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How Much Do Cats Sleep A Day

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Why Do Persian Cats Sleep So Much

What do cats do all day? And how much do cats sleep?

Maybe Persian cats are so exhausted from a long, hard day of being cute. While it seems like the plausible answer, the truth is a bit more complex.;

Cats are hard-wired to require a lot of sleep. It is a trait that has developed over many years of evolution. In the wild, cats have to hunt to survive. They are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dusk and dawn.

These periods work best because there is enough light for them to see perfectly, but enough darkness to be well hidden. Also, their prey is most active during these hours.;

These prime hunting hours only last for a short duration of time. A cat on the prowl does not have a minute to waste. They must be fully rested to do their best. This means that downtime, which is a large majority of the day, gets spent sleeping to conserve precious energy.;

Your Persian probably does not have to lift a claw to get its meal, but its innate behavior will remain due to centuries of evolution.;

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If your cat is stressed, he may display stress symptoms, like peeing and spraying in the house, scratching destructively or meowing a lot. And Comfort Zone products can help. These products are designed to help address your kitty’s “e-meow-tional” health, which is just as important as his physical health. Comfort Zone calming products mimic your cat’s natural pheromones, communicating to him that an environment is safe and he can relax.

Cats Do However Sleep Deeply And Even Dream

The remaining quarter of cats sleeping hours is spent in deep sleep, but older cats might spend as much as 30 percent or 40 percent of the time at that level. Cats in deep sleep are usually curled up with their eyes tightly closed. Sometimes, they might even have their tail over their face, like a fluffy sleep mask. Deep sleep is critical for the bodys ability to regenerate itself and stay healthy. Its also the time when your cat dreams. If youve seen your cats whiskers or paws twitching while shes asleep, theres a good chance shes dreaming.

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Which Cats Have Nightmares

Any cat that dreams can have a bad dream, but owners report a much higher frequency of what they perceive as a bad dream occurring in cats with a traumatic experience in its past, like being hit by a car, getting into a bad fight, or living in a shelter. These cats have the life experience the brain can draw on to create a nightmare experience for your pet.

Some Cats Do Snore When They Sleep

How Much Do Cats Sleep During a Day?Is My Cat Sleep to Much

Cat snoring happens when the airway is obstructed by extra skin from the soft palate. This is most likely to happen when your cat is relaxed, so it wouldnt be outrageous to notice your cat sawing some tiny little logs from time to time. Snoring is more likely to occur in short-nosed or brachycephalic cat breeds such as the Persian, Himalayan;or Exotic Shorthair.

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What Happens While Cats Sleep

Similar to humans, cats cycle through different stages of sleep. Cats experience both non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement sleep.

Research shows that cats often experience a period of alertness and activity before becoming drowsy and then falling into NREM sleep. During this NREM stage, your cat may be lightly asleep and ready to awake at a moments notice. After NREM sleep, the cat may become alert again and cycle through alertness, drowsiness, and NREM sleep a few times.

Eventually in the cycle, cats transition from NREM to REM sleep. During REM sleep, the eyes move behind closed eyelids. In cats, the eyes can move both horizontally and vertically. You have probably seen your cat experience REM sleep. When cats are in REM sleep, they can twitch or go limp with a loss of muscle tone.

Also, during REM sleep, cats may dream. In humans, dreams most frequently occur during REM sleep. The eye movements made during REM may be linked to dreaming. Researchers have observed cats appearing to act out their dreams while in REM sleep.

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Sleeping Too Much

How long do cats sleep? How do I know whats normal?

Cats have 2 sleep modes: deep sleep and dozing.

When your cat is dozing, its usually a light sleep. Their eyes are closed, but their ears are moving in relation to any noises around them. They may open their eyes briefly to assess the situation, but theyre not awake as such.

In a doze, your cats paws are likely tucked in, or theyre in a position from which its easy to spring into action. This sort of sleep can last 15 to 30 minutes and makes up most of your cats days.

Deep sleep is a much shorter cycle of sleep. Because cats in the wild need to be alert to avoid threats, the deep sleep cycle only lasts around 5 minutes. At this time your cat is most vulnerable, so try not to startle them.

You can spot when your cat is in a deep sleep by the fully relaxed body position, dreaming, paw twitches, and occasional snores. Common positions in deep sleep resemble advanced yoga poses and look incredibly uncomfortable.

These two sleep states will cycle repeatedly for as long as the cat feels they need to sleep. Usually, a good few hours at a time.

Some cat breeds are notoriously sleepier than others. For example, Maine Coons, Persians, Ragdolls, and Russian Blues are all known for being so chilled out they frequently nod off altogether.

