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What To Feed A Stray Kitten Without Cat Food

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Hungry stray cats meow for food

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    What To Feed A Stray Cat Without Cat Food

    There are millions of homeless cats living in the United States alone, despite the efforts of hundreds of thousands of shelters, rescue centers, and kind-hearted folk who adopt. Chances are you will run into a straycat or two in your neighborhood as the seasons change, and as unneutered felines give birth to more kittens.

    Stray cats may come sniffing around your neighborhood, or you may find one begging for food at your door. If so, its unlikely you will have time to run to the store to stock up on cat food.

    So now youre faced with a question: What to feed a stray cat without cat food?

    In this article:

    • How to Handle Stray Cats
    • What to Feed Stray Cats
    • Donts
  • Rehoming & After Care
  • Pro Tips For Proper Kitten Care

    Kitties start weaning at a month old. Until then, hell need to be bottle-fed kitten formula. In a pinch, you can use goat milk but only for a short time.

    Pet supply stores and many grocery stores will have all youll need:

    • Kitten formula
    • Rubber nipples
    • Cleaning supplies

    Only bottle-feed the kitten with his belly touching the table . Experts recommend letting the kitten eat the warmed-up formula until hes full. It usually takes less than 15 minutes.

    Kittens will need help eliminating urine and feces until they are approximately a month old. After each feeding, use a warm, damp washcloth to gently rub his anus until he goes. You can introduce a litter box filled with non-clumping litter at 3 weeks old.

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    Taming / Socializing A Feral Kitten

    To tame a feral cat or kitten, you need to trap the cat, bring him indoors and keep him in a confined area like a bathroom or kennel. Don’t let the cat run loose or he will find a place to hide, and it is difficult to get him to come back out. Food is a strong motivator. Always have dry food and water available. When you want to work with the cats, bring wet food or chicken/turkey baby food. Offer it on a spoon or, if you aren’t at risk of being bitten, you might consider hand-feeding the cat. These are just starting tips. Check out this socialization guide and visit Alley Cat Allies for more information on taming feral cats. Please remember, when you tame a feral kitten you are giving her the opportunity to be adopted into a forever home! It takes work, but the reward is great. Our Kitten Caboose program transfers tame kittens to the Oregon Humane Society where they can then be adopted.

    How Long Can Stray Kittens Go Without Food

    What to Feed a Stray Cat Without Cat Food

    A stray kitten can go without food for a few days, but its important to start providing them with food and water as soon as possible.

    The most important thing is to get the kitten to a veterinarian as soon as possible for a check-up and proper diagnosis. Until then, the tips provided above will ensure that they are getting the best food possible without cat food.

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    Choosing The Best Kitten Food

    When it comes to kitten food, quality counts. Choose only food that has been certified by Association of American Feed Control Officials , which establishes nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. This means that the food has been tested to make sure it is properly balanced for your kittens growing needs. If youve adopted a kitten from a shelter, find out what the kitten was eating previously and stick with that diet to avoid stomach upset.

    To Wean Or Not To Weanwhat To Feed A Kitten At 3 Weeks Old

    Hand-rearing a motherless kitten is like caring for a fragile human newborn. Its a full-time commitment requiring caution at every step, especially while determining what they can and cannot eat. Many new kitty caretakers are confused about what to feed a kitten at three weeks old, mainly because the information on the Internet is unreliable. Various sources offer conflicting advice. Stick to kitten formula, make a gruel, or introduce solidshow can you discern what’s good for your baby cat?

    Caring for an abandoned or orphaned kitten may seem like a complicated task, but things get easier once you get the hang of feline nutrition and development stages. You should customise your kittens feeding regime based on how much theyve grown physically, which usually depends on their breed and health status. Untamed will teach you to:

    • Recognise your kittens nutritional needs
    • Evaluate all widely accepted feeding patterns and execute them in a safe manner

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    Which Situation Am I Dealing With

    A good clue is to look at the kittens’ physical appearance. If they look well-fed, then that means the mother is still caring for them. Yet, you might feel worried that perhaps she got hit by a car or had an accident because the little ones look like they skipped a meal or two. That is a legitimate worry.

    Here are some additional reasons the mother might be gone.

