Loader Parts Source, Inc. offers this Cylinder to replace Caterpillar OEM 192-2640.


216, 216B, 216B2, 216B3, 226, 226B, 226B3, 232, 232B, 232B2, 236, 236B, 236B2, 236B3, 242, 242B, 242B2, 242B3, 246, 246B, 246C, 247, 247B, 247B2, 247B3, 248B, 252, 252B, 252B2, 252B3, 256C, 257, 257B, 257B2, 259B3, 262, 262B, 262C, 262C2, 267, 267B, 268B, 277, 277B, 277C, 277C2, 272C, 279C, 279C2, 287, 287B, 287C, 287C2, 289C, 289C2, 297C, 299C,

  • 216B RLL00001 06799
  • 216B2 RLL06800 and Up
  • 216B3 JXM00001 and Up, CD300001 and Up, DSN00001 and Up, HR200001 and Up, PWK00001 and UP, SL300001 and UP
  • 226 5FZ06700 and Up
  • 226B MJH00001-10574
  • 226B3 AS200001 and Up, DXZ00001 and Up, F3D00001 and Up, MWD00001 and Up, SNA00001 and Up
  • 232 CAB00001 and Up
  • 247B3 ESL00001 and Up, KB300001 and Up, TSL00001 and Up
  • 248B SCL00001 and Up
  • 277C JWF00001 and Up, KCC00001 and Up
  • 277C2 MET00001 and Up


Winter Skid Steer Attachments

There are several must-have attachments that will help you tackle Albertas tough winters. Snow plows, snow buckets, and sand and salt spreaders will make it much easier for you to keep your property safe accessible all winter long. We have these attachments available for purchase, but if you have a short term need , you can rent them from us as well.

How To Change Skid Steer Attachments

Changing out your skid steer attachments is quick and easy, designed for busy contractors who need to stay productive. How to change a skid steer attachment depends on the type of skid steer model and whether it has a manual or powered quick coupler.

Here are some general steps to follow when attaching work tools to your skid steer loader:

  • Line up the work tool on the ground in front of the machine.
  • Lower the coupler and slowly drive the skid steer into the work tool.
  • Raise and tilt the coupler backward into its proper location.
  • If your machine has the powered quick coupler function, engage the work tool from within the cab by pressing and holding the quick coupler switch.
  • If your machine has a manual coupler, step out of the cab and secure the pins manually to the attachment.
  • Tilt the work tool down and drag it backward on the ground to ensure its secure and theres no movement.
  • Perform a final check by lifting the work tool up and visually inspecting that the pins are fully engaged.
  • Attach your hydraulic hose lines by following the routing instructions in your Operation and Maintenance Manual .
  • Always check your OMM for specific attachment procedures for the work tool and skid steer model.

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    Miscellaneous Skid Steer Attachments

    Other than all the attachments listed above, we also carry other skid steer attachments such as pallet forks, sweepers and brooms, telescopic booms, and more. If you dont see an attachment youre looking for listed on this page, there is still a good chance we either have it in stock or can order it for you. Call us for any inquiries about skid steer attachments.

    Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplers Won’t Connect You Need This Accessory

    Cat Skid Steer Electric Quick Attach Not Working

    A common problem when connecting any quick-connect hydraulic coupler is that line pressure can build up, making connecting the couplers nearly impossible without releasing the pressure. The XBoom Coupler® QC-Mate quickly and safely solves that problem.

    The QC Mate uses specially shaped clamp jaws that mount to a ratcheting hand clamp, providing powerful 600 lb clamping force. The Clamp Jaws accommodate both 3/8″ and 1/2″ and a second set accommodates 1/2″ and 3/4″ hydraulic quick couplers. It’s compatible with all standard Flat-Face Hydraulic Couplers and Ag Style Hydraulic Couplers within those sizes.

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    Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader Parts

    Your Caterpillar skid steer loader is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your fleet. Its versatility and manoeuvrability make it ideal for a wide range of tasks. Top-quality parts and accessories ensure youre always getting the most out of your machine. At TVH, we have everything you need to keep your Caterpillar skid steer loader performing at its best.

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    Will It Work For My Machine

    This tool is compatible with ALL standard 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 NPT nipples and fittings that attach to the back-side of Flat-Face and Ag Style Hydraulic Couplers. However, the Clamp Jaws need to engage the back-side of each coupler. Therefore, this device may not be compatible with some Hydraulic Blocks where access to both sides of the circuit are not accessible. Also, pre-measure your longest connection point distance and make sure it is less than 12″ . For the jaws to engage, you have to have access to the flat surfaces on the back of the couplers and a shared center-line for the clamp to align correctly and create an in-line clamping force.

