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How To Know What Breed Your Cat Is

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Is Your Cat A Pure Breed

How to Tell the BREED of Your CAT

Illustration: The Spruce / Evan Polenghi

Most cat breed standards allow for several different eye and fur color or coat patterns within the physical appearance descriptions. This can make it difficult if you are trying to determine what kind of cat you have by reading what colors and patterns each breed of cat can come in. Just because you have a black cat with golden eyes does not mean you have a Bombay, nor does your large longhair tabby automatically become a Maine Coon since you read Maine Coons can come in that pattern. Domestic house cats can also come in almost every color and pattern with varying lengths of fur and are referred to simply as mixed breed cats.

Genetic Testing To Find Out Your Cat’s Breed

What breed is my cat? is a question that vets hear all the time. The only way to be positive if the cats ancestry & genetics is unknown is to have a DNA test done. Now, before you start wondering how youre going to pin kitty down for a cheek swab, relax.

Get your hands on one of the DNA testing kits from Base Paws and find out what the test needs for the cat breed they also test for dog breeds. Now you can search if it is a Norwegian forest cat, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, Linx, Torties, Bengal, British short-hair cat, Abyssinian or something else. Typically it will be a toss-up between cutting some fur off or taking a cheek swab. You can choose which method is best for your kitten or kitty.

Once you have the sample kit from the vet, place it in the receptacle provided, and then mail it back. Youll have an answer to determine what cat species your kitty is within a couple of weeks or so. That will then settle once and for all the question of your cats ancestry.

If It Walks Like A Maine Coon

“Purebred” is sort of a lazy lay term used by those of us outside the cat fancy to describe a cat of a given breed. More commonly, however, people will subscribe to the “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a duck” theory. A very common example is the Maine Coon cat, with its distinctive ear tufts, ruff, a bushy tail, and a sweet voice. I’ve received many photos over the years for my Maine Coon gallery, of beautiful Maine Coon look-alikes. Then, upon reading the story behind the cat, we find that the cat was adopted from a shelter, or found wandering on the street. It rightfully could be claimed as a Maine Coon mix since it lacks the necessary documentation for a full-fledged Maine Coon. The first two photos illustrating this article show a registered, pedigreed Maine Coon, and my Billy, a possible Maine Coon mix, but more properly known as a DLH .

The same goes for the American Shorthair breed, which, like the Maine Coon, is indigenous to North America. Virtually every DSH tabby cat could be called an “American Shorthair,” were it not for that important document. I’m sure ASH breeders could readily tell the difference, but most of us laypeople could not.

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Food & Diet Requirements

LaPerm cats require no additional care or attention to their diet than you would give any other breed of cat. This means a diet focused around high-quality dry cat food, in moderate portion sizes. Younger and more active cats will need more food, while older and sedentary cats can be fed less without issue.

The First Nebelungs Were Named After Characters In An Opera

You Got Your score is 4/10

Richard Wagners epic drama was a favorite of Cora Cobb of Denver, Colorado the woman responsible for starting this entire breed. When a semi-wild cat named Elsa gave birth to a fuzzy blue kitten, Cora named him Sigfried after the hero in The Ring of the Nibelung. Later, a relative of this cat named Brunhilde would pair with Sigfried to produce the first full litter of Nebelungs.

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Cats Race And Know Breed

Another of the most popular cat breeds is the Turkish Angora some what similar to bengal cat breeders. A race that is defined by its medium size and its thin, muscular and elongated body. Its head is triangular and small. It has a slightly rounded chin and snout. The ears are pointed tall, large and with tufts. Their eyes are slightly almond and oblique and can be of different colors. Its neck is thin and stylized. Its legs are elegant and slender. The previous ones are somewhat longer than the later ones. They have strands of hair between their fingers. Its fur is fine, silky and longer on the neck, the back of the thighs and the belly. It has a long tail and looks like a feather. Although there are more than 20 color variants the most common is white.

How Can I Tell If A Cat For Sale Is Really Purebred Or Not

If its important to you that the cat you purchase is purebred, you must purchase your cat through a registered breeder. This will ensure that your cats history and living conditions are up to par.

Registered breeders are also more likely to sell kittens that are neutered/spayed, microchipped, treated for parasites, and have received their first round of vaccinations.

The breeder should provide you with registration paperwork so that you can register your kitten with an official purebred cat organization. This registration paperwork is often referred to as a blue slip. Youll also need to submit the cats pedigree, which will state the names and breed of the cats parents, as well as indicate whether or not the cat was sold to be bred. If you plan on registering your cat so that you can show him or her, its important that you keep track of every single piece of paperwork involved in the sale everything from bills to vet records to credit card slips!

