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What Age Can Cats Be Fixed

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Benefits Of Neutering Your Male Cat

Differences Between Neutered & Un-Neutered Cats : General Cat Health

Population Control

While male cats don’t actually have kittens themselves, one unneutered male cat in your neighborhood can make many female cats pregnant. That’s why neutering male cats is as important as spaying females when it comes to population control!

Health Issues

Neutering your male cat may help slow the spread of serious cat diseases such as Feline immunodeficiency virus and Feline leukemia virus that are often spread between cats during fights. Neutering can help to reduce cat aggression and may mean fewer injuries from fighting. Neutered males also tend to stay closer to home which helps to reduce their risk of being injured by vehicles.

Deter Undesirable Behaviors

Unneutered male cats typically spray inside the home more than neutered males and may be aggressive towards their owners. Having your male kitten neutered while young can help to prevent these behaviors from starting. Also, male cats who are not neutered, frequently roam over large areas in search of unspayed females to mate with. These males will spray to mark their territory and often fight with other male cats which can be bothersome, noisy, and smelly.

What Age Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

Spaying or neutering your pet is one of the cornerstones of pet ownership in the United States. ASPCA statistics place the U.S. pet cat population at anywhere between 74 and 96 million and there may be as many as 70 million strays fending for themselves. Unfortunately, the ASPCA also estimates that 41 percent of cats who enter shelters cannot find a home and end up being euthanized. Breeders, shelters and rescue groups team up with vets and their staff to stem the tide of cat overpopulation but its bound to be a continuing battle for the foreseeable future.

If you find yourself with a new kitten in your household, spaying or neutering is something youll need to be thinking about soon. But at what age is it appropriate to spay or neuter a cat? More importantly, why should you consider having the procedure done at all?

What Is Cat Neutering

Neutering means surgically preventing cats from reproducing. In males, the operation is called castration and in females its called spaying.

With castration both testicles are removed which takes away the main source of the male hormone testosterone. With spaying, both the ovaries and the uterus are removed which means the female is unable to become pregnant.

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What Happens After The Surgery

Some people worry that their cats personality will change. This isnt true but you might see a fall in certain behaviour roaming, mounting, fighting or spraying urine.

People also worry that their pet will get fat. Neutered animals might have slightly lower food requirements so you just need to feed them a little less.

How Old Can A Cat Get Fixed

Spay it Forward for World Spay Day and Share the Facts on Cats, Kittens ...

While most veterinarians recommend spaying a cat between six and seven months of age, intact, mature cats can still be safely spayed. Cats can be spayed at any age, even as old as their late teens. Your veterinarian may recommend checking their bloodwork and an ECG to make sure theyre healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.

Not only can spaying an adult cat be done safely, but spaying your mature cat can help reduce the risks of them developing certain types of cancer and uterine infections.

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The Healing Process After A Spay Or Neuter In Older Cats

According to Dr. Satchu, older cats may take longer to heal from any procedure especially with a spay since its more invasive. Generally, older cats also have weaker immune systems so they may be slightly more predisposed to infection after surgery, Dr. Satchu said.

This means youll want to keep an extra eye on your cat after surgery and make sure to check in with your vet to make sure shes healing properly.

In summary, as long as your vet clears your cat for a spay or neuter , dont let age hold you back, Dr. Satchu said.

How To Tell If A Cat Is Spayed

If youve adopted a cat without any veterinary recordsor if a stray cat has adopted you!you might be wondering if your cat is already spayed. The best way to find out is to make an appointment with your veterinarian. They will examine your cat for a spay scar or tattoo some spay-and-release programs will notch the ears of cats that have been sterilized. However, ear notches are not always a guarantee that a cat has been spayed, as injuries in the wild can also remove the tip of a cats ear. There is also a blood test called an Anti-Müllerian Hormone Assay which is very effective in determining whether a cat is spayed or still intact.

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Ramifications Of Cat Declawing

The biggest consequence of cat declawing is chronic pain. Cats are very good at hiding signs of pain and discomfort, so they can be uncomfortable for many years without you knowing, Dr. Richardson explains. Its important to monitor mobility for changes in gait or obvious signs of discomfort, as declawed cats may be more prone to degenerative joint disease and arthritis as they age, due to the change in the way they must bear weight on the paws after this procedure.