    • At that moment, she could be out hunting for food.
    • Feral mothers are known to move their litters around. She could be away because she’s carrying the next kitten to a new nest.
    • She could be nearby but refuse to show herself because there is a human near her young.
    • Female cats are dedicated parents but some will abandon their offspring.

    Retreat a good distance away. This will allow the mother to think that you’ve gone and she might return. However, keep an eye on the situation because if she fails to show up the babies face starvation, cold nights and undesirable characters hearing their cries. Even if they are in good condition, don’t wait hours and definitely not until the next morning.

    Why You Should Not Feed Feral Cats

    Hungry stray cat stands on both feet for food and attention

    Priorities may change, costs may get too high, or there simply are too many cats to be able to feed them all. If you stop feeding the cats, they will likely stay in the same area but be forced to expand their search for food. The large number of hungry cats can create conflicts with other cats and humans in the area.

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    Is This Cat A Stray

    Stray cats are unfortunately quite common in most places.

    According to a 2015 survey conducted by the British Veterinary Association, cat protection groups find homes for over 140,000 stray catsand those are only the ones that are reported! There are many more stray cats that remain on the streets.

    Some strays may simply be lost domesticated cats, but cats who have been without human contact for some time are usually lean and may have rough fur coats or a generally unhealthy appearance.

    Its important to remember that even though a cat may have the appearance of a stray, a cat with a collar or identification tags is someones pet. Even if a cat does not have a collar on, it may be microchipped.

    Therefore, its important that you determine whether or not a cat that shows up on your stoop isnt actually someones missing fur baby. Well talk about how to do that in the next section.

    Caring For Unsocial Mom Cats With Litters

    The first option, if the unsocial mom and litter are in a relatively safe location, is to offer outdoor shelter, water, and regular feedings until kittens are about 6-weeks. At 6-weeks its safer to remove from mom. Or, if mom has become more social with you, consider bringing the whole family inside! Urban Cat League – guide for socializing outdoor/feral kittens

    • Tiny Kittens Rescue – Compassionate Foster Care for Feral Moms. Small rooms with plenty of easily-accessible hiding options generally work better for cats that become reactive when they are scared or anxious .
    • Feral Cat Focus – Feral Cat Set-up for Long-term Fosters. Cage confinement generally works best for fearful cats that want to hide, as the smaller space gives them a sense of security. Always remember to give them a hiding space that is big enough for mom and litter to comfortably nest. Cages should be at least 42L x 28W x 30H inches. 48L x 30W x 33H inches is ideal.

    If you need further assistance, contact the shelter at 988-7387

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    How To Handle Stray Cats

    When dealing with a stray cat, youre going to make sure that it truly is a stray and not just a cat that is wandering around but spoken for. Look for tell-tale signs like collars and tags. Strays tend to have more scars and bruises. Another indicator is that they are almost never spayed/neutered.

    Its not always foolproof, however, as cats are increasingly being microchipped under the skin and might not have any identifiable information that you can see. Either way, even an owned cat can get lost from time to time, and may still require your assistance.

    There are many best practices when taking care of a stray cat. You should always make sure that you handle it cautiously and tend to any needs. The first and foremost of which will probably be food.

    What To Feed Stray Cats Safe Foods & More

    What to Feed a Stray Cat Without Cat Food

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    Stray cats inhabit virtually every community. Some can be feral or unsocialized others can be very friendly but live outside for whatever reason. Regardless of the circumstances that caused the cat to be unhoused, those cats still need to be fed. So, what should you feed stray cats?

    Stray cats should be fed a healthy diet of cat food high in protein and have access to fresh water. If a stray cat does not have these things, they will forage until they find them.

    Stray cats left to their own devices to find food can kill birds, rodents, or other small animals to make sure they dont go hungry. Their hunting behavior can cause disruptions in their communities. These cats will search for and kill for their meals, wreaking havoc on communities and ecosystems.

    Interested in checking out the best litter boxes for cats? You can find them by clicking here#ad

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    What Steps Should A Person Take If They Start Feeding Stray Cats

    Before you start feeding stray cats in your community, ask yourself if you have the finances to commit to this project. There is a very good chance that you will be doing this by yourself without any financial help from your neighbors.

    Also, ask yourself if you will stick with this for the long term. Stray cats learn the routine quickly. It is cruel to start doing this and then stop. Another essential first step is to check to see what local ordinances prohibit the feeding of stray cats. There are many localities across the country that forbid this practice. The fines for breaking this can be significant.

