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Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

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Your Cat Needs Better Socialization

Why does my cat run away from me?

If your cat came from a shelter or you took them in off the streets as a stray, then they may not be used to spending much time with nice humans. If your cat hasnt yet learned the joys of toys, scratches, and cuddles, then theyre going to need time to come out of their shell.

Solution: The best way to solve this issue is simply going to be time, patience, and a few treats! Spending quality time with your new cat but not expecting them to interact with you if they dont want to will be the key to building their confidence.

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me When I Try To Pet Her

There are a few reasons that your cat may be running away from you when you try to pet her.

One of these reasons is that she may be afraid of your hand being near her face. A second reason could be that your cat is not yet used to you and the motions of petting her.

If these are the reasons, you need to increase the length of time you spend with your cat and show her more love. When your cat sees a hand near her face, she may be mistaking it as a predator attempting to attack or eat her.

This can lead to an automatic fear response from your cat when she sees both hands near her head.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away

Your cat may follow you then runaway because it might not trust fully yet, could be trying to play, or might be hiding an illness. If this is a new behavior, pay attention to any changes like new smells in the house or changes in your behavior like if youve been gone for a day or even overnight. These can affect your relationship.

So, now you know. But, how can you tell if your cat is genuinely scared of you? And, will it be obvious if its just playing? why would a random cat follow me? Keep reading for these answers, and much more

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Your Cat Is Sick Or Wounded

You might think that your kitty has run away from home, but the truth is they might not be in a position to return. They could be just lost, or they might also be injured and too hurt to come back.

It doesnt matter in what condition you find your missing kitty, and its vital that you take them to the vet immediately. Your vet will check for any wounds, broken bones and theyll run tests to see if they have caught a virus.

Unfortunately, there are many dangers your kitty might face outside your home. They could be poisoned by a bad neighbor or hit by a car, even if you live in a secluded area. A report showed that most cats avoid busy roads, suggesting they are more likely to have accidents on quieter lanes where they are not frightened of the constant noise, movement, and exhaust fumes.

Why Does My Cat Run From Me What It Means

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

Cats are fascinating creatures, full of witty and playful quirks. Ive noticed more than anything with my cat that it likes to run from me anytime I get near it. At first, I thought it might be playful, but sometimes my cat looks scared. So this made me question, why does my cat run from me?

Cats run from you when you invade their space. Cats also run from you when they are anxious, nervous, or scared. Sometimes the running can be playful, but in most cases, it signifies your cat is bothered by your presence.

In this article, well share some insights on why cats run from you and what you can do as a pet owner to help keep them calm and comfortable. Well talk about territorial aspects and how to respect your cats space.

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Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

BehaviorBehaviorBetterWithCats.net may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

I can only imagine what our kitties think when our tall and clumsy bodies move towards them. Some might be used to it by now, some might be new to it altogether and some might choose to flee.

If it was a stray cat, Im sure we wouldnt take it too personally, but if its our resident kitty giving us the cold shoulder, then we might see it as a rejection.

Before we let our pride take over, we should ask ourselves:

Why does my cat run away from me? If your cat runs away when you approach to pick or pet them, then they might feel threatened or uncomfortable. Even if your cat loves you, they may not trust you yet. Building mutual trust and accepting your cats boundaries can bring you closer- but it might take time.

If want to find out, why your cat may be giving you the cold shoulder lets dig a little deeper into some of the possible reasons.

Your Cat Wants To Have Babies

If your cat isnt neutered or spayed, then it may run away to find a mate. The mating drive is very strong in cats just ask anybody who has had a male cat that wont stop spraying, or a female cat that wont stop yowling at night.

While there are good arguments for spaying and neutering all house cats, you may not want to, and thats your personal decision. But this is one of the side effects. Your cat knows that it wont find any other cats to mate with in your home, so it will see if it can escape to find any. This effect is made all the stronger if your cat can hear another cat yowling outside, or smell a cat spraying in its yard.

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Your Cat Wants To Play

If your cat comes up to you with a playful look in their eyes and bats you with their paw before turning tail and running away, theyre trying to tell you they want to play! Some cats will want to play with you when you get home and theyve been alone all day. Others have favorite times of day that they love to race around the house with a case of the zoomies!