When Should You Have Your Cat Fixed

When Should You Neuter a Cat and Why: the risks and benefits

Each pet is unique and your vet will be able to offer advice on when you should have your cat spayed or neutered. However, we typically recommend spaying or neutering kittens at around five to six months old. Adult cats can also be spayed or neutered.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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How Will My Kittens Diet Change

After neutering, your kittens nutritional needs change. Its energy requirements go down by about 30%, but its appetite will increase by approximately 20-25%. As your kitten is still growing and needs energy to develop healthy muscles and body mass, its important to give it a food which covers its adjusted nutritional requirements. A food designed for sterilised cats may be a good option. Consult with your veterinarian for a nutritional recommendation.

What Are The Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Cat

Now that you have a better idea about when your cat should be sterilized, its important to highlight the benefits of the procedure. While you may want your kitten to one day experience the joys of motherhood or are afraid your male cat may feel less masculine if hes neutered, the spay/neuter surgery provides several health and behavioral benefits that can help your kitten live a longer and healthier life.

Female cats that are spayed before their first heat, for example, have a reduced risk for malignant mammary tumors later in life, which is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in cats 10 years of age and older. t also reduces the risk of your cat developing infections of the uterus and cancers of their reproductive organs. Additionally, it removes the possibility of complications that can occur with pregnancy and birthing. Spaying female cats also prevents heat cycles, which can last several months, and eliminates yowling, crying, and other erratic behavior associated with heat cycles in cats.

For male cats, the benefits of neutering are mainly behavioral. However, the procedure does eliminate the possibility of testicular cancer and other prostate problems later in life. Neutering your male cat will reduce his inappropriate behaviors , marking inside your home, and fighting with other males.

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What Alternatives To Cat Declawing Are Possible

Cat declawing has become a sensitive issue that divides the pet-owning population. Fortunately, if you dont think cat declawing is the right fit for your pet, there are many other alternatives that correct problem behaviors that are occurring although, effectiveness may depend on the overall temperament and age of the cat. If pet owners are unsure about pursuing a declawing procedure, trying some of these alternatives first can help determine the appropriate path to take.

What Is The Difference Between Spaying And Neutering

How Much Is It To Get A Cat Neutered Male

When we discuss getting a companion animal ‘fixed’, we are using a blanket term that refers to both the spaying of femal animals and the neutering of male animals.

Spaying Female Cats

When we spay a cat, the uterus and ovaries, or occasionally just the ovaries, of the female cat are surgically removed.

After the spaying procedure has been done, she will not be able to have kittens.

Neutering Male Cats

Neutering involves removing the male cat’s testicles.

When your male cat is neutered, he will be unable to father kittens.

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How Can I Arrange To Spay Or Neuter My Cat

To get your cat spayed or neutered, make an appointment with your local veterinarian. Most vets require at least one pre-op appointment before the big day. Dont feed your cat the night before the procedure, but do give her water. On the morning of the operation, remove the water, too.

Spaying and neutering doesnt usually involve an overnight stay. Most of the time, youll drop your cat off with the vet in the morning, and youll pick her back up again in the afternoon. Then its home for a little TLC.

Best Age To Neuter A Cat: Everything You Need To Know

Neutering or spaying your kitten can help solve a lot of behavioral issues in cats. These can include territoriality and aggression. Feline sterilization can also help curb the incidence of disease while controlling the population of cats. Though there are a growing number of cat parents who recognize the need for neutering their pets, one question remains. At what age should they have their kittens or cats neutered or spayed?

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How Can Pet Insurance Help

Remember that while spaying and neutering can help reduce the risk of certain illnesses and diseases, the unexpected can always happen. Pumpkin pet insurance plans can help protect your new cat from eligible illnesses and accidents by covering treatments and future vet bills. Fetch your free quote!

Fetch your free quote!

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What Age To Spay/neuter Your Cat And What You Need To Know

The Truth About Spaying and Neutering Cats: A Complete Guide

In a veterinary, there is probably no more common surgery than spaying a female cat or neutering a male.

For many feline parents it is relatively easy to understand the need and relevance of this procedure, but for others spaying or neutering their cats may still be cause for much doubt and concern.

Is this your case? Dont worry, we can explain everything here are all the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

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When To Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

There is debate among veterinarians about the time to spay/neuter your cat, says Dr. Adam Denish of Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital in Elkins Park, PA. There are three general options: Early or pediatric spay/neuter is done at six to eight weeks of age. Standard spay and neuter at five to six months. Finally, waiting until after the first heat, somewhere between eight to twelve months of age, he says.

As a vet who has done thousands of spays and neuters, I still perform them at five months of age. The pets are a good size, the owners have already trained and accepted them, and the anesthesia and surgery are usually safe, says Dr. Denish. The concerns over early spay/neuter are mostly due to the prevailing opinion that new owners may not do the procedure, and the pet is free to breed. The additional offspring contributes to the overpopulation of cats in the wild, as well as the burden of euthanizing unwanted and ill cats at shelters.

