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Best Cat Subscription Box 2020

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Infurm Us Of Your Furry Needs

Cattitude Box JULY 2020 unboxing | CAT subscription box | Ragdolls Pixie and Bluebell

Getting to know meow is the most fun part! We want to build a profile of you and your kitty so we can tailor each Cattitude Box towards all your favourite things. So let us know if your cat has any special dietary requirements, if youd like to swap any adult food items for kittens instead. If your cat is really fussy, we can substitute all food items with handmade cat toys instead!

Does Your Cat Need A Subscription Box

Getting packages delivered to your door brightens up the dayeven if your cat turns out to be more interested in the box itself than in the contents. I interviewed several friends and neighbors about their experiences with subscription boxes, and their reviews were mixed.

The biggest complaint was having to deal with surplus toys that failed to delight the felines. The biggest rave was for the clever notes and high-quality items that turn up, creating a fun element of positive surprise for the cat parent.

Cat Lady Box is my little happiness every month, confesses my friend Hannah, a veterinary clinic staff person and cat owner. I love the goodies, and the girls love the toys!

The bottom line: If your cat is mad for sparkly, jangly, bouncy toys or a terror with treats, sign up for a subscription box right now! If your cat is more into catnaps than catnip, you might want to save your money.

The Cutest Cat Subscription Boxes

Published: · Updated: Feb 18, 2022 by Jessica Dimas · · Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, Ill earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

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Cat subscription boxes? Who knew?! Cat stuff falls under two categories: things you have to buy monthly, and things you’d like to buy for them but just don’t think of it when you’re actually at the store.

Enter cat subscription boxes. They’re here to always keep our kitties stocked up and spoiled, as they should be.


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Best For Toys: Kitnipbox

If your cat is the type to play all day long, you are probably looking for new items to keep them interested and engaged. While most cat subscription boxes include toys, KitNipBox gets high marks for the quality and variation of the toys in every monthly box.

For a single cat, get five items delivered for $23 per month. If you have multiple kitties, you will receive seven surprises to delight your feline for $30 per month. The bundle contains an assortment of cat toys, such as catnip-stuffed animals and a squeaking mouse, as well as all-natural treats.

If your cat has allergies, you can ask for a no-treat box filled with just toys and other non-edible products. We love that KitNipBox has options for multi-cat households without the need to buy additional full boxes.

Shipping is free within the United States, and each product that you receive has gone through a rigorous testing process. If youre unhappy for any reason, you can easily cancel your box with customer service.

Iris Open Top Litter Box Best Value

The 8 Best Cat Subscription Boxes of 2020

If you value function and good pricing over fancy features and designer price tags then you might want to check out the IRIS Open Top Litter Box. The open-top design might not be the best at keeping in odors, but it does keep the price low and provide plenty of room for your cat.

Though the top is open, this litter box features tall walls that form a deep pan help to create a semi-private space for your feline. Moreover, this helps to keep waste in while simultaneously keeping dirt out. Plus, the interior surface is highly polished and slick, making it easy to clean.

Overall, the simplicity, ease of maintenance, and affordable price make this the best cat litter box for the money in our eyes.

  • Not great at containing odors

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What Are Some Cheap Dog Subscription Boxes

One cheap box is Pet Treater where you will pay $15 per month for 3-4 items or $25 per month for 5-8 items. While there are some other cheap boxes, you may get less products in the box. For example, Pooch Perks offers a box for $21.15 per month, but it only contains toys.

You also get what you pay for. For example, Super Chewer BarkBox is more expensive than regular BarkBox since you get stronger toys.

Theres also now a BarkBox Lite and Super Chewer Lite which each cost $15/month and have less items in the box.

Spoil Your Furry Friend With Toys Treats And More

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce / Design by Amelia Manley

If you are a new cat owner or have had a cat for a long time you may be looking for ways to get the supplies you need for your feline friend. A cat subscription box offers cat parents the opportunity to find new toys and treats for their cats without having to leave their homes. If you are unsure where to begin when looking for a cat subscription box we found options that are best for budgets, charitable offerings, and more.

“The Pet Treater Cat Pack is a monthly subscription that costs about $15 a month and includes three to four treats and toys for your cat to enjoy.”

Best for Toys: KitNipBox

“The box contains an assortment of cat toys, such as catnip-stuffed animals and a squeaking mouse, as well as all-natural treats.”

Best for Cat Parents: CatLadyBox

“It’s filled with offbeat surprises like cat-themed shirts and cat jewelry .”

Best for a Good Cause: RescueBox

“Each purchase also provides much-needed food to a homeless cat.”

Best for Cat Food: Nom Nom

“Each recipe is formulated specifically for your cat and their dietary needs, and is never mass-produced or frozen.”