    If you live in one of those areas that doesnt permit you to feed your local strays, contact your local shelter or rescue groups. They may be able to help you find a suitable place for relocation. These places are far and few in between, so try to speak with your town about the benefits that community cats offer the area and what will happen when they are left to their own devices to find food.

    What To Feed A Stray Cat & How To Help Them

    Have you been followed around by astray cat and wondered whether theres something you can do to help the poorthing?

    Stray cats are often lost or abandonedcats that have been domesticated at some point in their lives. As opposed toferal or roaming cats that are born, bred, and raised in the streets, a straywould be much more comfortable in the presence of people. You can of coursehelp a stray cat by feeding it first. Later on, you can make an effort to findits owner if its lost, or helping it find a new home.

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    For Kittens Twelve Weeks To Six Months Old

    Kittens 12 weeks to 6 months old who are not social and become extremely frightened and/or aggression when handled by people may be difficult to catch without a live-release trap, and have passed an important window when they can be easily and effectively socialized. The best thing to do is consider Trap, Neuter / Spay, and Return them to where they were found.

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    Best Dry Cat Food Brands To Buy For Your Cat Cat Food

    We gave this hungry white stray cat some dry food to eat

    Although some cats can eat rice or cheese without any problem, not all cats accept this introduction of new foods to their diets. As for food, i used to feed my feral cats 1/2 can in the morning and another 1/2 can in the afternoon.

    20 toxic and poisonous plants for cats cat plants. 4 to 5 weeks old usually weighing between 12 ounces to 1 pound.

    879a8118jpg 9641350 cat perch indoor cat cats. A mash of boiled vegetables.

    American journey turkey chicken recipe grainfree dry. A two week old kitten has not been weaned yet.

    Can cats manage without their teeth cat guides cats. Although some cat foods are labeled as appropriate for.

    Can cats eat that foods cats can eat what cats can eat. Although some cats can eat rice or cheese without any problem, not all cats accept this introduction of new foods to their.

    Cat nutrition cat care cat diet. As for food, i used to feed my feral cats 1/2 can in the morning and another 1/2 can in the afternoon.

    Cats eating cats health cat care feral cats. By the end of week 5, a kitten should only be nursing three times a day but at each meal it should be consuming about.

    Charlie chaplin animal quotes animal quotes dogs dog. By the time they are 4 week old, then they would already eat gruel as their primary food.

    . Cats can eat certain vegetables and grains.

    . Cooked carrots, green beans, peas, asparagus, and broccoli are okay to.

    Feral cats feral cats cat feeding station cats outside. Eight weeks weigh around 1 ½ to 2 pounds on average.

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    Just Before You Feed A Stray Kitten

    Its important that you determine the age of a stray cat before feeding it.

    Besides making sure that its rapidly growing and developing body will be properly nourished, you should also see to it that the stray kitten wont experience an upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea due to giving it food thats not appropriate for it.

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    Wait For The Mother Cat To Return

    You want to help, and your first impulse may be to swoop up the tiny kittens and bring them straight to a shelter. However, a mother cat will periodically leave her nest to hunt for food.

    If you see young kittens without their mother, it is likely she will return. The mother should return to the nest within a few hours- if you watch quietly from a distance .


    • Sprinkle flour or baby powder around the nest to see the paw prints of a mother cat who may be coming and going from her kittens. Check it throughout the day.
    • Dont put food by the kittens: Do NOT place food near the kittens to lure mom. Mom almost always purposely hides her litter away from food sources as she knows that food will attract other cats and even bigger predators!
    • If the kittens appear healthy and comfortable, you can safely wait 4-6 hours for a mom to return if the kittens are six weeks and under.

    Assess the kittens apparent health

    While you are observing from a safe distance, pay attention to the kittens appearance and their surroundings. If the kittens appear healthy, and in a relatively safe location, they can survive without mom longer than if they are sickly, and in the middle of a muddy yard.

    • Does their fur look healthy, full and fluffy? OR Are they dirty? Sickly? Eyes crusty?
    • Are they sleeping quietly? In a heap? OR Are they crying? Squalling?
    • Are they dry? OR Are they wet/soaked?

    Assess the environment

    Are the kittens in IMMEDIATE danger from:

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