Whatever the age of your cat when theyre spayed or neutered, there are definite health benefits for cats of either sex to have the procedure.

What Is The Best Age To Spay/neuter My Cat

Cats can be spayed or neutered beginning at four months of age. However early it may seem, it is important that it happens before sexual maturity, which occurs on average when they are six months old. Thus, the current recommendation is that the surgery should be done by five months of age.

When cats reach puberty and start producing sex hormones, typical manifestations of sexual behavior occur. These include heat in female cats and territorial marking of toms . When this occurs, breeding becomes almost impossible to avoid, especially for cats with outdoor access. Even if your cat is in a single-cat household with no outdoor access, the unwelcome and often noisy behavior associated with reproduction is mentioned by cat parents as a powerful trigger in the decision to spay/neuter their cats.

Ensuring that the surgery is done at the ideal time will prevent these cats from breeding, as well as ensuring theyve had time to grow up and will most likely have a faster recovery.

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Dark Patches Of Fur In Siamese And Related Breeds

The skin temperature is important in determining the hair colour of some cats . This means that when a patch of hair is shaved the new hair may grow back a darker colour. However, this is only temporary and, as further hair growth occurs, the dark hairs are replaced by normal lighter coloured hairs.

Best Age To Neuter A Kitten

What is Early Spay/Neuter in Cats?

On the average, kittens reach sexual maturity around 6 to 9 months of age. This means they are now fully-capable of reproduction. Since one of the inherent aims of neutering is to induce infertility or sterility in the cat, neutering should be done before the kitten achieves full sexual maturity. Thus, the best age for a kitten to get neutered or spayed is before it reaches the age of 6 months.

Unfortunately, no two kittens will have the same exact growth rate. Some kittens can reach their reproductive maturity by around 4 months of age, while others may become sexually mature only upon reaching 12 months of age.

Given the variability of feline growth rates, veterinarians now recommend pediatric neutering. This allows veterinarians to perform the surgical procedure in kittens that are as young as 6 weeks. There are people who object to such recommendations, of course. They say that it exposes the young kitten to needless harm. Early neutering can also lead to several developmental problems.

In 2017, the American Association of Feline Practitioners endorsed neutering kittens at 5 months of age. This was the recommendation of the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization and released through the North American Veterinary Community Conference, also in 2017.

There is another criterion for the surgery, however. The kitten should weigh not less than 2.2 lbs at the time of the surgery. If these two criteria are met, then the kitten is safe for early neutering.

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I Have A Female And Male Cat What Should I Do To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies

If you have an unneutered male and female in the same household, have them neutered as soon as they reach 4 months old. If this isnt possible, and your female cat comes on heat, its essential to keep your cats apart at all times to stop them from mating. Please remember that related cats will mate, including brothers, sisters, fathers and daughters.

Reduces Risk Of Certain Diseases

Spaying a female cat can help reduce the risk of pyometra and tumors of the mammary glands. Neutering male cats can help prevent the spread of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia Virus. Male cat sterilization lessens their predisposition to go into a fight with other cats. This helps them stay protected against these viruses.

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When Should You Get Your Cat Fixed

Every pet is unique and your vet will be able to advise you on when you should get your cat spayed or neutered. However, typically kittens can be spayed or neutered at about four months old. Adult cats can also be spayed or neutered.

To find out more about getting your kitten spayed or neutered, contact our Hoquiam veterinary clinic today for more information or to book an appointment.


Benefits Of Spaying Your Female Cat

Why Kittens Should Be Spayed at 4 Months : Pet Tips

Population Control

Your tiny little kitten may actually be mature enough to have kittens of her own before she is even six months old. By spaying your female cat before she is mature enough to have kittens, you help to reduce the population of unwanted cats in your neighborhood.

Not only that, female cats can have as many as four litters a year. When we consider that the average litter can range in size from two kittens to as many as ten kittens, that is a staggering number of unwanted cats.

Animal Health

Spaying your kitten before she has her first heat can help to reduce her risk of pyometra as well as mammary tumors. It’s also important to note that female cats carrying infectious diseases can pass serious conditions on to their kittens who go on to spread the disease even further. Pregnancy and the birth process can be risky for young cats, and costly to their owners.

Save Wildlife

It is estimated that cats in the USA kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds each year. Keeping the numbers of homeless cats to a minimum can help to save the lives of countless birds and other wildlife.

Deter Nuisance Behaviors

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