  • Solution: This is an easy one just play with your cat more! Make sure you have a good selection of different toys for your cat to play with, including kicker toys, wands, and toys that your cat can play with on their own when youre not home.

Youre Going To Attack Me I Dont Trust You

why does my cat run away from me !FUNNY TROLLING!

Its easy to forget that sometimes your cat doesnt understand your intentions. Just because you know that youre going to be giving them food, doesnt mean that they dont think youre going to hurt them. This was especially true for us and Beau.

When I first adopted Beau he was extremely skittish and didnt trust humans. Thats not surprising since he was a stray, but it was surprising how many times he bit me and broke the skin.

Beau wasnt a huge fan of how tall I am, and how fast I move as it made him extremely uncomfortable and if he couldnt get away fast enough he would physically attack me. The shocking part of it is, he would run away or bite me even though 30-minutes before hed be purring and cuddling me so what changed?

Well, again, sometimes cats become defensive because they arent certain what your intentions are, causing them to go back into fight or flight mode. If a cat is ever cornered or knows that they cant escape, they will turn around, growl or hiss and potentially scratch or bite.

For cats like this, youre going to want to start building trust by slowly moving towards your cat and letting them know youre not going to hurt them. It helps crouch to make yourself appear smaller if youre tall like I am. If your cat runs away from you even while youre doing this, dont worry, it may take a bit of time for your cat to start getting used to the attention youre giving them.

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How Can You Convince Your Cat Is It By Doing The Above

Very easy, simply walk up to him or her slowly and in a very nice way, then you can mix things up when you decide to go nearby. But for the next few weeks, do some intervals and make sure to do different things. Have a variety of actions so there would be no repetition. Again

  • Just go near or simply stand beside your cat.
  • Offer your cat something to sniff and walk up to your cat.
  • While your cat is sleeping or eating go up with him or her and stroke gently.

Finding your missing cat is a stressful one. But remember the reason why you put ant extra effort to do so, and that is because you love your cat much. It is very true as I have been there myself. Like humans, I have learned that cats have distinct personalities as well. So better be careful in dealing with them. Make sure, you are also aware of the different behaviors of this creature, and be able to get learned. Treating them well and just is the most important thing to do for trust to build, so that cat will not run away instead will come closer to you.

To deviate this kind of stress, dealing with an unending search of your missing cat, you need to follow all the information mentioned above. Additional suggestion is by using the animal tracker which can help you monitor your cats location, behaviors, and activities. In this way, you are well assured that your cat is in good condition and you dont need to ask the same question Why does my cat run away from me?

How To Tempt A Cat Out From Hiding

Reviewing the 5 freedoms of animal welfare will be fundamental before commencing the socialization of our cat with people. Remember that in some cases it can be a long process, you must have patience.

The goal will be to get our cat to associate people with something good and for this we give you some tips:

  • Whenever visitors arrive to your home, leave some pâté or homemade food in their trough, something that is irresistible to them.
  • If they come out of their hiding place when they approach your safety zone you can award them directly with a piece of cooked chicken, for example.
  • Check out the option of purchasing synthetic pheromones for cats, a product that secretes soothing substances, which will help them feel better. We recommend you to look for those that have scientific studies that support its effectiveness.
  • Improve the welfare of your cat by taking care of their health, feeding, playing with them and making sure they don’t feel alone. This will help improve your bond, making them feel secure when you are present.
  • Mentally stimulate your feline with intelligence toys or food-dispensing toys, through this type of activities your cat is much more predisposed to do new things and will be more adventurous.

Following these tips you will observe that your cat becomes more active and curious, so it will be easier to reinforce their positive behaviors.

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Positive Reinforcement And Reward

If your cat is living in a safe and trustworthy environment where they get tons of attention from you, but they still run away from you, then you can slowly train them from doing so.

Cats dont respond well to shouting and even a cat without a traumatic past can respond to such behavior with stress-induced behaviors. So, whatever your kitty might do remember to always use positive reinforcement.

When you come up to your kitty make sure to have some treats or catnip at hand and offer them as a reward for their approach. Be always patient and wait for your kitty to come closer to you. With time you wont need to lure them in with treats, because this process is about letting your cat know that coming close to you is a positive interaction.