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Best Budget: Pet Treater Cat Pack

Pet Treater Cat Pack

Spoiling your cat doesnt have to mean spending a lot of dough. The Pet Treater Cat Pack is a monthly subscription that costs about $15 a month and includes three to four treats and toys.

The company even offers a multi-cat box for around $25 that comes with five to eight surprises every month. You will get a variety of toys, natural treats, and other surprises, such as litter and cleaning supplies, most of which are made in the United States or Canada. You can cancel at any time, and the company offers various ways to reach customer service if you have any concerns about your box.

A Pet Treater membership is ideal for anyone who wants a few treats and toys but doesn’t want to break the bank.

Swipe A Subscription Plan

Gus & Bella – May 2020 Cat Subscription Box Unboxing!

Treat yourself and your cat to a Cattitude Box every single month. You can pay for it on a monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly basis. Just let us know which plan suits you and your cat themed subscription box will be on its way! You can even buy a one time Cattitude Box or treat a friends cat instead. Just check out our purrfect gift page!

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The Best Cat Litter Box Gives Your Cat Space

Litter boxes are primarily designed with human comfort in mind. That means that theyre usually small and compact enough to fit in a small room.

As a result, the average litter box leaves your cats head and tail over the edge. Imagine how it feels to use a litter box with barely enough room to move around in and which forces you to step in your own waste. For a creature as hygiene-conscious as a cat, this is a foul situation.

General cat care wisdom says that cats should use litter boxes that are at least as wide as they are long from nose tip to the base of their tail. If your cat is 15 long from nose tip to the base of their tail, this formula dictates that your cat needs a litter box thats at least 15 wide and 22.5 long.

Best Litter Box For Large Cats

The spacious Smart Cat Ultimate Litter Box helps prevent litter scatter and is easy to clean.

Pros: Generous size high, ramped sides help decrease litter tracking affordable

Cons: Only one color option

Simplicity and spaciousness are the first two factors Quagliozzi and Sung look for in a litter box. “Most of the traditional litter boxes offered are small,” Sung said. A litter box should be at least 1.5 times the length of a cat. SmartCat’s Ultimate Litter Box is among the largest of the litter boxes we tested at 25 by 18.5 inches.

At approximately 1.5 times the length of an 17-inch cat, there is plenty of room for larger cats to comfortably stretch out and cover waste in this box. Even better, it has relatively high, ramped sides to decrease litter scatter.

SmartCat’s litter box is made from durable plastic resin that is easy to clean and has an oversized rim for convenient lifting. At $20, this litter box is priced right, too, but it’s only available in one color: bright blue.

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What Makes A Great Cat Subscription Box

Like any great subscription box service, great cat subscription boxes should satisfy the following key points:

  • They should offer a great value.
  • The best cat subscription box services make cancellation easy. While its always easy to cancel the subscription in theory, some services make things more complicated.
  • Great cat subscription boxes offer personalization. Whether that means a note addressed to your cat or the ability to choose the types of products included in the box, a little uniqueness makes each delivery a reason to celebrate.
  • They should offer interesting, high-quality products.

Best Dog Subscription Boxes For 202: My Top Monthly Plans

Best Cat Subscription Boxes Of 2020: Reviews &  Ratings

Subscription boxes are all the rage now, including pet subscription boxes.

If youre looking to spoil your dog or find a convenient way to buy toys and treats, dog subscription boxes may be your solution. Each month, youll automatically receive fun items at your home for your dogs enjoyment.

While the industry leader is BarkBox, theres many competitors trying to differentiate themselves with their monthly dog box subscriptions. Theres boxes that are vet-approved, geared toward training, for strong chewers, cheap priced, for puppies, and more.

In this blog post, youll learn my top picks for the 17 best dog subscription boxes for 2022, including whats inside each box, prices, pros and cons, current discounts and coupons, and more.

As an affiliate and Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy and you pay nothing extra.

Best for Natural Dog Treats and Chews: Big Lus Barkin Club

Runner-up for Best Natural Treats and Chews: Gnaw Box

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Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box

If you love your felines but dont love the look of their litter box, then you might find the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box appealing. Its designed to look like a large houseplant, hiding your litter box in plain sight. At first, it seemed like an attractive alternative to ugly cat litter boxes. But when it arrived, we were a bit disappointed that it wasnt as attractive as we had hoped.

Unfortunately, this cool cat litter box takes up way more space than the average litter box. Its also not very effective at containing odors, despite the filtered vent system thats supposed to control dust and odors. This is especially concerning since this litter box is designed to be kept out in the open where youll be spending your time!

If you dont want to constantly smell your cats litter box while it takes up half the space in your living room, you might want to skip this one. Cool concept, but not great in execution.