But breed alone wont tell you how much sleep is normal for your cat. This is something youll need to observe over time, and should this change drastically or suddenly, you can intervene.

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Myth: Cats Sleep So Much Because They Are Lazy

Cats are not lazy you can probably tell this if youve ever seen your cat get the scent of prey, like a small mouse in the house, for instance. Cats are some of natures most efficient hunters, and part of that efficiency plan is to lie dormant most of the time when they are not hunting.

Also, it may interest you to know that cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are neither diurnal nor nocturnal, but are at their most active in the twilight times in between. That means that about half the time your cats are at their most energetic, you are sleeping that is, if they let you.

If Youve Witnessed Your Kitten Have A Shut Eye More Frequently Than Not Youve Naturally Got Some Questions About Your Cats Sleeping Patterns Find Out How Much Sleep Our Dear Feline Friends Need To Feel Refreshed And Ready To Play With Their Favourite Owner

How Much Do Cats Sleep Per Day? ð?± – Kittens, Adults and Seniors

A cats sleeping habits can easily puzzle anyone less familiar with the feline lifestyle. For the best part of the day, a cat will act like the retired elderly on a well-deserved holiday, constantly on an all-day snoozing diet. If your cats always-off mode makes you feel like the worlds most boring housemate, youll be happy to know this is not personal. Cats sleep a lot, naturally.

If youve been wondering how long do cats sleep? and why do cats sleep so much?, we unpacked some of the amazing facts surrounding their siesta habits to help you better understand your kittys unconventional take on sleeping schedules.

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How Many Hours A Day Do Kittens Sleep

If you have a litter of newborn kittens at home you will defiantly notice that they spend most of their time sleeping. Its also normal that this may cause worry for any new kitten owner. However, as long as these kittens wake up to eat and be cleaned by their mother, there is no need to worry.

During a kittens first days of life and until around week 4 or 5, kittens sleep around 90% of the day. This translates into 20 hours of sleep per day. But is all this sleeping time for kittens necessary? Yes! Because while kittens are sleeping, the hormones which stimulate their growth is released. This amount of sleep ensures that a kitten fully develops in the stipulated period of time.

Although kittens sleep a lot, they do not remain completely inactive. It is not uncommon to notice that when your kitten is in a deep sleep that they will move their paws or that their bodies will shake. These movements correspond to the exercise necessary for the correct development of a kitten.

As of the fifth week, kittens drastically reduce their sleeping hours down to roughly 65% of their time. You will notice that the left over 45% of this time will be dedicated to playing and feeding. If your kitten is however struggling to sleep, we recommend taking a look at our article on; How To Help A Kitten Get To Sleep.

What Are A Cats Sleep Phases

As already mentioned, a cat’s sleep phase is divided into a series of naps and stages of deep sleep. The naps are usually quick, where a cat remains relaxed but at the same time alert to what is happening externally. If a cat remains in this sleep stage long enough to feel safe, the cat will eventually enter REM sleep or deep sleep. When a cat is in deep sleep, you may notice it shaking or moving while asleep. This movement also tells us when cats are dreaming and that they can, in fact, dream. When cats dream and are in the REM sleep phase, they can also perceive external stimuli and react to as if they were awake .

So, in conclusion, the long hours a cat spends sleeping are completely normal and needed. The only time we would suggest being slightly concerned would be if your cat sleeps more than these average hours. In addition, if your cat does not get up to drink, eat, play or urinate during their sleep phases, take caution and consult a veterinarian. For more, have a look at our article; Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

If you found this article about cat sleeping interesting, take a look at our YouTube video; Why does my cat sleep with me?

If you want to read similar articles to How Many Hours A Day Do Cats Sleep?, we recommend you visit our Facts about the animal kingdom category.

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Can Cats Have Nightmares

When you own a cat, you get plenty of time to watch them sleep as they can spend 1216 hours per day catching up on their rest. You will also see them shaking and twitching as they sleep, and their eyes will move back and forth quickly like humans sometimes do when they are sleeping. Many owners believe that this is a sign they are dreaming, and they often ask if a cat can also have nightmares. The answer is that, since we know cats dream, we can assume that they also have occasional bad dreams, or nightmares. Keep reading while we look at the scientific facts and discuss how you can help your cat recover from a bad dream when it happens.