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Choosing The Best Food For American Shorthair Cats

Because American Shorthairs are generally healthy, a complete and balanced cat food should be sufficient for their needs. If your American puts on weight due to inactivity, however, you may want to consider a healthy weight formula like Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Weight Management Formula or Purina ONE Healthy Metabolism, and if she regularly develops hairballs, consider a specially formulated cat food to help control them, such as Purina Pro Plan Focus Hairball Management Chicken & Rice Formula.

To explore other products for your American Shorthair, see our Product Selector.

Breeds That Might Resemble Your Cat

How to Know Which Small Cat Breed is Right for You

Siamese Cats A cat with this breed, both traditional and modern, has blue eyes, short hair, and a colorpoint coat pattern. Modern Siamese cats show an elongated head as well as unique svelte bodies

Himalayan Cats This cat breed is also called as Himmies. It has a similar build and length of the coat as Persian cats, but the difference is that they have a pointed color pattern.

Russian Blue Cats This cat breed is popular for its bluish-gray short coat with its bright green eyes. While there are other blue cat breeds like Chartreux and Korat, Russian Blues are more popular.

Maine Coon Cats Maine Coon cats have long, silky, and dense coat. They are exceptionally huge and there are times that the tips of their ears have tufts. They may also come in different coat pattern and color, but not for colorpoints.

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The Domestic History Of Cat Breeds

It turns out that most cat breeds are less than 100 years old far from ancient royalty. Other than hybrids between house cats and wild cats, all cat breeds have domestic origins. Out of the hundreds of millions of cats on Earth, most of them do not have any purebred ancestors because purebred cats are a human invention.

Cat breeds are created when humans take cats with specific traits and choose their breeding partners to create more cats with those same traits. Sometimes the chosen cats are representative of their local domestic population, like the British Shorthair with its short, thick coat adapted to the local climate. Other times the founder cat has a spontaneous genetic mutation, like the hairless mutation in Sphynx or the tailless mutation of Manx. Breeds can also be created by crossing different breeds or even different feline species to create a hybrid.

What Breed Mix Is My Cat

Just as people enjoy finding out their ancestry, many pet parents are also curious to discover their cats breed history . Chances are, when you adopt your mixed cat, the rescue or shelter you are adopting from will have an assumption as to the breeds in your cats history, but this is not always the case. If you are looking for a more definitive answer, you do have other options that you can explore.

One option is to be your own detective. Find and gather your clues and information, and with a little help from the internet, you will be able to come to your own conclusion. Figuring out your cats breed can be a fun and entertaining activity. First, you can examine your cats overall appearance and see if you initially notice any resemblance to other cat breeds you may know. Another way to go about classifying your cat is to look at many different physical characteristics and behavioral tendencies carefully.

For instance, it may be most helpful first to observe your cats coat length, color, and pattern. Other physical attributes to note are your cats eye color, the shape of their ears, nose, face, and body figure and size.

Purebred cats have much more specific characteristics and personalities , which continue from one generation to the next. This should help alleviate many cat breeds from the get-go and hopefully make your search process much easier.

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Not Just A Cat: Your Guide To Discovering Your Cats Breed

Have you ever been curious about your cats breed? If you asked your cat, he might say that he is quite unique and unlike any other feline. Only 41 pedigreed breeds are recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, however. Therefore, your cat shares some traits with other felines around the world. Just dont tell him that.

Unique And Rare Breeds: Cat Genetic And Dna Tests

How Do You Know What Breed Of Cat You Have

Basepaws provides users with a CatKitthe report looks at 32 cat breeds and 14 wild cats. You can choose to do the Ancestry Kit or the Health Kit which will offer clues on inherited diseases, conditions, and genetic mutations. In 2019, they are set to include additional information like: personality prediction, Catnip-addict likelihood, physical traits, fun facts, dietary specifications, and wellness assessments.

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Check The Cats Head And Eyes

Once you have a better understanding of your cats body and size, take a closer look at the shape of her head. The shape and color of the eyes are also good physical indicators of your kittys breed.

Does your cat have a round head, short muzzle, full cheeks, and round eyes? These traits are characteristic of Persian and Himalayan Cat. A triangular shaped head and almond-shaped eyes point to Siamese Cat.

The color of the eyes can also tell you what breed your cat is. For example, different eyes are a common trait of Turkish Van Cat. Some breeds feature distinctive eye color like the Korat Cat and the Havana Brown Cat that have green eyes.

Once you have a better understanding of your cats body and size, take a closer look at the shape of her head. The shape and color of the eyes are also good physical indicators of your kittys breed.

Does your cat have a round head, short muzzle, full cheeks, and round eyes? These traits are characteristic of Persian and Himalayan Cat. A triangular shaped head and almond-shaped eyes point to Siamese Cat.

The color of the eyes can also tell you what breed your cat is. For example, different eyes are a common trait of Turkish Van Cat. Some breeds feature distinctive eye color like the Korat Cat and the Havana Brown Cat that have green eyes.