Avoid looming over your kitty like some giant, but instead, come down to their level. Even when you pet them, dont simply push your hand down like a grappling hook, but squat down and let them smell your hand, and if you see them rubbing against it, then thats them giving you their consent to pet them.

How Do I Maintain A Good Relationship With My Cat

Why Does My Cat Run Away from Me?

The second solution will surely enable you as well to have a deep understanding of your role in the process of solving the issue of your cat running away from you.

After building a good trust relationship between you and your cat, it looks from the previous detailed information as if you do not have absolute control over your pet. This is not true because after building the trust bond it is high time to work out. It sounds you will be a trainee, but it is you who will be the trainer of your pet.

We will give you the steps to be a good trainer of your pet because it is important to have a balance of power in the relationship and not any of you over control or underestimate his role of power. It is important to train your cat in specific things such as not going out at night, not to pee around the house, or to avoid other cats in the area.

To start over this Working out, we introduce to you five important points:

  • It depends always on the system of traits. When your cat does a positive thing, reward it. This actually will make it understand that doing a positive thing will enable it always to have what she wants,
  • Let your cat see the trick you want it to learn by repeating it many times in front of it,
  • Make those pieces of training too way short,
  • Make them simple, funny, and manageable,
  • Do not stress out or scream in front of it because it may take a long time with you, but it is worthy after all to avoid any future conflicts.

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Do Cats Run Away Because They Treat It As A Game

Richard Parker has pointed out that cats sometimes run away as an enticement to get their owners to play.

To find out if this behavior is play-related or not, keep an eye on your cat when its taking part in this behavior. If you see in sneaking up on you, then running, this is an indicator its trying to play. Cats start stalking and pouncing as kittens.

Kittens and even some adult cats enjoy games of hiding and seek. When a cat sees you coming, it will likely run. Some cats will engage in these types of games while outside, which you will probably want to discourage.

Even though a cat playing a game with you is cute, there are times that this is not ideal. For example, you probably dont want your cat running away when called if its outside at the time. Confine these activities when your cat is indoors.

Have a few of your cats favorite toys at hand when you call it. Consider using interactive toys, such as fish poles.

Using these toys will teach your cat that they get a reward, in the form of extra fun, for coming when you call them.

Using toys as a deterrent to your cat running away can also be an excellent bonding experience. When you take the time to play with your cat, it will see you as a fun companion and look forward to what awaits when it comes to you.

Although cats are more solitary than dogs, they require attention just the same. The stronger your bond with the cat, the less bad behavior you will need to contend with when you need your cat to come.

Be Cautious When Offering Rewards

There are plenty of wonderful people that will be willing to help you find your runaway cat and thats a great advantage. But there are also some who will claim they found your kitty once they see theres money to gain.

Cat parents that are owners of rare breeds might find people calling and demanding more money or trying to scam them altogether. If youre putting up a reward on your flyer perhaps you could leave out an identifying detail of your cat so you can be sure that theyre telling the truth.

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Why Did My Cat Run Away

A cats natural curiosity is one of the primary reasons why itsometimes leaves the comforts of home. Understanding the reasons why cats runaway can help you prevent it from happening again in the future. House cats runaway for reasons such as:

· Searchingfor a mate. This is especially true for male cats, which have a highertendency to wander off in search for a female in heat.

· Chasingsmall animals. Cats have a strong prey drive and some of them just couldntresist the thrill of the chase. Your cat may have left home chasing after mice,a squirrel, or other prey.

· Territoryfights. Cats sometimes get displaced chasing after another cat that itconsiders breaching its territory.

· Huntingfor food. Some cats leave home to go after a food supply, it has gainedaccess to.

Why does my cat run away from me? If your cat comes and goes andthen suddenly doesnt show up for a longer time, theres also the slight chancethat something bad has happened. Cats that leave home are prone to dangers suchas:

· Predation.Yourcat may have been attacked by a larger animal.

· Injury ordeath. Cats are extremely fast and agile, but they can also get hit bycars or injured in some way if theyre outdoors in a panicked state.

· People. If yourcat has been seen wandering unsupervised, somebody may have picked him up andbrought him home or to an animal shelter. Your cat may also have been picked upby animal control.

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