    Skid Steer Parts Diagram

    How to Hook Up a Work Tool Attachment (Cat® Skid Steer, Compact Track Loaders Operating Tip)

    A Skid Steer is a very large piece of equipment that has many parts. If you are looking for any of these parts, refer to our parts diagram which identifies the names of the main components.

    When you want to find the part you need, its important that you know the part numbers, the machine make and model, and the serial number. View our Serial Number Lookup to help you find your serial number.

    Want Help Finding The Part You Need?

    Our parts specialists are on hand to help at .

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    Maximize Your Equipment Investment With Cat Attachments

    Cat work tool attachments enhance the productivity and utility of your Cat machine, equipping them for a wide range of tasks and operating requirements. Because multiple work tool attachment solutions are integrated into the design of Cat equipment, it means one machine can exponentially increase your productivity with a quick attachment change.

    You could easily use a hydraulic hammer on your Cat excavator to break up tough rock or concrete, then switch within minutes to a wide assortment of Cat bucket sizes and types to remove the material you are working with.

    Have a wheel loader? Effortlessly move material with your Cat wheel loader bucket right before you place pipe with a set of Cat wheel loader forks. Cat work tools attachments offer options for every job and application to match up to the Cat machine youre operating.

    Not sure which attachment would work best for your machine? to learn all about Cats work tool attachment options.

    With more than 60 work tool attachment options, these examples are just the tip of your productivity iceberg. Contact Cashman Equipment today at for more information, or download the full attachment product line brochure below.

    A Company Worth Talking About

    • Steve Boney Mcclure and Sons

    • âGood people to work with. Fast Responsive Service.
    • âThis is the place to contact for all of your construction part needs. They have a very helpful staff and will look out for your best interest…
    • Dave Rose

    • âAMS has found heavy equipment parts for me on several occasions. I have found their service and pricing excellent. I would highly recommend them!
    • Rick Hillis

    • âMy experience with AMS has been a pleasure, they have been more than helpful and I am looking forward to further purchases.
    • Myra Smith

    • âAMS has found our company both new and used CAT, John Deere and Komatsu parts quickly, while saving me lots of money!
    • Dustin Ferguson

    • âI highly recommend AMS for your construction part needs. Their professionalism is second to none. They are helpful and trustworthy…
    • Todd J. Kassal

    • âThey have provided me with quality parts and service for three years without any part failures…and always at the lowest market price.
    • Geoff

    • âMany thanks to AMS for going the extra mile and providing a friendly, consistent and all around fantastic service.
    • Jason Duffin

    • âSaved us a ton of money on parts! Even if they don’t know the product line they helped me find a solution.
    • Wendy Buck

    • âAMS is a wonderful resource for rebuilt motors. Their sales staff is knowledgeable, helpful and very prompt. They also have the best prices around!

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    Select High Performance Hydraulic Quick Couplers

    A hydraulic quick coupler specialist should be able to provide you with the best hydraulic quick couplers for your skid steer machine, based upon your application needs. Skid steer quick couplers by Stucchi are recognized as the choice of professionals for rugged durability. Stucchi offers unique hydraulic solutions for skid steer equipment with a wide selection of quick couplers proven in demanding applications.

    Our skid steer solutions include quick couplers which relieve pressure prior to quick connect or disconnect. This prevents the common problem of not being able to hook up your couplers no matter how much force you use when attempting to connect by hand. This also provides a safer environment for workers as well as leak free environmental protection.

    Skid steer hydraulic quick couplers include the convenient Saturn Block, which is a direct field replacement for many pressurized connection systems and is ISO 16028 interchangeable. Additional skid steer hydraulic couplers include our flat face series which avoids fluid loss during quick connect and disconnect and threaded flat face, heavy duty and locking couplers failsafe connection solutions.

    Hydraulic solutions by Stucchi keep your equipment on the road, in the field and hard at work. Prevent unplanned shutdowns and meet productivity goals with proven skid steer hydraulic solutions.

    Cat It 28 Loader To Bobcat Skid Steer Attachments Adapter

    Cat Skid Steer Electric Quick Attach Not Working
    • Hooks up to a Cat It 28 Loader
    • Converts to any standardized skid steer
    • Allows you to run skid steer implements from your Cat IT
    • Heavy duty construction throughout.
    • Option of 1 or 1 1/2 thickness for an additional $100
    • Two crossbar design keeps the face of thee latch boxes in line and keeps them from twisting and going out of alignment.
    • Latch box sides are 3/8 thick and are made from grade 50 plate for added strength.
    • The latching pins are designed so that when the latches are closed the springs are bottomed out so that the pins cannot come unlatched.
    • Bushing for pins are included
    • Grease Zerk in both latching pin tubes
    • Couples the two different Quick hitches as close as is physically possible for maintaining maximum lifting capacity.
    • Quick attach adapters are also available for tractor loaders with pin on buckets to convert them to quick attach.