How Long Do Cats Grow

The average domestic feline weighs around10 pounds. The males of the largest domestic cat breed, the Maine Coon, weigh around 20 pounds. Despite the urban legend there isnt a correlation between your cats paw size and its height and weight.

Bigger paws dont necessarily mean a bigger cat. The best way to determine how big your cat will grow is by its genetics. There are 19 pairs of chromosomes in cats that control everything from their hair length, coat color, and size.

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The Pattern Of Its Coat

Cats come with different coat patterns, this includes calico, tortoise, tabby, and many more. Particular combinations are unique to different breeds, yet CFA explains that the coat doesnt determine the breed of a cat. Only the breed of your cats immediate parents can be the basis.

The reason for this is that the colorpoint gene can be inherited through many generations. So, if your cat is black, it doesnt mean that it may belong to the Burmese family.

On the other hand, your cats coat can give a hint of their temperament. For example, a dark gray cat may show a particular personality from its Russian Blue ancestor such as excessive talking.

Is My Cat A Longhair Or Shorthair Cat

How to Identify Cats – Identifying Specific Breed Types

When you find yourself wondering, Which breed is my cat most like?, the first thing that you need to determine is whether your cat has long or short hair. This will help you narrow down the breeds that your cat could potentially be.

While this seems like it would be a simple question to answer, many cat owners are unsure as to whether their cat is long-haired or short-haired. There is actually no formal definition for what constitutes long in a cats coat.

Some breeds are clearly long-haired though. Persians are probably the most well-known breed that clearly has a long-haired coat.

Ragdolls are also considered long-haired

Even Maine Coons are counted among the longhaired breeds

And of course, your cat may be a domestic longhair of no particular breed

Genetically speaking, only cats that have two copies of the recessive longhair gene will be a longhaired cat. A cat that has one copy of the longhair gene and one of the shorthair gene will be shorthaired but still carry the longhair gene.

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How To Use Search Engines To Identify Breeds Of Cats

Learning to identify cat breeds can become quite laborious unless youre able to utilize the same key focal points that breeders use, in order to distinguish the cat breeds. In order to accurately identify what breed your cat is, its worth using search engines with key focus points, to help narrow down the search for the lineage of your crossbreed cats, including:

  • Coloring and patterns
  • Body type and build
  • Behavior

For example, if your cats are long-haired with a tuxedo pattern, vocal, playful cat, then its very likely that therell be some Turkish Van in their bloodline. Of course, its hard to get accurately tell for exactly every cat, what breed they may be without getting a DNA test or asking the seller, if youre buying a kitten. That said, its always nice to be able to confidently guess at their mixed breeds and brag to your friend about your newfound knowledge.

How To Tell What Breed My Cat Is

We will go over how to search for your cat’s breed on the internet. Your query will look something like this :

cat + torbie + bob tail + friendly + short legs + medium fur

Cats, in my opinion, are a little bit more challenging to identify than dog breeds. But, some traits that can help you determine what your cat is made of are:

  • behavior

There’s a lot to go over, so let’s get started.

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What Should You Feed An Applehead Siamese Cat

Applehead Siamese cats tend to be very active, so they tend to do well on high-quality cat food with a lot of protein. A good way to tell if a cat food is of high quality is if a real source of protein such as tuna, salmon, or chicken is the first ingredient. In addition to this, a good cat food will not have any meat by-products or fillers. It is important to note that indoor cats tend to need fewer calories than outdoor cats since they tend to be less active. The more active your cat is, the more calories they need. Following this rule will prevent your applehead Siamese cat from getting overweight or underweight, depending on their lifestyle and exercise habits.

See A Cat But Dont Know Its Breed

How to Determine Your Cat

Just take a quick picture or video of a cat with your Cat Scanner app you can identify a cats breed reliably in just a few seconds! Our integrated camera with Pinch To Zoom and Tap to Focus makes identifying cat breeds a walk in the park!Of course, the Cat Scanner app also supports uploading images from your gallery.

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Genetic Breed Tests For Your Cat

If you own a dog, then you know that a large part of a dogs identity is its breed. Even if you proudly own a mutt, you probably have guessed at its purebred ancestry. It might have the body shape of a Retriever, the bark of a Chihuahua and the energy of a Border Collie.

Genetic tests have become popular in recent years to provide dog owners with a breakdown of the different breeds that contribute to their dogs unique heritage. This is because most mutts contain mixtures of different dog breeds.

Unless you have papers proving your cats pedigree, then your cat probably does not have purebred ancestors. However, even if your cat does not have purebred parents, your cat shares more ancestors with some cat breeds than others. Because most cats are not actually mixes of different breeds, Basepaws developed a different type of genetic test that will be more useful to all cat owners.

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