How Much Sleep Do Cats Need

How Much Do Cats Sleep During a Day?Is My Cat Sleep to Much

Now, there isnt a reliable number that you can put on the amount of sleep that cats need. As it is with people this is entirely individual. Cats that tend to live indoors and have little to no contact with the outdoors are significantly less active. Therefore, the amount of time theyd need to rest would be a lot less. In reality, though, these little furry friends do sleep because they are bored, which doesnt mean that they need it.

On the other hand, we have street cats who are making an effort to put dinner on the table. They have to hunt or find different food sources. Hence, they use up a lot more energy. During their sleep cycle, they replenish this energy. To put it in simpler terms the more active the feline is, the more sleep it would need to recover. However, its estimated that felines tend to sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day, even though there are some domestic pets which would rest as much as twenty hours out of the twenty-four throughout the entire day.

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How To Keep Your Cat Out Of Babys Crib

As many parents of felines and humans discover, cats find enclosed spaces like bassinets and cribs great for napping and just hanging out . It can also be confusing if babys room is a place where your cat was once welcome to spend time napping and playing.

Cats should be kept away from the crib for a couple of reasons.

The number one reason is that cats love warmth, so they may want to lie on the infant, which can block babys breathing.

The other has to do with any stress your cat experiences with big changes at home, like bringing home a new baby. A common feline response to stress is going to the bathroom in places they shouldnt, and that can mean the mattress of the crib or bassinet.

Ideally, you can set up the crib before baby comes home, and work on training your cat to stay out of the crib:

  • Place sheets of aluminum foil on the mattress. The noise startles some cats when they jump.
  • Apply strips of double stick tape to the bare mattress. Cats dislike the sticky sensation on their paws.
  • Simply remove kitty from the crib with a firm no. Redirect her to a permitted space.

When baby arrives, keep the nursery door closed, just to be safe.

Your Cat Might Be Sick Or Uncomfortable

Cats hide and are less active when they are sick or not feeling well. If your cat is spending most of this time under the bed or high up in the cat tree, he may be in pain or uncomfortable.

If your cat is overweight, he may not be able to move around very much and may rest because it’s painful to move. Obesity in cats is a serious problem that can lead to pain when moving or endocrine diseases that require lifelong treatment. If you can’t easily feel your cat’s ribs, make an appointment with your primary care veterinarian to have his overall health assessed.

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How Long Do Cats Sleep

Cats sleep on average 15 hours a day, with some sleepy kitties getting in up to 20 hours of shut-eye each day.

There are a few factors influencing how long a cat sleeps, age being one of the most important ones. Kittens will sleep most of the day, but as soon as they turn into teenagers youll notice a change in their sleeping patterns as they become more and more active. Senior cats tend to slow down their activity levels and turn in earlier, snooze more often and for longer periods of time than an adult cat.

You will also notice your cat dozing off longer than usual when the weather doesnt allow for proper outdoor exploration. When its cold or raining, your cat will likely try to add even more hours to their already impressive sleeping record.

Cats Sometimes Sleep More When They’re Sick

How much do cats sleep? (2020)

Cats sometimes sleep more and become lethargic in general when they’re sick. Once you get a better idea of how much sleep your cat normally needs, you’ll be able to tell if she seems to be sleeping too much. If she’s feeling ill, she might also act listless, have less energy and not play around the house like she normally does. Sick cats might eat or drink less, which can leave them feeling more tired. If you think your cat is sleeping too much, set up an appointment with your veterinarian right away.

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How Many Hours A Day Does A Cat Sleep

We know that cats spend a lot of time with their eyes closed, resting. But how much of the day is allocated to this pleasant activity? Kittens, which need to save more energy and rest while their mother searches for food, spend nearly 20 hours a day sleeping.

The amount that adult cats sleep depends on several factors which can make this time variable. It will rest somewhere between 12 and 15 hours a day. It is clear now, cats sleep a lot!

Cats Arent Always Sound Asleep

Another thing to consider when thinking, Why do cats sleep so much? is how they sleep. Of the time cats spend sleeping, about three quarters of it is what we might call snoozing. In that state, cats can get all the rest they need, but theyre still alert enough to awaken at a moments notice. You can tell when a cat is in light sleep because their ears will twitch and rotate toward noises and their eyes will be open a tiny bit. Even when theyre sitting upright, cats can slip into that dozing mode.

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Weird Things Cats Love

Everyone has behavioral quirks, and sometimes it appears that our cats have them, too. Do you find it unusual that you buy expensive cat toys;and your cat would rather play with a simple hair tie?;

Cats may be mysterious creatures, but theres usually a reason behind their behaviors or an explanation for their interests. If youre curious as to why your cat likes the weird things he does, then keep reading for insight on the motivation behind your cats fascination.

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