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    Ssqa Advantages As Compared To Jdqa

    • Easily switch between loader attachments.

    I think most people could objectively agree that the JDQA and SSQA are roughly the same amount of effort to attach/detach.

    • world of unique attachments available.

    While we agree that more attachments are available for SSQA than JDQA, lets consider the sub-compact tractor market specifically. There are lightweight pallet forks, grapples, snow pushers, loader mount blades, stump buckets and more available for JDQA. Additionally, there is plenty of competition in this area. For example, there are at least 5 manufacturers producing JDQA sub-compact tractor grapples as shown in our Grapple Roundup.

    Larger SSQA attachments such as post hole diggers, power brooms, snow blowers, etc are not suitable for sub-compact tractors, or even compact tractors up to nearly 50hp due to their hefty hydraulic requirements.

    So, it seems this SSQA advantage is equally matched with JDQA.

    Keep Your Equipment Costs Under Control By Purchasing Used Cat Skid Loader Parts

    If youre working with a tight equipment budget, consider purchasing used Cat skid steer parts from MacAllister Machinery. Our used parts facility in Indianapolis houses an extensive parts inventory for new and more seasoned machines that allow you to minimize your costs without sacrificing quality.

    Our staff includes knowledgeable used parts experts who can help you find the right part or component for your skid steer loader, regardless of year or model. We can also tap into the extensive Caterpillar network to locate that hard-to-find part that no one else seems to carry.

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    Skid Steer Attachment Plate

    Have an attachment without an attachment plate or an attachment with the wrong mounting plate? We most likely can help you out. At we offer Skid Steer Attachment Plates for sale for brands such as ASV, Bobcat, Case, Cat, Gehl, Hydromac, JCB, John Deere, New Holland and more. We have hard to find older style attachment plates for sale along with new universal mounting plates. Just weld on the attachment plate to the bucket or attachment you have and hookup. If you need help with measurements or dimensions please call customer service. All of our attachment plates come fully welded and unpainted.

    Caterpillar Skid Steer Hydraulic Cylinders

    Quick Attach Attachments® – A leading American manufacturer of skidsteer attachments.

    Shop New Aftermarket, Used and Rebuilt Hydraulic Cylinders

    As an industry leading supplier of new aftermarket, used and rebuilt Caterpillar Skid Steer Hydraulic Cylinders, we can save you a lot on a replacement Hydraulic Cylinder and related parts. We offer everything from attachments, final drives, undercarriages, engines, cylinders, cabs, pumps and much more for all makes and models of construction equipment. We have a national reach for all of our customers and provide parts to customers around the globe. To request a quote, simply give us a call or click get a quote below and a customer service and parts specialist will assist you.

    Our friendly parts specialist are standing by to assist you.

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    Stucchi Offers Cat Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics Solutions

    If you have any questions about your Cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics system or quick coupler requirements, Stucchi offers customized hydraulic solutions. We offer a wide selection of high quality quick couplers compatible with brand names such as Caterpillar, John Deere and Kubota. Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of quality hydraulic quick couplers and custom designed hydraulic solutions which improve overall business operations.

    We offer a wide selection of skid steer hydraulic quick couplers, including flat face ISO 16028 interchangeable couplings, threaded flat face quick couplers, the Saturn Block which provides easy quick connect and disconnect under pressure with a user friendly pressure relief system. We also offer many other quick coupling adapters and fittings including heavy duty and locking versions. When in doubt, contact the leading authority on hydraulic quick connect and quick release solutions at Stucchi.

    Stucchi is recognized worldwide for providing high quality quick couplings and custom quick coupler solutions engineered to meet your specifications. We offer 60 years in business meeting critical hydraulic connection demands across a broad range of industries and applications. Contact us to speak with an engineer and with any questions on your Cat skid steer auxiliary hydraulics.

    How Do Hydraulics Power Skid Steers

    Skid steers are dual-powered through their diesel engines and hydraulic pumps and systems. Hydraulic systems use pressurized, or hydraulic, fluids to power their associated machinery, rather than other fuel sources or the raw flow of materials. Theyre a vital component to your machines overall output and getting the best skid for your project operations and budget.

    A skid steers hydraulics system is at the heart of its overall maintenance and full-power output. Its these hydraulic capabilities you want to assess next when deciding what skid steer to buy and which will be the most cost-effective for your work.

    For skid-steer specifications, there arefour central hydraulic pumps that aid in overall power output, as well as auxiliary hydraulic systems to understand.

    Four hydraulic pumps:

    Two variable-displacement pumps create energy for two hydraulic-powered drive motors located in the mainframe of the skid steer.

    A larger fixed-displacement pump provides the power needed for a skid steers loader arms and any attached accessories.

    A smaller fixed-displacement pump lends complementary hydraulic circulation for fluids throughout the engine filter, as well as powers pressure needed for the units pilot controls.

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