  • Not as attractive as we hoped
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Doesnt contain odors well

Artvana Allows You To Explore And Develop Your Artistic Side Each Month By Sending You Creative Supplies Tutorials And Guided Sessions All In The Name Of De

What you’ll get: Your monthly Artvana box will be chock full of all of the supplies you’ll need: paint, brushes, canvas, tutorials, reflection worksheets, and more! You’ll be able to follow a new tutorial from Artvana founder Rikki, a professional painter and certified therapeutic art coach, each month. From there, watch your creative skills evolve and admire all of the wonderful creations you make.

Get it from Artvana for $45/month.

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Kinder Beauty Box Will Totally Revamp Your Beauty And Skincare Routine By Introducing You To Some Of The Best Vegan Cruelty

What you’ll get: Each month you’ll receive a box filled with up to $165 worth of both full-sized and travel-sized vegan, cruelty-free, clean beauty products â everything from skincare and makeup to haircare and other vegan goodies.

I get this box every month and I cannot tell you how many incredible products I’ve discovered through it. I am super picky about the skincare and beauty products I use and they all need to be vegan, cruelty-free, and clean, so when I discovered this box, I was like…OK, I *need* this, like, yesterday. Anyway, totally worth it IMO! âBrittany Gibson

Get it from Kinder Beauty Box for $26/month.

Buyers Guide: Selecting The Best Litter Box For Cats

KitNipBox April 2020 Cat Subscription Box Unboxing Coupon

After using so many different litter boxes with our felines, weve developed a pretty good idea of what makes them more or less effective. In this short buyers guide, were going to share what weve learned with you in the hopes that it will help you make the right decision and help you find the best litter boxes for cats with less headache.

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Cat Subscription Boxes That Will Have Your Feline Waiting For The Mail To Come

Sherri Lynn Herrmann / EyeEm / Getty

Best Overall

dailypaws – 20 Available at KitNipBox

Best Themed

dailypaws – 20 Available at

Best for Cat Ladies

dailypaws – 38 Available at Cratejoy

Best for Cat Toys

dailypaws – 30 Available at Cratejoy

Best for Cat Food

dailypaws – Varies Available at Nom Nom Now

Best for Cat Litter

dailypaws – 22 Available at Pretty Litter

Most Unique Box

dailypaws – 26 Available at Cratejoy

Best for Supporting Rescue Cats

dailypaws – 30 Available at RescueBox

Best Quarterly Subscription

dailypaws – 40 Available at

Best for a Night In With Your Cat

dailypaws – 39 Available at Cratejoy

We’ve seen it beforeyou bring in a box from the mailman and your cat goes crazy. But with these cat subscription boxes, your feline will get so much more than just the cardboard box . From unique and interactive cat toys to organic catnip and handmade treats, these cat subscription boxes have something for every cat . And when all else fails, there is always the box!

We’ve selected ten of the best cat subscription boxes at every price point and category to give your cat the purrfect gift every month.

Introduce It As A Bed

Leave the carrier in a well-loved part of your house, place familiar blankets or a pillow inside of it, and let your cat use it as a bed or hideout. By the day of the trip, your cat should be familiar with the carrier and think of it as a comforting extension of their home.

While some carriers are collapsible and easy to slide onto the top shelf of a closet when not in use, I dont recommend this practice for several reasons.

If a carrier remains folded and shelved most days of the year, your cat will never get to know it outside of stressful situations. If they never see it until five minutes before theyre toted into the car, your cat will inevitably associate the carrier with that stressful event.

Secondly, having a cat carrier at the ready is an important aspect of emergency preparedness. If you need to evacuate your home suddenly, you should be able to pop your cat in their carrier and go.

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Whats Inside A Cattitude Box

Our unique cat gift box is stuffed with unfurgettable goodies from independent shops and artists. We cherry-pick the best cat-themed products from cat jewellery to cat home décor, ensuring your cat feels like a prize puss and you feel prouder than ever parading your cat lady status on the streets and in your cosy cat sanctuary! From chew treats to mugs and purses, theres not a cat in hells chance any other cat subscription box is better than this one! Were cool for cats and even cooler for you, collecting the highest quality, quirkiest cat gifts to surprise and delight you every single month. Join our crazy cat lady mewment!

Darwins Natural Selections Raw Cat Food

9 Best Cat Subscription Boxes to Treat Your Kitty

Price: $33.45 a week.

Info: Darwins separates itself from the rest of the cat food subscription services listed above by focusing strictly on raw food.

With a Darwins Natural Selections raw cat food subscription, your cat will receive complete and balanced, fresh, raw cat food made from 100% real meat and zero fillers, antibiotics, or grain.

Plus each meal has been created using human quality ingredients that have been ethically sourced, as well as free-range, cage-free, or pasture-raised meats and organic vegetables.

: Get 3 weeks of food for only $14.95 when you join HERE.

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